MLM Leaders Rob & Tiffanie Moffitt Have Made Their Decision And Have Joined…

I have been texting Rob and Tiffanie Moffitt for five days trying to get an answer on where they were going to land. Well last night, Rob shot me a text after I had gone to bed agreeing to an interview this morning. However due to mis-communication on my part, he was on a plane and we missed the call. But I am proud to announce that Rob & Tiffanie Moffitt have landed at…

Ocean Avenue

Rob & Tiffanie Moffitt did share a little about their passion for making this move. After talking with Fred Ninow, Ken Dunn and Franco Cavaleri, they feel, Ocean Avenue has something fresh and new to offer to the network marketing community and they want to be part of what they see as a family adventure.

Later this week or early next week I will do a live interview with Rob & Tiffanie to share more about what they see the future being for them and their Legacy team.

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