MLM Help Desk Questions MLM Wireless Renegade Chris Greco’s Terminal Illness and Family Deaths Based On Lack Of Evidence

Chris Greco entered the MLM Wireless scene back in late 2009, when he purportedly merged his wireless company Activation King Wireless with Global Verge.

Updated May 30th 2010… New Video Added, and over 44 new email threads at the bottom of this post from and between Chris Greco and Troy Dooly.

However, by the first quarter of 2010, he had broken ties with Global Verge, and partnered his companies Activation King Wireless and Unlimited Wizard with Panther Mobile. By the time the 2nd quarter of 2010 rolled around he had once again announced a new MLM wireless deal with Data Network Associates, where he would head up their new DNA Cellular division.

There is a boatload of rumors and propaganda flying around the Internet about Greco. Most if not all of it, is based on other folks agenda, and I have yet to see anyone focused on getting to the truth, and giving the average distributor a path to follow so they can determine if they want to be a part of any company Greco is a part of, or if it is best to wait on the sideline.

Here are some of the questions I asked Chris on Monday. I have included a synopsis of his answers, and the lack of evidence we found to support his answers.

Troy Dooly: Chris When did your mom pass away?

Chris Greco: She passed away in Ireland, and her body was flown to Quincy Massachusetts for burial.

Facts Found: After calling the Quincy Massachusetts Cemetery Director’s office, we were informed that Chris Greco’s mom had not been laid to rest in any of the six Quincy Cemeteries.

Troy Dooly: Chris what is your brother’s name who was connected with organization crime in Boston?

Chris Greco: My brother’s name was D. K. Greco (Name with held for privacy), and he was part of my uncle Whitey Bulger’s gang.

Facts Found: D.K. Greco has never been a part of the Winter Hill Gang, the gang, ran by James “Whitey Bulger before he went on the run. In researching the known gang members, and contacting some law enforcement, there is not evidence Greco was ever a made member or an associate of the Bulger gang.

Fact Found: Greco stated his bother was kill gangland style and found floating in the Boston Harbor. In researching public records for any type of gangland slayings over the last few months there is no evidence of any known organized crime figure found dead in the Boston Harbor.

Troy Dooly: Chris who is the Doctor who found your brain tumor?

Chris Greco: Dr. Zwolinski is the doctor who found my tumor, and has scheduled me to be in Boston, this Wednesday for more tests.

Facts Found: Greco called and told us he had signed release papers so his Dr. could give us the information on his condition. I was 3-way into a call with Amanda Brunet who informed me, she was the assistant to Dr. Zwolinski. I asked if Greco had a brain tumor, and she confirmed this was true. When I asked what kind and where it was located, she refused to answer. I asked for a phone number I could use to call her back if I had further questions, she gave me a phone number to a T-Mobile cell phone.

Fact Found: I tried to locate a Dr. Zwolinski was located in Myrtle Beach, and could not find one licensed, practicing physician by the name Zwolinski.

Chris Greco: Troy I have filed a police report with the Lee’s Summit Missouri police department, claiming Global Verge and Mark Petschel for fraud.

Facts Found:
Several premature rumors have surfaced over the last few days, stating “Criminal Charges Pending In Lee’s Summit. This is not correct. According to the Lee’s Summit Police Department, they are no longer involved in any case revolving Greco and Global Verge or Mark Petschel. The report filed has been sent to higher authorities to review, based on the complexity of the situation.

Based on the above information I strongly suggest ALL representatives and corporate owners do their own in-depth investigation as to the validity of anything Greco has stated since he joined the MLM Wireless scene.

As a matter of fact, if I were still in the field I would do in-depth reviews of any company and their leadership long before I throw my reputation and finances behind building it.

In closing, don’t just take what is is written on this site or any other site as the gospel truth. Make sure you know the agenda behind each site you review about any company or person to find it there are any personal vendetta’s or other agenda which might tarnish the information provided.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

The following emails start with the first contact I ever had with Chris greco. Notice his original email address is the new wireless division of Global Verge. How can Chris claim his signature was forged when he is using a company email address and the fact he claims to have “merged” with Global Verge?

Original Chris Greco Email Thread Posted May 26th, 2010

New Emails: Starting in November of 2009

1st Email From Chris Greco
2nd Email From Chris Greco
3rd Email From Chris Greco
4th Email From Chris Greco
5th Email From Chris Greco
6th Email From Chris Greco
7th Email From Chris Greco
Email From Troy Dooly
8th Email From Chris Greco
9th Email From Chris Greco
10th Email From Chris Greco
11th Email From Chris Greco
12th Email From Chris Greco
13th Email From Chris Greco
14th Email From Chris Greco
15th Email From Chris Greco This might be out of place.
16th Email From Chris Greco
17th Email From Chris Greco
18th Email From Chris Greco
19th Email From Chris Greco
20th Email From Chris Greco
21st Email From Chris Greco
22nd Email From Chris Greco
23rd Email From Chris Greco
24th Email From Chris Greco
25th Email From Chris Greco
26th Email From Chris Greco
27th Email From Chris Greco
28th Email From Chris Greco
29th Email From Chris Greco
30th Email From Chris Greco
31st Email From Chris Greco
32nd Email From Chris Greco
33rd Email From Chris Greco
34th Email From Chris Greco
35th Email From Chris Greco
36th Email From Chris Greco
37th Email From Chris Greco
38th Email From Chris Greco
39th Email From Chris Greco
40th Email From Chris Greco
41st Email From Chris Greco
42nd Email From Chris Greco
43rd Email From Chris Greco
44th Email From Chris Greco

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184 thoughts on “MLM Help Desk Questions MLM Wireless Renegade Chris Greco’s Terminal Illness and Family Deaths Based On Lack Of Evidence”

  1. Its Official..the poll is in….

    Chris Greco is "Black Listed" from MLM…aka nothing more than a joke!

    Chris go back to your ?

  2. All lies…believe me the emails are not being answered. I mean really? Do you think that 2 people answering complaints from over 100,000 reps is enough? And YES, their is money owed. A lot of it!! to a lot of reps.

    If you guys are financially stable then why do you keep pushing back the date to pay people out? First monthly, then quarterly now it's July 20th which is past the quarter mark. Sounds like a broke company to me. Just pay the people that have entered tags for months!! I'm sure now they are all gone!! Have you thought about your TRUE number of reps? I bet it's only about 20,000. You grew to 100,000 in 60 days you should have been at least 500,000 by now. If I am so wrong then WHY ISN'T DNA still growing? Why is it only about 60 people on the conference calls? The calls should be packed out on any given night. How do I know because when you request for a replay of the call it shows you EXACTLY how many people were on the call. That's what happens when a broke company uses a FREE conferencing service.

    Real smart on the phones. They may be shipped now as of June 24th but they been promised since May…come on!

    There is absolutely NOTHING in our back office to sell Dish, Direct TV and ADT! So back to the answer to my question why did you launch then and then take them away? How many customers can I reach on-line selling from my back office?

    With a company of this stature so you say…that type tracking should have been in place before you guys started recruiting reps. If a rep can't see the sales that their down line has made or the tags that their down line has entered who's to say you can't keep ALL THE MONEY? Scam is written all over it.

    100,000 guarantee? How when it takes six months to be paid? How can you push that?

    Phil, you really need to pray. All these rumors Chris was spreading about you I ignored because I had no proof but you KNOW deep in your heart that DNA OWE a lot of people money and you want fess up to it. I will pray for you.

  3. hello disappointed

    Let's address your points 1 by 1…


    As of today 100% of all phones order have been shipped and received… did you order one and not receive it give us your user name and we will look it up…


    What money and who… 100% Not True…


    Are you nuts… we have two full time people and several part timers…

    Copy me on the e-mails


    For now all products currently offered are in your back office…


    Software is still being programed and you can see all 10 levels of sales of BBP in your real time commission chart and soon it will work the same for all products…


    Data payout is based on the advertising pool… you want payout on current pool you have it send in your request… you will not like the payout when you get it…


    It has always been up to $2 based on advertising pool from the very start prior to opening on March 11th…

    AND NOW FROM PAID `MONTHLY TO PAID QUARTERLY TO PAID QUARTERLY (+) AN ADDITIONAL MONTH!!… Now with the advertising pool it will not be weekly or monthly but in real time… man we are 3 months and 12 days old…


    Be patient we will make you proud again…


    We are not in full production yet…


    Mr P with DNA

  4. SoDisappointed,

    I fully understand the frustration of disappointment. I am looking forward to talking with both George and Phil in the next week, and I am going to be bring this up.

    All of your frustrations raise some red flags that need to be addressed.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  5. Sorry Troy, I'm just so sick of Phil posted the entire DNA emails bragging about what they are going to do but aren't really doing anything but pushing back dates. Yes I am a Pro-Affiliate a 7 Star Pro at that but my team and I are tired of holding on to nothing. Yea, he needs to know that the customer service sucks!

    One more thing I forgot to mention. There is absolutely no where on the website for a rep to CANCEL their auto ship so if we want to cancel that $29.95 you have to send an email that no one responds to so you then get charged again another month! Don't they understand that it is even worse if they get charge backs from the bank. They need to allow people to cancel their BBP.

  6. SoDisappointed,

    This is not a DNA thread, but let me ask one question.

    Are you a Pro Member or a Free Member? I need to know this answer in order to approach George Madiou and take him your concerns.












  8. Small Clarification:

    We're NOT saying we approve of ANYTHING that happens to ANYONE due to THEIR OWN lack of willingness to DO and TREAT OTHERS BETTER. We GET that there are STEPS to becoming SUCCESSFUL and becoming WELL KNOWN but …NOT negative ones!

    Just WANT to SAY: THESE STEPS are TRULY in line with WHAT people DO, HOW they treat others in words and deeds and HOW they find and create SUCCESS! Let's NOT FOCUS on NEGATIVE but POSITIVE and ALL DO BETTER TOGETHER!

  9. Mr. P.,

    We've just read your steps to success for DNA which really ARE steps to success in ANY life and in ANY business so we applaud you for that advice! It's those that are SERIOUS about learning, willing to continue learning, willing to do "whatever it takes" (within reason and not doing harm to others for self benefit) and then go out and create a PASSION about WHAT they're doing that have success both in life and in business!

    Now SEE Mr. P., …IF ONLY these were words posted awhile back instead of just recently, we KNOW you would've INFLUENCED and come close to MOTIVATING MORE of OTHERs to do better in the choice of their industry. Surprisingly, we found ourselves writing something to post to you of almost exactly the VERY SAME nature. Thing is …we THINK before we speak, do or take ANY action on ANYTHING we do or think about doing. We're disciplined enough to KNOW better by virtue of the LESSONS we've learned along the way in life AND in business.

    WHATEVER ones past, THEY CAN always change with a WILLING ATTITUDE and CHANGE is the VEHICLE towards success in LEARNING ANY ONE LESSON in life! We've got to hand it back to you on this one – really excellent advice (no matter what we or others think otherwise) and we hope EVERYONE reads it with an OPEN MIND and applies it to WHATEVER they're currently doing!


  10. ROFLOL Troy!

    But seriously, THAT is a novel idea! Who doesn't like MLM, a GREAT Laugh and even a good DRAMA now and again? It might be interesting to actually SEE some of the people commenting by video. That might even eliviate all these "faux" names that we all choose for ourselves and some more than others, ha!

    Keep up the great work! YOU ARE an EPIC Adventure!


  11. Well, this is a great question. Although I can't talk for Rod, I do know he was a part of the formation of XanGo. Now although they never reached 1 billion in annual sales, they have over 1 billion in accumulated sales worldwide.

    Not sure how many Texas MLM's over the years he helped in the beginning, but there are several who have accumulated sales of over 1 billion, past and present.

  12. Troy… I have a question… do not know if you have the answer…


    With billion-dollar startups MLM companies under his belt,

    Do you know which ones those were…

  13. Cymbria,

    Thank you for clarifying, I stand corrected on my misunderstanding.

    As I promised Ron Williams, and the other owners of Global Pros, I am truly interesting in sharing their story, when it gets off the ground.

  14. looks like ROD COOK read the DNA Marketing Plan and is now selling it as if it was his own idea… I got this from Rod's site… To bad Piccolo has been teaching this for years… On June 15th DNA will be revealing it's new 10 level unilevel with 100% matching bonuses that will produce the biggest checks in the industry… oh and our Binary has 12 safe guard features in it…

    The following is from Rod Cook's Site

    A new patented customer-driving Unilevel Pay Plan is another preferred MLM network marketing pay plan that Cook adjusted to gain measurable results. It completely complies with federal and state regulations and guarantees to balance out based on each company’s business model. The purpose of this pay plan is to give the middle person a path to grow. Many company owners might prefer the MLM Unilevel Pay Plan, as it seems less complicated to activate.

    Based on annual market surveys, Cook discourages Stair Step Breakaways. According to Cook, “No stair step Pay Plans survive.” Having tracked more than 1,700 MLM companies on his broad-based MLM Company Directory over a ten-year period, he discovered that the survival rate was dismal at best – more than 90 percent buckled. (Check… and discover how Rod’s new Matrix plans jump to life )

    With billion-dollar startups MLM companies under his belt, Cook sticks with his motto for growing any successful MLM business venture. Base your business principles on “Do Good, Make Money.” Having Cook as an MLM Consultant and top “Master” pay plan designer is like having the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.”

  15. I did not say you bashed Chris Troy. I said Susan and John got you on the phone. They bashed Chris. I was on the call too. I will check in with the owners and see what we can provide ok. I cant give you anything personaly on the company as I am not an owner. I'm sure you understand that. Sorry if it looked that way in my writting, but it was not meant to. I just feel it all to be very fishy since I was on their team and heard the calls…."a lot of nothing about nothing" and them saying that these things take time. Yet here they are trying to start a company. Susan is very fake in my opinion. I felt that from the start.

    Just saying Troy, I was on the calls that all lead up to your call. People who have followed those two threw so many places that have now left them due to that call. I hope this is making sence. I'm tired, had been at the pool all day with my daughter. But I will see what I can obtain and I will get back with you on that. Oh, and we have seen our comp plan and our policies and procedures. Everything has been falling into place.

  16. hello MR never made a $1,000 in MLM before… AKA Unanswered Questions

    stick to the rules and I will answer such questions…

    you are also an idiot to think I could live like I do on less than $200,000 a year…

    but then what do you know of my personal business… NOTHING…

    Private Schools alone are more than 80k…

    In fact I will wager I give more to charity than you have ever earned in MLM…

  17. Unanswered Questions,

    ROFLOL… Maybe I should activate video comments. That would sure take things up a notch.

    Although, we all don't see eye-to-eye on everything, I do think we all agree on the following facts.

    1. We love MLM and want the best for everyone
    2. We all love a good laugh… or drama every now and then.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  18. Troy,

    Y'know, sometimes/often, this blog is better than anything on cable.

