MLM Help Desk Moves Global Verge From MLM Scam To Legitimate MLM Company

MLM Help Desk moves Global Verge from MLM Scams to legitimate MLM Company status. Contrary to the belief of some, we do follow through with our word and continue review companies.

Now, I do want to say, I still have some reservations about Global Verge in a few areas, but when you get right down to it, I have a few reservations with some big companies also.

Global Verge is being moved from Scam Alerts, to MLM Companies, not because of the corporate leadership. The change has come because the Global Verge Field Force stood firm, and worked with the company to overcome the last few months of complete melt down. Thousands seemed to have left the company and moved on to several other Wireless MLM companies. Those distributors who stayed, have become the foundation of the new Global Verge.

Over the last couple of months based on the request from some close friends and top field leaders of Global Verge we moved on to some other companies and gave Global Verge time to regroup.

Each time one of my friends would go to the Global Verge home office, they would come back and call giving me an update. Each update was more positive than negative so we continued to watch and listen.

Over the weekend I decided to review all we had learned and to update our research. Below is the most current info we have gathered.

1. Global Verge is in Good Standing in Missouri. Click Here

2. Global Verge is in Good Standing in Nevada. Click Here

3. Buzzirk Mobile is still on hold.

Now, there are some other issues which I cover in the video, but for the most part Global Verge seems to have gone back to their original mission of creating a Green focused company.

Now, in reviewing all their products none standout as a category creator, or as some earth shattering change in the way we live our lives.

BUT… What they have done and in a great way, is combined a low cost membership program together with a nice compensation plan, where people at every level can make money.

For those who want to launch an internet based business, you can use your GV replicated website and market products and services.

For those who want to build a team and earn income from seeling products to the end user also have the opportunity.

Although, I still do not like the matrix compensation plan, in the case of Global Verge, they have tweaked it so EVERYONE can win.

And for those who do not want to be a part of the Matrix, can still earn a nice income from retailing products.

I also reviewed the membership benefits and they have a far higher retail value, than the $14.95 per month which is the base membership fee.

So… If you are not looking for a Wireless Telecommunication company, but are looking for a multiple income stream company, then Global Verge may be what you are looking for. Just make sure you interview enough leaders to find the right one. One who is focused on building Global Verge and not 15 companies at one.

We will continue to watch Global Verge, and welcome feedback from reps or former reps who have more info to share.

Living An Epic Adventure,


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77 thoughts on “MLM Help Desk Moves Global Verge From MLM Scam To Legitimate MLM Company”

  1. Frank has been around the block and always lands on his feet, and people with him make money.

    However, building an organization in the field is not the same as running a Network marketing company. Only time will tell how things go.

    Personally, I still believe the leaders of PHP are as much to blame for some of what happened at GV as the founders. These are rock solid networkers who saw the signs and refused to leave, until they had they own deal in the works.

    They are not the first to do this, and will not be the last. But, the idea of ONLY sharing the positives and not telling your downline the transparent truth about what is happening went out in the 1990s.

    People will follow leaders who make mistakes. They will not follow people who are not authentic.

  2. What is your perception on Frank Varon and his initiative to compete with Global verge telecommunication wireless project (People helping People). Is he for real? his reputation related to MLM is mixe between a great business person to a scam building professional. Can you help… Sam

  3. Chris,

    I find your comment about the craziest thing I have ever heard. And here is why…

    1. If you have been in MonaVie I know of at least six former MonaVie reps who are in GV.
    2. If you have ever given your email address on a landing page, then some lead company now owns your email.
    3. If you have ever wrote on a Blog like this one, then your name and email is public info. (although we do not sell, lease or otherwise provide our databse to any 3rd party.)
    4. There is not any of the legitimate MLM companies who sell, lease or give away their database.

    So, bring on your proof to prove MonaVie in some way sold you out.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  4. Guest,

    Thank for stopping by. Although you are correct it's not the phones I am concerned with. I do have issues with the continual bate and switch tatics which seem to have become a huge bad habit with Global Verge, and specifically Ted and Mark. For several years now they seem to make the same mistakes and have not learned from them.

    In doing some investigations into the VOIP wireless we have learned the technology is available, and as low as $5.99 per month. We have also learned the VOIP service will sit on top of your current cell service, if you are with a company who uses sim cards.

    However, what it seems is several companies are trying to reap as much profit off the backs of their distributors, that it is causing major screw ups.

  5. Just so you all know….the phones are out and people are using them already. Also, not sure if people notice lol, but all the comments are based on the mobile phones. Didn't you hear Troy and what he said?? He wasn't even focusing his attention on the phones. There are a lot of other great products that Global Verge has. It's even better now that the phones are out and people are ALREADY using them.

    Have a little faith people.

