MLM Help Desk and Troy Dooly Officially Responds to Global Verge through MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson

Breaking MLM Wireless War News: MLM Help Desk and Troy Dooly Officially responds to Global Verge (read response here) through MLM attorney Kevin Thompson of The Advocate Group.

Those of you, who read our articles or are subscribers to MLM Help Desk, know MLM attorney and advocate Kevin Thompson is both a friend and our legal counsel. As I wrote in my last post, I had forwarded to Kevin the letter from the Global Verge attorney along with my response.

As you know, Global Verge’s attorney sent me a threatening letter last week (read Global Verge Demand Letter here) and alleged that my content was defamatory. Specifically, their attorneys aid that the following title was defamatory and “not true”

[Global Verge Shut Off By Their Wireless Provider Because Of Money Owed.]

Over the weekend, Kevin and I had a conversation. In the interest of fairness and based on Kevin’s legal counsel, we are disclosing our source of information to publicly demonstrate our factual basis for writing the article.  Activation King’s CEO, Chris Greco, specifically informed me that Global Verge was dropped because of their failure to pay.

On, January 21st, 2009 we received the following email. I followed up with a personal phone call to Chris Greco to verify he had personally sent the email and not some underhanded competitor of Global Verge.

[“From: chris greco []

Sent: Thursday, January 21, 2010 12:32 PM


Subject: We have officially cut ties with Buzzirk mobile and Global Verge

. . .We have severed ties with Global Verge for nonpayment of airtime, and the absolute miss management of shipping, activating, you name it. And for taking these people money and telling them bold face lies. . . .

Chris Greco

President and CEO

Activation King Wireless.]

Once I verified the email was authentic, I shot the video, and we published the article. For all those interested, Chris Greco has followed up by answering all critics and supporters on the above-mentioned post, through the MLM Help Desk comment section.

As readers of our content, we’re eternally grateful that you choose to spend a little bit of time with us to learn more about our industry.  As you know, we publicly celebrate the great companies and we publicly call out the bad ones.  I view it as part of my responsibility in this industry and it’s an absolute privilege.  I have zero economic incentive to wrongfully disparage a business.

As always, we welcome Global Verge to respond with proper documentation. And if they have a different side to the story, I will give my word to publish it.  We want to encourage vigorous debate on this website and if I’m in the wrong, I will be the first to admit it. Currently, I have no reason to believe otherwise than what I’ve already written about Global Verge and until I’m given new information, I will not acquiesce to threats of a legal action.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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359 thoughts on “MLM Help Desk and Troy Dooly Officially Responds to Global Verge through MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson”

  1. Hey Gary!

    Like the name, ha! Anyway – just because some people ARE bullies and others ARE NOT doesn't mean one or the other is totally right in any one thing. The nicest things happen when people CAN come together and get along even when they don't know each other. We happen to strongly believe that to be fact and for those who don't care and ARE NOT nice to each other …simply out of human kindness and respect for each other as individuals – we always hope that someday, we'll get to meet and know them better too and maybe they'll find out that not everyone in their path is such a bad person after all!

  2. Geez John!

    You wouldn't listen to "Partners" …HE seems to be a "hater" of many things? First of all the term "Partners" suggest there are TWO people involved and WE ARE NOT HATERS of anything BUT WE DO not have respect for people who do others dishonestly and unethically.

    Secondly: How do you know anything about us? We would never be so assuming as to say we knew anything about you and in FACT HAVE posted POSITIVE comments AND agreements on some of YOUR postings without knowing you at all!

    That's okay. When a person(s) have worked in this industry or any other industry as long as we have (including the military) – you learn eventually to TAKE THE HIGH ROAD. People CAN be cruel and assuming and not know about another for sure. We forgive your comment. We ARE NOT and have NEVER BEEN "haters" nor will we start now. Perhaps you'll get to know us and we you – that would be our hope for the future. Let's NOT step on each others toes – working together is the very foundation of WHY people succeed and NOT the other way around!

  3. Hey John!

    Right on the Mark (no pun intended)! Fact is: "nice" people are "nice" people BUT …NOT everyone is NICE and SOME will go to almost any length to protect what's NOT SO NICE about themselves too! Just because someone has a "nice southern" accent and because they're promoting "as if" they are "nice" too – DOES NOT MEAN everything happening behind the scenes is so nice! We noticed the OBVIOUS CHANGE in speakers on the calls back in December and the entire CHANGE of information and how it was being disbursed to members. What one can't do – they give to someone else to do?

    THIS IS A PATTERN FOLKS and a pattern that has been happening throughout this entire process. If you're reading this and thinking not – go back and do some research. Start with eVerge then Global Verge and …THEN look up ALL the corporate names you can find AFTER the fact. Better yet – READ EVERYTHING HERE on Troy's MLM Help Desk beneath GLOBAL VERGE at the top menu under SCAM ALERTS – READ IT FROM THE START!

  4. Continued From Last Post:

    What goes around comes around …EVERY TIME! Fact is for SOME people – they refuse to concern themselves with the problems of other people so long as they have what THEY need. Their time will eventually come around – NO ONE will help them then either just as THEY helped NO ONE when they had the chance to and …they LOSE ALL CREDIBILITY also!

    We wish NO one any harm or ill-will BUT …we're ALL adults here and SHOULD by this time in our lives KNOW what a RIGHT decision is one way or another OR …at least ASK and TRUST someone experienced to help us when problems arise such as this was!

    We're NOT here to point fingers or criticize anyone – ONLY to be a community voice in the public "auditorium of opinion". There is NOT one of us experienced or not that could have seen some of these specific problems coming. When people engage other people in business's they have a CLEAR RESPONSIBILITY to DO the RIGHT thing in terms of KEEPING it honest and ethical. When they don't make those right decisions – they pay a price too!

  5. John,

    We'd have to agree that at least SOME in Global Group left because THEY KNEW it was the correct and HONORABLE thing to do! While we are somewhat leary of those who stayed too long in our opinion …WE APPLAUD those who did leave NO matter WHAT caused them to make that FINAL decision. While some others STILL stayed – you are right about those individuals not being so honorable and for that matter ethical!

    It's difficult to understand people who could care less about others and are only MORE concerned about themselves and their own benefit. People in THIS country are going through some of their MOST DIFFICULT times ever and for those that KNOWINGLY would IDLE in something that's only costing others their hard earned monies without receiving anything in return – they too have a long journey ahead to get back to where they were BEFORE they took the wrong path.

    Continued Next Post …

  6. Correction:

    Apparentlly after having read this past week another post on this site – Global Group was NOT in fact the largest team group in Global Verge. Our apologies we don't recall who made that post, however, they commented that they specifically HAD the largest group of 45,000+. We stand corrected if that's so.

  7. By the way, word is no out that Global Smart Talk has ALSO SEPARATED from Global Verge. Of course, knowing the rumor mills the way they can occur – that's another issue that time will tell also.

    None-the-less, CREDIBILITY is MOST IMPORTANT in ANY business! For those that want to MAINTAIN their credibility – there comes a time of KNOWING WHEN to stay and MORE importantly WHEN to LEAVE!

    This would be the reason some may NOT follow SOME of the Global Group team leaders into People Helping People, Inc., along with the fact that they have quite a bit of road to cover BEFORE they can become a true WIRELESS company! BEING ABLE to PROVIDE will either be the sword they fall on (again) or it will be their success!

  8. Hey John,

    You're absolutely correct! Our reference to "eVerge" had to do with them being the initial company BEFORE they and some of the same principles in corporate BECAME the company now known as Global Verge!

    Global Group branded themselves to be the largest team in the company but were not. There was an even larger group with 45,000+. As for sharing values, no one could reasonably argue that everyone involved in Global Group including the top leaders are all suspect or lacking credibility. That issue came into play when some over-stayed and continued to promote Global Verge knowing what was happening to it's members and the untruths surrounding what the company membership was being told …or NOT!

    As that happened, it would be fair for most anyone to assume that perhaps some of them (not all) had a part in what was going on as far as lack of activations, lack of phones and systems and lack of refunds as well as refurbished phones being sent out as "upgrades" and billed at full retail pricing with no discounts, then not unable to be activated!

    Continued Next Post …

  9. Wait a minute, are those merely refurb leftovers, or the new Global Mobile One labeled phones ?

    Or both ?

  10. It's sure looks like the same hype of E-Verge when some of these folks used the same propaganda.

  11. John,

    On the surface you are 100% correct. However, I think folks are putting the two together because the GG leadership were so slow to accept the facts and leave. Instead they hyping the GV propaganda.

    As the leaders of GG start to move into full launch I think folks will start to realize the two companies are 100% separate.

    Although I have come out hard on the GG leaders because they stayed as long as they did, I also respect the fact they did everything they could do, short of buying GV to turn it around.

  12. Trish, GG is definitely not the same as GV. i wouldn't listen to "Partners" he seems to be a hater of many things. See their presentation and decide for yourself. There are many leaders out there so just google and pick up the phone. You will find that GG has great intentions and was duped just like everyone else. But don't worry, gv has an internet stick coming soon, but alas no PHONES. They are having a convention with everyone soon, and the triple d's will be walking out with phones> They did this in Jun-09 and while people walked out with phones, they weren't activated so a great paperweight they became. I found comfort in Alternatively, listen to Troy – he has a good heart and is well intentioned.