    I have actually got tears because Phil is demanding people identify themselves !!

    He soends months using fake names, and gets all bent out of shape when Greco 'outs' him, but now, he can't take it.

    Like they say,…don't dish it if you can't take it

    And again, he posts a whole lot of rambling but doesn't answer the question.

    So, I would assume this stuff about making hundreds of thousands from the "Magic Shower Heads" is just BS.

    OR, that baloney about getting $100K as a sign up bonus. If anybody had paid him that, he'd be happy to brag about it and who,..but he won't, because somebody will check it out, won't they, Phil?

    Now he has millions and millions in inventory. Yup, like most MLM'ers, got a garage full of some junk they can;t liquidate, but he has WAREHOUSES full. This makes no sense. If the stuff had any value, why not liquidate for the money needed to start up the stores instead of asking reps to invest $10 K to $150K (I think that's what the one poster said he was asked to 'invest",

    I mean, to someone with MILLIONS as he claims, $150K is peanuts,…so, why not handle this himself?

  19. Man what a joke this guy is… he must think hundreds of thousands is a lot of money… My gosh I have over 15 million dollars in inventory in 4 locations… over 2 million in ohio… 1 million in california… 3 million in florida and 9 million in spain… I have supplied mlm companies with millions of dollars of the shower magnet alone… the only one in the nation of its kind… go to… who is this uncircumcised philistine… who wants to know… I had Black American Express Card with my name on it… All I asked this guy to do was prove he made $1000 a month… in MLM… heck I bet my water bill is more than he makes… Yes in 2006 I took the biggest hit in my life… but I am coming back from such just like many have come back from devastation… My face book tells my story…

    Is the guy an idiot i was the master distributor for Rexal… I wrote the plan and put 16,800 people in the program in 84 days…


    57 hit it big in MLM at least 7 times… Went broke 3 times 1986; 1996 and 2006… need to stay away from those #6 years… However making a comeback is a lot of fun and hard work… Working on the biggest ever #8… 5 children & 3 step children… 4 grandchildren… Love God the FATHER… Love Jesus… Love The Holy Spirit… Love People…

    This guy is not playing by the rules of the ASK PHIL PICCOLO A QUESTION… and even on your Radio Show if people do not identify themselves I will not answer their questions… In a court room you can face your accusers… I should at least have a real name to confront…

    Attention to all you idiots identify yourself or go get a life…

  20. Then why are you encouraging folks to go PRO? Doesn't PRO mean they can "earn" more from the products they don't sell, just collecting data? DNA is charging for a Business Benefits Package right? With a magazine thats free anyways? 100% free to record license plates that are weeks behind real time? Who is buying those again?

  21. MoneyByDay1 …

    NONE of us get ANYWHERE when we GO AS LOW as others sometimes do. Our grannies used to say …"two wrongs don't make a right" and …THEY were right!

    Please DON'T PUT YOURSELF in the same league as SOME others. You don't have to. We ALL KNOW and UNDERSTAND what's going on. Let's ALL BE BETTER as we KNOW we can by ALL STANDARDS and …that some OTHERS can't. It's NOT OUR OWN WEAKNESS but … THAT of others that CAN literally DESTROY us IF we let it.

    WE ALL GET ANGRY at times and …WE DON'T ALWAY's KNOW HOW to handle our anger. It's one thing to BE ANGRY and yet ANOTHER entirely to LET IT SHOW such that we END UP LOOKING EXACTLY LIKE THOSE who anger us!

    God Bless You and Yours!

  22. Hey Troy …

    AMEN and AMEN! NO ONE SHOULD have or take issue with ANYONE else having their own say as long as YOU ALLOW it on YOUR site. After all, YOUR siteIS A PLACE of FREEDOM that YOU and MANY OTHERs of us have fought for and …SOME died for!

    Thank goodness and THANK GOD there ARE still those of us that LIVE and by our BEST TESTIMENTS and …WE LIVE by a CREED and a CODE of HONOR!

    Semper Fidelis Troy!


  23. Mr. P., …

    "Dear Partner Says Nothing" …??? Please allow us to correct that …

    JESUS CHRIST by the way WAS and STILL IS the GREATEST MARKETER in the world! He started with just ONE and built it with JUSt TWELVE – HOW MUCH BETTER does it get?



    WARNING: This e-mail contains personal conviction information and has Christian Content. If you are receiving this e-mail it is because you sent me a personal e-mail to to be on The Mr P with DNA 1000 Team. If you sent an e-mail to this e-mail for any other reason then you need to request to be removed from this database by replying to this e-mail and put PLEASE REMOVE in the subject line… This particular e-mail is reserved only for The Mr P 1000 Team and nothing else…

    Hello, from Mr P with DNA

    Thank you for trusting me with your time and energy. TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More… I am personally sending this to you so that you will be added to my G-mail list for me to communicate with you a few times a week… It is my prayer that you will follow through on a commitment to 1st yourself… and then to others… Even the Bible says love thy neighbor as thy self… Here is a list of things I would like you to commit to right from the get go… Now even though I am a Born Again Christian

    #1 PRAY. Every morning prior to your feet touch the ground ask GOD to 1st forgive you of all your shortcomings and bless you and your DNA Business today. To guide you and direct your path. To bring people to you and you to people that you can help them and that they can help you…

    Maybe something like this.

    Dear Lord… Thank you for another day to live… and please forgive me for anything that I have done… Lord as I start this day help me to help others… Guide and direct my path and help me to succeed with my business, my family, my job and with everything I do today… When it is all said and done I will give you all of the glory for everything you bless me with… Thanks for loving me and helping me… This is my request and I look forward to thanking you again tonight prior to closing my eyes and going to sleep… I ask all of this in Jesus Name Amen…

    If you are Jewish than say "I ask all of this in Your Holy Name"

    If you are a Atheist than say "I ask all of this just in case you do exist in Jesus Name"

    #2 FORGIVE. If you are angry with anyone now or in your past you need to right now forgive them in your heart… I am very serious about this… This is another success principle that is true… If you are angry about anyone who has done you wrong no matter who was right… It will hinder your DNA Business Success…

    #3 COMMIT. Make a commitment right now to give 10 cents of every dollar to you earn from DNA your local church or synagogue. In fact you you set up an online donation and the moment you earn it you give it… and if you are a non believer than for now give it to a local charity to help starving kids… You may say what does this have to do with my success. I tell you it has everything to do with your success… And if you want me for your coach it would be wrong for me not to give you all my success secrets…

    #4 GO PRO. Order your B.B.B. Pack for $29.97 Monthly if you have already done this great. If not you have no excuse not to do it. I have charged $50,000 to personally coach people to success and I am about to take on the responsibility and the work ethic for the next 6 months to do everything possible to insure you succeed. That includes Webinars, Group or Private Conference Calls, Personal 3 ways if you run into someone who earns over $10,000 a month in this industry. So "IT DON'T MATTER" where you are financially right now you need to lead by example and you need to believe in your own product. So sell your watch… give up your Lunch… Sell your TV, borrow the money or do whatever you need to do… FIND IT… There are two types of people in the world… Those who make excuses and those who make money…

    #5 DREAM. This is so important that you have this in front of you everyday. If your dream is a car, a home, a vacation, clothes or any thing else you can dream of. Get pictures and brochures of it and keep them around. Tape it to your morning mirror in your bathroom. By the way do not dream debt free or pay bills. That will not drive you as much as real dreams….

    #6 BELIEVE. Belief in 3 major areas are needed. DNA, others and most important yourself. Belief in The D.N.A. Opportunity. When it comes to DNA you will need to believe in management, compensation and the products offered. For management just look at the President & CEO bio on the website. These are two men with impeccable 30 plus years of doing the right thing. When it comes to others you always need to find the good in people and never prejudge people you personally sponsor. Always remember any fool can count the seeds in an apple but only GOD can count the apples in a seed. Most importantly you need to believe in yourself and that you have or can acquire all that you need to succeed with D.N.A… Spend time reading articles written by over 200 authors from your free subscription to The Network Marketing Magazine. Remember when you look in the mirror you are now the boss…

    #7 DELAYED GRATIFICATION. This is another important key. Delayed Gratification is when you give up a little today for a lot tomorrow. For each of you it may be something different. Especially if you want to RETIRE by CHRISTmas 2010… For some it may be watching less TV or even NO TV… for others it may be to give up a day of golf or bowling. We are not saying you can not have fun while building DNA just make sure for the next 90 to 180 days you have your priorities right. Like my friend who gave up bowling to be a Diamond with another company and now he has a Bowling Alley in his house…

    #8 GOALS. Goals are a must. Imagine a football game without a goal post. Basketball game without hoops. That would be exactly the same as being in DNA without goals. People need to aim at something… It is always better to aim at something big and miss than to aim at nothing… You need to set daily, weekly, 30 day, 90 day, 6 month and 1 year goals. Your 1st goal in DNA should be TEN STAR by creating $300 worth of B.B.B. sales on your 1st level… You reach such a level by setting daily goals of getting people on a DNA Webinar. Making a minimum of so many calls daily and setting goals to talk to people on a daily basis about The DNA Opportunity… How do you get to TEN STAR… By sponsoring one PRO Affiliate at a time…

    #9 COMMITMENT. Here is where you need to make a commitment to do whatever it takes. It is like the chicken and the pig walking by the church and there was a sign that said FREE bacon and eggs this Sunday. The chicken said that is nice. The pig said speak for yourself for you it is a donation for me it is a total commitment. Commitment is "I WILL – NO MATTER WHAT"…

    #10 PLAN IT OUT. A person who wakes up in the morning without a plan wakes up unemployed. Like the goals you need a daily and weekly plan. You ever look at an attorney, dental or doctor's calendar. They plan out every 15 minutes because that 15 minutes is very valuable. For some attorneys it could mean hundreds if not thousands of dollars…

    #11 ACTION. You can plan it out and set all the goals but unless you ACT on it nothing will ever happen. Sometimes action alone will create some success. It is possibly the most important ingredient for success in this whole formula. It actually takes action to implement every ingredient of this success formula.

    #12 CONSISTENT. Consistency is very important in building a successful DNA Organization. Sponsoring 1 person weekly is better than sponsoring 10 people in a week and nothing for many other weeks… Being on 10 Webinars this week and none for 3 weeks after wards… You just need to be consistent doing things over and over. "I WILL AGAIN AND AGAIN"… I hear it all the time "I just sponsored 2 people what do I do next?" the answer is "Sponsor Two More People"… WHY? Because people do as you do… So be consistent in whatever you do…

    #13 PERSISTENCE. Persistency is doing it until you reach your goals. "I WILL UNTIL"… Tunnel through, Climb over, Walk around but get to the other side of that mountain "NO MATTER WHAT" and as one of the greatest speeches from the great Winston Churchill gave where he walked up to the podium and put his cane to the side and with his hands firmly on each side. He said "NEVER GIVE IN" then he paused for a moment and said "NEVER GIVE IN" then he paused for another moment and said "NEVER GIVE IN"… Then he grabbed his cane and walked back to his seat. Those 3 words defeated HITLER… They can sure help you reach your goals no matter how big they may be…

    #14 ATTITUDE. Here you sum it all up. This can take you 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years. For me it took about 3 hours. I listen to 3 hours of 6 1/2 hour tape series called LEAD THE FIELD when I was 23 years old and it change my life forever. Not only do you need a positive attitude but you really want to hang out with people who have a positive attitude. Read positive books and surround yourself with positive stuff. The one way to really keep a positive attitude is to realize that life is a journey and to enjoy the journey no matter what the day or the year brings your way. Read as much positive stuff that you can find… watch a lot of positive you tube seminars… Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziglar along with so many others. Again spend time reading articles written by over 200 authors from your free subscription to The Network Marketing Magazine.

    In closing I want to tell you not only have I taught this system to thousands of people. I have lived it and I can tell you that after 34 years that the wisdom is just as fresh today at 57 as it was for me at age 23… So let's team up together and I will do whatever it takes to get you to the finish line… But it will take the two of us… So let's commit right now to give each other our very best… And we will all spend time on the beaches of the world. May GOD bless all of your efforts not only with DNA but in every area of your life and may you prosper and be in health for a long long time to come…

    Mr. P with DNA

    AKA The #1 Millionaire Mentor

    19 Time Million Dollar Earner

    34 Years MLM Experience

    3 Time Million Person Down Line Builder

    Holds Every MLM World Recruiting Record

    Putting 1,000,000 In A Program In 1 Year

    Currently Has 1,257,059 People Downline

  25. Unanswered Questions,

    Well, Piccolo is not the only one who can be accused of "slamming." This happens with most FREE sign-ups. I get emails daily where I have been slammed into some new free sign-up deal.

    We should be very careful on the $4K phone bill. I have yet to see any official documentation showing Phil Piccolo owed any type of phone bill.

    Interesting point on hiring a writer. Many MLM pros who have been around as long as Mr. P, still use old fashion long-tail advertising in their emails. Maybe whoever writes the emails isn't Piccolo, but someone who uses the name Warren Anthony? It would be interesting to see some real Phil Piccolo emails and compare them. I have not done this personally.

    Now, as for "rolling in the dough", I did not know Phil was rolling in the dough. If memory serves me, I thought, several folks have posted about public records showing Phil is in the same boat most of the USA seems to be in these days. Short selling homes, over leveraged, and turning in assets.

    I have told Phil personally, I think he is the most unlucky MLM Pro I have ever met. Reminds me of Don Knots. You learn to love the guy, and you want him to get it right, but he just never seems to get it right.

    I can say I have been aware of some things with DNA and other companies we are investigating. I have already started contacting owners involved to find out some facts. It what I have heard is true, then I will report on these findings.

  26. Unanswered Questions,

    My goal is not to split hairs. However, in a court of law, if there is no documented evidence that Piccolo is an owner, founder, equity partner, or in any manner has governing authority to determine the direction of the company, it would be hard to hold him accountable for any issues.

    I do agree that "Warren Anthony" was the signature line, but what if… There is more than one Warren Anthony? I'm not saying there is more than one, but… if there are more than one person who uses and answers emails from DNA using the signature of "Warren Anthony" then then we really don't have a clue who all may be answering emails.

    Now, it is not a one man show. What everyone might want to do is pull the official documents showing who founded the company and who the officers are.

  27. I think you're splitting hairs, here. Corporate officer,…consultant,'s all immaterial.

    Piccolo was authoring the DNA 'emails' from Day one. Not Blechman or Kurek,….just Phil.

    The titles mean nothing when it's basically a one-man show.

  28. Considering Mr. Piccolo's business ventures last no longer than 8 months at a time, (He was pumping ValueValueValue this time last year) and that he was actually kicked out of YTB (no secret) I find it hard to believe that anyone who is as big a troublemaker and obvious business screw-up, could be welcome in anyone's organization, let alone be offered a sign-up bonus. In DNA, as in most of his past ventures, there have been complaints of 'slamming' (people being 'signed up" as members, without their knowledge or permission,) after being spammed from one of his many lists.