  6. Troy, you need to do something fast with Global Verge-Global Mobile 1. The are sucking the S**T out of the distributors and forcing them to activate membership to meet their payroll. Any blind person can see that. And Ruth, Mark and Ted are all behind this scam and deception- please do not be blind. You need to expose this company NOW before a lot of good people end up getting HURT. They are promising distributor each and ever week that they are launching just to find one excuses after another, when will it stop. Will the Attorney General NOT see through Mark, Ruth and Ted SCAMMING ways. It's a crime to suck membership fees without any mobile products being delivered.Putting up a website to SHUT UP the distributors and suck money out of new people with no mobile products being launch and circumventing the rule with a VOIP product is criminal by itself. Who do these people think their are?

  7. Wirelessliars,

    You make some valid points. However, what happened at E-Verge is not the same as Global Verge in some areas.

    1. AMPed Mobile was the strategic partner at E-Verge and they did go bankrupt. (Public Info.) However, I am not sure why the founderd of E-Verge/Global Verge did not file charges against their accounting folks, who they claim ran off with all the money.

    2. Now if you watched the video and read what I wrote I was very clear WHY we moved them from Scam Alert, to MLM companies. I also made it very clear we are still watching them. (Which is why a new post will be up today or tomorrow.) I was also clear our move was due to the field, and NOT the officers of the company.

    3. We are looking into the phone issue, which is why we are putting up a new post.

    4. I am now sure I understand your WOW Mobile comment. We have not made any posts on WOW specific. I did post on Randy Jeffers background. I can say Randy is the only CEO who has followed through and called me directly. I will be doing a new post on WOW, Liberty International, and Randy Jeffers in the next few days also.

    5. As for FDI, I think you have your info mixed up. FDI has held steady to their marketing plan. However, if you want to be specific, instead of just quoting rumors, then feel free. I'll gladly take your info and call corporate FDI and chat about everything you give me.

    6. As for the GV Investor. If you have written proof, then provide it. As far as that goes… What proof does anyone have any money was invested period? Mark is vert careful with the word Investment…

    When you say "ALL Comanies", you mean the ones you mentioned or do you really mean ALL the MLM wireless companies? I guess that is one way of seeing which is going to hit it right.

    Living AN Epic Adventure,


  8. Troy you posted this on Oct 20th, Now its Nov 11th global verge DONT have phones, they have been trying for 2 years to get phones according to Jim Helman. global verge did the same scam with E Verge, Zero nothing(no lawsuit filed!). Why are you saying they are legit ? please explain NO PHONES and every excuse in the book, a 7 year old could run a lemonade stand better than this company.
    Also commend WOW Mobile they have Google phones, Clear wimax phones, the best marketing plan, paychecks or do you have the two company names mixed up ?.
    Explain why top reps, from FDI (master dist left, money man gone), Traverus (who has no data cards, raised their phone mo price $10, no websites and keep changing the payout!, top reps leaving), and GV top investor from Australia is fuming and frozen bridging finance. Start up Wireless Comany's like these have tremmors going on…do you know about these issues ???. I am in all Co…and now going to WOW before the Stampede

  9. Christos,

    I appreciate where you are coming from. However, I gave up a long time ago, on worrying about what people think. My goal is to get to some additional facts before, we decide what we are going to do.

    We are hearing from folks on the inside and we do have some concerns. But until we can determine exactly what is happening, we'll leave things as they are.

    Don't give up on me yet, just give me a little more time. (Hmmm… I'm starting to sond like Global Verge)

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  10. Excuse me Guest.

    The Post was not Steve Lewis you where speaking of.

    Second. You are obvious a very small pawn in a big game. There are many people who have not been paid to date. I would so challenge anyone to say otherwise as we have DOCUMENTED proof. Plus docs to show Money that was never paid back to investors by both Ted and Mark. Ah why bother even trying to save a soul. Keep drinking the Kool Aid "Guest" !

  11. Ok enough is enough TROY!! Move this shitty company back to the scam alert section. Troy i like you alot but this is changing my opinion of you.

    Have a scam free day.

  12. As a matter of fact, we had 600 ex E-Verge associates sign up (no start-up cost), in one day!!! I'm sure there were more, but those were the ones I knew of personally in a group of mine.
    Do you really think they are running the company with 2 people?? What are you smoking?? They've partnered up with and have contracts with carriers and providers in the double digits!! How 'bout wait a few more days and see what's really happening here instead of posting as a disgruntled whatever??
    Make it a Blessed Day!

  13. Concerned MLMer,

    Hmmm… Let me get this right. The distributors were told "The accounting people ran off with the money." In that case there should have been charges filed by Mark and Ted against the accounting folks. And why have the former distributors not come forward and filed a Class Action suit against Ted and Mark aka Global Verge to gain back some of those funds?

    you are correct this would show a track record and there is a good possability these former distributors may get cash, or at least placed inside of the new compensation plan at a level where they can start earning some current commissions.

