MLM Leader Speaks Out: Top MLM Leader Matt Mason Apologizes To His Friends At ViSalus & Evolv Health

Over the last few months, I have spoken with Matt Mason several times. Mason entered into network marketing in 2007 first at MonaVie, ViSalus Sciences and most recently Evolv Health. Today, Matt share with me his emotional story, and why he is now stepping back from network marketing. His goal is that everyone who listens to this interview will take a moment to reflect on what the network marketing community is all about… Relationships!

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18 thoughts on “MLM Leader Speaks Out: Top MLM Leader Matt Mason Apologizes To His Friends At ViSalus & Evolv Health”

  1. Troy, Thank you for doing what you do. Your encouragement to founders of companies, to understand people are human, and allow other to admit mistake and move forward is huge. I also appreciate Eric Worre’s interview in November 2011 about his message to company owners. We need you guys being a spoke person for the Industry, and sharing your heart, and making sure things are done the right way. We are talking about making and breaking peoples lives, families, it isn’t a game. It is relationships, and being truthful, and honest.

  2. Great interview. i enjoyed the candor. Very refreshing. Matt proud of the open nature of your conversation.

    Every one who is moving and shaking must make decisions and some are good and some are not so good–it is about course correction and adjustment.

    Coach Blaine


  3. Dear Troy & Matt,

    Great interview! Truth has never been popular, but it is still eternal. Troy, I hadn't know of you prior to this, so thank you for carrying the flag for this industry. Matt, it takes a big person to admit to their errors. You have tuned into the frequency for success in your life and I have no doubt that you will equal or exceeed your past performances no matter what you future holds. When we stand up for Him, He stands up for us!

    Thanks and appreciation to you both.

    Wishing You Plenty To Live,

    Tom Doiron


  4. @Paul,

    Thanks you for taking time to share your heart. Although, you hit some very powerful points, I do think there needs to be some clarity added to your comment.

    1. Without a doubt companies will use those who have the most amazing transformations in their marketing. We see this is weight loss marketing worldwide not just network marketing. So to call "Matt the poster boy" is accurate in statement, but very inaccurate in where Matt is coming from. But, I for one use Matt as an inspiration that at 48 I can still get back to the shape I was in at 22 when I was at my peak in the Marines.

    2. I fully disagree on your conclusion that "this is an industry built on HYPE" I will agree that specific companies are built on HYPE. As a consultant and ambassador for the network marketing community I see great companies daily which are built 100% of the time around the value of the product, not the hype of short term lifestyle change. I did a review on two such companies in the last 72 hours… Plexus Worldwide with their Plexus Slim (Weight Loss) and Plexus Pink (Breast Cancer Prevention), and Life Force International with Body Balance.

    This profession was built to give the average middle class person in any country the ability to make a few extra dollars marketing products they have found work. And since 1889, that is exactly what has happened for the majority of people.

    I do agree that amateurs and unprofessional networkers at every level, love to talk about compensation plans which is sad. I can take the worst compensation plan in network marketing and show a company where people are still joining, selling great products and making money. At the same time I can show you the best compensation plan in network marketing company and show you people that can't sell any products, can't make any money and think network marketing is all about greed and hype.

    It is never about the compensation plan, it is about an individual deciding which company, based on the leadership, products, mission and values fit their personal mission and purpose. Once they find the company they want to use use as the vehicle to reach their vision and mission, then and only then should they join.

    3. Autoship is always good. But only when the field rep, has done the above and determined they have joined the right company.

    4. I disagree 100% that the community is built on greed. Yes, there are those inside this community or any community where greed does play a role. We saw this in 2008 when the stock market and the real estate communities were hit with heavy issues. But this does not mean everyone is greedy. At times we can all get caught up in our human nature and lose focus on our own values. When this happens we reach out to others who fully understand.

    But to say the whole community is built on greed, is absolutely false!

