MLM Internet Mall Scam Shutdown By California AG Edmund Brown

MLM Internet Scams, from online shopping malls, to reverse auction companies seem to be attracting some good people who are looking for additional income streams during this current Recession.

Big Co-op Inc dba Ez2Win.Biz, based out of California, was shut down, when Edmond G. Brown, A.G. of California, arrested it’s flamboyant owners.

The California A.G. has taken off the gloves when it comes to cleaning up purported MLM/Network Marketing Pyramid and Ponzi schemes in his state. And he doesn’t care if they are brick and mortar or internet based companies.

And… He has also engaged the support of Attorney Generals in other states who are also taking up the cause of going after these huge income generating pyramid/Ponzi schemes, confiscating their assets. In the case of AdSurf Daily in Florida, over $53 million in liquid and hard assets were confiscated.

And just last month Your travel Biz (YTB) settled with the California AG for $1 million in fines, and they are still facing similar charges in Illinois.

Troy’s Truth: Makes me wonder what will happen when he aims his guns are companies like DubLi Network and Ad View Global Association (The new AdSurf Daily).

It’s not like the company owners have not been in hot water before in Calf. In 2007 they were ordered to DESIST AND REFRAIN from doing business in California.

Here is a video shot back in 2007 by one of the owners J. Albert Sweeney (now I am old enough to remember the old T.V. series Green Acres, I would never trust anyone with the name Sweeney)

Rod Cook aka MLM Watchdog wrote a good article on this current situation.

You can read the whole AG Press Release Here

Remember, before you join any business opportunity you should join the Distributor Rights Association.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

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