MLM Help Desk Moves Global Verge From MLM Scam To Legitimate MLM Company

MLM Help Desk moves Global Verge from MLM Scams to legitimate MLM Company status. Contrary to the belief of some, we do follow through with our word and continue review companies.

Now, I do want to say, I still have some reservations about Global Verge in a few areas, but when you get right down to it, I have a few reservations with some big companies also.

Global Verge is being moved from Scam Alerts, to MLM Companies, not because of the corporate leadership. The change has come because the Global Verge Field Force stood firm, and worked with the company to overcome the last few months of complete melt down. Thousands seemed to have left the company and moved on to several other Wireless MLM companies. Those distributors who stayed, have become the foundation of the new Global Verge.

Over the last couple of months based on the request from some close friends and top field leaders of Global Verge we moved on to some other companies and gave Global Verge time to regroup.

Each time one of my friends would go to the Global Verge home office, they would come back and call giving me an update. Each update was more positive than negative so we continued to watch and listen.

Over the weekend I decided to review all we had learned and to update our research. Below is the most current info we have gathered.

1. Global Verge is in Good Standing in Missouri. Click Here

2. Global Verge is in Good Standing in Nevada. Click Here

3. Buzzirk Mobile is still on hold.

Now, there are some other issues which I cover in the video, but for the most part Global Verge seems to have gone back to their original mission of creating a Green focused company.

Now, in reviewing all their products none standout as a category creator, or as some earth shattering change in the way we live our lives.

BUT… What they have done and in a great way, is combined a low cost membership program together with a nice compensation plan, where people at every level can make money.

For those who want to launch an internet based business, you can use your GV replicated website and market products and services.

For those who want to build a team and earn income from seeling products to the end user also have the opportunity.

Although, I still do not like the matrix compensation plan, in the case of Global Verge, they have tweaked it so EVERYONE can win.

And for those who do not want to be a part of the Matrix, can still earn a nice income from retailing products.

I also reviewed the membership benefits and they have a far higher retail value, than the $14.95 per month which is the base membership fee.

So… If you are not looking for a Wireless Telecommunication company, but are looking for a multiple income stream company, then Global Verge may be what you are looking for. Just make sure you interview enough leaders to find the right one. One who is focused on building Global Verge and not 15 companies at one.

We will continue to watch Global Verge, and welcome feedback from reps or former reps who have more info to share.

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