2 thoughts on “MLM News and Editorial: How Is The MLM Flash Mob Mentality Hurting Network Marketing?”

  1. Greg,

    Thank you for taking time to stop by and share some solid value and insight.

    We are on the same page, it is about a lifestyle change. Which is what I am concerned about. Lifestyles change everyday. In most cases a lifestyle change is not brought on at a heart level, but due to things happening around us. In the last three years many American's have seen negative lifestyle change.

    Due to these lifestyle changes, instead of life change (and please understand this is not a play on words, but based on Nero-science), when something new comes around, these same folks are off to the next lifestyle change.

    And, in the cases (many for Vi) where true life change takes place and people see huge personal results. As they make other changes in their lives, wanting to live a more healthy life, I do get concerned folks will start to read what is in the products and will realize not everything may be as healthy as they first thought, and will move on.

    I should say, at no time did I mention or allude to "purist products", Without a doubt most companies will use something in a product that someone can gripe about. This is not my focus. Most of the weight lose or weight management systems today, they taste good and work, if people will work the systems.

    My concern, is the fact, people are jumping around like Mexican jumping beans, based on perceived momentum, because everyone else is doing it. Just a few years ago, when large groups f distributors made a wholesale switch to a new company, it could be traced to some form of break in communication between the field and the executive team. Today, folks just jump.

    If this trend continues, two things are going to happen. First, many companies like Vi, who had been running in the red, will never hit a probability status, because people will start to jump to the next big deal, causing investors to pull their cash. Second, and more importantly, those who are looking to build a business, part- or full-time will be left with their dreams and objectives unfulfilled.

    Greg, we as leaders just need to be cautious and make sure we are leading our teams for the right reasons when we make changes.

    There is a small pool of top tier talent, and far too many companies entering our space with VC money, and spending it by throwing it around like it is other peoples money; wait it is other peoples money.

    I do agree with you 100% of the fact it is "I think it takes a combination of leadership, product, company and market dynamics to have explosion and that’s the difference." However, when you have all those combinations in place, you create profitable companies fast. In the case of many companies in the weight lose (management) niche, they are not hitting profitability, they are churning through people and cash.

    Think about this for a second… Why is there two brand name weight management companies who have lasted for decades in the traditional market (Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers)? Even though thousands of diets come and go, these two have maintained their dominance.

    Same thing runs true in direct sales, there is one or two companies who have dominated year after year in this niche. Each year hundreds enter the weight management niche, and then disappear. Vi, has all the right stuff, and I do hope their will add a little more science to the product to help them hit the tipping point so thei can become a long term success story in their own right, not because Blythe is a billion dollar story.

    Greg, you are always welcome to share here. You truly add value.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  2. Interesting post this week Troy. I enjoy getting caught up with the industry news from your site. A bit of disclosure– I am distributor of one of the companies mentioned in this piece–my comments are hopefully objective. I do agree many of the nutritional products you mentioned are comparable or close, but at the end of the day if there is a lifestyle change everyone wins. I will say I have tried some of the ultra purist products (that might not have sucralose etc) that I think you refer to and typically they have no mass market appeal. Typcially they taste aweful and have a hard time attracting and retaining customers which is why they struggle to gain momentum of the likes of a Visalus. Is it so much a mob mentalty or is there really something different?? I think it takes a combination of leadership, product, company and market dynamics to have explosion and that's the difference. Many of the protein meal replacement products out on the market are better than the usual alternative to eating the "crap" fast food our society is use to so whats the rub???

    In my opionion it's better to have a product and/or business that the general public is willing to try or even promote knowing they will have success and enjoy the experience.

    Wish you much success and Happy 4th of July!


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