MLM News: Covering Youngevity, ViSalus, Skinny Body Care, Text Cash Network Scentsy & Tomboy Tools

This week I am giving an update on Skinny Body Care and Text Cash Network, and will cover some exciting news from ViSalus, Youngevity, Scentsy and Tomboy Tools. Plus, a little update on what some Network Marketing leaders have been up to this week at the DSA conference in Lake Las Vegas.

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Tomboy Tools:

Tomboy Tools, Inc., an Entrepreneur Magazine Top 100 Brilliant Company, is the only provider of hands-on education and high-quality tools for women. Tomboy Tools is an educational organization and direct seller of ergonomically designed hand and power tools.


Skinny Body Care Update!


After talking with Tim Miller and reviewing the current website for Skinny Body Care, I can see where the company is working with the distributors to get their ducks in order. I will be doing a more detailed review in the next few weeks.




Forbes has just named Scentsy #66 in Promising Companies For 2011!

Founded in 2004, the company sells scented, low-watt candles that produce no flame or soot. Employs a direct-sales distribution model, a la Amway and Tupperware. Thompson was the Idaho Business Review’s 2011 Woman of the Year.

ViSalus Sciences Number Speak For Themselves, through the current Blyth Quarterly Report!

Blyth Parent Company of ViSalus Releases 3rd Quarter Report

Text Cash Network Still Waving Huge RED FLAGS!

UPdated: December 23th, 2011 – Just in from Patrick Pretty – The Purported World Headquaters of Text Cash Network DOES NOT contain the name of Text Cash Network on the building according to Boca Police:


The following email thread is between Troy Dooly and Brett Hudson, president of Text Cash Network. I asked a few questions and to day the most important ones are still unanswered!

Brett Hudson President of Text Cash Network Refuses To Answer Questions

I also found some additional information about Mr. Brett Hudson, that causes concerns that he is focused long term on the TCN or the welfare of the distributors.

Seems he is also running his own business in the real estate investment industry called Nouveau Riche. However, the phone number he lists on the website goes to an adult (sex toys & marital aids) party plan company.

Now without a doubt there is a change the 800 number Brett lists on the site is no longer owned by him. In which case, he should take down the website, or at the very least update the information.

FireShot capture #160 - 'Sinorita Parties' - sinoritaparties_com

FireShot capture #161 - 'Sinorita Parties' - sinoritaparties_com_home_html

FireShot capture #162 - 'Sinorita Parties' - sinoritaparties_com_shop_php

The following Press Release was also on the site showing that in August (not sure what year) Brett was still soliciting people for his business.

Press Release For Brett Hudson’s company Nouveau-Riche

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4 thoughts on “MLM News: Covering Youngevity, ViSalus, Skinny Body Care, Text Cash Network Scentsy & Tomboy Tools”

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  2. Troy,

    I'm willing to bet dollars to doughnuts at this point in time that TCN is doomed… period.

    This info you bring to light and Brett's sidestepping seals the deal for me. Besides, as I mentioned in a previous comment on your other article about Text Cash Network, there also seem to be many connections between DNA, Data Network Affiliates, Phil Piccolo, OWOW and Text Cash Network.

    If I am wrong, I would love someone from TCN, preferably, Brett, to specifically state that Mr. Piccolo is not involved, under any alias or business name with TCN and that their is no involvement with the previous 'owners' of DNA or OWOW…

    I also find it odd that the company has all these supposedly huge multi-million dollar deals they have negotiated, yet the business isn't properly registered… What company would do business with these people at that level without proper registration?

    Then on top of that the company is making a big push for users to upgrade to get their marketing packages, yet they are not sending out any advertisements yet and in reality there is no money being generated for anyone who is part of this program at this point… The only people who could be making money are the owners when people upgrade for the landing pages and marketing system etc.

    I really hate to call a company a scam, but this deal has more than its fair share of red flags…

    Rick Weston

    Millionaire in training

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