    That is why people in DNA saw their binary growing so quickly. A number of the 'members' on the binary list were 'slammed' and not actually 'signed-up' members. This is a Piccolo trick, used before in Mywfl and many other of his previous debacles/programs to exaggerate the numbers and gain ratings.

    If Piccolo gets such huge sign-up bonuses, why would he be asking people to back him to the tune of $10K to $50K in the past, (aatcm) and why was he asking for 'investors' to float the DNA cellular boat for to open " stores"?

    And why, if he managed a $100K sign-up bonus,can't he pay his $4K+ phone bill?

    And why can't he hire a writer to compose his 'DNA emails" so that they are in proper english and don't scream "It's ME, Phil Piccolo, pretending to be someone else,….again ! "?

    I mean, I'm having a problem grasping why someone rolling in dough couldn't hire people, besides Stu Levy, to help him set up DNA and maybe keep his 'autograph' from showing so prominently? You'd think someone with that much money and popularity wouldn't have to be chief cook and bottle washer, too, huh?

    So, this, "… many would and have paid him 100k and more " is confusing.

    Why don't you name us some of these MLM's that offered and PAID you $100K to sign you, Phil? Recent offers would be best.


    August 27th is way too far away.

  29. MLM Spam Desk,

    Now you do bring up some interesting thoughts…

    Send me the audio offline or post it here and we'll see where it goes. My email is

    Could be an interesting showdown between Gopaul and Greco is this audio proves to share the facts as you have written them.

  30. Ok, correction, The pickle is a majority owner who used the DBA Warren Anthony "Mr. Warren Anthony Director of Affiliate Support & Communications and Lead Consultant To The D.N.A. Corporate Team…" "For some unknown reason (speculation was that he might be embarrassed of DNA and not want his name associated with it, or he did not want his name hurting DNA I am not sure, could be a combination of the two, or some other reason not stated)." How 'bout dem Pickles?

  31. Sam,

    I never saw a Warren Anthony listed as a corporate officer. From day one he was a consultant and the named used in customer service emails.

  32. Troy…. This guy would just lose sleep if he knew what my MLM signing bonus is… You see outside of the naysayers who do not like Phil Piccolo… many would and have paid him 100k and more upfront to sign applications for MLM… But I am sure that is beyond Mr Unanswered Questions comprehension…

  33. Dear Mr NO NAME "Unanswered Questions"

    Not only are you stupid but now I know you are a small minded and broke… if you knew anything about big business you would know that hundreds of thousands is nothing in the world of big business… but what would a small little mouse like you who has never done anything in mlm know about big business… my monthly overhead alone in 206 was more than $250,000 monthly…

    I lost over 6 million in 2006 and went to bed broke on 12/31/2006 but when you are as good as I am and you have an AWESOME GOD as I do… I came back in 2008 with DubaiMLM with over 1 million people in 18 months… and yes I own it 100%…

    Then with a few stocks that went from 2 cents to $2… well the rest is history…

    Just my budget for private schools is over $100,000… what do you know of making money in this industry…

  34. Let us not forget that The Dill Pickle Did a DBA as Warren Anthony as a corporate officer, For some unknown reason (speculation was that he might be embarrassed of DNA and not want his name associated with it, or he did not want his name hurting DNA I am not sure, could be a combination of the two, or some other reason not stated).

  35. Unanswered Questions,

    Interesting comment, I will be watching for the answers.

    However, we should all remember, when "The Donald" was down on his luck. He lost pent houses, corporations, and wives. Yet it did not change the amount of money he had made, or the amount of money he was making at the time… $400K per month if I remember right.

    Let's see the answers.

  36. Warren/Piccolo,

    I'm sure many of us would like to raise a question on this "made hundreds of thousands…" stuff.

    Could you prove that please? So far, you have a history of less-than-transparent practices, and it says in those emails that you had a $4K+ Sprint bill, so, if you made so much money, why can't you pay your cellphone bill? Or even have the home phone at your house in your own name, and not John Nocton's?

    I mean, I'm sure your neighbors have their home phones in their names.Even us poor schmucks who are so lousy in MLM, have our phones in our names, AND we pay our bills. Sounds like odd behavior for the rich and infamous like you, Phil.

    So, could you prove that for us, please?

    Weren't you whining about almost losing your 'yacht' not too long ago? How could that happen with all this"hundreds of thousands" Magic Showerhead cashflow?

  37. DEAR PARTNER SAYS NOTHING… Their is NO SECRET BEHIND MAGIC SHOWER… It is PHIL PICCOLO who owns it… did you think I was hiding behind Magic Shower… What was your point… And I have made hundreds of thousands with Magic Shower without one unhappy customer in over 10 years since 1996…

  38. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT… DNA is 100% FREE… no such thing as a PAID SIGN UP… Nothing to pay for BIG FELLA…

  39. Paul Douglas,

    Sadly, you may be correct. If history does repeat itself, then we will report as needed.

    However, what is a little difference is with Piccolo he and Greco were connected and people have continued to keep it that way.

    But… As you can see we have moved away from the wireless niche, and if anyone took the time to listen to our radio shows from this thread, they would also realize we are moving into several new directions.

    Paul, you are a rock star, and provide good stuff for all.

  40. Actually I see history repeating itself. I was asking you back in February is Chris was paying you for all the publicity he was getting for Panther mobile from all these posts. Makes me wonder if you will do the same thing to Phil in 3 months, posting up recorded phone calls, and the emails Phil sends you.

    For whatever it is worth Chris Greco s still a great subject for this blog. 138 Comments and counting. What does the little Vemma superstar have? Six comments. To her credit she is a lot prettier than Chris.

    Your buddyTed Nuyten gets hacked., no comments, seems like no one cares about Ted.

    Breaking news of TVI leaders in several countries getting arrested. One comment.

    Looks like a strong case to keep bashing Greco.

    Just making sure nothing burns by stirring the pot.
    .-= Paul Douglas´s last blog .. Paul Douglas Awarded Leader Of The Month By MLM Wireless News =-.

  41. So taking paid signups for a company without a product available to the general public yet doesn't raise enough questions?

  42. Hey Jones!

    SO TRUER WORDS have not been spoken! ALWAYS GO with your heart, have faith and DO THE BEST you can with the GOD GIVEN talents and skills you possess PLUS KEEP ON LEARNING! It's the ONLY way to SUCCEED in this industry or any other business offline or online!

    People DO and WILL always OVERSELL …WHY? You already know the answer: GREED!

    Facts are that people BEFORE they make ANY CONSIDERABLE AMOUNT of money are either GOOD people or BAD MEAN people! NOTHING changes wether they WIN the lottery, INHERIT tons of money or EARN it themselves …they ARE WHO THEY ARE and WILL ALWAYS be UNLESS they FIND the help they need and a WILLINGNESS to change their ways and help others do the same.

    JONES – YOU KEEP ON having faith, believing in yourself and listening to YOUR heart and YOU WILL DO WELL! God Bless You and Yours and KEEP THE FAITH – that's all that is necessary to have a successful life as we know it!

    MAYBE we should get the "Millionaire Matchmaker" or the "Wives of New York City or Orange Country" on the beat here and LET THEM figure this all out – what do you think? Bet THEIR SNIFFERs would figure this out in a New York minute, LOL!

    FOLKS, that last comment WAS INTENDED just as FUN and NOT intended to take away from the GREAT work TROY is doing in attempting to make sense of all of this and HELP DISTRIBUTORS across the board and GOD BLESS TROY in ALL his efforts!

  43. Just one more thought on this …

    You know folks – IF we're ALL being Christian as we claim to be – then WHY all the back biting, backlashing, name calling and pointing of fingers? Who REALLY KNOWS who is going through what personally these days let alone business wise? We're living in an economic nightmare of sorts and with ALL the daily barrage of NEGATIVE news on television, radio and YES …even on the internet – is it possible like Rodney King once said …"Can't we all just get along?"

    We'd strongly agree that NEWS NEEDS TO BE TOLD and BAD BUSINESS and BAD DEEDS on the parts of other people NEEDS to be reported on. TROY, ROD and a few others ARE at least doing such PROFESSIONALLY and with HEART and NOT OUT here namecalling or pointing fingers in all the wrong directions!

    GIVE THESE MEN CREDIT FOLKS – without them we'd know nothing and wouldn't know IF we were involved in something bad or not! WE GIVE THANKS for TROY, ROD and those few others – THANK GOODNESS for them and GOD BLESS THEM!


  44. ROFLOL X 100,000!!!

    Click on the person POSTING in RED … $10,000 CASH REWARD BY Philip Piccolo says:

    It automatically takes you to a GET YOUR MAGIC SHOWER site online – now WHO do you think that MIGHT BE posting this nonsense??? Hmmm… let's think about that for a moment, shall we all?

    Just a thought as thoughts go but …just a thought!

    On the other note: Memorial Day IS in fact a day to REMEMBER all those FALLEN who fought for our freedom of speech, freedom to live how we want and freedom to have opportunities such as we have right here in America! GOD BLESS THEM one and all and EVEN those who came back from fighting in not so good a condition physically or mentally. THEY TOO GAVE THEIR ALL and BLESS THEM – they are STILL FIGHTING to live a normal peaceful life the way God intended for all of us!

  45. Cymbria,

    I find your post very interesting. If I may, let me ask a few questions.

    1. What "bashing" did I do on the call, which I had not already published on this site?
    2. If it were "bashing" why would I agree to have the call recorded?
    3. You mention GP as if Global Pros is a real company. Can you share with our community where Global Pros is registered to do business? What State are they incorporated?
    4. With 12 owners, how can 2 owners keep the company from moving forward? 2 out of 12 still leaves 10 moving forward.

    To date, Global Pros has not provided any type of compensation plan, policies and procedures, or even produced evidence they are more than a dba for 10 people with an idea. Please fill us in on exactly what Global Pros is offering. Maybe their MLM Attorney or MLM Consultant would be willing to share more to set the record straight if you can't.

  46. You are so right on Troy since I do come to your site and when Chris Greco is being talked about I read all the stuff his cool aid drinkers say about DNA and that it is a scam… believe me with only 20 people participating on this particular blog segment it is not a recruiting ad… I have noticed since the writing of this comment you have 131 statements on this topic alone… just curious what is the record regarding comments on any one post that mlmhelpdesk has had… not important but if you know let me know…

    And for all you naysayers who think Mr Troy Dooly and I are in business together… stop drinking the Chris Greco cool aid… Troy, DNA or myself have ZERO monetary interest in each others success… ZERO… In case you do not understand the number ZERO it is truly the IQ of the people who think differently regarding such a topic…

    Now people are asking for me to answer questions… I will be on Troy Dooly's Radio Show soon… but if you have any questions for me I will answer them right now if you play by the rules… here they are…

    1st you need to just ask a question without your comments or input about such… meaning ask the question… I will give you a truthful answer…

    2nd you must state your full name and contact info including address and phone #…

    3rd you need to tell me the mlm programs you have been involved with these past 3 years and what you are currently involved with…

    4th you need to tell me the reason you want to know the answers to these questions…

    Follow these 4 rules and I will answer whatever you ask…

  47. wow… moneybyday1… it must really piss you off that I have never been investigated about anything MLM in my life… not one complaint… and it must really piss you off that I make more in a week in mlm than you make in a year in mlm… it must really piss you off that 3 times in my career I have built million person downlines doing over a billion dollars a year… it must really piss you off that i am going to help DNA get to a million person downline doing over a billion dollars a year… and when i do i will make more in a hour than you make in a year… now that will piss you off… but then again you are already pissed off…

  48. The Big Fella,

    This is easy to answer. Folks have slammed DNA and Piccolo on just about every thread where Greco's name is mentioned. I feel it is only fair they are allowed to post rebuttal on what they are now doing.

    Like all threads this one will soon slow down also. Especially when the court date arrives.

    Then we will post on the results and folks will have something new to talk about. If all goes right DNA will not be part of it.

  49. MoneyByDay1,

    Ouch! I know you are mad and pissed off. But please make sure your blood pressure doesn't get in the way of seeing this through.

  50. ROFLOL… Mr. MLM Spam Desk,

    Well, at least Piccolo, like Greco has a place where we allow the rebuttal. Since folks have hit DNA for not providing anything, I decided to give Piccolo plenty of room to share what George and DNA have going on. As long as Phil staying inside of threads where DNA has been attacked, I'll allow it.

    But if you don't like it, buy this blog and change it.

  51. I guess Troy is now in business with Phil, I mean that is more advertising than I have ever seen on this site, WOW troy. (pun intended) how much did phil pay you for that ad



  53. I expected you would disagree Troy.
    .-= Paul Douglas´s last blog .. Paul Douglas Awarded Leader Of The Month By MLM Wireless News =-.

  54. Phil,

    If that is true… I look forward to being the first… ;o)

    Rick Weston

    Future Wireless Millionaire.
    .-= Rick Weston´s last blog .. Global Pros Launch Date June 7th 2010! Are You Prepared For Success? =-.

  55. Phil,

    Again, you display a very low level of class and I am having a very hard time cogitating a response to this last post by you towards me…. However, I am not going to lose any sleep over it. LOL.

    I guess I will let the community here respond for me. Maybe all of your DNA supporters will try and tear me apart now? The good news is that I really don't care if they do, however I find it hard to believe that ANY network marketer could respect the things that you have said about me here or on other forums at this point.

    BTW, I think that there could be a future for someone in DNA if they have a passion for the products, I just simply do not. The future is highly dependent on DNA/Phil/etc. answering the questions that I have asked and will continue to ask about their company structure, products and legal setup etc. and on the backing of the guarantees offered by Phil Piccolo and 'Et Alia' by inference.

    I have never called you a fraud, a scam artist, a liar or anything of that nature. I will say that you are an incredibly poor example of a leader and I will stand by that statement 100%.

    Leaders do not tear people down when they ask questions, they try to align themselves with those people and answer those questions with the truth, not with rude childish banter.

    Again, Phil answer some simple questions… be a leader and not a school yard bully and you might just earn some respect from the field.

    Rick Weston

    Future Wireless Millionaire

    a.k.a 'The Professor'
    .-= Rick Weston´s last blog .. Global Pros Launch Date June 7th 2010! Are You Prepared For Success? =-.

  56. Unanswered Questions,

    Thank you for taking time to post such a deep comment. I am proud to have served so you have your Freedom of Speech!

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  57. To all the Chris Greco Cool Aid Drinkers and D.N.A. Naysayers:

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  58. Stating anything as "fact' is an absolute. You have no facts, you have assumptions.

    Second, "If you know the truth,….."? What the heck? I did not write this half-assed article, Troy, you did. With no basis. Just a bunch of your hunches posted as "Factsfound' because you couldn;t disprove them.