    A judge might even award the former distributors ownership in the current company.

    Very valid points on the phone issues.

  14. Troy,

    That I do not know. But I do know that they were not paid commissions. The blame (of course) was placed on the "accounting" people who took the money and ran.

    That's really beside the point. The reality is that 2 years ago Mark Petschel and Ted Robbins were touting this "revolutionary" satellite wireless phone service that was "going to make wireless as we know it obsolete." What I've been asking from the beginning – even with Zer01 – is even if the technology exists, how on earth is a 2-bit con artist with no money, no infrastructure, going to be able to support the growth of something like this?

    People are so ignorant to the realities of running a wireless business. The first thing a wireless company must do is have phones on hand to sell to their reps. Anyone that deals with large volumes (10,000+ phones) knows that you can't just call Blackberry or HTC and have the phone dropped shipped the next business day. Orders take 6 months to fill in some cases. If you want white label phones the process can take even longer. So, if Global Verge was going to offer a revolutionary wireless product with either E-Verge or Buzzirk, they would have needed at least 10,000 phones on hand. That means they would have had to buy the phones UPFRONT! Let's say a HTC costs $300. Multiply 300 x 10,000. That means Global Verge would have needed a minimum of $3,000,000 (that's 3 million folks) just to place an order for phones.

    What I've wondered all along is how people thing a company with no money, no offices, no employees, nada, is going to come up with that. And don't forget, now they have to staff a company to provision orders, deal with customer support, tech support, billing, accounting, etc. That is why I knew this deal with GV would never work – because they have no money. It's a simple equation folks!

  15. The Force,

    In all fairness to the distributors of Global Verge. Let's keep the facts straight. Gloval Verge did not ever launch as a telecommunication company. They launched Buzzirk after they had been in business for a few months. And although I am one of the loudest critics of what has happened to the distributors, I also realize some of the distributors were also the loudest HYPESTERS promoting buzzirk, and were going right along with the propaganda from the company.

    These are very smart folks who know how to spank a croud into a frenzy to get what they want.

    But, there are hundreds maybe thousands of GV reps who never promoted GV as a wireless opportunity.

  16. Concerned MLMer,

    Question, which I have not found an answer on yet. When E-Verge went under, where those original reps given a chance to move their organizations to Global Verge/Buzzirk when the new company launched?

    I'm working on a new post and I want to make sure I have all my facts straight.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  17. Why give them a fair shot?

    Do you realize that there are THOUSANDS of people that were part of E-Verge that built teams of thousands and were paid $0 – ZERO – ZIP, NADA! Then Mark and Ted blamed it on the accountants. We were supposed to give them another chance when they launched Global Verge in 2008. Then we were supposed to "trust" them when they launched version 1 of Buzzirk Mobile. Now you actually expect people to trust them with this round?

    They have no money to support any infrastructure.

    They have no money to pre-order smart phones.

    They have no employees to handle customer orders, shipping, customer support, tech support, billing, etc.

    How on earth are they going to be able to offer a solid wireless product that will work for tens of thousands of reps.

    All the ethical and moral objections aside, just answer me that simple question.


    6 Months after "launch"………..

    Santa Clause, Tooth Fairy, Global Verge, no difference.

  19. I'm not saying that Global Verge didn't mess up. Both sides did, however, they were not the ones with the technology is all I'm saying. They put their trust in Ben Piilani and yes, they should have made darn sure they woukd deliver first.

    Both sides are responsible, for sure, however, Global Verge has and is, turning things around. Give them a fair shot.

  20. HA–i did move on… they are the ones taking $$ from my account when i never signed up for the ACH!!
    Moving on doesn't include accepting the 'wrongs'

  21. Concerned MLMer,

    As always you cause us to remember the facts as they took place. True leaders always take responsibility when things do not go right, and give away the credit to their team when they do.

    GV leadership over the years and currently still have a tendency to blame their field force and others when things do not go right.

    If I remember correctly. GV blamed their field force for the reason Zer01 broke their agreement, stating the field hyped the product. Yet, the field only said what the company told them was approved.

    And, from an outside standpoint it seems GV learned a little from the past, and is not hyping their current wireless products as bad.

    Now as for the AT&T comment… I believe that has happened. AT&T announce strategic partnership with Apple. The phone is launched, and within hours they become unavailable. Then the same thing happened with Amazon. They announce the new Kendal and which hours they are unavailable.

    Hmmm… Wait a second, I guess I got it wrong. Before the iPhone became unavailable over a million units were sold. And the same thing happened with the Kendal. Please forgive me I stand corrected 🙂

    I wonder if any of the wireless MLM companies could deliver their phones to the masses, without internal consumption?