  13. Since the finger is out, can we talk about Jim Hellman, Curtis Burgess, Phil Pitre and Beverly Grigsby? They are the "leaders" who are begging people to stay in GV. I site the emails of Dec 16, 2009 and Feb 23, 2010 outlining 'it is urgent that you re-activate your autoship to keep your position intact" In February "Bang and Assoc" says "If you have any unresolved issue, please email us at:", what happened to the endless support tickets sent directly to GV, why would you now have to give specifics and details which may include personal information to Curtis & company directly? Where does that information go? And why after all these months has the Grand Poobah himself decided to rear his powerful head? Simple, happy people keep their autoships on, angry people turn them off which means NO MORE PAYCHECKS for bang & company.
    Everyone should use their head and if the truth be known, GG did offer to provide assistance prior to the Grand poobah joining in on the fun.
    try and decide for yourself

  14. Sometimes I really get tired of concerned MLMer, as he tries to sound like he knows all that is going on when he doesn't. To say things like "were very aware" and "really didn't care' are strong words. Perhaps ConcernedMLMer has what is called in law as "first hand knowledge"? I don't think he does so the words chosen should be more careful. Global Group never owned Global Verge and was only a rep just like everyone else. Let's move on to something of note, "as long as we're getting paid we're sticking it out", GG left GV for this exact reason, they didn't want to get paid any longer.

  15. Troy – you are so smart. They did do a FREE PHONE giveaway in June in Las Vegas, NV. Funny, not everyone got a phone and those who did never received a SIM card. One thing is for sure though, Ruth Mayne had her phone before everyone else and made sure everybody knew that. How's that for arrogance. You might want to ask around and see how that good will gesture was received.

  16. That turned out to be false and he tricked many into renewing for one more month. The second time you heard from him was when he slammed Global Group in Feb-10 again begging you not to listen to them or their newco opportunity. The theme here is "I will lose my paycheck if everyone leaves so stay" Have you really ever heard from him before? The answer is NO, you heard him one more time in Feb-10 on a Corporate Call with his 2 partners again telling the world that all is well and the phones are coming. By the way, the phones are still not out and "in the hands of the triple diamonds being tested" according to Jan Johnson. The theme still stands, don't leave or Ill lose my paycheck because I'm on the top of the mountain. Decide for yourself.
    Team GG did the honorable thing, they left because they knew something was not right in the hen house. Check out like I did, I think their credibility stands for itself.

  17. Partners – Just to clarify, Global Group and the words "eVerge" have nothing to do with each other. In fact, many people believe Global Group owns Global Verge, which is ABSOLUTELY FALSE. They share a common word but definitely do not share the same values. Global Group could have stayed and continued to grab a paycheck but they did not, they left because there are unresolved issues and knew it was the "right thing to do". You should however focus your energy on the likes of Curtis Burgess who badgers the downlines about misinformation about what GG is doing. I specifically point out that the first time many of you ever heard of him was on Dec 16/09 when he begged everyone to renew their autoship or they would be compressed out.

  18. David, the information will be released shortly. Hold on to your hat! The most information can be found here It's 17 minutes of raw excitement, add your name to the mailing list and they will send you the signup link. They also just announced that the name of the company is People Helping People Inc, rather than GV's version of GV helping GV.

  19. Craig, you are either not informed as to the past dealings with this company, or you have no problem with helping these guys continue to committ fraud on others. Information on Global Verge under handed dealings can be readily found all over the net these days. These guys are 2 of the biggest scam artist on the net! Global Group isn't any better. To spend your time promoting anything with either company is a waste of time. That's as polite as I can put it.

  20. Received via email this morning;

    Come one come all
    Come one, Come all
    Join us for our first Roll-out event as we are joined by Global Verge Co-Founders Ted Robbins AND Mark Petschel and other special guests including Preston Stewart, President of Xennsoft!

    It's off to the races as we begin our Roll-out Tour
    Be there for:

    –Brief overview of our exciting business opportunity
    –Special addresses by our Guest Speakers GV Co-Founders Ted
    Robbins & Mark Petschel and other special guests
    –Triple Diamonds will walk out with phones in hand!
    –Raffle for a FREE PHONE giveaway ? all ticket holders participate.

    Join us:
    Tuesday, March 30, 2010 at 7PM EST
    Wyndham Orlando Resort
    8001 International Drive
    Orlando, FL 32819
    8001 International Drive
    Orlando, FL 32819

    $10.00 per person (all ticket holders entered into raffle drawing)

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  22. In the latest Ted Robbins letter,

    Global Verge disavows any relationship with Global Group, and invites GV members to report any sollicitation to the Compliance e-mail address, where they will be dealt witch much faster than their support tickets are, I presume.

    In the same letter, Ted say there is a slight hiccup with the VOIP commissions…

  23. GripitAndRipit,

    You say: none of the GV members should have been posted on Chris's site – CHRIS WAS in fact doing this ONLY to show how many people were being ripped off and NOT as a "personal" affront! Fact is: There's a NEED to KNOW and a WANT to KNOW involved here coming from each and EVERY person that WAS or STILL IS involved with GV!

    GV has knowingly BEEN ripping people off since eVerge and now this too? Not to mention the very latest with the GV Global Group Founders and their own shenanigans attempting to start a brand new RIP OFF all over again using the hard earned and spent monies of those who got ripped off BIG TIME in the first place! These people have NO SCRUPLES and NO MORALS to sit idly by and watch this take place and then to RECreate the situation all OVER again!!

    There IS a RIGHT …AND… a WRONG here. People NEED TO VENT and people NEED to LET OTHERS KNOW when something like this tragedy of DINASAURIC porportions is occuring with ANY one business! WE PERSONALLY THANK CHRIS and TROY for what they're doing to insure people DON'T continue to get RIPPED OFF!

  24. Hey David,

    Just to let you know – "Newco" is the short version of New Company. It has nothing to do with what the REAL name will be when and IF (big if) Global Group creates and opens this supposedly new company with a new company name! Be weary of anything you hear coming from Global Group – they are the FOUNDERS of the LARGEST group and teams in Global Verge but have now SPLIT their interest. There is NO guarantee they will be able to provide anything let alone what they're promising. It serves history correctly that they began as eVerge – evolved into Global Verge and now whatever this new company is going to be …or NOT!

  25. I like the fact that you aren't afraid to stand up to a bully.
    My recent post JavaFit Listed on Top5BizOps

  26. Anyone know what this Newco is about that GG is getting involved in?
    I find it strange that I cannot find anything about it in google.

    The only refrence i have seen to it is something about underwear.. Maybe they are selling undergarments now, with all the sh*t they fed to everyone…

    Any info would be appreciated

  27. Hey Troy and Everyone!

    Just thought we'd share this short piece of inspiration and a laugh or two!


    If you can start the day without caffeine,

    If you can always be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains,

    If you can resist complaining and boring people with your troubles,

    If you can eat the same food every day and be grateful for it,

    If you can understand when your loved ones are too busy to give you any time,

    If you can take criticism and blame without resentment ,

    If you can conquer tension without medical help,

    If you can relax without liquor,

    If you can sleep without the aid of drugs,

    …Then You Are Probably The Family Dog!

    NOT REALLY BUT …just to show how much WE ALL FORGET what we're here for and REMEMBER, WE ALL have it a little BETTER than some in our world! LET THOSE WHO are mired down in mediocrity and complacency STAY THERE! Let's ALL BOND together as people WHO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, NOT just talk about it and MAKE GOOD THINGS HAPPEN!

  28. Hey Mike!

    Guess we're on a roll tonight, ha! Anyway …CONGRATS on having actually been and STILL ARE one of those "military" people like us and Troy and others that HAVE their honesty and ethics in tact! There is NOTHING BETTER than KNOWING you can go to sleep at night WITH a clear conscious!

  29. SmartlyWireless,

    You're right in how you address the issues. DO NOT talk bad or knock their choices BUT …one thing you CAN do is — FIND ONE thing that will snare their attention and via YOUR relationship YOU have built with them …OFFER THEM a solution! You're ON the right track – KEEP UP the Great Work!

  30. Hey Trish!

    Are you SERIOUS??? You're LOOKING OVER WOW Mobile AND While in an MLM NOW (undisclosed of course), YOU ARE going to SIT IN on the WEBINAR tonight with Global Group? WHY??

    Listen, with ALL that's been commented on here @ Troys MLM Helpdesk and EVERYTHING you've had available to LOOK OVER since and up to current …HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW that Global Group DOES NOT HAVE THE GOODS let alone the BACKING to do what they're promising OVER AGAIN just as the SAME PEOPLE that were HEAVILY INVOLVED in eVerge and Global Verge?

    PLEASE …GO BACK and READ and LISTEN to EVERYTHING TROY is saying and EVERYONE ELSE is posting here. LIFE IS SO MUCH EASIER when SOMETIMES you CAN BELIEVE exactly what you're reading!

  31. In addition …

    CANADA is the MOST difficult country for ANY WIRELESS to enter into agreements with! They have their very OWN CONGLOMERATE and with LEGALITIES involved – it's almost impossible to date to get them BETTER services as we understand it!

  32. Hey Troy!

    You're always honest when you don't have an answer and to that end we ALL thank you!

    As a matter of fact BELL OWNS FIDO and NOT Rogers!

  33. Trish,

    If you want to contact me via email I may be able to help. Unlike some I will ask a few personal questions first, then if I know of any solid companies I will pass them along.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  34. Looking over WOW Mobile and going to sit in on a webinar tonight with Global Group…In an MLM now, won't mention the name, but looking for an easier sell, one I can sell over the internet instead of sitting in long meetings face to face. I know that's hard to find. Any suggestions?

  35. Hey Troy and Those STILL Concerned OR a Part of the GGers,


    It would take NO LESS than 2 1'2 years for the GGers to come up with a Provider Plan with ALL they MUST DO FIRST and BEFORE they can even OPEN their doors for business! We happen to be optimists BUT …FOLKS PLEASE!

    With the GGer's and GG FOUNDERS that left Global Verge, we happen to believe that YOU WILL FIND NOTHING SHORT OF the SAME OLD STORY since e-Verge 3 years ago and the SAME WINDMILL CHURNING IN THE WIND!

    STRONG ADVICE from 2 Veterans in this industry: DON'T DO IT! Just let your heart and your mind be your guide and FIND SOMETHING ELSE to feed your inner-selves and PROVIDE for you and your families! Don't go STAYING for a THIRD TIME AROUND!