    But, did you even try?

    I found Dr. Zwolinski with one pass of the old google.

    You obviously made no attempt.

    So, you're attacking someone with malarkey from your own noggin, NO FACTS, and expecting everyone else to prove your fantasies are false?

    If you're going to write an expose, you need facts, not this baloney.

    I already proved that there is a Dr. Zwolinski. Somebody called that Doctor and found he has an office in Myrtle beach. You apparently can't google or dial a phone. I also pointed out that there are 207 cemeteries within 15 miles of Quincy. You made one call to check on 6 of them.

    So, at least some of your "Factsfound" are BS.

    Are you afraid you might break a nail or something?

    You remind me of my kids.

    Luke : "Joey (brother)stole my shoes"

    Me:" Why do you say that?"

    Luke: "Because I can't find them."

    I point to front hall mat where pile of kids' shoes are. " Your shoes are there. Quit accusing your brother of things when you're too lazy to look."

    Luke: "That's not where I left them. You know what? He stole my jacket, too."

    At this point, I glance at the coatrack, where the jacket is clearly hanging,ABOVE THE SHOES, but, I say, "Yep, he must have stolen your jacket, too."

    Now, I just leave his coat and shoes on the family room floor, and admit to stealing them, myself.

    You see, Troy, I've already blown three of your "Facts', (picked up your shoes) things you could have googled yourself in a heartbeat, and you're telling me to prove more things.

    I'm not the one questioning Greco. I wouldn't write an article without facts. You did.

    Troy, I'm thinking you went for sizzle without the steak, and now you're telling the readers that this is a BYOF (Bring Your Own Facts) Greco destruction party.

    You can't find facts to prove some immaterial crap about Greco, so you accuse him of lying, and expect him to jump through your hoops to clear himself. I say immaterial since his mother's funeral, and his brother's death, his doctor's existence (unbelievable!) don't have a heck of a lot to do with mlm wireless. He should have just said "I was busy", so you'd have nothing to question, but he trusted you enough to elaborate. His health condition does matter, and he has dealt with the future possibilities in a courageous manner.

    As far as I can tell from the letters, you've had as much an influence on his actions as anyone. He trusted you and asked for guidance.

    So, you gave him advice, obviously gained his trust over the past 6months, and then you stabbed him in the back with 'questions' over the issues in his private life.


    BTW, here's a hint. Law Enforcement isn't likely to be talking to a blogger about anybody named Greco. That name has just cost the Feds $107 MILLION.

    I don't see any "Retracted" posted over things that have been disproved on this article. In my opinion, you should be taking this entire load of crap down for lack of evidence(and taste). As I said, this is propaganda and it looks like you're trying to round up a lynch mob with a load of hearsay.

  59. rick you title yourself wireless millionaire… i hope you realize that in mlm their is not even one that exist… why not travel on a path that has been proven… you may want to change it to Rick Weston Wireless Thousandair but then again you are with GP you may want to say Hundredair… even that may be a stretch… tell ya what when you make $75 let me know…

  60. sorry JOKE was a complement…

    answer the questions have you ever made $1000 in mlm if you say yes prove it…

    my shower magnets that you laugh about have a 100% satisfied customer track record in mlm and did 65 million in europe and over 10 million here in the usa…

    you may know how to write and spell… but make money in mlm? NOT

    why don't you stick to a profess ion such as teaching or something…

    you do not have the know with all to make it in mlm…

    DNA may have been your only hope… but now you have Global Pros now that is funny… please show me your $1000 a month from GP… never gonna happen…

    Phil Piccolo

  61. Paul,

    As always great advice and value added.

    Respectfully I do disagree with the email issue. The emails only make up a small percentage of what has publicly happened since November of 2009.

  62. Jones I am a Canadian. Never hid behind a pseudonym. I do not have any other alter ego. And you can find my blog by clicking on my name. The domain is not privately registered, and is hosted on a shared server at GVO.

    OK identity crisis bypassed.

    My phone was activated by Chris Greco while he was working with Panther. So he does know his way around the cell phone industry and the carriers.

    For whatever this is worth. This whole thing is pretty ridiculous. We need to focus less on Troy Dooley, Phil Piccolo, and Chris Greco and more on our businesses. If you put as much focus on building your business as you do on discrediting the above individuals, you will have a much bigger payday from your company.

    Troy for whatever it is worth, you gave us only half the story initially when you failed to post your email responses to Chris.

    Phil, for someone who professes to be a Christian, many of your actions on this blog are anything but Christian. You posts are long enough for you to hit the delete key. No cheek turned. No forgiveness. I can respect anyone, except hypocrites.

    Chris, move on and move up. People have figured out how to push your buttons, and you are giving them the reactions they want. They win, you lose.

    Nuff said.
    .-= Paul Douglas´s last blog .. Paul Douglas Awarded Leader Of The Month By MLM Wireless News =-.

  63. Troy,

    I am dying with laughter over your comment! Seriously, I just about fell out of my chair right now!


    Rick Weston

    Future Wireless Millionaire
    .-= Rick Weston´s last blog .. Global Pros Launch Date June 7th 2010! Are You Prepared For Success? =-.

  64. Phil,

    There you go again… not answering the questions and then throwing out disparaging remarks at me again. (This is your word of the day… disparaging Just trying to help you with your vocabulary)

    This post by you really shows your lack of class. I don't think that I have ever called you a liar, a thief, a scam artist or anything else like so many others have and have only asked you to answer some questions based on what I have seen. I have poked some fun at you only because you wont answer questions as you are obviously unable to do so and not make yourself and your company look bad, your silence is even worse though.

    So now I am a joke? Just because I ask questions, which you don't seem to want to answer. I could care less about the $2.00… LOL The only joke is your pathetic JOKE of a company and your magic magnet products and your herbal potions. My thing about the $2 is that I just think it is really funny… all I can see is that kid on his bike chasing John Cusack's character around trying to get his $2.00… much like all your distributors are going to be doing to your company.

    I know you really don't like my sense of humor, but I just can't help it when you give me so much ammo to use against you. ;o)

    Best regards,

    Rick Weston

    Future Wireless Millionaire
    .-= Rick Weston´s last blog .. Global Pros Launch Date June 7th 2010! Are You Prepared For Success? =-.

  65. Not disputing that, Pickle ol chum. The response was to Troy's comment in reference to William Spivy's post about the Alexa ratings dropping. The point wasn't that they were not still above average, but, that there was a huge drop in the ratings (I actually don't know, I haven't checked them, please update them on the DNA site so we can all see).

    Was that "Ship Wreck" or Ship Week"? Just yanking your chain a little, take no offence to my playful comments.

  66. Rick Weston can be called a lot of things. Kool-aid drinker is not one of them. Over the last few months, I have seen Rock ask tough questions, do his very best to dig deep and look at every situation from just about every possible angle before making up his mind. And even then, he continues to watch, record and dig a little deeper.

    He may not get everything right, but he sure goes in eyes wide open.

    He does not always agree with me, on subjects, but he always provides me food for thought, and huge value to this community.

    In closing if anyone can find out if you have wear panties or not, it is Rick Weston!

  67. William your LONG BEACH WARRANTS are a JOKE… They were issued by a false complaint… LONG BEACH SHOWED UP and then after seeing proof that they were false complaints LEFT MY CONDO in LONG BEACH… I addressed this with Chris Greco and copied the LONG BEACH POLICE on my response to CHRIS with all my contact info in case LONG BEACH wish to call or contact me… That was 2006 and I have lived in the same area for over 20 years and I am the easiest guy in MLM to locate… Oh and I also sent my response to MLM WIRELESS NEWS which is a JOKE of a SITE and sure looks like it is owned by Chris Greco or his boyfriend…

  68. SAM,

    DNA celebrates ship week this week. Shipping Magnetic Products and Cellular Phones…

    As for the DNA ALEXA RATING it is still higher than most and soon will skyrocket to a level not reached as of yet…

    DNA is still as of today in the top 8100 in the world and the top 4400 in the USA… What are you currently working that has a better 3 month rating…’s Worldwide Traffic Rank

    Country Rank

    New Zealand 2,788

    United States 4,400

    South Africa 5,144

    Canada 5,544

    Thailand 6,199

    Philippines 7,309

  69. ARE YOU SERIOUS… DO YOU EVEN READ YOUR COMMENTS BEFORE YOU SEND THEM IN TO POST… You quoted "As for your reward you can shove it"… You act as if you earned one… You have earned nothing… you say you have pictures but until you prove you have pictures you have nothing… You write in riddles with nothing to back up anything you say…

  70. SO RICK WESTON WHEN YOU SAY "Pay me the money you owe me" YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT $2… You are a JOKE… Enjoy your Global Pro Business… May you at least double your earnings there to $4… I think you may want to go get a JOB… Have you ever made $1000 a month in this industry…

  71. Steve,

    Again, I ask what is your 'proof' based on? Rather than calling me a 'Kool-aid' drinker how about providing even a simple statement as to what you are basing your allegation on? You don't need to give names or reveal your source, but just making a statement and then saying that it is accurate proves nothing. Put it out there if you have something… What do you know if anything about this?

    I can make all kinds of statements and it doesn't make them true… 'I heard that you wear panties'. This is from an unknown source which I am not going to reveal, but believe me it is accurate!

    Obviously I don't think that you wear panties and I have not heard that anywhere, but just saying 'Chris Greco is definately lying about having brain cancer' is really the same thing unless you can back it up with factual information.

    Rick Weston

    Future Wireless Millionaire
    .-= Rick Weston´s last blog .. Global Pros Launch Date June 7th 2010! Are You Prepared For Success? =-.

  72. William,

    I have to disagree. The lawsuit he states he filed, has already been proven NEVER to have been filed. Add to that the fact the perosn he states is his attorney in New York, doesn't exist.

    Both Dallin Larson and BK Boreyko have personally written to me, and we published, have never talked to Greco, before or after he stated they had talked several times, and that I had introduced Greco to Boreyko, which I NEVER did.

    As for the emails, keep watching, with as many as they has been since 2009, it doesn't get done overnight. But keep you eye on tis post.

    By the way, in this post I never said Chris was lying, I said I could not find any evidence based on the direction Chris sent me. Now if the lack of evidence points towards lying, then I have nothing to do with that side of things. I have continuely asked for public information to validate the claims.

    As for the Piccolo warrants, the Long Beach police have nothing to do with those. It is L.A. County. And if there are any active warrants, they are ordnance or misdemeanor violations, and are not extraditable. There is one thing we know for sure, Piccolo has lived in the same residence for years, and there are people on the net with personal vendetta's which would make sure a warrant could and would have already been served.

    Not sure what you are getting at with Panther and WOW?

    By the way, if you validated the warrants you would know it is L.A. County, and you would also know the issuaing agency, the case number, and the charge, which is all public info.

    What is funny, is the fact, I have made it very clear Phil will be live on Ace's August 27th. If there is a warrant, why not send them to us, and you show up to confront Piccolo.

    As for being Phil's "do boy" that is funny. You really don't have a clue sport. But, I have no problem stating I like Piccolo. We don't have a lot in common, but he is sure fun to talk with, and is very interesting.

    Of Course, I also like Greco and find him interesting to talk with. Just because I am friends with people, doesn't mean I turn a blind eye to the facts.

    Seriously, what is your part in all of this? Seems you have some personal agenda to prove.

  73. Sam,

    This is correct. However, they did not advertise it before. I am seeking to see if they have found an new partner or are abandoning that division all together.

    I did talk with George last week, and Rod Cook to verify if George was leaving. Both stated they had not talked about George leaving DNA. As a matter of fact George did share a new division which would be launching soon.

    Sam, I'll check on the wireless side to see what's up.

  74. DNA has advertised phone service well after Topher Grecco left them. DNA touted the ratings as how well they were doing, they put them on their site, but the graph they use ends on April so it does has some relevance. Rumor is that someone at the top of DNA is leav…. never mind, I hate rumors. I have no proof on that last one. I wonder what George M has to say on this. Has he addressed The Pickle situation and Warren Anthony? He has a reputation that I believe has been a little tarnished by association with The Pickle. I think he was the first or one of the first sponsored by The Pickle in YTB.

  75. Only thing u call greco lying is things you cant prove.. where is the emails troy I have yet so see them ?? ?

    So I can't believe you because you don't follow through. Did you call the long beach police to verify Phil piccolos warrant? Mole that's right he is ur friend so u keep those facts from us? Where is the fevor of investigating on piccolo that there is on greco? And for that matter panther and wow.

    Troy you look like phils do boy here.

    I called and verified the warrants shy don't you do the same.

  76. Cymbria,

    Not sure what documents have to do with anything. FIrst I never asked to publish any documents to publish, and promised Chris NOT to publish any documents. I

    However, I did state we would validate the documents.

    What I am am looking for is the public information. Where are the news stories, what funeral home, what cemetery. Where is the police report on Chris's accedent?

    Those are very small questions, which can all be verified through public records if anyone can provide them.

    As for Jesus… Please explain your statement "His blood is shedding all over this" Outside of the salvation of our souls, I do not get your statement.

    As a matter of fact, Jesus ALWAYS asked questions of everyone.

    By the way I did not cast any stones at anyone. Well maybe Piccolo a couple of times in the past. But, in this article, I went directly to Chris (Biblical) I asked him for the dirdction to go, I followed what Chris gave me, and I provided my lack of finding any answers based on the evidence Chris provided. AND… I asked folks to provide us the facts if they find them.

    Sadly as of right this second, no one has come forward with the facts. Well outside of Global Verge.

    By the way, how do you know Jesus wouldn't post a death certificate? Although, I have not EVER asked for a death certificate. I would call the issuing agency to verify.

    WOW! If I were to say I am sorry for any of the things yuo mention, I would be lying! I am not sorry for wanting to know the truth.

    My Bible is very clear, we are to seek the truth in everything.

    Explain your definition of Moral?

    BY the way, what is true Christianity? Isn't it more important to have an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ, than try to live up to someone else's definition of Christianity?

    P;ease tell me what is not Ethical asking for definite proof on all the facts as Chris has stated them? Especially since he has provided documents and facts in the past which have proven to be false?

    Are you telling us the documents you saw, were verified by the issuing agency? That you personally have proven they are authentic? Or are you saying because you say they are real, we are to take your word for it?

    I do respect you are using your own freedom of choice. So you will understand I also have to use mine?

    Respect is earn, never given. Chris has lied to this community on more than one occasion and until we have valid proof of the evidence you purport, we will continue to wonder about the back story.

    By the way "guilt" doesn't come from the Lord. If you are feeling guilty, dig a little deeper on where this feeling is coming form.

  77. Unanswered Questions,

    Since the article raises questions, and does not give absolutes, how can it be wrong? Second if you know the truth, why didn't you give some answers? Answers, like the name of the funeral home, cemetery, police report of Chris's accident, news reports of his brother's death?