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  22. Wrong. It was Global Verge that promised to their reps that they would get paid on the Zer01 product. GV is just as guilty for the flop that resulted. To deny that they are responsible is ridiculous. Any legit business owner would NEVER broadcast to their potential customers a product they couldn't deliver on. Imagine AT&T promising this revolutionary wireless phone with tens of thousands of gadgets. Imagine them running commercials and doing pre-orders. Then imagine them saying, "oops, sorry we can't deliver, it's Apple's fault, not ours."

    Do you honestly expect people would just say, "Oh, okay, we still love you AT&T?" Come on man, people are smarter than that.

    Global Verge is an MLM opportunity. Their entire business is built on their word. The corporate company tells the reps what the mission is and the reps go out and tell the world. That's why they call it "word of mouth" marketing! To say that Global Verge isn't at fault for the messes they've created is just plain ignorant.

  23. Concerned,

    One more thing. You seem to forget that it was what Zer01 promised and couldn't deliver, not Global Verge. Heck, I've owned 3 salons in my life and NONE of them opened when they were supposed to due to untimely inspections, certificates of occupancy, construction schedules, etc. It wasn't my fault, I was at everyone elses mercy. Anyone that doesn't understand that part of business needs to not own one. Enough said. Make it a Blessed Day

  24. Concerned,

    They DID meet the deadline for Global Talk Smart, by the way. The mobile side is only a few more days away and well worth the wait. Although other carriers may be offering these prices, the biggest difference is, they don't pay you EVERY MONTH for one customer. Sell the opportunity, not the price.
    If you don't see this as an opportunity, then I will echo the Guest above and say, move on. Those that see the BIG PICTURE will be glad they hung in, plain and simple. Good Luck in YOUR endeavors.

  25. Hi everyone. Have you seen

    It took awhile but it's here. Check out the plans. They are better then I thought.

    It's been a long road for everyone and there has been some ups and downs. But at the end of the day global verge has delivered what they said they would. Have a great day.

  26. Guest,

    I think you hit it with this post. Being skeptical is one thing. Just bashing companies is completely something different. A good example is my friends over at Their ideology is ALL MLM companies are scams. Our ideology is, some companies can start out as scams, or even become scams. However, we also believe with the correct advice and guidance companies and their leaders can correct their course and become a great company.

    GV still has a long way to go to fix everything, and we have received some new info from some frustrated current reps. However, as I have already stated… If GV will listen to their field leaders, they will make it.

    Unless there is a hidden agenda none of us know about. Personally I do not believe this is the case. I know if I had so many legal agencies watching me, I would not have any hidden agenda. I would want to prove to them all we are "To Legit To Quit!"

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  27. Guest,

    I have heard about this Mandy service. As a matter of fact I had to call GV the other day to talk with Ruth, and enjoyed my first experience with Mandy. She was polite, very caring and had a really sexy soothing voice. Did not sound like the old computer generated voices. I was very impressed.

    But, we do live in a Politically Correct world, and all of our female members deserve the same experiences as we do. So I think GV should start working on the "Dandy" service and allow the females to have a strong studly alpha male voice to be their virtual assistant. 🙂

    Being married to a romance author, I can see her using a Dandy service as her virtual assistant.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  28. Guest,

    Thank you! I do agree with you… It is one thing to gripe and complain, another to provide some facts people can review, and make an informed decision on. Truly I think this points to an underlying BIGGER issue for some folks.

    Sadly, to many times people are afraid to take a risk in the beginning, and when they do finally jump into something, and get burned, it is even scarier to get out. The people do not want to admit "we made a mistake, or worse yet, they do not want to hear "I told you so."

    So they fight hard to defend their position, even when the facts show they made a mistake.

    Folks, it doesn't matter if you love GV or hate it. If you want to follow your dreams then just go do it. Find the company for you. If GV is the company you lovew, then do everything you can to make it a great company.

    If you hate GV, then go find a new company you can believe in.

    If you have some solid facts to share, then please do to help others. But to just whine about the past, will not bring you any long term satisfaction.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  29. Guest,

    You make a great point. It's one thing to present an questionable situation and follow through with the story. It is another to slam people or companies just Because…

    Sadly but true, a business relationship is like a personal relationship… When people are not happy or feel they have been deceived, and are not willing to get rid of their pompous EGO so can see how they are part of the problem, they blame the other parties and get out.

    Living An Epic Relationship,


  30. This simply applies to all failures; whether it pertains to a relationship or business decision: Not meeting a raised expectation is devastating to all parties concerned.