  36. Hey Sam and BEST of Monday's Greetings to You and Everyone!

    There in fact IS a difference to GG and GV! Problem IS: GV had GG at the very HELM of running the company and downlines – NOT everyone's but a LARGER portion of it. HOW could ANYONE really TRUST those who KEPT ON PUSHING for the sake of the Global Verge Company RUN BY none other than Ted Robbins and Mark Petschel?

    HISTORY when ignored REPEATS ITSELF! There is NO WAY that anyone with common sense would follow Global Group (GG) AFTER the AFTERMATH and downfall of the MAIN PREMISE in Global Verge!

    For those that do …CHALK THAT UP to one of 3 things: Either INEXPERIENCE, IGNORANCE or TOTAL DISRESPECT for other people …period!

    It's CLEARLY …GUILT by ASSOCIATION and nothing more! YES …it's a sad thing BUT …when the SAME PEOPLE continually find themselves in the SAME BOAT SINKING over and over again and DO NOTHING about it – – THEY DRAG EVERYONE DOWN with them!

  37. WOW TROY!

    That was about the QUICKEST we've seen you on the draw, ha! THANKS – YOU are what makes LIVING AN EPIC ADVENTURE …FABULOUS!

  38. Trish,

    Global Group was the largest leg of Global Verge, and rumor has it they have left to either launch or go to a new company.

  39. These types of issues push Network Marketing back 3 steps. I'm glad that I left! Leadership means alot in my profession and it should be the same way in Network Marketing. I hope that things work out for Global Group, but their credibility is SHOT at this time.

  40. Mike,

    I am sorry to hear that. If that is the case, then I am a little worried about this next venture.

  41. I am one of his personal distributors. I've known him since 2004 when we came from Excel. He built up the Maryland market and was a major part of the Maryland explosion in 5LINX. When he told me about the possibilities, it sounded good, but I always do my diligence. He sent out messages to the 5LINX family telling them about the GV opportunity. Some Senior Vice Presidents came over with him and brought some downlines. Even though I read about Mark's legal issues, I decided to give the man a break and stick with it. Then things never panned out, so I stopped autoship in December. Never recruited a single person because as a military officer, my credibility means alot.

  42. hey I could be wrong. But unless something has changed BERNARD MCCARGO is a top leader in 5LINX.

  43. Troy, I doubt they are moving to 5LINX because a good piece of Global Group (TEAM SPILLAGE) came from 5LINX! I was one of the 5LINX reps duped by this! Glad I did not recruit……

  44. No Frank Nomore,

    you do bring up a good point. And from looking at the speakers in the last email… I would bet they are moving to 5Link


  46. I completely agree and feel very bad because I still have friends that are still caught in their net and are convinced that they care about them. I do not talk bad about their choice, just stay friends and support.

  47. You're exactly right. The Global Group leaders were very aware that Mark and Ted could not handle what was going on. But they really didn't care. "As long as we're getting paid we're sticking it out" is what I was told from one of their top dogs. They knew that Mark and Ted had no idea of what they were doing. They knew about many of the lies (they even spewed a few themselves). Yet they continued to string people along – earning their checks, while they put together their back up plan (their own company). I can't wait to see this. Another train wreck, waiting to happen. What happen to people's ethics and morals?

  48. Hey Chris – YOU GO!

    By the way the attorney better known as Gerald P. Nehra may have been on staff for a short period of timeat one time there at GV (back in July 09) – but we seriously doubt he's there now! Irregardless, they certainly are looking more and more like they're going to need a really good one. However, it looks more like they're going to have to find a good CRIMINAL attorney in this case!

  49. Follow the leaders my ass! You can't be serious. These so-called leaders may not have known the exact details, but they damn sure were aware that things didn't add up. They turned their heads and led their teams deeper into this crap!

    To believe anything coming from Frank Varon's Global Group is just ridiculous. These thieves could have done the right thing months ago. The only reason it's a problem now is because they have milked this cow for all it's worth. Could have saved their reps months ago, but instead chose to make as much as they possibly could off of them.


  50. I believe the company is

    Troy , this is the company for Water Machines, we need some help for those direct # for that company, thanks

    Pure Clean Water from Air
    “The smoothest water you have ever experienced”
    (One of Several Global Verge Commissionable Products)
    Aqua Life International has a new, state-of-the-art, water-generating machine, the GV 11, which incorporates the latest and most sophisticated technology available in the industry to generate water from air. They have designed the Atmospheric Water Generator with one objective in mind, to produce the maximum amount of high quality drinking water while using a minimum amount of electricity
    Cost and Commissions*
    Model: GV11
    Retail Cost: $1995.00 USD
    •*Costs and commission are subject to change without notice based on availability.Other Models Available. For Ordering Instructions, Contact Global Verge Support

  51. Global Group started their own company and are recruiting for it. There is a difference to GG and GV. I'm staying away from them both.

  52. Troy, here is a catalog & price list of the phone Global Verge purported to sell.
    You will observe there is no notice that the phones are REFURBS, none whatsoever.

  53. Hello Folks!

    SINCE WHEN did Global Verge start sending emails from GMAIL? Just received an email from: …??? In the PAST …they've come from and …!! WHAZ-UP with this now – GMAIL?

    They just sent an email out to EVERYONE who happens to be signed up for GG Newletters stating:


    What we have all toiled for, for nine long months will not be in vain because the leaders of Global Group have been working tirelessly and have created the long term solution etc., etc., …AND … A long term solution with a credible, established and professional management team….

    Finally a home to hang our hat, to realize our dreams, to provide for our families
    …. a home that will be stable and fulfilling for decades…. truly decades to come.



    We Say: HOW Impossible is This?

  54. Hey EX-GVMEMBER …

    Would like to know exactly WHERE did GG put out a list of complaints? Maybe you can post a link here for everyone to see. As much as we've all been through – it seems only right. Especially for those still touting the goods with GV. It seems really strange and more moderately laughable that these members so complacent and LATE In LEAVING would be so proud as to put ANY complaints out here online at all!

    What's really amazing is that somehow they've sprouted wings and flown away from GV and everyone's just supposed to TRUST them now? TRUST is a pretty BIG WORD in the end and for those that truly KNOW what the word TRUST MEANS …they ALSO KNOW how to manage their own credibility and HOW NOT TO let things get completely OUT OF CONTROL!

    Of course NONE of this is going to do ANYONE – ANYGOOD! The ONLY THING that's going to help anyone is to STAY FOCUSED – FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO – FIND ANOTHER COMPANY or just simply LET GO …period! Listen …TOMORROW IS another day and WE ALL CAN let yesterday be the past and MOVE FORWARD!

  55. Hey Arthur …

    " They are talking to carriers" …??? Haven't THEY been doing that now for HOW LONG? The FACT REMAINS they stil can't provide products or services to the end user. In MLM and Affiliate Law – that means they're a scam, scheme, ponzi, pyramid or ANY other name you'd like to assign them!

    This evening a lot of people received the "ABENITY SPOTLIGHT" so called "EXCLUSIVE Dish Network" announcement. What a surprise! HOW can they KEEP ON DISTRACTING people from ONE thing to ANOTHER and STILL maintain ANY CREDIBILITY? Just CHANGE the focus, the calls, the webinars and the notifications and SUDDENLY everythings okay again? We think DEFINITELY NOT!

    PEOPLE PLEASE …IF you're reading these comments here, go to the Missouri AG's site and wage your complaint! DO NOT BE SHY about it – GO THERE and TELL THEM so they WILL DO something about this! After all …the LONGER it takes, GIVES GV the opportunity to do MORE EVIL. We have NO doubts they'll be POPPED but wouldn't it be better sooner than later?

  56. Hey Sam!

    Some of these comments here at MLM Help Desk are not to make anyone look better one way or another but …we would have to agree that more often than not, a person needing to slam anyone else or another business is missing the boat and should just STAY focused on what they're doing and not on what anyone else is doing or saying.

    It appears Chris is trying to do the right thing based on his experience with GV. However, in slamming the company on his website and here, it doesn't look good and most business professionals would agree. Irregardless of that fact …Chris is STILL helping former GVer's and giving them an alternative. Maybe if we ALL keep our eyes focused on what we're doing -we won't have time to dig into other peoples bad business or each other!

  57. David …

    NO worries friend! Understand that YOU personally ARE NOT ALONE in all of this dissappointment and frustration. There ARE some of us who had OTHERS who did not personally sponsor people that went after them to join OTHER opportunities still!

    This IS NOT about being in BED with anyone or any one company so much as IT IS ABOUT KNOWING WHEN to LET GO! You DID the right thing and as far as YOUR downline …people MAKE THEIR OWN decisions and that's one thing we've learned over the years …CONTROL WHAT YOU CAN and LET THE REST GO!

    Good Luck to You David …NO MATTER WHAT you decide to do next!

  58. YOU GO Sam Cleaver!

    Thanks for reminding others that they too have made mistakes (no offense David). It doesn't really matter WHAT company David and his downline migrated to …ONLY that they're OUT of the STORMY WATERS and on to better things!

    As far as Panther Mobile David …Please DO NOT JUDGE Chris too harshly on this. HE IS NOT the company but HE DID STEP UP TO THE PLATE and IS HELPING GV Members in finding a GREAT ALTERNATIVE.

    SO WHAT he WAS with GV at one time – HE TOO TRUSTED when he signed a contract with them. HOW was he to know they'd pull this disgusting TRICK on him and everyone else too? THE SAME goes for those LEADING and LEAVING GG. YES IT's FACT they stayed TOO LONG and because of that THEIR CREDIBILITY may be in harms way BUT …you can't blame people for growing WINGS TO FLY when the WINDS KICK UP and they need to MOVE ONWARD …WE wish them all the best!

    A BIG THANK YOU Sam for bringing the cake to the table and sharing!


