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Most of the time we are all so focused on building our business, we never slow down long enough to study the growth of our industry, or what might new sponsoring opportunities might have become available. So go grab a cup of hot chocolate, tea, coffee or your whatever you drink and take a few minutes to review what’s happening.

Entertaining at Home Acquires Southern Living At Home

Time Inc. decided to leave MLM and sold Southern Living At Home is a stock deal. At this time, the plans are to finalize the combination of the two companies to Birmingham by late 2010. The new company will have a combined sales force of 30,000 reps. With the combined strengths of both companies now under one umbrella, the 2009 holiday season should be a great year for the field.

USANA Receives the Stevie Award

Direct selling companies and their leaders are starting to receive more and more awards outside the MLM niche, which is positive for all of us. USANA earned the 2009 Stevie award for creating the best “Live Event” in 2008. The USANA annual convention focused on energizing, educating, and entertaining their distributors, and gained the eyes of the American Business Awards organization. They were also finalist for Management Team of the year, and Marketing Campaign of the year.

Scentsy Celebrates Their Five Year Anniversary By Giving Back

Orville and Heidi Thompson, Co-owners, love their community, and instead of taking their employees on a cruise or vacation to exotic islands, they gave their employees $100,000.00 to spend in the local community. There was one catch… The money had to be spent at local family owned businesses. This one act alone brought an increase of $2500.00 into 40 locally owned businesses in their community.

Southwestern Company Rock By Receiving The National Award for Consumer Blog

Southwestern Company earned this award for their consumer safety focused blog articles. Southwestern focuses on educating consumers about door-to-door safety. These blog articles teach how to distinguish between legitimate and illegal traveling door-to-door sales teams. Southwestern Company is the oldest active direct selling company in the nation. They opened their doors in 1855 selling door-to-door. Today they use college students to drive volume and team building.

Shaklee Still Leading The Charge For Green Living

Shaklee was “Green” before “green” was cool. In 2000 Shaklee was the first company in history to be awarded the “Climate Neutral Award,” certifying a total offset of greenhouse emissions, saying, “Shaklee has a neutral impact on their environment.” From the top down, Shaklee walks their Green talk. They were the first company in the nation to be classified a green company. Their advanced research and focus on environmental stewardship has once again earned them two highly coveted awards. Breath California awarded Shaklee with the “Clean Air for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction” award. And Acterra awards Shaklee the 2009 Business Award for Environmental Sustainability. Shaklee has a 50 year record for pioneering the elimination of greenhouse emissions.

ACN and Their Distributors Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is

ACN at their annual training event in Charlotte N.C. gives $124,870 dollars to support the Ronald McDonald House. And in his last public appearance for CAN, Donald Trump gives $10,000 of his own money above and beyond what ACN donated.

Reliv Foundation Gives To Children In Haiti

In every training or consulting conversation I have ever been involved in, I share “you must find a company you can believe in. A company where the financial success is driven by an underlying crusade/cause greater than just a temporary lifestyle change. It is this kind of environment at Reliv which has allowed this Midwestern publicly traded MLM company to have such a great reputation, and a lower than average attrition rate within our great profession.

Daily through the Reliv Kalogris Foundation 6600 malnourished children in Haiti are fed from 22 locations. Now, the foundation had built a new feeding and scooling center to support children in Bois Lance de Limonade, Haiti. This new feeding center will serve 500 children daily. Since 1995 the foundation has donated over $17 million dollars worldwide through 270 feeding programs. Summing this up, over 42,000 children and adults receive food on a daily basis.

Herbalife Enters Fives New Provinces in China

The China Ministry of Commerce has granted Herbalife five new licenses in the provinces of Fujian, Shan’ Xi, Sichuan, Hubei and Shanghai. Herbalife currently operates 80 retail stores in 30 provinces in China.

What makes this so cool, is in the 1980s people thought this company was a goner. Bad publicity, congressional hearings, and purported customer deaths, all but stopped the monumental growth Mark Hughes and Herbalife were enjoying. Yet, today some 8 or 9 years after Mark’s sudden death, this company is still growing worldwide. Taken public, back private, and then public again Herbilife has 1.9 million distributors’ 70 countries earning $2.4 billion annually.