    The spurned lover will become vulnerable to the attractions of a better suitor who can meet that particular lover's needs. In this case, those who have joined and have not been fulfilled will be attracted to a company that has offered such a fantastic package but who will be able to deliver what has been offered. If GV don't get their act together, then the second mouse will get the cheese. Advice: don't disrespect your clientel and the source of your income. Make it real and a win-win situation will be achieved. Don't hack the root but feed the stem!

  31. Wouldn't it be the nicest if everyone could just be happy with reality? Not worrying so much and commenting so negatively about things they've decided NOT to be a part of. Why bother insulting folks when you can move onward and forward? Simply let it go and let yourself be proud to be a part of something else. Isn't that what free enterprise and adulthood is all about? Thanks for all you do Troy!

  32. Dearest Troy,

    Thanks for you integrity and for holding the charge to prove right or wrong! Without your voice and investigative skills none of these people would have a clear voice of their own! Seems to be theres way too many negative people who have nothing better to do than to complain. You'd think they'd be adult enough to move on and stop shouting their disdain and insults to the rooftops where nobody hears them! Semper Fi!

  33. Oh really?

    Please try your best to explain then …why people are signing up for and actually receiving the VOIP services and Mandy services …the personal assistant? You must be daydreaming or something! Have some more koolaid!

  34. Here we go again Concerned MLMer!

    Now you have nothing to insult because Global Verge HAS in fact righted the wrongs you complain about and then some. Find something better to do with your time or put a sock in it. No one wants to be around anyone who is as negative as you are!

  35. Dear Common Sense,

    Thank You! You are certainly another voice of reason. When the chips are down alot of people who have nothing better to do or who have never had one ounce of success …find it easy to bash and insult others. Thanks for being common sensical and saying the truth as it truely is!

  36. Do you have nothing better to do with your time but complain and slam others? You should at least be very grateful that you're not part of something you can't stand. Call it a day …quite frankly eveyrone is tired of reading your negativity!

  37. Steve,

    We'ren't you and your female sidekick the ones that got asked to resign? As a matter of fact all members that were owed commissions have been paid for June, July, August, September and October and now going into November! We've been paid on all months and we're NOT sorry we stayed. Fact is when the chips are down most people duck and run but for different reasons other than yours. Your attacks on Global Verge have nothing to do with wether or not it's a viable company. You're merely angry that you got asked to resign and that the following stories about you and your sidekick played out in a negative way.

    Everyone that ever heard you on the calls thought well of you and trusted you with the statements you made at the time. Why now should you come back to attack them and slam the very company you once thought well enough of to defend when you did? Attacking others only leaves the person attacking with lots of egg on their face. Don't become what you most despise and move forward!

  38. Care to eat that apple with the worm in it now? How negative can one possibly get? You must be competition to some but not on these books! Thank goodness Troy has the good where-with-all to at least sum it all up nicely and turn the tables around so that everyone gets fair and balanced news! Thanks Again Troy!

  39. Dear Concerned,

    Fact is that one bad apple can in fact spoil the barrel. But in this case, you'd have to agree alot of good and positive things have happened and that makes this barrel a mighty fine one. To say that this company will never operate ethically is only an assumption based on negative thought waves.. This company has overcome great odds and perils BECAUSE there were ethical people at it's helm. How anyone builds there name is up to each individual but as a company this company has proven tried and true that it is in fact a survivor among many other failures in this industry! You'd be wise to consider that whatever you're doing could come under just as much scrutiny. Thank goodness we all have Troy to steer the ship and investigate things before anyone finds out the hard way. He's pretty good at being fair and balanced and on this one he was at least prudent enough to admit he was skeptical and now call it what it is …a survivor among the fittest. Semper Fi Troy!

  40. It been 10 days. Doesn't even say coming soon anymore when you click on the Buzzirk mobile image on the home page.

    Perhaps they will actually have a mobile product, but calling a spade a spade. Week of 19th was the launch of the mobile products……and ……Nothing……….

    This company has not met a deadline since June. what could a rep do but have doubt about the integrity of this company.

  41. So another product launch date missed and still no phones. What's the excuse this time???

    Surely you leaders in Global Verge have phones in your hands right?

  42. i have NOT been in GV for quite some time and NEVER signed up for the AUTOMATIC charge ACH thing.
    but they took $$ out of an acct i only had $12 in and i got stuck paying BIG BUCKS for over drawn fees!

    The ONLY REASON i joined GV was for the BUZZIRK phone.. all the other stuff is nothing i am interested in.. the i belonged to BEFORE i ever heard of GV.

    I am working w/bank to get money back because i NEVER gave them permission to debit ANY acct.

    They have some big meeting by me in Tampa and I thought of going until bank called and told me of the huge overcharge in my account..

  43. ExBuzzRep,

    WOW! Great post giving some updated info. Well knowing they have great wholesale pricing, and the fact bandwidth is dirt cheap these days, I see this as one of two situations.