    Apparently you're having an issue with reaching Chris and WE KNOW he's been ONE very busy man as this all took place so quickly. Chris's phone lines have been swamped for real! We'd like to offer you ANOTHER number to call where YOU CAN BE answered quickly, BE offered quality assistance on the spot and THEY WILL return your call VERY quickly if unable to answer when you call …

    Please Call: 972-836-8250 + + Best Time to Call = ANYTIME!


    The ONE and ONLY problem for those connected to GG and who are starting something new is …with ALL the VERY MASSIVE and NEGATIVE PUBLICITY GV has created for themselves, by themselves and in spite of themselves – – doesn't look as if anyone would be likely to trust even those that left recently due to their complacency and staying too long before they took wings and flew away!

    This IS SAD but …It's also TRUE! People don't realize that NO MATTER how good they were, when they were or that they think they are; when they jeapordize their own credibility by staying involved with a company such as this, corporate officers such as this and UNcredible people such as these …they are in danger of losing their credibility also!

    It's saddening that so many including ourselves, were amused by big words and and excitement coming from influential people meaning well but …still unable to make things happen as they should have. We personally just wish them all the best and hope they can recover the trust and credibility they may have had at one time and move forward!

  61. Troy, please pass unto me also the direct information on the water machine that Ex-GV member spoke about.

  62. But Mark did say they were setting up a Service & Support Center in Kansas City, the guyz there would be able to answer *technical questions*, and stuff !

    And Ted promised "to underpromise and overdeliver", from now on ! Isn't that wonderful ?

    It'll take them only 4 (maybe 6) weeks to have the 8 models of EXCLUSIVE private label phones to be manufactured in China and be delivered to them. I'm sure they are just about to post the mock-ups and the specifications sheet agreed with the manufacturer. Have they decided which OS the smartphones will run yet ? I think Android is markedly cheaper.

    They are a few pesky details, like say, financing. But their credit is good, they are a $35M company, after all ?

    As for teh phone plans, they "are talking to the carriers", and we all know these guys are slick talkers.

  63. You can ask Chris questions on the daily call. Call in today at 3:00 CST at 712-432-0575 then 145590# . Call in today, and test him in getting your phone activated. Put him to the test!

  64. Yes I understand what your saying, But i never said we all went to the same place. I have not joined a new MLM Nor do I plan too. I am done with the MLM's until i see one that might be worth something.
    MLM's is just as bad as babysitting in my opinion.
    But i do know in the past week they lost all of my Downline, Where they went, Im not sure. But i know all are done with the Telecommunications Part since Anyone can sell for the BIG companies themselves, And most of the time beat the MLM prices.
    And, No i was not in BED with GV. I did not promote the Cell Phones Once! I promoted the Comp Plan, which in my opinion is the best there is still! But i refuse to be a part of anything that does nothing But Lie to people.
    That is the reason I have basically split up from my Downline, Because they are hard core MLM ers , which I am not

  65. What E-associates needs to understand follow your leaders and not the Clowns of Mark P. and Steve L.
    Last thing … TROY thank you to putting all this to an end, keep the good work on your blog , but please dont let Chris Grecco do to much "overtime" that way he can answer more calls. ( no bad feelings Chris)
    And do me a favor since GV is history I still have a huge deal on the water machine for a complete city, can you help me to get to the main company contacts for those Water machines that GV have on the website? I rather do it directly with the source that way I can assure my commission not that GV "BS"

  66. We never could sell Phathom as a stand-alone product
    LEADERSHIP(coorporate- master distribudor) – NEVER DOES what they SAY!
    Our trip to KC…Mark’s pharos mysteriously wasn’t charged
    Negativity we have to deal with every day!
    Ben Pialani – enough said!
    Mark P. – securities issues thrown at us daily
    Escort rumor – true or not…all I can say is WOW
    EVERY deadline we have ever has was MISSED
    Mandi (rebranding) somehow changed to an all new GIA – we STILL DON’T HAVE IT as promised!!!
    Simple Mobile SIMS with Simple Mobile scratched off and we ARE in Simple Mobile’s data base!!!!!!!!!
    Activation King mess – now they have a lawsuit againt GV!
    GV University lie…we did NOT get access to anything after taking the test!
    We are told to ONLY repeat what Corp tells us…we do that and we STILL look like idiots because it not once has turned out to be the truth!
    Now the “Smartband Network” cannot accommodate smart phones….wow!

  67. As for the list of complaints this is it :
    NO NO NO…never happened, never got it!
    *Roadside assistance *Pre-paid plans *Post-paid plans *Family plans * Mini Laptops *Bundle packages (wireless, VOIP, Direct TV, Dish) *Air Cards *Routers *Travel agent option
    “We teamed up with BEST customer service company in US”…did NOT happen!
    What happened to Jerry Neira (#1 MLM attorney)?
    What happened to Valeria (PR)?
    Who won the GIA naming contest…did he/she get the promised prizes?
    Wireless Video Calls –Jim H. said on a live call that he was actually making one!
    ACCESS to MILLIONS of wireless phones and accessories at dealer wholesale prices! This then went to Level 1, 2, and 3 with the average person having access to only a few phones!
    OH YEAH…the phones they finally got up for us…some were models from 4+ years ago!!!
    Ruth Mayne said we would be able to “order GV banners” – Did NOT happen
    Ruth Mayne has a triple diamond call and MUTES OUT everyone and only her and Jan can speak?!?!
    ID theft–supposed to be automatic…we got NO confirmation…we can’t market it.

  68. For the leaders in GG I take my hat for you.. thank you for steping out and put a list of complains. As for Chris Greco I thing you got some of that Global verge desease just because you never answer you calls and as of today my sims with 200 min still not activated, Im tired to call you all day and receive the same voicemail, so i wont even put my number for you to call me.I just want to know why you have a cellphone if u never answer? since 8am till 11pm we where trying to call you. I think is not a good way to start, hope you can tell me what time i should make and appointment with you to get my sims activated, today, tommorrow, next month, next year or like Global verge "COMMING SOON"…

  69. Guys, Finnally this is comming to an end, Global Verge had the fortune to put the best Leaders from different Companies all toguether and make Global Verge the strongest leadership ever created, however Global verge Have the most STUPID< LAZY<UNPROFESIONAL>LIERS in the whole world call MARK P. Steve L. Ruth Mayne, and Jan. I feel sorry, because Global verge without a strong leadership is nothing, Im Glad that Good Leaders in (GG) move foward and take care of their downlines , the only thing that global Verge will have is a bad taste after GG takes over their downline away from GV. Now that MARK and Steve stole all that money I wonder if they will use Ruth and Jan to open an Escort Adult Entretaiment Scam Now?….

  70. Sam,

    I want to weigh in here. You make a very good point when you state "we all make mistakes in judgment." Sadly I am seeing some folks who are continually making the same bad judgment calls.

    I truly hope folks start to slow down, really do some due diligence before they just go jump on the next great band wagon.

  71. David, just remember, "you too were once in bed with them". We all make mistakes in judgement at times. I hope you and your downline do well with your new company. So far I can't find a company that has a better opportunity, or products to sell, that people want to use. Again, I wish you good fortune.

  72. Hey EVERYONE!

    Ted R.: " We know what is coming and we know how difficult it is to pull it off. Certainly you have witnessed this." …???

    If THAT COMMENT isn't telling …WHAT IS? Folks, PLEASE DO NOT continue to waste your time and efforts. By talking to people about GV and hoping to put them in …ANYONE WHO DOES THIS STILL is setting THOSE people up for a GREAT dissappointment and for NEVER, EVER trusting you as someone with credibility – EVER AGAIN!

    There's an old saying …"If I let someone do something to me bad the 1st time, shame on them. If I let someone do something bad the 2nd time …SHAME ON ME" …!!! PAY ATTENTION FOLKS – our grannies may have been old when we were young and thought we knew it all BUT …they sure DID have some really great wisdom!

  73. FYI Folks …

    Global Verge Support Phone Number: When called to inquire about commissions states they don't handle that and that eAssociates should put in a "Support Ticket" to the "Commission Department" …SINCE WHEN? In the past 8 months when calling GV Support Phone Number (IF you could get anyone to answer after being on hold with bad music for 20 minutes or more) would answer almost any question we had.

    To our knowledge over the past 8 months, there has been NO special "Commissions Department" to answer "Support Tickets" and the GV WORLD CHURNS …STILL!

    To those wanting refunds – contact your bank and/or credit card company. You may have to close down your credit/debit card and order a new one. ALSO MAKE SURE you login to your back office @ mygvbiz and …DELETE your credit/debit card, then CANCEL your autoship and finally …TERMINATE YOUR MEMBERSHIP! If you don't delete your CC# or DC# …YOU leave your billing/payment process in place and they MAY charge you AGAIN. BE WISE and DO NOT take the chance …period!

  74. Well Gv Lost another 546 people today.. All Confirmed.. All of my downline has moved on to a better place, And sorry Chris its not yours. We figured since you were in bed with GV at one point, its not worth the risk to follow you either. So Everyone keep posting about this sorry group, And expose them as they are..
    Good luck everyone..

  75. Ted Your A JackAss !

    Your a F""""n Thief And I'll See You In Court!

    Your Days Are Numbered!

