MLM Leads Luanch New Drink ACT & MonaVie Weight Loss and Energy Drink Leads

Enrique Garibay over at MLM Leads has just created some new MLM lead types specifically for Drink ACT and MonaVie reps.

These leads focus on both the product and the business opportunity, b ut what I am so excited about is the fact he has figured out how to generate these leads on a LOCAL level.

Now for the first time in the history of MLM Lead generation you can build your network marketing business on a local level, using professional MLM Lead Generation.

Here is the email he sent me:

“Hello Troy,

New leads are now available at They are:

* LOCAL Leads for DrinkACT, and
* LOCAL Leads Monavie reps.

You can find them here:

New Weight Loss Leads are also available.
The Weight Loss Leads can be used to promote any weight loss related product or business.

You can find them here:

People have asked “What about my company? I’m not in DrinkACT or Monavie.”

Well, let me ask: Do you have a large organization? Do you need a new leads solution?

If so, Contact Us at and let us know your needs.

Or call us directly at (785) 539-6904. We’ll be glad to assist you with your marketing needs.

New Local Leads for building your Monavie or DrinkACT
business… national Weight Loss Leads… only at


Enrique Garibay… Helping Entrepreneurs since 2003
TEL 785.539.6904″

Listen take advantage of what Enrique has created.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly
The Maverick Leader

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