  78. William Spivy,

    Since when is it news if a company decides not to launch a division?

    By the way, what is the big deal on Alexa ratings? Most of the companies in MLM have lower ratings then their distributors. How are the ratings on the distributor's sites who do the recruiting?

    I just thought of something, when did DNA talk about getting into wireless? Maybe since the main support has left the company they decided to get back to their main focus. Have you talked to George about it?

  79. Nope no DNA CELLULAR Troy when will we hear about that? Where is the post on DNA Not meeting another Deadline or having any products? Anyone see that they have dropped like a rock in alexa ratings? Oh and with that new company EXCEL being 100% Free looks like DNA is going Down Phil. ROTFLOL.

    Never Bite off more than you can chew

  80. I use my real name. How about you? Cymbria is a girls name by the way. And before you go saying that I do not have the facts. I do represent the facts. I hold them in my very hand as I said.

    The way you have worded some of your "supposed facts" or your "List" if you will, I will not comment on as you have worded them just like a president in a campaign. All to revolve around your immature lack of intellect.

    Do you NOT see all the comments on those who have phones? Did You Yourself word # 5 Properly? Oh wait, you would not incriminate yourself nor the few little brown nose-rs you have that way. My bad. Strike that.

    And do I seriously need to appease your "stalker because you have nothing better to do like oh lets see…..hmmmmm help run a company…attitude?" Ahhh NO! I thought business men had a lot to do, more so then chasing someone around the country.

    Did I ask for your cash? Fact….No…I did not. Does anyone want your money….No one that I know of….Oh wait, I do apologize. I know what it is. It's the pup comment isn't it? Oh my oh my…wait, all that cash reward stuff… Could it be that throwing big dollar amounts out to the world that just maybe you are compensating for something oh…a little less in size?

  81. Dear Money By Day regarding your post about Mr Piccolo and by the way it is MR PICCOLO to you… only my friends call me Phil…

    You sound like you gave me a million dollars and your 1st born… That is if you even had a 1st born… By the way I have been blessed with 8 kids and 5 grand kids… So what money do I owe you… You have a check with my name on it… please produce it… and I do not know if you noticed that Mr Dooly is in charge of this site and he actually has to approve what is written… But then if he allows you to write on this blog and use the language you use… I guess the bar is not to high to write here…

    By the way you kiss your mom and your kids with that mouth… So please tell me how much of your hard earned money I go and how… And what did you get for it in return… I know it did not include an e-book on how to be nice… But then again you and Mr Chris Greco have the same vocabulary…

    And if you really have a gripe with me you can call me 775-BEST-MLM

    Yes just dial (775) – BEST – MLM and you get me…

    Do have a nice day…

  82. DNA LOVER… you sure sound like a private partner that you seem to know so much of the inside stuff… let's see other MLM Wireless companies who are ONLY in wireless have taken years to perfect if they even have come close to perfecting it…

    DNA only just heard of Cellular in April… went through an ordeal that would have traditionally put an MLM Company out of business… But because of our strength we came out with a phone agreement almost the best in the nation for unlimited Talk & Text with a Value Added Package…

    Took orders on the condition we would not ship until the week of May 31st, 2010… We are going to ship the week of May 31st, 2010… and to you that is a bad thing…

    Plus this upcoming week we plan on offering other cell phone agreements… with value added items such as ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE & $500 Car Accident Deductible… Is that good…

    I believe they will be some of the best value added packages in the industry since they will be sold at an estimated $10 over our cost…

    And we plan on paying out about $6 of that $15 into a 10 level plan with a 100% matching bonus system… and as for the ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE & $500 Car Accident Deductible… I do not believe you can buy such a package for under $15 to $20 a month… Check with your insurance company and see what the difference is with a $500 deductible plan versus a ZERO Deductible Plan…

    We are in the cell phone business for our affiliates… not for The DNA Company…

    In closing again be patient with DNA it is in the embryo stage and we are not even close to giving birth at this time…


  83. Phil,

    First of all, those that have the information are not going to do you the honor of giving that info to you to collect some award, nor are they going to participate in such a self serving display of moral weakness on your part by doing so.

    You sure seem like a betting kind of man Phil, the kind of guy that loves to gamble… Maybe that is why DNA has such a problem with canceling autoships when requested… Do you need the money to support your gambling habits? I hope you aren't playing online poker for money as that would be in violation of Federal laws enacted the last couple of years, that would really SUCK for you.

    Since you are so keen on facts… I would like to ask you to prove for what I think is the 3rd or 4th time the following about your $100,000 guarantee you have offered in DNA and at least one other company if I am not mistaken. I may be mistaken about the company name, but I am sure you can give us all the factual details correct?

    Have you ever paid that reward to anyone that earned it? If so provide proof in the form of bank transfer statements, check copies and sworn statements from all parties… that includes you too big shot.

    If no one has earned it, please explain why that is the case. Is it because no one has ever been able to stay in one of your companies long enough to build a sales team large enough to qualify because all the companies you have offered this guarantee in have failed a short time afterward?

    Is it because everyone has been so massively successful that they didn't need to call you on your guarantee? Really? Seriously?

    Oh and Phil… I want my $2.00! TWO DOLLARS! ('Better Off Dead' 1985, John Cusack). I just loved how you terminated my account with DNA the day I was supposed to be paid my $2.00… Oh and I do know that your terms say that you need to have earned $25.00 to get paid out. (I also love how a 'consultant' can have a distributor of a company terminated!)

    You know the same terms and conditions that you guys copied from because you are either too cheap to have an attorney draw up your own, you don't have a real attorney that would require you to do so and or you just wanted to slap together a legitimate looking system as quickly as possible to bilk distributors out of their hard earned money… Let's hear the FACTS about why you used a TOS that you have your distributors sign in their back office's that you possibly illegally copied from another site(Copyright Infringement). Even if you got it legally let's hear the FACTS about why you wouldn't have an attorney draw up a TOS specific to your company when you have so much money backing it supposedly?

    As usual I don't actually expect you to answer any of these questions and give any FACTUAL information to the field. Am I now going to be labeled a LIAR like you have called Chris Greco so many times? If calling you out on your inappropriate actions and questionable business ethics and practices makes me a liar then I will wear that label proudly!

    Rick Weston

    Future Wireless Millionaire
    .-= Rick Weston´s last blog .. Global Pros Launch Date June 7th 2010! Are You Prepared For Success? =-.

  84. I'm not in any "people with different aliases" club.

    Greco doesn't need one person to post repeatedly. The postings are here because, this ARTICLE IS WRONG.

    Wow, Greco's brother wasn't mentioned in a movie? Are you kidding? You get your facts from a movie?

    You expected to hear the names of every hood in Boston?

    A documentary, maybe. A really really long documentary.

    Movies are STORIES. "The Departed' was INSPIRED by, but obviously , in 90 minutes, cannot portray any complete history. And, it's a remake of the Hong Kong version.

    I am not a friend of Greco's.

    I just know that these FACTS are NOT FACTS, and are misleading because Troy posted his lack of ability to prove/find/research anything, as a fact, and in the process defamed a person who, (although it hasn't been proven, according to God, er, Troy, yet, so it must be a lie ).is facing the fight of his life.

    Very noble of all you MEN to kick someone who is obviously not in the position to waste time with your horse-crap.

  85. This is what you fail to understand Troy. There are several of us that have seen the documents. I personally have pictures of them. Post them on this site? I think not. Jesus….where does he play in this? His blood is shedding all over this. You are casting the stones. Would Jesus ask to post someones death certificate all over the internet. NO! That is why I refuse. As for Piccolo or what ever his name is today, He needs to learn to count. It is sinful that this has went as far as it has.

    Maybe in kind respect, you could simply say, I do not have the facts. Maybe you could say "Im sorry for letting this get to far" I too was on the call with JG and SB. I heard you say, Wow, I've never been on a call where everyone prayed first. " you commented that you liked that" Yet you can not seam to see that this is not moral. It makes me sick as SB and JG do not show true christianity. Not in my book anyway. All of Chris's Followers are trying to tell you we have seen the truth, I asked if I could post it and Chris said if that is what I wish to do. But my concious and others, are trying to respectfully say to you….No….it is not right. It is MORALY not correct. Thats all we are trying to say. Asking you to please respect that. Let it go. Everyone on here from what I can see (who is talking for Chris) is simply saying, it is not ethical to post such things for evidence. We know what we have seen, we know more than you think we do. We were on that call for a reason. Yet, we are not with them. We are with Chris. Our own minds are wieghing what is right and wrong, and to post what we have as evidence is just WRONG. So I do not believe any of us will do this. Troy, we are asking you to show a little respect. Understand why we are not turning these documents over to you. You nor any of us are worthy of them. I felt guilt and still do for snooping the way I did. God forgive ME! PLEASE. And as for the one who cut me down about my post, I hope they read this one too. Yes we have it, But the right thing to do is LAY IT TO REST.

  86. Troy, In your response to "Dump this Site" you wrote,

    "4. Since you seems to know the facts, please provide for our community and to vindicate Chris, what the facts and and where they can be found?"

    And then, "…I went to Chris and asked him some hard questions. He respectfully answered. The evidence I uncovered did not support, his claims. "

    Troy, I ask you, what are the facts and where can the proof be found?

    You have posted an article listing FACTS FOUND, NONE of which are FACTS.

    These are your FANTASIES.

    You did NOT uncover any evidence. YOU COULDN"T FIND ANY EVIDENCE!

    You wrote repeatedly,.."I could not find,….."

    That does not make your FANTASY into a FACT.

    It makes you an unsuccessful detective, end of story.

    Or, maybe, there is NOTHING TO FIND.


    Let's debunk another one of your "TroyFacts".

    His mother's death.

    "Facts Found: After calling the Quincy Massachusetts Cemetery Director’s office, we were informed that Chris Greco’s mom had not been laid to rest in any of the six Quincy Cemeteries. "

    Where's the fact?

    Did you think about private mausoleums? Did you think about cremation and she's in an urn, somewhere? (Like my dad is sitting on my mantle?)

    Maybe she was remarried. Then, you wouldn't even be looking for the right name!

    Did you think that maybe there's a PRIVATE cemetery?

    There are 207 cemeteries within 15 miles of Quincy.

    You checked on 6, and decide "That's a Fact"

    Again, the fact is, you posted a load of BS as FACT, when you did no research.

    So, we have found Dr. Zwolinski.

    And Troy has another 201 cemeteries to check , and a few other "post-mortem' options to consider, before he can post this as "FACT"

    THEN, you post this, "FACTSFOUND :Several premature rumors have surfaced over the last few days, stating “Criminal Charges Pending In Lee’s Summit. This is not correct. ", as if Chris said it. He did not say this, and he is not responsible for 'rumors'.

    This line, "According to the Lee’s Summit Police Department, they are no longer involved in any case revolving Greco and Global Verge or Mark Petschel. The report filed has been sent to higher authorities to review, based on the complexity of the situation.", shows us that there is, indeed, SOME KIND of complaint there. In fact, the Missouri SOS office has over 20 complaints lodged against GV. So, while Greco may have started with a complaint to Lee's Summit P.D,. he was obviously transferred, or his complaint was, to the SOS office,…possibly, , and without Greco's knowledge, after it was received.

    I have had dealings with the Missouri SOS office in the past, and it's not likely that they would discuss with you or anyone, what they are doing in the process of an investigation.

    It doesn't mean charges are NOT pending and it doesn't make Greco a liar. He submitted a complaint to the Lees Summit Police. Which branch? Did he say or does he even know?

    To most people, police are police, state police, local police, the Feds,..are all police. If the paper gets moved around within the police system, this doesn't have anything to do with Greco.

    So Far we have a dangerous bunch of FICTION, Troy.

    And posting fiction as FACT, is the same as LYING.

    Where are your FACTS?

    So, while you're defaming Greco with things YOU CAN"T FIND PROOF of, readers are wondering when you're going to be on the hot seat getting grilled for 'lack of evidence' to prove your motives.

    This is not journalism, nor is it investigative reporting.

    This is PROPAGANDA.

    P.S. Why haven't you posted your emails, yet?

    Having trouble finding them, too? You had no trouble finding Greco's.

  87. I have to agree I called the number in question and spoke with the girl. Low and behold they do have 6 offices in florida 1 in georgia and a new one in myrtle. As for the emails I think troy is bidding something. why not post both sides like you so advocate. This is a set up to protect Phil and george.

    At dna. Its genious how you have taken the focus off wow not producing phones and dna missing two deadlines. Both companies you have an interest in. Then we all know about panther not paying comissions. why not post the facts troy? It was a nice play but I see more and more people going to eric collins and rod cook for the truth being you Phil piccolos lap dog.

    Troy do this. Yes sir. Troy do that yes Phil.

    Its embarrassing to see what this site has become.

    I will go to for the otherwise or the truth. Here all I get is troyfacts not truth. For your info I was on a webinar with chris I saw the certificate. I know what u post is now propaganda.

    your horrible can't wait for eric collins to post these emails on dooly .

  88. Rick, I see you sent this late at night. That is what happens after a full day of drinking the Greco Kool-aid. I am not an investigative reporter and I will not reveal my sources. I will tell you that every post I have put on here has been accurate! I do wish you the best.

  89. Partners,

    Why don't you tell people that you don't pay your distributors their hard earned commissions while taking their money month after month. Kevin and Harry just don't answer their phones and don't call back when they owe you money. Panther Mobile Reps run as fast as you can. These guys are scam artists.

  90. Hi,


  91. Steve,

    I'm sorry but your statement has ZERO substance. Even some 'Investigative Reporters' will at least state what their evidence is even if they don't reveal their sources… However, that kind of reporting is still akin to Tabloid reporting in my opinion.

    So did some unnamed source tell you that Chris told them that he doesn't have brain cancer and that it is some elaborate ruse to con the masses?(To what end?) Or did your unnamed source steal his medical records and see that he doesn't have a tumor?

    What exactly are we taking to the bank from your statement? Your personal opinion?

    I guess I just have a hard time taking a guy with just a first name, a 'crabby clawed' gravatar and unsubstantiated claims of knowledge seriously about a subject that has sparked so much controversy. Especially when you make a claim with a definitive statement that has nothing to it to even contemplate or discuss other than the lack of anything to discuss… LOL… as if that just made any sense… Yup, makes sense!

    Seriously, I'm really not trying to tear you down, it just seems that a lot of people just make statements without any supporting information behind them. I think that on a topic such as this that you really need to either provide concrete information if you are going to call someone out as a liar about something as serious as brain cancer, family deaths etc etc. or just be quiet about it because half baked unsupported comments serve no purpose

    Rick Weston

    Future Wireless Millionaire
    .-= Rick Weston´s last blog .. Chris Greco Reveals He Has Cancer On Conference Call Today ~ What Does This Mean For Global Pros? =-.