    Hello e-Associates,
    I have received so much positive feedback over the last several days from e-Associates welling with enthusiasm regarding my open and upfront communication of where we are headed with Global Verge. When our doors reopen in the next several weeks for the phones and the service (that we have so diligently worked to establish) the flood gates will be like nothing we have ever experienced, including the rush we had last summer. This will be because the offering we have will be like nothing anyone has ever experienced. .
    On the other hand, I have also been receiving literally hundreds of calls and emails from people who are worried because of things they are being told by who they had felt were leaders in the field. These individuals have been receiving emails and calls and being asked to attend conference calls and meetings to let them know that they should move with a team to another company that is being formed by them. They are being told to fill out a paper form so they can get their placement. Most of the concerns I am hearing are coming from e-Associates who say to me ?these people think we are sheep? or ?they think I don?t have a mind of my own.? I personally want you to understand that I know that we have a very intelligent base of e-Associates that made up their own minds when they joined us, made up their own minds when they decided to continue with us or even decided to put their autoship on hold and sit back. So certainly we understand that you are intelligent enough to make your own decision going forward.
    At Global Verge corporate we know what we have. We know what is coming and we know how difficult it is to pull it off. Certainly you have witnessed this. And frankly we feel badly for anyone that chooses to take a different direction, but of course this is their prerogative. I personally want you to know that we are here for you. We have known for quite some time about this organization of people that believe they can do what we are doing and believe they can do it better. We recognized it when they came into our offices to glean as much as possible from us about what our strategies are. And, competition is the name of the game. But with what we have now and have been striving after for many months, we know we can?t be touched and this feels so good. However, you have to do what feels good for you.
    I used the analogy of a ship when I wrote to you last week saying ?When we officially meet someday I want to personally shake your hand and welcome your friends on board the ship that made it through the storm.? I want you to know that I was definitely not referring to the Titanic. So let me reassure you that we will arrive safely with thousands on board. Also know that I am not referring to a rowboat either. We started in a rowboat because any new business has to have the help of many people to grab an oar to get it pointed in the right direction. However, if a few people on the rowboat feel that it should go in a direction that they selfishly benefits them personally, but does not necessarily benefit everyone on the boat, then it?s best that they get off. We don?t work from an ego perspective here. We work from a collective perspective and have rejected egos. Our approach has not worked for some people but we feel very strongly about it. We believe that everyone is equal. We believe that there is no one group or no one person that is a greater leader than another. I?m sure you understand the networking world and so you know that each person gets a few who in turn do the same. When you are told ?We Want You!? you should feel proud of that fact. You are a leader yourself. You are in control of YOUR team. Therefore, don?t ever feel that you have to turn in a certain direction because someone in front of you says this is the way we are turning; even if your team consists of one.
    I have so appreciated every call and email. My heart goes out to each of you. But we are here. And, regardless of the rhetoric you are being fed, we will always be here. We are not going anywhere. The only thing left to say is that when we hit shore, get out of the way because we have the product and we promise to over deliver.
    With great respect,
    Ted Robbins, President
    Global Verge

    I Want All My Money!!

  76. Everyone …

    WOW! Really AMAZING this past Tuesday nights call! Mark P. – "We have solutions for …", Ted R. – "We have things mapped out …"?? How many calls are these people going to generate using people and saying things like: "We're so excited …" – " We had a fantastic meeting …", yada, yada, yada!

    This is NOTHING MORE THAN delussionary tatics, diversified distraction and USE OF BIG WORDS to mislead the membership and anyone else considering becoming a part of or STAYING with Global Verge!

    YES …They're going to be the "Ship that comes in …" – – the "Ship that hits the shore with thousands still aboard and over delivers …"?? MORE LIKELY – the ship that hits the shore and breaks apart because someone is steering it toward the rocky cliff and in the complete and total darkness of night!

    Titanics, Rowboats, Oars and Egos …Oh My!

  77. Chris and Everyone Else Disgruntled Like We Now Are,

    We questioned those FEES with GV's eWallet several months back …we even called them! They said simply, those are the rules! We asked GV support WHY they changed from the other Pay Processor and they had NO answer to provide us. THEY simply stated …" the company has chosen this pay processor and that's what we have for now".

    It's really saddening and heartbreaking that SOME would lie about their income JUST TO PROTECT THEIR OWN IMAGE's and THEY call themselves LEADERS?

    What ever happened to being honest and ethical and helping others? As John C. Maxwell says in his book "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership" …"Influence is what makes a good leader …no more and no less"! Hmmm. Guess the so called "big guys" at corporate didn't take time to read that book, now did they!

  78. Hey Chris!

    Wonder IF the great Mark P. knows that Pay Pal DOES NOT ALLOW MLM's to use them as a "pay processor"? They DO NOT even allow "Affiliate" types! Not to sharp of them to underhandedly do this and think they're going to be okay. It's our understanding that what WILL happen is that Pay Pal WILL FREEZE their account (i.e., Mark P's). Then with all that money running through to him …he doesn't stand a chance of collecting any of it and WILL have to repay those who paid using Pay Pal!

  79. Ted confirms the sinking ship

    Thank you leaders for leaving that company and helping your distributors make the right decision, Thanks to the leaders that had the BALLS to do it. Even if you dont come to panther I applaud you

  80. When you are told ?We Want You!? you should feel proud of that fact. You are a leader yourself. You are in control of YOUR team. Therefore, don?t ever feel that you have to turn in a certain direction because someone in front of you says this is the way we are turning; even if your team consists of one.
    I have so appreciated every call and email. My heart goes out to each of you. But we are here. And, regardless of the rhetoric you are being fed, we will always be here. We are not going anywhere. The only thing left to say is that when we hit shore, get out of the way because we have the product and we promise to over deliver.
    With great respect,
    Ted Robbins, President
    Global Verge

  81. I used the analogy of a ship when I wrote to you last week saying ?When we officially meet someday I want to personally shake your hand and welcome your friends on board the ship that made it through the storm.? I want you to know that I was definitely not referring to the Titanic. So let me reassure you that we will arrive safely with thousands on board. Also know that I am not referring to a rowboat either. We started in a rowboat because any new business has to have the help of many people to grab an oar to get it pointed in the right direction. However, if a few people on the rowboat feel that it should go in a direction that they selfishly benefits them personally, but does not necessarily benefit everyone on the boat, then it?s best that they get off. We don?t work from an ego perspective here. We work from a collective perspective and have rejected egos. Our approach has not worked for some people but we feel very strongly about it. We believe that everyone is equal. We believe that there is no one group or no one person that is a greater leader than another. I?m sure you understand the networking world and so you know that each person gets a few who in turn do the same.

  82. At Global Verge corporate we know what we have. We know what is coming and we know how difficult it is to pull it off. Certainly you have witnessed this. And frankly we feel badly for anyone that chooses to take a different direction, but of course this is their prerogative. I personally want you to know that we are here for you. We have known for quite some time about this organization of people that believe they can do what we are doing and believe they can do it better. We recognized it when they came into our offices to glean as much as possible from us about what our strategies are. And, competition is the name of the game. But with what we have now and have been striving after for many months, we know we can?t be touched and this feels so good. However, you have to do what feels good for you.

  83. On the other hand, I have also been receiving literally hundreds of calls and emails from people who are worried because of things they are being told by who they had felt were leaders in the field. These individuals have been receiving emails and calls and being asked to attend conference calls and meetings to let them know that they should move with a team to another company that is being formed by them. They are being told to fill out a paper form so they can get their placement. Most of the concerns I am hearing are coming from e-Associates who say to me ?these people think we are sheep? or ?they think I don?t have a mind of my own.? I personally want you to understand that I know that we have a very intelligent base of e-Associates that made up their own minds when they joined us, made up their own minds when they decided to continue with us or even decided to put their autoship on hold and sit back. So certainly we understand that you are intelligent enough to make your own decision going forward.

  84. The latest in the Ted and Mark SCAM!!!!
    Hello e-Associates,I have received so much positive feedback over the last several days from e-Associates welling with enthusiasm regarding my open and upfront communication of where we are headed with Global Verge. When our doors reopen in the next several weeks for the phones and the service (that we have so diligently worked to establish) the flood gates will be like nothing we have ever experienced, including the rush we had last summer. This will be because the offering we have will be like nothing anyone has ever experienced. .

  85. Just recieved an e-mail from GV stating that things are doing fin and not to listen to the rhetoric.
    "I have received so much positive feedback over the last several days from e-Associates welling with enthusiasm regarding my open and upfront communication of where we are headed with Global Verge. When our doors reopen in the next several weeks for the phones and the service (that we have so diligently worked to establish) the flood gates will be like nothing we have ever experienced, including the rush we had last summer. This will be because the offering we have will be like nothing anyone has ever experienced." …" I have so appreciated every call and email. My heart goes out to each of you. But we are here. And, regardless of the rhetoric you are being fed, we will always be here. We are not going anywhere. The only thing left to say is that when we hit shore, get out of the way because we have the product and we promise to over deliver."

  86. No saul that is just the Global Verge Way, And further Changegonecome, When the number one distributor in your company only make 2,341.00 in commission, that is really sad, And if anyone says they made more than that they are lying I have the list and Varonne made 2,341.00 so where is all the big money at, and further, E-associates can you live on that? they are claiming you will make such a huge income, This list is laughable, Then they hit you with taxes and fees, Oh but you still have water machines to sell. Look thats sad, So when Jan Johnson says she made 30,000 this month, HMMM LIE, she made under 2,000.00 And Bud, Yup same Under 2,000.00. And hey They can prove me wrong just produce the check. But they wont because they will be exposed for selling people a dream they cant deliver.
    Chinese Phones are you serious? Wow, Hey mark and ted if you can get any of those I9 Schiphones, or Mini Clones on the Data network, Please share here, because they only work on wifi, So enjoy that data, IF ……. you can ever get a product to market. So why All the GV associates are waiting for something that will never happen, We are pushing forward and activating phones ON AN ACTUAL UNLIMITED PLAN! And further if you want a REAL i phone, We will have them for sale on panther, And we have them on wizard, Why is it we can meet deadlines and launch what we say when we say it but GV cant? Hmmm………
    Maybe because we have actual management and actual experience in the Industry.
    I have been poping up at GV meeting for Global Group throughout the company, I can say people love the fact we can activate them right on the motorhome/Bus out side the venue, Yeah I have taken it to the streets, Grass roots. We are pushing out the truth at every meeting, that I am near, or in the area of. And GV Im gonna have to bill you for support fees, all your GM1 customers we are activating and taking payments for.