    1. They are focusing to much on what others are doing and instead of cutting prices and going for large numbers, they are looking at high internal consumption, which will make the compensation payout look solid.

    2. Because of their past issues, they Tier 2 carrier maight be asking for higher fees until they prove themselves.

    Either way, it sucks.

    Now, I did hear they are moving away from hyping the Buzzirk and were really pushing some new "I dream of Geni" (my words) virtual phone attendant. Any words on this service?

    Again thanks for posting.

    Living An Epic Adventure,



  44. Let talk about the latest.

    Yet another week and Buzzirk Mobile is still not on the web site! how patient can you be?

    But we did get another email from the company explaining why they are delaying and why there is still going to be a delay until the middle of this week.

    Also got some prices. Not looking to good here folks. There is actually in NO unlimited product! Its Coming soon. lol . But if you look at the prices their really isnt anything to get excited about. There are other Teir1 companies already providing this.

    Remember UNLIMITED EVERYTHING was there big selling point! Its dosent exist!

    We will have a CDMA option which is a Verizon type back bone, on the nation's largest network. One CDMA plan will be $49.95 with talk, text and 50mg of data for $49.99 and will have a very lucrative commission.

    We will also have a GSM (Sim Card system) option. This is the nation's best GSM coverage. Various plans on this network will be as follows:

    $49.99 for unlimited talk and text
    $69.99 for unlimited talk and text and 500 mgs of data
    $79.99 for unlimited talk and text and 1 gig of data
    $89.99 for unlimited talk and text and 5 gigs of data
    COMING SOON – unlimited data

    What more do you need to see? This is no where near the phone deal GV has been talking about. We have been lied to once again.

    PS. The service still dosent exist.

  45. Interesting,

    Well, I must say, if they ever do get their act together and deliver what has long been promised, I for one will take my hat off for them. With all the bad rap bashing, any company who can turn a disaster into a success deserves praise.

    <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  46. So you are saying, "Don't shoot the messenger?" Well I'm sorry but you can't use that excuse here. In MLM, the messenger is how the product/opportunity is marketed. The bottom-line is this: There was NO product that even existed from Zer01. The fact that Global Verge CORPORATE employees and field leaders specifically lied about the product is a HUGE cause for concern. If they lied about what would be the "most revolutionary wireless product in the world" what makes you think they aren't lying now?

    It's very simple Excited: Don't talk about something that isn't complete yet. That way you are protected from this type of backlash. JMO.

  47. Excited,

    Very good point. And I also believe this is what happened in the past when AMPED Mobile went bankrupt and left the first company upside down.

    However, I will be providing some interesting information this week about Zer01.

  48. Guys,

    Let's keep in mind, it was Zer01 that promised the technology and couldn't deliver. I'm sure there were some phones out there, but the reality is, they couldn't produce the THOUSANDS
    that were needed.

    Just being a Devils' Advocate and playing fair.
    Make it a Blessed Day

  49. Concerned MLMer,

    First let me say POWERFUL post! You hit on a deep issue that goes beyond legal issues. When there is a deep ethicalissue inside of a person or people and they continue to lie then everyone has to stop and give some real thought to following such a leader.

    I posted several calls where the Steve Lewis, Craig Perry, Ted and Mark, along with some field leaders ALL stated they were using the phone. If I remember right, some folks even said the phone was shipped to them.

    And, you are very correct, before Buzzirk became the BUZZ, they were only an internet based business.

    You truly bring back some very harsh issues which we all should think about.

    Thank you for the willingness to stand firm and post this reminded for all.

    I pray the field leaders who are staking their claims at GV, have given these issues a long and hard look, and asked the right questions. I believe folks can change, although we do not see it as much as I would like.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  50. I'm ally for righting wrongs – the problem is that the "wrongs" were created by specific deceit from the leadership of Global Verge. We aren't talking about an accidental mishap here and there. We're talking about Global Verge owners flat out LYING. I heard MANY calls where Mark and Ted claimed to be talking on the actual Zer01 product. There were other leaders that claimed they had "seen the product in action." When the truth came out that there really never was a Global Verge product their lies were exposed.

    How do you right that wrong?

    How about you ask the THOUSANDS of people that joined E-Verge in 2007 how Mark and Ted righted that wrong? Oh, they didn't. They took the money, didn't pay anything to anyone, then started Global Verge so they could do another "pre-launch."

    How do you right that wrong?

    How will they right the wrong of the latest failed product release? Oh I know, it will be just one of the growing pains of a start-up right? Well I'm sorry, but when you specifically recruit people under the lie that they are joining a multi-billion dollar company (which was what people were told regarding the last GV pre-launch) then people expect a certain amount of infrastructure.