  92. John,

    As I'm not privy to the details of the $70,000 per month statement you are referencing. Is it possible that Chris was referring to profits and not gross revenue?

    Just asking the question because most people I know in the business world refer to profits when they are speaking of potential funds lost in general terms and not of revenue.

    Rick Weston

    Future Wireless Millionaire (One day closer!)
    .-= Rick Weston´s last blog .. Hosted Auto Responder System ~ $30.00 per year! =-.

  93. Dear Mr or Mrs cymbria says:

    a) you have not proved your 2 out of 7 to be true or anywhere close to factual…

    b) did you noticed their was no reward for 2 out of 7…

    Fact you have not even proved 1 out of 7…

    Fact you have not earned any reward dollars…

    It is amazing that no one has stepped up to take advantage of the $10,000 Reward.









  95. William Spivy,

    Hey sport, interesting comment. Things should be very interesting moving forward based on all the evidence you will be sharing later tonight here in this community. We will gladly verify the info after the holiday weekend, and if the authorities who issued the documents validate them as legit, I will, as I have promised make it public.

  96. Well, May is about to end and there is still no DNA Cellular or DNA Connects sites that are working. All that is being said is that it will be real soon. Emails to the company are going unanswered. FREE enrollment has slowed almost to a halt. Very few people are upgrading to Pro Affialite and NOW commissions from last week are in a PENDING status and unable to be collected. Every week before, commisions paid out on Monday were in the bank by Thursday. Now the funds are in a pending position. What is going on? As excited as people once were about DNA, people are getting real turned off by the lack of communication and information. Even after the Greco stuff, we were told DNA Cellular would launch on 05-18-2010. It didn't and nothing else is being said. People aren't morans. Were we just supposed to forget what we were told? Hopefully things can get turned around in a positive manner. The 100% matching bonus starting in June is very exciting as long as it is not 100% of zero.

  97. Interesting,

    Very powerful insight. Based on your advice, and the fact we don't have anything to hide, I will take the next few hours to go through the email threads and publish them for all to view.

    Thank you for the value you add to this community, and the level headed advice you provide to all.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  98. William Spivy,

    Please explain how I am going against "everything I say?"

    Let's look at a few things, then you explain how my replies, have anything to do with the issue at hand.

    1. I called and talked to Chris, informing him I was going to post asking the hard questions.
    2. He gave me evidence to follow.
    3. He put me on a call with the founders of Global Pros and resigned.
    4. I followed the information he provided and did not find any evidence of what Chris told me.
    5. To date no one has come forward to provide the facts outside of what I could not find. I have made it very clear I will gladly post the new info when it is verified.
    6. We posted emails from Chris showing he has made it clear he was merging or partnering with all the companies in question.

    So, what does my replies to Chris have to do with the facts at hand?

    What are you looking for?

  99. Troy,

    I bet you are shaking in your boots after reading this! NOT!! Troy, let me know if you ever want to go to Boston. Maybe these blow hards can tear us both apart….LOL I am sure they are just like Chris because the apple doesn't fall far from the tree… Oh, wait a minute, if Chris is King Kong maybe this is Godzilla?…….Oh, I'm scared!!! Keep doing what you do best Troy!


  100. Dear Bottom Dweller.

    AKA Piccolo

    Today I obtained actual pictures that I took personally of these documents concerning Chris Grecos mothers death. I however can not find myself to stoop as low as the bottom dweller. So I am sorry, they will remain on my camera. It is sad to see this wolf type character fighting for his dinner against the broken victim. Piccolo seems to prey like a vulture but sadly enough, he preys on ones brokenness. It is a sad tale indeed. I also spoke with Dr. Zwolinskis nurse. Confirmation that Chris's illness is very much real. The number is NOT a T-Mobile number as stated. I repeat it is not! It is the actual Dr. Office. I myself have offered a remedy that is not conventional, but I personally know someone who fought cancer with this simple product that can be bought at nutritional stores. I can only hope he tries it.

    As for this REWARD. You can shove it right up your a**! Right in the same place all this hype came from. Oh, and that missing cell phone should be in that very same place. I'm a researcher Piccolo. I find the truth. I have done my own snooping around and with Chris, I agree, this site deserves nothing more to satisfy your Juvenal need of vengeance.

    Folks, I call a spade a spade. It is what it is. In my personal opinion, Piccolo does not deserve the justice I hold in my hands along with several others here with me today. He couldn't and wouldn't pay up on such a "REWARD" anyway. But as I said, the grown adults here need not justify to this petty minuscule banter.

    I have two dogs, But as pups they were bad little boys that would pee on the rug. Frankly, I'm tired of this little Piccolo pissing on my rug, so it is time his nose was rubbed in to it.

    I have the proof as do others. It is in my hands now, But you are not worthy of it.

  101. ?Answer these questions?

    You said…"If he is the King of Wireless and has a call center with 78 people and he’s selling thousands of phones every month, "

    AND if it cost him $70,000 a month (from the mouth of Saddam) to take his AKW offline,

    then how does (ONLY) $70,000 pay 78 PEOPLE and other fixd costs of AKW on a monthly basis?


  102. Good for you "?Answer these Questions?". I just hope the rest of the Chris Greco Kool-Aid drinkers finally wise up. He has hurt a lot of people. It is people like him that has caused tremendous damage not only to us little guys trying to make an honest living but also to the honest wireless telecom MLM's. Yes, there are honest ones out there too. I will not nor have I ever on any of my posts openly endorsed any of these MLM's but I will tell you that I am currently an associate with one that is truly ran with integrity. This company may be small, has weeded out the scrupulous characters that were only in it for themselves and this company is doing it right. For all the individuals out there that are greedy, dishonest, un-ethical and have intentionally attempted to distroy these good companies, you reap what you sow. Some are seeing this now and others will get theirs soon. "What goes around, comes around"! I am proud to be part of an MLM that is ran by individuals that are honest, ethecal and have integrity. And trust me, I am no kool-aid drinker!!

  103. Thanks for the encouraging words.

    I always search my heart and I live with decision I have made. I have not been disappointed with my current business. I have learned to not believe everything someone says when it comes to delivering. Not because I think they are lying but because some people over sale. If you over sale repeatedly then that is just at bad as lying because you at least know how people are going to react to you sales pitch.

  104. One thing that I have learned is that when people toot their own hard louder then their base, get nervous.

    I just read accusation about Troy on Is it true, I don't know. One thing I do know is that I don't believe very much of anything from anyone that claims they are doing something for the good of others. Does that mean they are not, no? Maybe they are ,but it should show through the work done and the claims made by those who they have helped through recommendations.

    Troy Dooley

    Chris Greco

    Eric Collins of mlmwirelessnews

    All three claim to be for the people. To take anyone one person at his word would be a mistake as many have witnessed over the past few months. The bottom line is that we really don't know who is telling the truth on some of these issues. Many of us have, however, dealt with some of them on a person or business level and can speak with certainty. The best thing we can all do is do our best in making the best decisions for ourselves and those we care about. Only then will we have broader positive impact on others. Let continue to visit all the blogs although we might find comments distasteful because to limited ourselves to one source of information because it makes us feel good will only put at risk.

  105. Ok…you still believe the hype. If that was the case why didn't panther run with it? They didn't because it was a smoke and mirrors. For you know those people could have been in the United States.

  106. I am thoroughly disappointed in this.

    You post the most half-baked 'research' I've ever laid eyes on, base your comments on "lack of evidence', and then proceed to try LEADING the readers to your mis-conclusions.

    This is bunk, pap, or otherwise crap reporting, Troy.

    You have no basis , and proceed to post ONE-HALF of a set of confidential emails.

    Let's start with just ONE SIMPLE 'LOOK-UP" , that you were either unable or unwilling to perform.

    You called this a,…..FACT

    "Fact Found: I tried to locate a Dr. Zwolinski was located in Myrtle Beach, and could not find one licensed, practicing physician by the name Zwolinski. "

    Well, I just googled Dr. Zwolinski,….easy, huh?

    and here ya go,….among the MANY Dr. Zwolinski's,….on the first google page

    " (fancy that!)

    Ralph J. Zwolinski MD PA

    Director, Headache And Pain Center Of Florida; Adult and Child Neurology

    BA – Case Western Reserve University

    MS – Developmental & Molecular Biology – Cleveland State University

    MD – Case Western Reserve University

    Medical Internship – The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

    Neurology Residency – The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

    Board Certified Neurologist – American Academy of Neurology"

    And, my oh my, he's a neurologist.

    Y'know, specialists, like lawyers, run all over for cases, so going from Florida to Myrtle Beach isn't a big deal. A lot of these guys use private jets. This guy works out of over 6 hospitals and has 3 offices in Florida, alone.

    Are you SURE this doctor doesn't have privileges (and even an office) in a Virginia hospital?

    (Well, no, because up until now, there was NO Dr. Zwolinski, right?)

    In addition, Troy, many high-end specialists only work by referral, so, you're not likely to find them. They don't want to be found, especially by some nosy blogger trying to invent a situation out of thin air.

    So, the FACT here, Troy, is that you did NOT do any research. That's the fact, because we can pretty well go through the entire article,"TROYFACT" by "TROYFACT" and prove that they are not FACTS.

    NOT proving something is NOT A FACT. It is a lack of proof on your part.

    You can't post a WILD GUESS and call it a fact.

    To top it off, Not posting your half of these emails just makes this look like a set-up.

  107. That must have hit a nerve! Post the emails Chris Post em, Post em so we can get the full Truth that Troy is always talking about, How contrary Troy, You are going against everything you say by not posting them, So you obviously have something to hide, Are you sure there are not a bank of recorded calls Troy?

    So lets keep it all in perspective.

  108. Hey Troy,

    First of all, I truly believe you are a great asset to the MLM world. You do a fantastic job opening peoples eyes and providing food for thought.

    Secondly, I am personally glad you posted this article! A lot of people are "up in arms" about it and I think it's mostly because of the fragile nature of the stories that were told. It is very hard for some individuals to shut off the compassion switch even when they have a sneaking suspicion that it may be a farce. How do you think Con Men make their money people? They play on the most extremely sensitive strings to keep the con going. Con Man 101! I'm not saying that I know for a fact that nothing Chris has said is legit. I don't know if any of it is a lie either. What I do know, is that someone has the balls to put it out there and try to get the real story out of the mess. And Troy, I thank you for that, and I hope a lot of people will be thanking you for this sooner than later. No matter which way it turns out.

    And lastly, I feel you should post your responses to these e-mails. Normally I would agree that they have no bearing on the post whatsoever, however, I think posting Chris' e-mails have made it pertinent to this post. In the time I've spent on this blog, you have always been a champion of "give me both sides and I'll post them". I know you are taking a lot of heat over this post, but don't sacrifice your journalistic values now in the midst of this debate. Even if you had made a statement that some people could construe into you "steering" Chris and causing all of this, ALL adults with at least half of a functioning brain know that Chris is reaping what he has sown in the MLM world. If there is some valid reason as to why you shouldn't post them, let us know. If it is valid and makes logical sense, smart people will see and the idiots of the world will continue to throw statements around wildly!

    Thanks again!

  109. I have been to the Store in SC, its rather nice, I have seen chris talk about his sites, Oh since you have the ip addresses why dont you post them, lets let it all come to light, Sounds like your mad you dont have a company, Is that because Troy Dooly has commited Tortuous interference in operations at Global Pros, Interesting….. I heard a recorded call with Troy on it last night basically admitting interference in 3 companies Greco was apart of, So thats why Troy wont post those response emails huh? Really not looking good, Now out of every company i have been apart of in the last 10 months, Chris company is the only company that has given me a phone that worked and still does, he is the only company that has ever Trained me in this business, and has answered my calls as late as 1am and emails at 3am, So if your mad be mad at john team one for taking you away from the opportunity and Troy Dooly since he made the decision for John according to the call. See why you guys are still waiting and waiting me and the rest of the down line that stays will reap the benefits of real products and a good management team, Any leader that allows Troy Dooly to Dictate where he or she goes is not a leader but a follower.

    I have seen NO PROOF TROY by you just questions and conjecture, SHOW ME PROOF Chris is Defrauding me Ill scream it from the mountain tops, But right now he is doing a great job in my opinion Troy despite your interference, I was on the Team One call the other night when Bart Collins said he was at Greco's Warehouse (this was said after they decided to leave) And that he saw 70,000 or more phones in that ware house. Now what is it guys, I feel bad for you guys, I do, I will be on a call with Chris Later today to put all this to rest, We will all see the Responses to Chris email by Troy Dooly Live!, We will see his moms Death Certificate, Then we will stand up collectively and tell you Troy Dooly you are Wrong, I used my name no alias because I may be called in a soon legal action for interference against you, I bet these emails and this call on Johns Team One call will be very damaging to Troy Dooly.

    I am moving forward with Global Pros as is all 189 people In the downline, and I am not the Only one, I ask you stand up and beheard here, and not bow to this Bullshit they call a Website community for Distributors. If Chris hurt anyone it was with Troy Doolys Guidance, The emails we have seen and asked to be put tell Chris things like, "I would have left long ago" That is dealing with Panther not having a contract signed. So it is really Troy Dooly that had Chris Leave GV and Panther? I am starting to wonder and the Audio from the call last night does not help, I have to say I only hear accusations from Troy Dooly but not one document of Evidence against Chris, And the GV suit is Moot, The AG is building a Case against Global Verge and Mark, I got this by calling and verifying the Info myself, So I advise you all do the same. I cant wait till this audio is posted Either by Chris or Eric, or who knows maybe even Rod, So we will see. We would like to thank you for the above post, But why dont you really let your voice be heard and say who you are, I mean you say this now but you will be there with me and everyone else as we are producing the Products, So we know who is with us and or against us. We have advised our entire team and are asking the company to boycott this site

  110. Well, what's that line? "Let he who is without sin,……."

    Your pants are already burnt to a crisp , Phil. You've no room to talk about anyone else.

  111. 90% of the people posting don't give their real name and it's not just on this post.

  112. New Excel,

    ROFLOL… Where is the logic in your comment?

    Well sport, I can see you are not a regular reader or member of this community. If I were you I would take your propaganda, and contact ALL the companies involved and recommend they file civil complaints against me for Torturous Interference. Then you can get your answer. Or better yet, when I get the official request from the Clark County District Court for the emails and they are provided in open court, then you can get your answer.

    think about it for a second, do you really think I would say anything in writing or on the phone knowing everything I say and do can be used against me in public or a court of law, would incriminate me in some type of conspiracy?

    Just your implications alone shows this community, you do not know me as a person. It's funny.

    Chris may post the emails. the question you and others might want to ask is… What do the emails I did not post say? Have they already been officially requested by the courts or law enforcement? When you mention Pandora's box, you sure hit the nail on the head.

    I did talk with John. As a matter of fact Chris brought me on the call with all the founders of Global Pros when he resigned. What's your point? I have also talked with Ron Williams acting CEO of Global Pros, again what's your point?