    Chris Greco

  87. Changegoncome are calling to get paid commisions from global verge $1 per person,and they didn't paid anything from all the phones and activations that my down line ordered and when you go from acount to acount since april charging fees for setup, fees for processing,fees for maintenance,fees for talking on the 1800 number $1.00 per minutes to talk to a live person,$5 fees for wire your own money to your bank or if you want a mail check $10 tjhis is crasy totally scam steal money with all this fees, so when I made a research where all thoes fees goin i found out that they go to global verge acount(ted,mark) clear and free tax money do the math 100,000 representatives x minimum of $10 = $1,000,000 profit for this guys ?IS THIS THE BEST WAY TO GET PAY THE THEY SAID THAT WILL SUPPY US TO THE FIELD BIG SCAM EVER

  88. RobertPalmBeach …

    Distraction – Distraction – Distraction …well Dorothy, what are we to do? Kansas seems a long way AWAY, ha! Just KEEP a sense of humor and enjoy the fact that we have altenatives and we don't have to worry about the past …ONLY the future!

  89. CG, you'll notice that Global Mobile One no longer offers UNLIMITED data plans, their biggest plan now is … 20Mb.

    But, UMR offers the UNLIMITED data Plan at $79.95, and no there plan.
    Also, the UMR website makes no explicit reference to Global Verge.

    Is there a schism withing GV ? Ruth Mayne has decided to continue recruiting peoples for a plan she cannot deliver, while Robbins+Petschel try to retain the faithful by dangling "branded phones" and "dual-mode phones". And they'll be shipping in "4-6 weeks", as soon they convince a chinese manufacturer that their credit is good…

  90. It's really sad Chris. It's sad because for a long time people have been warning that this was coming (just based on the past of Global Verge founders). Yet we were called "haters" and people said that were just threatened by the incredible Global Verge opportunity. No, we were just better at evaluating a business than them and we saw this coming.

  91. Hey JT53 …

    Back in June/July of 2009 – GV boasted of 50,000 people joining their opportunity. Global Group is and has maintained separate entity and yes …the numbers show in the upper left corner s 28,479. The fact they say they are "The Number 1 Fastest Growing Team in Network Marketing" …well, that's just marketing hype and it's not abnormal if you've ever surfed and seen some so called "guru" sites or those that promise you a system that does 97% of the work for you or BETTER STILL …how about those sites and emails that say $47K in 7 weeks time?

    Better check out there – Being #1 Fastest Growing Team in Network Marketing" is just HYPE for those that want to be, wish they were or getting close to what they think is and you'll find that stated on websites everywhere across the board. Who knows if they actually are or are just wishing they were?

  92. Well I personally listened in on a couple of conference calls where Mark was talking with Chris and let's just say Chris is just as guilty for dishing out the GV hype.

  93. Concerned MLMer …

    You're right. However, that was WHEN Chris was on a contract with GV that he trusted and at that time had no clue what they might do one way or another. We all are in a position to make that same kind of mistake as has been proven by so many that joined GV in the first place and listened for months to the hype that WAS at the time.

    Chris may be guilty of not having the best looking website, and he IS guilty of focusing on "getting back" at GV and he's admitted that here already! As to wether or not Chris is being truthful and trustworthy, irregardless of his personal experience in promoting an MLM one way or another OR maybe not …he IS at least trying his best to provide an alternative that IS in fact viable and IS working for those coming into Panther Mobile.

    Let's all lay-off judging Chris and what he's trying to help with. Let's all instead be supportive of those trying their best to help resolve a problem and help people FIND some alternative. Isn't that what ANY good person would do?

  94. Hey David …

    Yes …forums DO take alot of otherwise useful time as do chat rooms and social networking sites. We teach those truly wanting to build a business and have success to do these sorts of things at night after business hours or on weekends if they're going to do it at all.

    Anyway – as far as building a website – just wanted to let you know that there's an error 404 message when we tried to go to your "leadjunction" site after clicking on your name here on your last comment. Maybe you'd better check that just to be on the safe side. Just a friendly "check it out" comment and hopefully helpful –


  95. Adrian,

    I have been with Panther Mobile for about a month, I have two phones activated through them and have personally talked to both owners and also to Chris Greco. The fact is that these two men have been working long and hard to bring everything to the table. Not promises the products but producing them. To answer your questions on "can we expect the exact same scenario distributors experienced with GV customer service?? ", the answer is NO!! If you want some answers I would be happy to talk to you, you can contact me thru this website ( http://alturl.com5ght

  96. Chris and Troy,

    Last night I got an email about the weekly GV training call. You go to the site and in the upper left corner you see "The number 1 fastest growing team in network marketing". The number of associates stated is 28479. The email came from Global Group out of Quebec. I didn't think they had that many in the whole company. Comments please?

  97. Just want to let everyone know that, GV has yet to pay commissions at all, Hmmm, wonder why, And if anyone goes to and once on the site clicks ctrl u, it will show you the source code, Please look and see that the paypal now goes to and further, Please see that their website is hosted at and further, all your credit cards and info is then public information, I find this funny.

  98. JT53,

    I wonder how they know they are the fastest growing team, when in most cases team numbers are private. But hay it's marketing!!!

  99. Chris,

    First I want to say that I respect 100% that you come right out and say that you're busy and a little understaffed. That's very refreshing and I give you kudos for that!

    However, I do want to give you some advice (as I'm not sure about your experience in the MLM industry). One of the main reason that MLM companies don't make it past the 6th month mark is because they have a very poor business plan. In other words they aren't already staffed and set up to launch a business.

    I love the fact that you're trying to bring a good product to people that were scammed by Global Verge. I respect that 100%. But I am going to caution you to not hype the heck out of your deal just to swing people over if you can't handle the load. The reason being is that you're going to get overwhelmed and more people are going to get let down. Most companies that start an MLM operation have an infrastructure already in place to help support a thriving business. I think you've got a great product and I just hate to see people struggle with the MLM companies they join. I wish you the best!

  100. No problem Saul I am actually very busy you are right I had to hire 12 more people for the Call center, and will be hiring more, Why dont we meet in person I have to go to seattle in 3 days to help an associate open a wireless store, We can meet then or if you organize a meeting ill help you with that, Call my Cell phone directly we can talk anytime, I am not in SC or Boston lately been opening stores, So calling the call centers wont get me, Please call my cell. No problem. We have some big things in the works folks, I can tell you that the entire leadership from another company is coming to panther, This will put an end to alot of people pain, thanks

    Chris Greco

    P.S. I am up front and acknowledge that I have been busy and wont deny that I havent got back to everyone, Thats just being Honest, Im hiring more people and Catching up, Thanks

  101. Hello chris this is me Saul from Seattle wa. 206-679-4233 ,I sign up and then what where's all the support you said you will give us I know you are busy but is been a while since you told me you goin to call sorry if I sound too rude ,but I mea come here and chat to try to talk you,and I hope not one think that you are not supplying us with phones and services like globalvergeee ,I'm happy so far with the services and the new payment plan better than any thing out there on the telecome industries comparing that you have to spent $300 to sign up just by offering voipcell ,postpaid cells or wherever they named it when you got a chance call me or emailme back keep in mind that you are my sponsor, The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." I THINK PANTHER MOBILE WILL BE THE NEXT EXCEL

  102. Chris,

    I'm curious about something. If Global Verge had followed through with paying you, would you have stuck with them or would you have done the right thing and exposed the lies you knew were happening right before your eyes? I only ask because it wasn't until you weren't getting paid that you decided to go your separate way.

  103. GoMobile,

    WOW! You really seem to ENJOY attacking everyone! Guess you've never, ever made a mistake before or been bushwacked by a company that's not exactly on the up and up with it's members? Not a single person who had anything to do with GV that has left is exactly proud of it all. As for Chris – he's been a God send for all of us that got harmed with GV and if it weren't for him, alot of people would probably be going to other companies that are scamming people too! THANK GOODNESS Troy gives EVERYONE the benefit of a doubt and thats WHY he has a great community here!

  104. countrybill, Good point! I followed your lead…canceled my credit card number just to make sure there are no unauthorized charges. Global Verge has not provided deliveralbles (phones), they have serious problems…I'm DONE!

  105. Just wanted everyone to know that all the Global Verge Domains were bought up today and all kinds of info on their promises and the failure to follow through on those promises will be posted and updated at or, there is like 20 domains but they all go to on place.
    This will also give e associates info on other comapnies not just mine, on MLM telecom and where they can go.

  106. Lesley I looked at both rogers and fido, Just like I sell both Nextel and BOOST mobile, Ok, they are both the same thing BUT, I sell BOOST, because its cheaper to my consumers, Ok same as Fido is to Rogers, OK? does that answer your question, Look I Dont care what company it is, whether Its an MVNO sub-MVNO, or Master Agent, As long as I can bring a good product for a good price to the table, And if Fido is better on price than Rogers then we will go there, I hope that answers your question.

    Chris Greco

  107. You Are right, I am not proud of it but mark did have me believing the Bullsh**, And they lied to my face, Ok but things havent changed, I own my mistakes, ok no BS no games Yes I was pushing them Ill own that, I always will, but I am doing my best to correct that mistake.

    Chris Greco

  108. I never disputed that my websites look bad, But they are much better than what activation king looked like, and further I wont hide the fact that I cant build a website for sh** but I do know wireless and I Do well with it, Further I admit when I am wrong, I am not disputing the fact that my websites are not the best, but look at our rating, they serve their purpose.
    And I dont live in forums, But i have four screens in our office here, I monitor this as I do my work during the day. Here is the facts, I am here I answer questions ok, Thats why I am here, So when someone from GV tries to spin it I smash it with facts, and further I worry about what GV does cause it HURTS THE DISTRIBUTORS!! Thats why I expose them, Thats a facts, And look I have to be honest here ok, I do need to focus more time on my people your right, I have fallen behind in some areas, That is just being honest with everyone here, We are Hiring more people in the call center infact 12 more tomorrow, and we are also bringing in leaders from companies like Monavie and Others to help us build the buisness and help us make sure we grow this in the right way.
    And that is being honest, and just plain real. We are putting together a Distributors Bill of rights, That is how serious I am about making sure the Distributor is who is important here, And I will continue to work for the distributor. Thats my piece.