    Now as for millions of people in company you may not have heard of, is something I do not understand. Most networkers are focused 100% on the company they are growing. However, since the top 100 companies represent billions in sales worldwide and have millions of distributors who are making money by selling these products and services I am not sure what you are trying to suggest with your statement. I can name plenty of brand named company with a network marketing distribution system, which you and others might not even realize use network marketing. Jockey Clothing, Dove Chocolates, Keller Williams Real Estate to name a few. And of the top ten companies those who are based in other countries I can logically assume you have never heard of… unless you have gone through this community and read about them.

    In other words very few network marketers become students of our profession, because they never decide to do it full-time. Instead deep inside they are hoping they have joined a "get rich quick" business to help overcome whatever situation they are living.

    5. Now the truth is that millions ARE making money! 69% of all network marketers make money. It is also true that less than 10% of networkers work the business full-time. Just based on this statement, it is easy to see you have not been a member of this community for very long or you would know the official stats used by the regulators to determine the validity of the direct selling profession. By the way the other 31% who do not make money make it very clear, they never joined to make money or even buy products. It is more for the personal development and experience.

    And, if we dig a little deeper, we can find people use join companies for no other reason than to get the products at a wholesale cost instead of paying retail.

    Without a doubt there are millions who do not make money, but that is a choice they make. When millions are making money selling products, the distribution system works. When millions do not make money, then we have to dig below the surface and determine why they are NOT making money. Having invested 30 years studying human nature and building successful teams who make money, I have found each person is an individual and each individual have unique situations we must look at to determine why they are not succeeding at the level they feel, whether that is financial, health or personally.

    6. Now as for your reference to Ted's site. First of all those are estimates, not reality. Second, and more importantly, YES!, I want to be associated where millions of folk can make $1000.00 part-time and be celebrated as top income earners.

    Now, in looking at your statement "while millions are following a dream never to be obtained." You once again seem to change the subject to point people to a forgone conclusion. I must say, that if you knew the stats, you would know the average distributor earns around $250 per month. SO for millions to earn $1000 a month is huge.

    But, to point people to a conclusion that because they are not earning $1000.00 monthly they are failing financially seems to be doing the very thing you are fighting.. HYPE! You are hyping the fact that millions are not earning the $1000 monthly so they should feel like a failure. Yet, you do not have a clue why these folks joined in the first place.

    I know thousands of folks who have never earned $1000 per month. But they will tell you the personal development they have received over the years has been priceless in helping them advance in their personal careers. I have others, who will tell you the money they have saved in taxes because they own their own business has been a net increase in their expendable incomes monthly. And yet others will share how, by lowering the amount they pay for products they use to pay retail for, has given them additional income to put towards retirement, schooling, and health issues.

    So in closing I thank you for sharing your heart. I would challenge you to really get to understand the future of network marketing, and dig a little deeper outside your personal experience to see how direct selling through the network marketing community has truly changed the lives for the good of millions of people worldwide.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  5. This was a great interview and I applaude Matt for taking his position.

    Some of what you say is true Paul.. Although this is supposed to be an industry that is about people and relationships far too many times It truly is driven by the greed of a few and hype is the fuel that drives it. There certainly are exceptions to that but they seem way too few and far between these days. As Troy noted greed can infect anyone regardless of their position. Troy also sumed it up nicely at the end when he said owners and distributors need to be open and honest and work through things.

    Paul, it sounds like you have completely given up on the industry and if so that is where you and I differ. I choose to continue and look for people to work with. People who stand for something and are willing to admit mistakes.

    Matt, I am sure you have lost some good friends and that hurts but I also am sure of this. Your actions, coupled with some time, will .repair many of those and you will have continued success.

    More than that, because of this learning experience you will have happiness and peace and that is worth a lot more than money.

    Be well my and smile my friend.

  6. @David,

    Thank you for stopping by and adding value to this conversation.

    David, I always gain nuggets of wisdom each time I read something you write or say.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  7. Fantastic interview. Feelings are ALWAYS hurt when a leader moves from one company to another. I've witnessed it first hand just recently.