    I never have an issue with my calls being recorded and posted.

    ROFLOL… This is great… Let's see how many posts have you reviewed on this whole saga? This is fantastic… What a great spin!

    I would love you, Chris or anyone to take this and file a civil or criminal complaint and lets take this all the way to the bank. Put your money where your mouth is, and find any attorney or prosecutor who is willing to file the charges against me, or file a civil case on your behalf, as a class action suit, or Chris himself.

    I will gladly take this actuation on 100%. So either put up or shut up. Just make sure you fully understand if we go down this road, it will not be a Pandora's box, you open, it will be more like a Jack-In-The-Box! And you never know what will pop out once you turn the handle one too many times.

  113. Answer these questions,

    This is very interesting info. Thank you for sharing with this community.

  114. Troy great post but I was the 1st to ask the hard questions with this poor excuse for a human being…

    Sorry Troy I know I said I was not going to post anymore until I appear on your radio show but…

    I just could not help myself after reading all these Chris Greco KOOL AID DRINKERS…

    And now we have Excel Wireless by MLM Wireless… WHAT A JOKE…

    That can prove just 7 statements made publicly by Chris Greco….
    To be made to be a TRUE STATEMENT…
    To hundreds and at times to thousands of innocent people…


    $10,000 CASH REWARD for 7 out of 7…
    $5,000 CASH REWARD for 5 out of 7…
    $3,000 CASH REWARD for 4 out of 7…
    $2,000 CASH REWARD for 3 out of 7…

    I am almost tempted to offer $1,000 for just 1 out of 7 but I know that even a liar and a fake like Chris could possibly slip up and could tell the TRUTH 1 out of 7 times…

    #1 That his mother has died in the last 30 days…

    #2 That he has BRAIN CANCER

    #3 That he was in South Africa in the last 90 DAYS where he reportedly signed a new MVNO

    #4 That he was in IRELAND last week with his family as you can read the e-mails from CHRIS GRECO to Phil Piccolo just a FEW DAYS AGO

    #5 That he had 75,000 cell phone agreements for $10 monthly for unlimited talk and text that he promised to over 100,000 DNA Affiliates with 2135 witnesses on the conference line…

    #6 That he is personal friends with DAN HESSE “CEO” of Sprint…

    #7 That he returned my phone that he stole from my home…


    $10,000 CASH REWARD for 7 out of 7…
    $5,000 CASH REWARD for 5 out of 7…
    $3,000 CASH REWARD for 4 out of 7…
    $2,000 CASH REWARD for 3 out of 7…

  115. If you answered this, where are the emails posted?

    I can't find them.


  116. New Excel,

    Welcome to the community.

    Let me ask you a quick question. Why? Please explain what my responses or lack there of has to do with this situation?

  117. The letter dated April 7, 2010, “Need to talk to you about DNA. ASAP!” certainly doesn’t sound like he was following the DNA saga,..why would he ask you if he had? He said he didn’t want to get into another ‘GV”.
    What about no address, no phone, a gmail support contact, a runaway CEO, and a guy using a fake identity wouldn’t scream “another bigger, worse GV”.
    Obviously he WAS NOT reading certain parts of your blog.

    Why don’t you show us the emails, Troy? That’s what we want to see.
    What was he answering? What was going on at your end of this convo?
    Because “based on a lack of evidence’, some of us are questioning your article.

  118. You F’ed Up,

    Seriously, tell me how I messed up anything? Let’s make sure we are on the same page.

    1. I called Chris and explained I was going to post some hard questions and asked him one last time for the truth.

    2. We took days investigating the evidence Chris provided, and could not find the truth in his story.

    3. We posted a very calm and straightforward article.

    So, exactly where did I screw up?

    Better yet, why are you not sharing the facts since you seem to know the family.

    By the way, who did I talk down too? I was very respectful, to the family and even to Chris.

    I find this so interesting that you make such bold statements, towards me, yet you do not provide any rebuttal to what was written or the questions asked.

  119. Unanswered Questions,

    I told him if I had to decide between DNA and TraVerus, I would go with TraVerus, because they had a strong foundation.

    Then the next thing I knew, he was sitting with George and Phil in Florida, and the TraVerus deal was done.

    As for all the rest of your questions… If you haven’t figured out by now Chris reads this blog all the time, then you just are not paying attention.

  120. Troy,
    Just wanted to let you know that Chris Greco is definately lying about having brain cancer. Of course we all new that was going to be the case. I will not reveal my sources but you can take it to the bank. Keep up the good work Troy.


  121. Would love to know what you told Chris about DNA when he so urgently requested your opinion.
    Did you tell him that you “knew” (as you say) that Warren Anthony was really the infamous Piccolo?
    Did you tell him that your buddy was CEO of DNA but the first CEO RAN AWAY and won’t talk about the ‘back-door’ business-guy?
    Did you refer him to Rod Cook, or Ted Nuyten or Patrick Pretty’s site to read about Piccolo after you told him who Warren Anthony really is?
    Because, if you didn’t tell Chris those PERTINENT things, when you knew them, when he had asked you for advice, when you knew that he was a veritable baby in MLM, then, it means that you had some influence on his decision to work with DNA, and possibly, due to that, some effect on his further actions with GV and Panther.

    Sort of unethical to post only one half of an email conversation obviously made in confidence,
    Either post them all, or don’t post any, Troy.

  122. Has anyone noticed that the IP address for & are the same? I have not seen any other posts regarding this. Interesting how Excel contacted mlmwirelessnews to let them know they were launching their new service soon…Sorry people we've been had yet again by this joker.

    If he is the King of Wireless and has a call center with 78 people and he's selling thousands of phones every month, why do all of his websites suck? And no one ever answers the phones? And no one calls you back?

    If he was legit, he would have had a state of the art website up and running for at least 5 years to fulfill all the orders he claims he has every month. (in the thousands, per his loud mouth on many calls..yeah right) He's been in wireless for 20 years surrounded by all of this technology and he can't get someone to put together a professional site for him..hard to believe.

    If he was legit, he would not have a piece of crap site name that he created only less than 6 months ago (12-13.09) or less than 8 months ago (10-28-09) to go along with some shady looking retail location in an industrial district in S.C. that looks like a resale shop.

    For all of us who have been following this guy around and believing all of his bullshit, we need to finally wake up and move on with our lives and renew our contracts with our current Cell Company and continue getting raped by them every month because at least it's legal and it's what most Normal Non MLM People do!…Listen Guys…I Ain't Playin…I'm looking out for you guys, Tha Distributors….There I said it…With that being said…Period…END of Story..Game Over!

    Troy, please get in touch I have some more info for you.

  123. Unanswered Questions,

    I already answered this concern. Read through the comments. Chris was trying to make a decision on TraVerus or DNA. If you read through the emails you see where he was talking about merging all the companies together.

  124. MoneyByDay1,

    As for our end I think things are pretty much over until the court hearings start to take place. There are a few more people to be served, and possible criminal warrants to be served if RICO is charged for some folks or companies.

    But, other than that, we've moved on to new companies ans new niches to cover.

  125. Hew Excel …

    AT NO TIME DID PANTHER MOBILE ACTIVATE PHONES IN ANY OTHER COUNTRY BUT the USA (America Nationwide). Panther Mobile's ENTIRE Business WAS to ACTIVATE PHONES right here in AMERICA and NO PLACE ELSE until a much later time.

    THOSE PHONES that were activated WERE ACTIVATE BY the person WHOSE Name, Credibility and COMPANY comes INTO QUESTION AT BEST and …THAT person WAS doing activations ON THEIR OWN and LIGHTING UP phones internationally to BE BETA TESTED and NOTHING ELSE! TRUTH BE KNOWN – PROBABLY PRE-SET UP to be ACTIVATED on THAT person's CALLS and NO OTHERS!

    Please folks! MAKE SURE YOU have YOUR FACTS straight BEFORE YOU GO Slamming TROY! He at least it MAKING STRIDES at GETTING TO THE TRUTHS while OTHERS are here SIMPLY TO SHOUT IT OUT TO THE WORLD – THEIR OWN agenda's to JOIN with something else they'd RATHER be part of THAN OTHER LEGIT options!

  126. Good Bye Troy …

    Such a SHAME even YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE or ACKNOWLEDGE what's TRULY GOING ON HERE and @ MLM Wireless News since THEY DO SEEM TO BE BIASED on some level. But that's NOT for ANYONE to state one way or another. WHEN HAVE YOU EVER gotten TRUTHS you TOTALLY BELIEVE off of ANY OTHER reporting site that are UNBIASED – VERIFIED – CONFIRMED and at least PUT INTO WORDS that almost NEVER OFFEND THOSE In the right WHO ARE at least TELLING THE TRUTH?

    We'd encourage you to STICK IT OUT HERE @ MLM HELP DESK and FIND OUT the TRUTHS BEFORE you BURN BRIDGES you very well MAY NEVER BE ABLE to CROSS again in the future!


  127. Let the truth come out soon so we can put an end to all this Crap! No one wins here, just a bunch of broken distributors waiting for all the truth to come out! Lets all move forward.

  128. Siberiancellularking:

    What makes YOU THINK that Utel or ANY other Products and Services ARE PRESENTLY BEING SOLD in other countries? DO YOU NOT REALIZE the LEGAL PROCESS's that have to BE ACCOMPLISHED in ANY ONE COUNTRY and via EMBASSIES in order to GET PRODUCTS and SERVICES from the USA INTO THEIR COUNTRY …perod?

    PLEASE! Check the LAWS on Products and Services in the COUNTRY YOU LIVE IN! ASK THEM YOURSELF HOW EASY it would be to GET SOMETHING LIKE WIRELESS PRODUCTS and SERVICES into their country WITHIN THIS SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME not withstanding a MINIMUM of 6 months to a YEAR OR MORE!


  129. Hey Jones!

    Your post suggests you have some things to consider and decide for yourself also as well as those on your team either from PM or GP's. THAT IS a decision you MUST SEARCH YOUR HEART for and MAKE individually WITHOUT the influence of those who've OBVIOSLY had an AGENDA prior to ALL of this happening!


    God Bless and SEE YOU @ the TOP!


    Florida, USA

    (386) 438-8056

  130. Hey David!

    You HIT the nail RIGHT ON the head on this one! ALL ANYONE NEED DO is scroll BACK UP and review ALL the emails and RETURN PATH's coming intoto Troy Dooly and ALL the assumptions, wishes and pipe dreams quoted as having anything to do with …period!

    IT IS NOT RIGHT to be PLAYING ANYONE in the way that's PREVIOUSLY and PRESENTLY STILL being done on a REGULAR BASIS. Doing such ONLY LEADS OTHERS TO believe in something that MAY NOT be the TRUTH …period!


    IF IN FACT IF ANYONE HAS "Brain Cancer", We'll ALL BE Praying for them and HIGHLY ENCOURAGE THEM to Contact "Cancer Treatement Centers" here in America @ 1+888-841-9406 or …@ THEIR WEBSITE @ .

    It's REALLY a SHAME that ANYONE has to go to these lengths once they've forgotten WHO TO and HOW MANY stories they've told and to WHOM and HOW MANY! We of course DO WISH ANYONE in this circumstance health wise a speedy, safe and LIVING recovery, it WOULD BE wrong to TREAT ANY OTHER human being in a manner we WOULD NOT WANT to be treated ourselves.

    WE AGREE! We ALL KNOW WHO we are and WHO MOST of the OTHERS ARE on this site. It's NOT SO MUCH ABOUT NAMES as it is RECOGNIZING attitudes and stories BEING TOLD to the CONTRARY when the OBVIOUS is either TRUTH or plainly an UNTRUTH!

    As always David – GREAT COMMENT's!

  131. Well, here's where you get stupid un-proof and dopey rumors.

    He said "I am from France",..not, 'I got my Panther mobile phone in France and/or I'm using it in France'. Just "I am from France". Maybe he's apologizing for his english.

    You get a smidge of info, and turn it into a statement nobody made.

    That's not reporting.

    This whole article, Troy, is a half-baked smear campaign, and surely less than I would have expected from you.

  132. Guy you F#@Ked Up!, you have the whole family upset at you and the affiliates lol, Good Luck, But you just stepped in a Hornets nest. You scumbag, low life piece of crap, talking down on a good misses like that, You dont know the family, I can promise you this, Never step your ass in boston, we will tear you apart.

    Chris pay no attention to this wicked dumb ass.

    Watch your step Troy, ………………………………….

  133. Panther while Chris was There activated, Australia, UK, France, Canada, Russia, China, and India, Just to name a few.

  134. He did smarty, When I was at Panther he activated someone in Russia on the call keep up, Still bad news troy this is not right your time is coming

  135. The Truth Troy Remember not one sided show your replies! Or did you say something Wrong, Hmmm, Maybe Chris needs to post your replies

  136. A simple observation. There sure are a lot of posts showing up here with no real name attached. Why is that? If I was standing up for someone, I for sure would want my name attached to it.

    The truth has a way of exposing itself.

  137. lol sure did the call needed quick they wasn't giving any info……. It was a waste of time.

  138. D. Lindley,

    Great question, the short answer is yes, that can be arraigned.

    My question is what does that have to do with the situation at hand?

  139. Wayne Askew,

    You rock!!! What would I do if you were not hear correcting my spelling. Thank you! I may hire you as a copy editor, or stop using such a small keyboard on my smart phone.

    Ok, let's look at your statement on Stanford. Yes, he has been to court several times and the evidence has been presented. And if you go to the website Stanford Financial you see the company has already been placed in receivership. So I think I'll stand by my statement based on all the documents I have read on the sites involving these cases. By the way, my statements (judgment) is based on the evidence at hand.

    I did not based my statements on media hype, it comes from Standford Financial Receivership.

    But, I do take your correction to heart, and I agree there is always more to come in just about any story.

    You are a great value to this community, thank you sir.

  140. Troy

    It's pretty amazing these people with different aliases (probably under the same person if you check their IP address) attacking you for telling the truth about Chris Greco.

    Greco does nothing but tell lies after lies about his business ventures and legal issues so much, he doesn't know what telling the truth is. Love Greco's story about his brother being involved with Boston Irish Mobster Whitey Bulger….Yeah Right! (see the movie 'The Departed' which inspired by the true story of the Bulger Mob)

    Troy, be careful though…I had a bad feeling about Greco and his ilk! I know you're background as a bounty hunter and you're one person not to be messed with. Just make sure they don't go after your family. Just Sayin'

  141. When Panther kicked him to the curb I knew something was wrong. And then When he came up with the $10 unlimited talk and text with DNA and didn't meet the launch date I really Knew something was not right.

    Now Global Pros? And to think others that were with Panther teamed up with him to start Global Pros….what were their names…why did they say they left panther? Are they even trust worthy?