  109. GoMobile,

    You do bring up a good point. People should not jump from deal to deal. We all know the propaganda can look great on the surface, but if one slows down enough to start checking the little things, then maybe they can find out if the company is solid or not.

    There is a myth which states… "Never sweat the small things." Well in business EVERYONE had better Sweat The Small Things" otherwise when the big ones hit, it will be too late.

    I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt. Chris may have thought he was doing the right thing. Mark P does seem to have an intoxicating story. Chris sure has not been the only one over the last decade or more who got caught up with Mark just to realize down the road things were not as they seemed.

  110. Chris,

    It has been over a week since I posted a question asking WHY 2 agreements would need to be in place with both Rogers & Fido in Canada, since Fido is owned by Rogers.
    Would it not make more sense to use Rogers & Bell, or Rogers & Telus or even all 3 of the major carriers.

    You recently stated that you are reading all of the posts, but again somehow overlooked my question.

    Secondly, my boyfriend & I have tried to contact 3 other panther reps by e-mail; I found through google searches… no one has responded.
    Their loss …
    I am not trying to discredit you or the company, but would like more information regarding the launch in Canada.
    There is a (significant) customer base as well as a team waiting for someone to deliver what appears to be undeliverable by one company, yet readily available through yours
    If you are too busy then get one of your Canadian reps to contact us

    Thank you,

  111. The only thing Iam wondering is WHY?? Chris sounds great and I want to give it up to him for exposing the SCAM we knew about. The big WHY is I heard Chris on many many GV calls promoting the GV SCAM. I guess if he was still getting paid he would still be promoting the GV SCAM. So WHY does anyone want to join a biz with this man?? I also have been seeing some other people post here that were some of the biggest GV SCAM promoters posting here now. WHY? Please do some soul searching before going from deal to deal. AS a side note watch out for the GV SCAM promoters they are now jumping and hitting people up for the new PLATE SCAMS Narc and DNA stay far far away and read what TROY has posted WE all owe TROY a HUGE thank you for all his work shinning the light on these SCAMS

  112. David,

    LOL… Chris and I have had talks about his sites. However, he did not create the Panther site or the backoffice. That site was created by a pretty well known programmer and internet marketer.

  113. Huh cindy so Im sorry to tell you that the truth is sometimes ugly, But its the truth and it needs to be told, Unless of course you think what GV is doing is ok and cool, I on the other hand do not, So if me telling the truth is Bad, So be it, and it is what it is, If by me telling the truth I look better so be it, But you can put anyone next to GV and if they tell it like it is they will look better.

  114. Troy, I have canceled autoship, but I still have access to the back office. I guess after 3 months they will delete my account. I don't know that GV really understands this, or can't do anything about reps because they don't understand the programming. I haven't shared GV corp info, but any prior rep (within the last 3 months) can. Besides, I think they have too many fires to put out, and are either indifferent, or incompetent. Just my thoughts, what do I know?

  115. You know, I hate GV for lying to me and everyone i know, However I still cant trust chris. He claims to own this big company, yet his websites are hosted on free servers, and still look like a 10 year old built them. I being a web developer cant trust anyone who says they have all this stuff and when I go look them up online, i find a site that is a mess and has no structure. Panther mobile looks good, however activationkingwireless, and unlimitedmobile looks like a dump. W
    Who in their right mind would even direct someone to a site that looks like that?? its all gibberish about GV on those sites, not about what he is selling, or the services he says here he can provide.
    Im not drinking Chris's kool aid either, untill he shows me he is a professional. Being here in this forum everyday is not being a professional. Professionals take care of their customers, and RARELY have time to throw dirt in a forum, much less multiple post in the same forum a day. Thats one thing I can say about GV.. They do not live in the forums. They do not answer to this kind of gibberish.. However they dont answer their own reps either!
    Chris, Just a word of advise. If you are going to do this, Be Professional about it. Stop living in this forum, stop worrying about GV and take care of your own business. That is where your priorities should be!
    Also, If you need a professional site done, Contact me, because what you are showing right now seriously looks like my 12 yr old did it…
    email me at and lets talk about it

  116. they wont go after anyone because they dont want the big skeletons to come out of the closet thats why, Maybe they have something so big to hide, I am hoping the federal court and discovery will help with that issue. And I wanna know where all the money is over seas, And part of the suit is to demand GV pay all past distributors and vendors, Monies owed.


  118. Chris can you please call me when you have time tonight, please Bro! I did not get a message from you when you called me last night, sorry.

  119. I personally think Chris is a great guy! He has told all of us about GV ripping off lots of innocent people like me, I lost lots of money because of this Scam! Money that I could have used for an other honest business. I know Chris is working hard to honestly help people that lost money. I know he is also going through growing pains too. I'll be more patient with Chris as long as I can. But he should also get real people to answer is calls because he is just to busy.

  120. Hello countrybill . Please contact James Garcia at 408-661-2920, I have some very important Information for you, If you have time call me now. Thanks.

  121. Sam,

    This is a very clear observation. I still wonder why GV has never gone after other insiders who have left the company and used the database. Lots of unanswered questions.

  122. I don't think Chris is putting anyone down to make himself look better. He is telling it like it is about a bad company that has, for some reason loyal reps, that are blindly giving their money away, and their downlines' money away. Chris has said make a change. Leave and go to WOW or Panther, but for goodness sake get out of the trap that I (and many ) believe is G. V.

  123. I know, Troy, he toots his own horn more than anyone I'm aware of. His assets speak for themsselves, don't they??

  124. Countybill,

    A HUGE Amen to you. Looks like I'm not the only one who believes in, "You get what you give"!

    I, too, have been thru the gammit with GV, however, I'm a firm believer in that, no matter what, you should NEVER put others down to make yourself look better. If what you are is so great, it's not necessary.

    Seems as though Chris doesn't know any better.

  125. i have read every comment here, i was in gv i cancel my account back in june they still charge my account i call my credit card company they got my money back, july they charge it again so i had to get a new card so they would'nt charge it again. i move on i join fdi i move on, i see gv reps crying and defending gv here how can defend a company that have'nt delivered nothing but lies? it's sad to hear this stuff, troy i like you and for what you stand for, the sad part i showed a guy what gv did to me and he still join gv he closed his eyes to what i was showing him but open his mouth to drink this kool-laid mark and ted been pushing for years. i join gv based on my friend leadership in mlm. to many lies i move on. chris i know what you are doing it's good get your money back and expose gv but it's bad how you are doing it on this blog galatians 6:7 for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap, amen

  126. Hello Chris, can you please help me out here? Gee! It's me James Garcia. If you can't help me with this problem then please refund me all my money and I will go else where to do my business. You should focus on all your personal customers here with Unlimited and start helping them, its getting very bad that your here and we are all suffering because of all this crap! Please help us Chris, you have a great business and I hate to see things go wrong because your all cought up in all this puu poo!! Thanks. SORRY Bro!

    James Garcia
    San Jose, Ca. 408-661-2920

  127. A-King, can you canvass the GV people that jumped ship to your new outfit, sound them off to get a feel how many ordered phones, how many received a phone, and was the phone in its original packaging ?

    Call me suspiscious, but I doubt the shipped more than a few dozen phones.

    Anyways, they promise to set up someting (very vague) that will allow the one that receioved a phone (that GM1 cannot activate anyways), with a branded phone, if and when GV receives a shipment of branded phones.

  128. Look James, You have posted here before, And to be totally honest with you, I have called you Twice and got voice mail. And also I will handle your issue call me, Where did you get that sim card by the way? We havent sent any out. Let me know what I can do as I said I am on the phone all day, Send me an E-mail, with your SIM ID and your IMEI and I will handle it personally, As of today Panther hasnt officially launched SIMPLE MOBILE, So this is my responsibilty not theirs, Send me the info ill fix it for you. Thanks

  129. WOW! this could really open a can of worms. I'll try to get someone to listen. We're working clear the air with these new License plate scams this week. By next week I'll get someone to listen and break the call into short segments and we'll blog on what's relevant.

  130. Hello Chris, Its me James Garcia in San Jose Ca.. I have spent the last 4 to 5 days trying to get a hold of you but you seem to have forgoten about me. Chrin, I paid for a plan through your web site and I have sent a ticket to support 3 days ago and no one has called me are sent me an e-mail, please my GOD can you try to activate my simple mobile chip?? This is really bad here and NO one picks up the """ phone any more and your voice mail is FULL too. What kind of customer service do you really have here??? Please Chris, call me today, I just want to get my dam cell phone working, I'v spent the last week trying to get some one from your store to pic up the phone. If you need some one to handel your customer service calles, please pay me an honest $$$ and I'll sat home all day to anserw all your calls!! Please Please Help! 408-661-2920

