Starting an MLM Company That Will Last by Mark Rawlins

Mark Rawlins Shares Phase one: 10 orders a day

Multilevel Marketing is big business. There are dozens of companies (including Infotrax) that sell products and services to MLMs new and old. My company has been supporting companies in the industry for decades. I have seen a lot of companies start: some fail some succeed beyond their wildest expectations, and many others fall somewhere in between.

Most of the advice you’ll come across for startup direct sales companies is about mistakes to avoid, problems to expect, and best practices for set up. One thing we don’t spend enough time talking about is what the roadmap looks like for a company going from startup to class enterprise. If you’re always focused on the problem of today, you aren’t thinking about where you’re going.

There are all sorts of things that create success, or bring on failure. But we have identified a set of common challenges that companies face as they grow, and we have identified several distinct phases companies go through. Each of these phases have their own challenges and opportunities. Obviously the number of orders per day and the monthly sales volume vary by company but we’ll use both of those metrics to divide company growth into phases.

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