    Why don't you just admit what has happened here. Why not just admit that Mark and Ted had ZERO money to start a company so they decided to create a little hype with a "pre-launch" in order to fund it. They threw together some absolute crap "products" in order to try and "legitimize" their comp plan and then proceeded to hype tens of thousands of people out of their money.

    How do I know they've done this? Because prior to the pre-launch of Buzzirk they had NO OFFICE infrastructure. They had NO EMPLOYEES. They had NO SUPPORT systems in place. It wasn't until AFTER they sucked a couple million dollars out of you poor Global Verge people that they started to supply some very basic MLM infrastructure. Then you have the audacity to say that people should be patient with all the mess-ups and delays because "30,000 people joined." Are you kidding me?

    If you don't want 30,000 people to join something then don't lie to them about what they're getting into! Don't tell them to expect something when you know the company can't deliver. I'm not talking about YOU, I'm talking about your company ownership. They have constantly been on their calls talking things that "are taking place" or things that are "getting ready to launch". They have constantly talked about the "stability of their infrastructure." When in reality they had NONE!!!!!!

    I AM an advocate for the MLM industry. I have no agenda here (I'm not linking to another company) other than to protect people from supporting this ridiculous company.

  51. Common Sense,

    ROFLOL… I hope you are not saying I was luring folks into my MLM company? If you are I did a bad job of luring 🙂

    As for the rest of your comment I agree whole heatedly.

  52. Ruth,

    These are very valid points you bring up. However, from reviewing the site, it does not seem that GV is promoting wireless phones publicly. SInce I am not a GV rep and they seem to have stopped doing live calls, I can't say what they might be doing behind closed doors.

    As for the BBB, I have been down that road myself. And although I am sure the BBB received thousands of complaints, it also seems from what GV Reps and former reps have stated, that most commissions were paid, as were refunds folks requested.

    There are still several concerns with GV, we'll all have to watch and see.

    Please continue to keep us posted.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  53. Casper???

    That's a name you don't hear often, and actually I know someone (aquaintance), with that name.

    He fixed my television satellite. Is that YOU?? <:)

  54. Excited,

    You make a good point. In the case of Global Verge lets all pray the three sided become one… The Full Truth!

  55. Actually, there's 3 sides to every stroy. YOURS, MINE AND THE TRUTH.

    I also had many Associates who had trouble with getting their commissions, however, they ALL ended up getting straightened out in the end. All is well from this side.
    Make it a Blessed Day!!

  56. Casper,

    I have marketed NIDR for years under our private label. You are correct as to the recovery side of their business, but they do so much more. But thank you for correcting me in the area of Global Verge.

  57. Steve,

    Great post. You are correct I do not know what is going on inside the company. OUr post is based on compensation changes and in talking to folks in the field who are still with the company.

    I beleive there is always two sided to a story, and what you are sharing now is truly another side. It was our understanding commission errors had been fixed and folks paid.

    I want to thank you for sharing this information, and I can assure you we will continue to dig deeper. If we do find management is doing things against the betterment of the field we'll take another public stance and move them back to Scams.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  58. Well I find it interesting this post came from Frank Varon. And since there is no email I will assume it is not the real Frank Varon. But on the chance that it is, Frank please email me directly with the nest time we can talk

  59. Troy,

    I respect your opinions to a point but now I have to step forth and correct you in respect to GV. I was once very actively involved with GV and had over 10% of the entire company on my team. I completely walked away from this company due two very important issues – INTEGRITY and NOT PAYING COMMISSIONS!

    Firstly – there are countless reps in GV that HAVE NOT been paid commissions from months past. I am not going to be verbose about this subject but I have dozens and dozens of emails in regards to getting my teams commissions paid in full and was PROMISED in writing from the President Ted Robbins. I also know of others, many actually, that have suffered the same fate. Rule #1 in this game – Pay the People.

    Second – Integrity. There is not a shred of integrity in this company. I and my team have never in our entire lives experienced such disrespectful and deviant management. This company is an MLM Jonestown and the Koolaide apparently has been running non stop for years with these scammers and is still trickling into unsuspecting mouths every day. Troy, many months ago I had a very prominent MLMer join my team. She was excited but within 48 hours when she found out Mark and Ted where running the show she asked for a full refund. I was at the time scoffing at her notion that these guys where that bad. A wise woman she turned out to be.

    Troy, I would not even have wasted my time to write anything about GV if you had not written what you did recently which showed me you have no clue what has and is still going on behind closed doors and I do not want any good people who is looking at this company taking your words as a green light and making the worst decision of your life.

    And so it is………………..

  60. Troy,

    FYI, National ID Recovery is a recovery service, not a protection service. What National ID Recovery offers is powerful! They save you the time to recover your identity.