  142. Troy your words " Did you know Merduff (Madoff) and Standford (Stanford) gave missions (millions?) to charity the whole time they were bilking billions from the hands of those they were scamming?"

    By saying "THEY", you included Standford (Stanford), who has not gone to trial yet. So has he bilked billions? I hear it's so, but until as you say, "a court passes judgement" how can we judge.

    We get news that doesn't hit the main media about Standford (Stanford), as he is housed in our local county jail. Yes, the leaking information is hearsay and rumors, but his trial might show a side not yet presented . Until then the American way says we have to move him from the bilking category, at least for the time being

    Maybe we can start a blog on Standford (Stanford) but as of now it might pale aside the Chris Greco saga.

    Keep up your straight shooting & reporting. The truth will prevail.

  143. Shame On Troy,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I would like to ask a few questions.

    1. Since Panther is a US based company, only operating in the US, why did someone from France join?

    2. What do I specifically have to be ashamed of? Asking some hard questions, and following the chain of evidence?

    3. How do you know it was his family in the background crying? Since he was willing to take a call during the morning of his mother, you must be a close friend. PLease provide the evidence I seemed to have missed.

    4. Chris did not file a criminal complaint. He filed a police report. People can't file criminal complaints. If the evidence Chris provided proves to be true, then some authority will file a complaint. However, if the report Chris filed is found to be false, then the criminal charge will be against Chris not Global Verge and Mark. Ask yourself this question, "why didn't Chris answer the civil complaint and request a dismissal based on false evidence supplied by Global Verge? If that happened, then the Courts would have kicked it to criminal and Global Verge would be in a world of hurt.

    I look forward to your answers.

  144. We Support Chris,

    ROFLOL… The rating thing is so old. We do not report for ratings. If we did, then we would never report on a nich as small as the wireless niche, we would always report on the health and nutrition niche.

    Respectfully, let me ask a few questions…

    1. What specifically do I need to ask forgiveness for? I am not sure I understand what Jesus has to do with this post?

    2. As for the call you refer, exactly what part provided any evidence? We followed the facts based on what Chris gave us, not anything else. If you or anyone can provide valid documents to show otherwise, then produce it, so the world can see I missed something.

    This is not about Troy or Chris, this is about the thousands of distributors who have been effected by Chris's actions over the last few months.

    3. Please show us the forgery? To date only one document has been provided in a court of law. Why doesn't Chris want to be served by Global Verge? Why didn't he file a motion to submit his evidence to the Court of record, and have the judge send it to the criminal division?

    Since you seem to know ALL the facts, why are you attacking me, instead of providing the true for the views on this site?

  145. Dump This Site,

    Thank you for sharing your mind. Before you leave I do have a few questions, you may be able to answer.

    1. You state Chris is "dying", it sounds as if you are a friend. Please provide us the facts, since I could not find them after Chris and I talked. Where did his accident take place, where can we find the accident report?

    2. What half cocked "Internet Search" are you referring. If you watched the video, you realize I have talked to several people live.

    3. You say you are from Poland, your IP Address does not show that? Are you traveling outside of Poland right now?

    4. Since you seems to know the facts, please provide for our community and to vindicate Chris, what the facts and and where they can be found?

    5. How am I protecting anyone? Have you seen anything removed on this site about anyone? This is not about Ted, Mark or even Chris, it is about following the evidence. Seems you were happy when there was just one side of the story. However, when more of the story has been made public, now you are upset? Do you really want the truth, or just your agenda served?

    6. If Chris dies, I will not be up and kind of creek. It will be sad, for Chris's family and friends. However, it will not change the facts, and the evidence of what he has done for the last few months to hurt other people.

    7. No I am not worried about his family coming after me. Why would I? I went to Chris and asked him some hard questions. He respectfully answered. The evidence I uncovered did not support, his claims.

    You should visit Rod's site. He is a great man, and someone you can gain value from.

    Again, thank you for your willingness to share. Now let's see if you will answer.

  146. Mad Indian,

    Thank you for taking time to respond. Respectfully, let me ask you a few questions.

    1. What have I specifically done which is no good? Did you watch the video, read the article and follow the email chain?

    2. You say "Chris is dying" can you as one of his friends please come forward to verify this information with valid documentation? Exactly what hospital was Chris admitted?

    3. How am I like Jim Jones? Jim's people followed him blindly, the folks in this community all have opinions of their own. Some agree and some disagree with me.

    4. How do I change my story? Show me one case where we have "changed the story"? We do follow the evidence, and we report on it. We never (at least to day) removed any posts which would change the story from our own agenda or biased opinion. So please explain!

    5. I have not sided with Global Verge in anything. However, I have as promised in several posts, provided ALL SIDES of this situation, so the distributors can decide on thier own based on the evidence presented. This is not about SIDES, it is about JUSTICE for the distributors.

    6. you state "dying man" as a friend of Chris's you should have the valid facts on his story. How come you have not come forward before now? provide us the public information which will verify all Chris states. Where did his wreck take place, have you seen the accident report? What hospital was he admitted, did you visit him personally, what room was he in?

    7. I find it interesting you judge me, then dictate to your organization, whether they can visit this site or not.

  147. Good Bye Troy

    Well, sadly, I can't stop you from leaving, however, I find it interesting that you would control your team in such a way as to violate their freedom of choice.

    respecfully, before you leave let me ask you a few questions.

    1. What exactly is wrong with showing a track record, and asking the hard questions?

    2. What would you say, if I knew this information and never shared it, then the truth comes out supporting what I knew and hid?

    3. What do you know about the Marines and Honor? When did you serve?

    4. What line did I cross? I believe we follow the chain of evidence. When the evidence leads to a dead end, then you come forward hoping others will be able to provide new evidence which will support the outcome in a positive manner. Since I went to Chris personally, please tell me what I line I crossed?

    From your closing comment, I can see you are not really looking for the truth, you are looking for your agenda to be served.

  148. TROY, don't back down there bud.. I have watched all this for months now. And my belief is Chris Greco would not know the trueth ( or speak it )if it was in the pickup with him. I read your article and listened to your video. NOTHING disrespectfull in there that I seen or heard. I truely hope Chris does not have any kind of cancer never mind brain cancer. Troy history seem's to be proving that the common thread and biggest problem in the wireless industry is Chris Greco. Why do these wireless companies have to keep all the secret's? Love them or hate them Global Verge, Panther mobile and Lightyear seem the only companies that will tell who the owner's are and where they have been and where they are going….

  149. Troy,

    With all that Chris Greco has done to hurt people along with several of his Kool-aid drinking friends I applaud you for doing this post!! Keep pushing for the truth Troy and stay on top of this, please, for all of us. Also, please dig deep to see who may be behind Excel Cellular Communications that is about to launch. It just might be someone that we know? Thanks again.


  150. Good Bye Troy,

    Hey thanks for hanging out with us this long.

    Just a few questions as you leave.

    1. What exactly did I say that is cowardly?

    2. What is exactly did I get wrong?

    3. What do you know about being a Marine and Honor?

  151. Very sad Troy, thanks again for your efforts.

    This whole story is like the movie Matchstick Men.

    A story about an extremely neurotic but brilliant con man played by Nicolas Cage.

    PS. Had a listen to the recording of the latest FARCE, Excel Wireless or whatever

    they are calling this latest FRAUD. One of the callers shouts out "IS THIS A SCAM?"

    the call ends shortly after. By the way does Greco have a Southern Uncle? He sounds

    just like Chris?

  152. Pray for Chris,

    What did you just see? Did you watch the video, did you read the article? Did you read the emails?

    Tell me what is horrible about asking a person who has continued to hurt average distributors over and over to provide facts?

    Tell what Circumstances are you referring? Do you have supporting evidence to show I missed something? Do you have evidence to show Chris Greco did not lie, cheat or steal from the distributors he was suppose to be leading at these companies?

    Please help me understand, what is horrible about the questions I raised?

    I am sorry you can't forgive, but until we know the truth, and until the lying stops, until the distributors who have been hurt are at the very minimum apologized to, then the quest for truth must continue, no matter how difficult the journey.

    By the way, will you feel this same way, if a court of law or a federal agency proves my questions are valid?

    I do want to thank you for your boldness in responding, this is the sign of a solid leader.

  153. Siberiancellularking,

    PLease share what I lied about, and provide the truth for folks to read.

  154. Victor,

    Thank you for sharing your story. Did you know Merduff and Standford gave missions to charity the whole time they were bilking billions from the hands of those they were scamming?

    As special ops I am amazed that one cell phone could turn you from wanting to know the truth.

    As for respect. I am not concerned about respect for me, or what respect I might lose, in asking the hard questions. What I am concerned with is the thousands of distributors who continue to be hurt by the lies, know they are not forgotten.

    I am truly blown away, that one cell phone given to you, would close your eyes to wanting the truth told. I followed the path Chris gave me. If others can produce valid documented evidence that we can verify, I will gladly do a retraction.

  155. No way,

    Please be more specific as to what is disrespectful?

    My questioning the story?
    My asking for the Evidence?
    My questioning the lack of evidence?
    Or the fact I want those who have been hurt by the continuing lies to know they are not alone?

  156. Troy or Amanda,

    Tell me what I am not right about?

    Questioning the story?
    Asking for the Truth?
    Following the lack of evidence?
    Or wanting the people who have been hurt to know they are not alone?

  157. Troy Or Amanda,

    Not sure what to call you since both Troy Michem and Amanda Bly use the same IP Address.

    Since you have never met Chris, and you may not have followed all the back story, you may not realize how many lives have been effected by the lies and 1/2 truths which have been told over the last few months.

    As for what I am thinking… I want the truth, not just an emotional story.

    Exactly, what did i say that is "stooping low" I shared what Chris provided, and then went to where he lead me for answers.

    Please, tell me how you would do it different? Why do you feel Chris should be given a pass for all the damage he has done to distributors?

  158. No Way,

    Please tell me what part was disrespectful? I was very genital in the video, and I am always open to publishing the facts when they are presented.

    Why is it ok, for Chris, to have lied to so many people over the last six months, yet you do not question if what he is saying today is a lie?

    If you find this disrespectful, why not share who you are so Chris knows you respect and support him?

  159. I have never met Chris Greco, I don't know him, I am sitting here Drinking some Coffee at 12:30 am in the Morning here Wondering, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING TROY!

    This is not Kosher at all Troy

    I can not believe you would stoop this low, I see the Greco family possibly suing you, Or worse yet, the Other side having a Firm talk with you.

    Wow this post really lacked Intelligence.

    I am seeing you in a Different Light.

  160. Your not right Troy

    This is Wrong

    Take it Down,

    I am sorry Chris or your Family if they have to see this.

    I may have to reconsider sending anyone else here.

  161. I have to say Troy, I am in the military, Army to be exact, and This guy gave me, GAVE ME, Cell phone Service while I was in Columbia, and another unnamed place, This is Wrong, I am losing my lunch on this one.

    This has to be your most ill advised post to date.

    I hope you do a Retraction, I have lost alot of Respect for you Troy.

  162. I been work with Chris Closely, He sell Utel Product for us in Russia, This Comrade is no what this man say, This not for Chris Family Da? I no Think that is true, this site Lie

  163. I can not believe what I just saw, It has to be the most Horrible thing I have ever heard you say Troy, This is not good, oh no, this is Bad, I am a GLOBAL VERGE E-ASSOCIATE, and I think this is to Far, Say what you want about the man, But you DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DO THIS, I can not believe you, I can't forgive this, I wont be a part of it, I am sorry Troy but you lost a reader

  164. I nor my group will participate here anymore, This is sad, You are so wrong to take a man who is dying and walked away from the business and do this, WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG, Troy, You deserve everything you get, And your a Former Marine, Honor my ass.

    What you said is cowardly, I would be watching out for Winter Though,

    You really crossed the line

    I am not coming, I will get my info from
    At least they have the stones to tell it like it is, You not any good

  165. All I can say is it is to be expected, Troy Mark and Ted Threatened you and you have tucked your tail and Ran, Marine my ass.

    I may be wrong for saying this and we may get off on the Wrong foot, I am Tired of your wishy washy crap!

    This is not something you play with Troy, And I have met Chris, I don't think he is that non Intelligent, Come on, You are in deep DOO DOO on this one Troy, You will lose alot of support and you may just have made Greco a Martyr, You are a sick puppy Troy Dooly, Sick.

    I will have to really consider offering any further comments here, And no one will talk to you Privately anymore, You may post their info. SICK SICK, You really have out done yourself this time Troy.

    I am done with this Madness you call info and News, Looks like personal gain to get rating, I pray for Chris, and your Demise, But oops, You may have done that yourself, Talking about the people you were.

  166. A big NO THANK YOU TROY DOOLY, What you have done here is no good, you kill good will and try promote you site with Chris dying, ,you are no better than Jim Jones! I can not believe you!

    I followed this site for a year and you alway change you story, Now you side with global verge, no good Mr.Dooly, My organization , You better get facts straight on everyone, we all will be look to take at you now.

    You attack a dying man, you are a bad man, no christian would do that.


    Dooly No Good

  167. Troy Dooly you have gone too far you have taken a man that is dying and used his condition to promote your website, This is a sad day, I am ashamed to ever have come to this site I will no more, I live in Poland and am excited about what chris can bring world wide, Now he is dying and you spout this, What half cocked internet search did you use Dooly? Intellius? I mean come on did you go up to Boston and ask around. You are no Better than the Mark and Ted you Protect, I will no longer come here for anything!!!!

    I will go to Rod and the wireless news, This is a mark you will bare forever, If this man dies soon, You are up shits creek Troy, Are you not worried about his family coming after you, That dumb move Troy, Over here people like you are shunned, I can't believe you Troy Dooly

    You are a Horrible Individual

  168. Wow Troy we know you use things to get ratings so to speak, But this is going to far, You are a horrible man, Oh my my my, I Pray that Jesus forgives you for what you said, Did you even go back and listen to his call that day Troy? Huh? I will no longer come to this site for advice, at least ROD COOK at and ERIC COLLINS at has the gumption to Stand up and report that Forgery are you blind Troy or did they force feed you Kool Aide, This is a sad sad sad day for your site, Taking advantage of a dying man to promote your site, dont even comment I wont see it you sick sick man, Shame on you.

    Chris our thoughts and Prayers we will be praying for you, Please don't pay this person mr.dooly any more mind, You are so much better than that.

  169. I was brought into Panther Mobile By chris I am from France, Troy, I say shame on you, this is your worst posting ever, you should be ashamed of yourself, I was on the call that day he burried his mom, we could hear his family crying in the background and him saying by to aunts or something, there were People there!

    You are a horrible man, and this is a massive Black eye on this industry, I am sorry but no excuse Troy you have Crossed the line.

    As for Global Verge, He filed a criminal complaint, What does he have to do, You are (how they say in your country) a SORRY INDIVIDUAL.

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