MLM Help Desk Gets A Makeover

Well, it has been weeks in the making, but tonight we launch the new MLM Help Desk.

There is still several posts which are not catorgized correctly yet, but we should have all of them finished by Saturday.

Please give us your feedback.

Never Give Up,


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7 thoughts on “MLM Help Desk Gets A Makeover”

  1. I have some very technical feedback for you: WOW! This site rocks! The site looks great, it is very intuitive, it flows well, and is sure a lot faster than its predecessor. Great job.

  2. Mike,

    This is has me worried. Having read most of the company propaganda put out on the Superfruits, I would be afraid I would explode if I drank them all at once. 🙂

    Never Give Up,


    p.s. We’ll look into it.

  3. Kerry,

    Thanks buddy. More to come, but I’ll make sure you can still post via your cell 🙂

    Never Give Up,


  4. Hi troy well worth the wait and I love the fact I can still post comments from my cell phone.

    Semper fi
    Never give up

  5. Great site Troy,

    Hey have you heard anything about the company Ardyss. They claim they use all the superfruits in their drink.

  6. Troy – Congratulations on getting the NEW mlmhelpdesk up and running. You have put a lot of heart and work into the site because your only agenda is protecting and providing for the distributors and this great industry.

    The site looks great and I can’t wait to dig into all the awesome content I know is waiting to be leveraged.

    Thanks for what you do,


  7. Thanks Troy,

    Great new site with new categories to explore. I’m looking forward to the forum and other things you have planned.

    All the Best!

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