  61. vikki,

    There is no doubt folks got hurt in the summer from some of what happened at Global Verge. I was right at the front keeping folks informed. However, your statement is not fact. Buzzirk has been put on the back burner since August, and the New Global Verge is not bringing it back just yet. When you look at the legal documents which are filed in Nevada, you can tell the companies are two separate companies. Are they owned by some of the same folks? Yep, but, Global Verge is still Global Verge without Buzzirk.

    I agree the water machines are about $495 more than what you might buy the same machine for from the manufacture. And I would not buy one period. But, since you need to pay your sales force I guess they raised the price.

    T-Mobile is a Tier 1 carrier and Global Verge may be buying bandwidth from them. However, according to Global Verge they are a Tier 3 carrier which means the bandwidth would not come directly from T-Mobile, but through a Tier 2 carrier. I fully understand they sell T-Mobile services and phones. But let's not confuse all the services and place them under just T-Mobile.

    Again I fully understand your personal frustration and nightmare with what happened. And I am glad the field force at Global Verge has pushed for the changes we are now seeing.

    Thank you for taking time to share your insight.

    Living An Epic Adventure.


  62. Global Verge Is nothing but Buzzirk Mobile. With out Buzzirk there would not even be a spot on your website in regards to Global Verge.

    Water Machines Most expensive you can find.

    Voip More expense then Vonage.

    Buzzirk – Coming soon? Most likely not.

    End of this month , T-Mobile Project "Dark" is going to be offering Unlimited packages with out contract starting at $39 a month. T-Mobile is where Buzzirk mobile service is coming from and the reason behind this mobile phone craze. Which just makes them a reseller of T-Mobile.
    When T-mobile launches these services at the end of the month GV and Buzzirk Mobile will be 6 feet under where they belong! And will be forgotten. Thank be to God! Put that Nightmare to rest!

  63. Wow great comments from both sides I will say this the fall of buzzrk mobile left a very bad tasted in a lot of peoples mouth. And every telecom phone product that came out after the fall of zer01 which was featured on about coming out with another phone product which I think is crazy but the bar of hype was set so far up with a phone that could do everything under the sun it was very hard not to compare any other wireless product to the zer01 phone. Its like with the iphone all the other carries are trying to make the next product the iphone killer.

  64. Tim,

    120 days ago, I would say this company would be gone by year end. But truly thos eearly distributors who were in GV before the phones, and some of those who took the stand of not giving up, have helped this company turn a corner.

    Time will tell how long they last, but if they can make it through the last few months, they have a good chance of hanging out for years to come.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  65. Third, 'hold leadership hostage'?? That's the most profound statement I've ever heard. These are grown adults very capable of making their own decisions. Accomplished Leaders in their own right who see where this company is going and have made an informed decision to be involved in the 'first movers advantage' of something spectacular!!
    Fourth, 'operate ethically'?? Global Verge paid out almost $1.4 Million in refunds and gave EVERYONE the option to continue or cancel.
    So, in summary, this is Free Enterprise, no hostages here. By the way, does everyone who's ever made a mistake in your book have to pay for the rest of their life? Is there no such thing as retribution or a second chance?? If that's the case, everyone of us would be locked up for some stupid mistake we've made in our past, just maybe not you!!!
    My advise to you, Concerned, is to not be so concerned about Global Verge and go back to building whatever company YOU stand for. Leave well enough alone. My father always said, "If you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing"!!
    Make it a Blessed Day

  66. Concerned,
    Here we go again. Posting comments based on assumptions and opinion. What company do you represent, by the way??
    First of all, "Convicted Felon"?? That means 'prison term". Here's the reality. I used to sell securities for Prudential Insurance. I worked with an individual who got 'probation' for the same exact thing. He spent money that he expected was part of his commissions, on personal items. They call that,
    'co-mingling'. It happens more often than not. So, is he a bad person?? No, everyone makes mistakes, just maybe not you.
    Secondly, 'bait and switch'? Global Verge had every intention of launching what was promised to them by Zer01. Zer01 couldn't deliver!!!

  67. Great to hear Troy. It's always good to see companies rise up and overcome. Im sure some will find it a great program to work and create some wonderfull residual income. That really what this is all about. Great products, helping people, and having fun. Congrats Global Verge and hats of to my many friends that hung in there and never gave up.


  68. This was my prediction all along. This was bait and switch at it's finest. Offer something that gets everyone excited, (Buzzirk Mobile) recruit a ton of people (40K or so), then survive the fall out when what we promised never existed, hold the leadership hostage that put their credibility on the line and have no choice but to stay, and some of them will buy water makers and power savers. On paper, GV might be somewhat legitmate, but how they built their name was absolutely wrong, and you cannot tell me that Mark "Convicted Felon" Petschel didn't know what he was doing. The fact remains, he's a convicted felon for securities fraud, and this company will never operate ethically, no matter how many technical loopholes they figure out.

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