    When one company goes into momentum, it becomes the shiny object of the profession and attracts leaders from other companies.

    This causes a lot of confusion and hurt feelings. I believe that people should always do what's best for them and their families.

    But when you decide to leave a company, do it quietly. Don't publicize it on FB where everyone from your old company is your "friend."

    In fact, I wrote about this very topic on my FB page.

    Moving from one company to another is a very sensitive event and is rarely a smother transition.

    My best to Matt who got "naked" in this interview.

  8. CONGRATULATIONS Matt. You've made a wise decision! As a newbie to the industry you've seen the highs and the lows in a very short period of time… in that, you are the poster boy that is helping people to jump ship & recruit. (That story will continue)

    This is an industry that is built on "HYPE" not the value of our products or services. It's either our comp plan is better than yours, or in a case like yours "Leader leaves XYZ" for ABC company, join now!

    It's about marketing in away that gets people to take action and get on "autoship" & put together a list before ever trying the products.

    Our industry is based on "GREED" and not the sale of products or services. You mentioned millions of MLMers in companies no one has heard of… TRUE!

    However, the truth is millions aren't making any money or very little. Business for home -org lists top earner incomes. Number 7941 is listed as earning $1,000/mth.

    Is this really the industry you really want to be associated with, where a top earned is making $12,000/yr while millions are following a dream never to be obtained?

    We use every advantage possible to market ourselves to get an edge (I did when I first joined USANA in 1995 when Brain Tracy, Robert Allen & Dennis Waitley joined) I developed a lot of leads using their names .

    The best to you & your family in your new endeavors. I hope you find a REAL BUSINESS (MLM sure isn't it).


  9. Big shout out to you Matt and I certainly understand what your going thru as as a leader in our profession. I personally have been on that side calling myself helping a "Friend" taking a spot in a company with the promise my name would not be used in anyway to promote the opportunity. It was not even 1 hr before emails were sent stating if the deal was good for me it was good for them. I cancelled but was a lesson learned. Take some time off until your ready to build again but as a leader you will go straight to the top again. The funny part is those that smeared you will be some of the first ones to get in line with you because they want to ride to the top. Wishing you the best,


    Great article Troy. Keep this stuff coming.

  10. @Jarrett,

    Thank you for the kind words and for adding value and input on this very important issue.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  11. Great video post Troy. It covers a very serious and popular problem that our industry has like a cancer, company-hopping. Matt was right, the grass is definitely not greener. The successful leaders in MLM did it the hard way with work and integrity and it will take 12-24 months on average to build a massive network and successful team in general. Stay with your team and company and dedicate yourself to helping others for the long haul and one day you will be financially free!

  12. Great interview. God has a plan for you Matt and you will find it out definately I can tell by how you are searching for his will. He will turn this heartache into a victory in another way.

  13. This was such a great interview! Shows that their are prices for having integrity just as much as anything else.

    My hats off to Matt for choosing to take himself out of the equation, and I really feel for the guy.

  14. @Pete,

    It is an honor for you to take some time today to add value here in the community.

    You are always welcome to stop by.

    If I can ever serve just ask.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  15. Thank you! 😉 I didn't know Matt very well, but had some brief interactions with him and quite honestly was way taken back by the news of him leaving. Much smearing took place and I did not really get entwined with it all, but this clearly sets the record straight for me.

    Having been with ViSalus for over 7 years now and coming across many situations like the one you both have so eloquently addressed, I too believe that we as a community of people need to take serious note on our actions out in the field and our conduct.

    Matt, again I know that we don't really know each other that well, but to me…YOU ARE A MAN OF INTEGRITY AND ONE THAT LIVES BY EXAMPLE! It takes a tremendous amount of courage to do what you've done and I wish you, your wife, and your family all of the best in your future endeavors. 😉

    Troy, thank you for putting together the platform to address one MAJOR ISSUE that always seems to have so many thoughts, feelings, interpretations, opinions on in our industry. THANKS AGAIN YOU TWO 😉

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