MLM Help Desk Weekly Update On MLM Companies and MLM Scam Alerts

MLM Help Desk weekly update on MLM companies and MLM Scam Alerts. This is going to be an active week, and we are truly excited about some of the upcoming articles.

Here is what you can be watching for…

We will be proving the first of three in depth articles on GI Connect.

We will be doing a three to five part series on New Vision and Vemma, sharing how the founding family behind this company, the Boreyko’s have weathered some hard storms over the years has they carved out a niche for their members.

We are going to be a huge series on MonaVie and how the Larson Brothers along with their good friend Henry Marsh overcame the frustrations of one company, to launch what has become an international success.

We’re going to cover eFusjon and see if this company is truly a MLM Scam, or if they can pull off a turn around and save the hard work of their distributors.

It is going to be a busy, but productive week.

If you want us to do a series on your company, have your corporate leadership contact us.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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29 thoughts on “MLM Help Desk Weekly Update On MLM Companies and MLM Scam Alerts”

  1. Has anyone heard of ViTel Wireless? New company that offers all of the four major carriers, different from all the companies that have failed at going MVNO. Seems very legitimate offering and pricing? I know you have to be careful with new companies but I dont see much risk due to only being $49 to join and no inventory or requirements. Any info would be helpful

  2. Hi:

    I'm a member of Vodaplex & ran across this post during a net search. I've been involved in MLM's since 1996. Vodaplex is simply a reseller for major tech companies like Clear Wireless, Direct TV, Sprint, T Mobile, and others. Just as your local cell phone shop is an authorized retailer of various name-brand services, so is Vodaplex but on a national level.

    Is Vodaplex a MLM? Not by the literal sense because there's no start-up fee, no levels to attain, & no residuals paid on monthly product/service purchase, & no $ made by simply recruiting folks. It's simply a direct sales model w/ a team bonus concept such as a real estate firm where a broker gets paid a % of all sales executed by it's agents. Or a car sales manager who recruits sales people & earns a % of the commissions generated by the sales force no matter how large or small.

    Vodaplex's biz model is so successful that it has made the company the #1 nationwide reseller of Clear's services & # 3 w/ Direct TV. We've personally have made more $$$ in less time than w/ any other of our previous MLM ventures. We have done this w/ a mix of personal sales and helping our sales team make personal sales. As your total overall team sales increase so does your net commission percentage.

    It's always wise to be skeptical b/c of so many programs lurking out there. However, my father always told me to get 100% of the facts about something before making a decision. If you'd like more accurate info about this company and how we do biz, just replay to this thread or simply get back in contact w/ your friend.

    Great success to you all!

  3. Hey troy Im from Canada and am looking to join an mlm business preferably in telecommunications. I have been looking around and cant seem to find one that has good training up here. I know a lot of them offer online training but Im not the biggest fan of that.

    thanks for you help

  4. TROY,





  5. Kilpo,

    TTN is the old Ideal Health company. We have not reported on them to date, but they are on the list of companies to review. I am not sure if it was Feb or Mar. However, since you are about the third person in a week, we may move it up.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  6. Concerned MLMer,

    Glad to see you back. I figured you must have been off building your business for a few days.

    Ok, now before I address your concern I do want folks to know, it only costs $24.95 to get rolling with Liberty International aka WOW Mobile.

    Now as for the Fast Start Business Activation Packs which you are referring.

    As you know I have questioned ALL companies who put websites into the compensation plan… YTB, GV, TraVerus, Liberty International, LightYear and others. In talking with David Manning at TraVerus he agreed with me that the future is changing and with the Burn Lounge case, most of us feel before the end of this year, this practice will change.

    However, that does not mean the compensation plan at Liberty/WOW is not solid.

    I stand my my statement. If a person joins the company focused on 3 and its free, and are looking at WOW Mobile, then they are going to be marketing the phone services, and the WOW business side of things, not all the other.

    But, I do not defend the Fast Start Packs…

    Hope that clears up my statement.

  7. Wow has a solid comp plan????

    What about the $1,700 fee to join as a rep that pays the sponsor $1,000? You call that legit? Hmm, Troy, I thought you knew better.

  8. Mark,

    Thank you for the kind words my friend.

    And for those of you who may not have visited Mark's blog I would challenge you to do so. Mark is one of the most knowledgeable folks I know when it comes to the nuts and bolts of Internet Marketing, and all the sub-niches which come along with the term.

    Thank you my friend.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  9. I have been researching social media for a very long time now and I have not been able to find such top quality information untill I came to your blog today.

    Mark McCulloch

  10. Hi Troy,

    Could you tell us something about WIN (Wellness International Network), they look a scam to me.

  11. Troy,

    I've been contacted about a comapny called TV Travel. You may have not heard of them neither have I. I looked at and read some bad reports about them.

  12. Comar,

    Wow has a solid compensation plan. It is focused on getting people on the services or products, so the distributor can get their services for free. This type of MLM business model creates a diamond shape where the company should always have more customers than distributors making if a true business opportunity.

    Although we can find people we do not like something about every company out there, Randy and his crew have been doing pretty good for the last ten years.

    Now, as for VOIP… I will be doing a series of articles pretty soon on that very subject.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  13. Thanks Troy,

    I'm with T-mobile that's my carrier so that's great. I'm thinking about wow how do you feel about the comp plan. the points is the only thing that gets me. but i love the sound of free. you have to love that. Voip is not a good look no way no one can pull it off so i'm so done with that.

  14. Comar,

    I showed the WOW mobile phone in the video. Yes I have one of each and have been testing for about a month. We will be posting later this month, or early next month.

    The traditional WOW cell using the T-Mobile platform works great.

    The voip phone is still in beta, and not ready for consumer use yet.

  15. Any info about a company called Vodaplex? A friend sent me some info about becoming a reseller for Clearwire. I am a bit skeptical.

  16. Jesus,

    I'll add these to the list, and see if we can cover them in Feb.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  17. Harry,

    We have covered Global Verge more than any single source in the net. I am not sure what ever we can write about. Do you have a specific direction in mind? I am open without a doubt, just not sure what we have not hit.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  18. Troy, do you know anything on a company called Exfuze. Would like to have some info on them. There is another company called Take shape for life. Would appreciate if you can provide info on them. Siempre Fi. my brother.

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