Blake Roney, Founder & Chairman Of Nu Skin International Businessman Of The Year

Blake Roney was awarded the Stevie International Top Businessman Award. This comes during a time when we have seen several mergers, bankruptcies, and closures on great MLM companies. Yet, Nu Skin has enjoyed continual growth, breaking all their previous earn records. There is no doubt, Mr. Roney is a living, breathing example of the Nu Skin mission – Be A Force For Good!”

Arbonne Supports The US troops

Arbonne is not worried about political correctness, or how political factions may perceive them. Through Operation gratitude, Arbonne donated 30,000 skincare products to the U.S. Military. This donation has a retail value of $642,000.00. Sr. V.P. of Marketing, Brad Wayment put it this way “Our military men and women are willingly serve the country and put their lives on the line every day. These products are a small token of our appreciation and recognition of what they do.”

Mannatech Opens in Four Additional European Countries

Mannatech, is rolling into Austria, The Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. This new expansion will allow their current field force to market Mannatech products to an additional 193 million people. Now think about this for a second. We hear the economy is down in the USA, and people are out of work. Why don’t you go find these folks and share with them, the massive opportunity they have to grow a worldwide marketing and distribution organization?

Max International Focused On Google Searches In Their Latest Expansion

When asked “why did Max International focus on the Philippines for their latest expansion, peter Norberg, CEO of Max International stated “more Google searches for Glutathione are done in the Philippines than anywhere else in the world.” Max International focuses on Glutathione, and by focusing on where there is a need or desire for more information, they were able to tap a new market with lower barriers of enter. All leaders should take a long hard look at how Max determined their expansion. Instead of creating a need, they are filling the need. Talk about tapping the power of the Internet.

Tastefully Simple Raise Funds To Fight Child Hunger In the USA

Tastefully Simple and their distributors donated 450 hours and over $135,000.00 to “Share Our Strength.” Share Our Strength is the nation’s largest non-profit focused on stomping out child hunger in the USA. Tastefully Simple donates $1.00 from every sale of its “For The Love Of Cookies Chocolate Chip Toffee Almond Cookie Mix;” which by the way is one of its top selling products.
To put this in perspective; there are currently 12.4 million children in the USA who are at risk of going hungry for an extended period of time. I challenge you to find a Tastefully Simple rep and buy some cookies. Or find a local outreach and help a child!

A special thanks to Direct Selling News, for supplying the basic information for this articles.

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  1. Hi Troy,

    Another company worth noting for its campaign to feed starving children is which offers everyone the opportunity to save money, earn money and help others at the same time with an excellent fundraiser option in addition to feeding starving children.

    Thanks, Mike

  2. Art,

    I am truly sorry to hear about your dad. Our prayers goes out to the family.

    What a powerful post! It does make sense… And I have heard the first MLM will be opening in IRAQ this next year.

  3. Troy… my apologies for not posting on your boards here the last few weeks. My father passed away and I want to thank everyone for the heartfelt emails and condolences received from so many.

    First of all… thank you, thank you for what you are doing to share the positives (especially this post) and not-so positives about our networking business.

    Secondly… I am not sure who actually said this. I was at a seminar a few years ago concerning the aspects of network marketing going global and the positive impact this would have on world peace (of all things). In some ways I considered the statement idealistic at best. The speaker inferred that as various companies and our downlines grow into other countries that world peace would increase. Why? Well… common-sense. Think about it. If we have downlines in 20, 50, 100 countries… why would we want to go to war or conflict with those countries… does not make much economic sense. Additionally, the positive economic impact on third-world countries… even in a very minor way… can create a ripple-effect all over the world. I've lived in the Philippines and South America and seen with my own eyes the amazing benefits an extra $50 to $200 a month can make not only for the community but the families as well.

    Also… with so many companies "giving-back" and supporting viable charities… we really can change the world… one person at a time.

    I love this profession.

    Art Meakin

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