  131. and we sent this to the field this was why he was mad

    I respect that your upline Mark Thomas sending me an email, But the facts are still the Facts, GV has no wireless service only promises,, They sold you phones that they can not even activate now, It is plainly ridiculous, So here is the offer and its really simple, You can continue to pay your auto ship at GV and get Nothing if anything at all for at least 4 months, Or you can make the move that 2900 other E associates have made and come to panther mobile,, And Actually be able to sell wireless service, have direct access to the owners, no recorded calls, we listen to you in the field, And yup I know you heard it, But we have international calling for mobile, We have unlimited service that you can sell retail now on both GSM and CDMA, you can make commission on taking payments for all Prepaid wireless services, AND POST PAID SERVICES, Get phones for wholesale, And guess what our phones work and we can activate yours today!!, Those sim cards belong to Simple Mobile not GV, the plan on CDMA they are selling you you can buy yourself at go there and see if your number is listed, I bet it is, or for GSM, please dont continue to pay 79.99 for a service that costs 39.99. its wrong, and not right, This is the truth. I also invite you all to see in the following week, and see the review on how our service works, thats because we actually have it, Today we had another 381 GV associates make the Switch 13 were tripple Diamonds, also we had 1 of the top 5 people in the company move over today as well. With the top leaders in GLOBAL VERGE looking at opening their own company, it is not looking good, When just a week ago Ted Robbins said that you would have a retail site by February 15th, 2010 and Now he says 4 to 6 weeks? It looks like may of 2009 all over again, Do your research this happened before, When Ted Said we have warehouses FULL OF PHONES, It was proven to be a lie, So please I want you to make the right decision for you, If that is wasting money at GV, then At least donate that money to hati or something that it will be used useful, because right now you are just paying Mark and Ted your money, Thats it. Or you can go to two companies in Network Marketing that has actual service Us, Or WOW MOBILE, I am not affiliated with wow mobile but you have to give credit where credit is due and its that wow has an actual cellular product. Everyone else even GLOBAL VERGE IS JUST MAKING EMPTY PROMISES. So I look forward to having you on the call tomorrow at 230PM and I look Forward to welcoming you to our company and brining you in as leaders in this company, And helping you Build Your Business PERSONALLY. I go to Associates meetings Daily and help them recruit and Build their business.
    Hope to see you on the call tomorrow, For info see

    Chris Greco

  132. our response was
    Nice thanks, You are a triple diamond, But truth be told out of the 400 emails we sent out yesterday we got 298 people to cancel autoship and come here, why is that? And you have no ethics to stand on if you allow mark and ted to continue to lie to you and your downline. So if I have bad ethics for reporting the truth, I wonder what you think of mark and ted for spitting lies? Maybe your worried your check will continue to slow down till nothing, Look we filed our lawsuit in FEDERAL COURT, No bullshit here, You need to ask yourself why Mark and Ted have done nothing if they are in the right, And what do you Honestly think will come out of At court as we persue this, I am enclosing the doc for you to see yourself.
    So Just so you know, I can follow any lead that I purchase online, and further, If one person in your downline contacts me with a forwarded e mail and it has all of the other, BY LAW I CAN CONTACT THEM, do your research, And to this point the only people telling me to stop are triple diamonds, HUH I wonder why, You have the same opportunity as everyone else does here, and just so you know I am allowed by LAW TO PUBLISH MY EMAILS and THIS WILL BE PUBLISHED, just so you know, with the other triple diamonds, You know what people in your downline are saying, THANK YOU, not Stop , BUT THANK YOU, Because I actually got their phone active, and they can sell the service that was promised, Oh so you know, we have wireless service in Canada and South Africa, And further Frank Varone your number one guy, He is leaving to start his own company, And two of your advisory board members just joined here, Those checks off the backs of good people will NOT LAST LONG, in fact we have taken 3741 associates from GV in two weeks, What do you think will continue to happen? Just ponder that, And further tell me what state your in so when you do stay at GV and the AG hammer comes down I can tell your AG your a leader there, see when your commission is from 75% of memberships and not products, Its illegal and I have the docs to prove it, In fact we sent the to the US Attorney Generals office for review, I wish you the best of luck I just feel bad you will be ruined at GV.

    Chris Greco

  133. here is an email from another triple diamond mad he is losing his downline to a better company.

    You don't know me. I am an associate of Global Verge. My downline is repeatedly getting emails from you and even after asking to be removed from your list, you continue to solicit us. I do not think you understand or are being properly advised of the legal implications behind what you are doing? If you do not stop, I absolutely promise you, that as a group (my team and I) we will take it up with the authorities.

    I understand that things did not work out for you and Global Verge.I'm sorry for that. I do however find it extremely unproffessional and tacky that a business person who credits themselves as an expert in an industry, the way you do, continues to sling mud and infringe on the privacy of others without being asked. You have a right to your opinion, as does everybody else on the planet, and Chris, my opinion at this point, after watching this go on for a couple of weeks, is that anyone with common sense and any bit of business mind can easily see your motives and would never think twice about aligning themselves with this type of behaviour. What does this say about your business ethics? Things happen, business is business. Sometimes things suck and we have to suck it up and move on. To be screaching from the mountain tops putting others down to make you look good, does not do much for the longterm. Maybe short term you can cause some discomfort for folks but ultimately you are walking on alot of peoples' businesses, not just Mark and Teds. And we are getting fed up and tired listening to it!

    I ask you politely and with diplomacy to please stop emailing us. If you continue to solicit us about panthermobile or your business we will not hesitate to take this up with legal authorities.

    Good Luck in all you do!

  134. I have a very long list of chargeback from GV and I sent Troy a list of people 1240 or so who still havent got their phone they ordered on november 30th, So as far as us you can hear it on our calls everyday we are an open forum, I just beta tested the international calling plan with the whole field, as well as Canada, Jamaica, Etc, I dont see Mark and Ted Producing or showing anything at all just more promises, While Us on the other hand have SOLID SERVICE that works and that associates can sell. And Perry left for non payment, and valerie saw the scam and wanted no part of it.
    So it is what it is, Have you noticed no response from GV about our lawsuit in FEDERAL COURT, I figure we will air the laundry out there, Could be as interesting as O.J. accept at the end they will find for the Plaintiff.

    chris greco

  135. Wait a minute. Hold the phones!

    Global Verge used AKW attorney when signing the previous mobile agreement?
    What kind of Mickey Mouse company is this? Just when I think I've heard it all with
    these guys, something even more shocking appears.
    Hey Mark and Ted, what happened to Craig Perry and Valerie? Isn't it funny that so many people have come and gone. Do these guys not take bath's? And what's this I'm hearing about some Major Players with GV have left the company. If your still with GV, you might want to start demanding some real answers.

  136. Gribbit, I was even more disturbed hearing Mark P describe the new Order Processing system that they are implementing… It will have Order Numbers, Entry Date, Tracking Number … just like if they were a real company, you know, shipping "stuff".

    I expect one of the many reasons SIM orders and phones orders are getting lost is because their method that was adequate for Water Machines orders was to enter new orders in a spreadsheet, and do it all by hand.
    So, it instantly became a complete clusterfsck.
    Notice that they used a similar reason to explain away why they weren't mailling commissions in the ZER01 period: it was because their software was swamped by the high numbers of E-associates.

    It's Groundhog Day all over again…

  137. In his most recent conference call, Mark Petschel assures his flock that Global Verge contracts will be scrutinized by fis lawyers, from now on …

  138. actually My attorney had to advise them on some contracts, as well as the one that was signed with akw
    Croker and Croker are an e associate, they have NO ATTORNEY

  139. 10:48:
    (Mark Petschel) We have all the phones that need to go out … the rest of it up here at the office today, and tomorrow and Monday all we're doing is sending out phones… Everybody who ordered a phone will get a phone…

    The phone that we have now are TEN TIMES BETTER QUALITY, many of them are new, and if not are refurbs that look exactly like new … So, like I said, we're learning…

  140. Arthur, I must say that your last 2 posts are very disturbing. Especially the one concerning GV will have their attorney review their contracts, "from now on". What happened to Craig Perry?
    He was their attorney, at least for a little while, so I know they are smart enough to have documents reviewed. I was with GV as well, until I caught on to the games they play with other peoples lives.

  141. The thursday corporate call…we got the answer for the tuesday call, 4 more weeks of waiting to sell phones, but the e associates have a premium incentive program! Chris Creco's comment "sell phones now and make money now" is what GV needs to be doing. Of course they're not. I wonder what the top leaders are saying privately to GV management?

  142. Troy, Global Verge on-line catalog show phones at full retail price. I think Petschel just admitted that his company was shipping refurbs (at full price), without the knowledge or consent of their customers.

    I lack the courage to re-listen to that half-hour of tripe, so try your luck:

    I don't believe him a single second when he mentionned he just shipped an order for 600 phones. Who in his right mind would order batches of phones from a dodgy company like GV ? Single phones, maybe, but hundreds ? No way.

  143. _Arthur,

    Let me get this straight. Their COO or at least their former COO was a practicing business attorney out of Las Vegas, and from the time he was hired until now, they have not had any of their contracts reviewed by an attorney?

  144. _Arthur,

    I want to make sure I fully understand your comment above. Are you saying Mark said "They sell very nice refurbs at full retail price" of brand new phones, and not at a discounted price because they are refurbs?

    I just want to make sure I clearly understand what you are stating.

  145. Mark, come on, get real! I was with GV for three months and that is all the time I needed to see what was happening. Maybe it was a little faster for me due to my law enforcement background. What you should be doing instead of making meaningless threats is "YOU" should leave GV for a company that is the real deal and take your entire downline with you. Or you can continue to stay where you are and watch your downline drop like flies. Your choice. 25 years in the industry and you don't see it? You blind? Please for the sake of others that are depending on your judgement, don't go down with the ship. Cut your losses NOW! What ever you decide, I truly wish you the best.

  146. Chris, you badmouthed GV saying that they were dumpster-diving their phones.

    Mark was on the conference call, explaining that the phones they sell —at full retail price– are very nice refurbs. See the difference ?

  147. Cindy, I suggest you complain (formally) to the MVNO that actually provided the (basic) service, Page Plus or SimpleMobile. That will bar GV of being a reseller for them ever again.
    Also notify the BBB. When the level of complaints reach a treshold, the BBB will contact the GA.

    Credit card ? I thought GV could no longer get Visa or MC accounts ?

  148. Arthur, How about a dispute on your Credit Card for 'not receiving the product or service that you paid for"?

    What'cha think Troy??

  149. Mark what I did was not illegal or wrong, See these customers or agents are open to anyone, No offense but please contact the AG,
    See we are suing GV I will have my attorney contact your AG as well about GV. I understand you would like to protect the Money you get off the backs of these people, But what GV is doing is wrong And it will be put to a stop, See the way I see it people have the choice of free will, and to make an informed decision, And if you have been in this business 25 years, you have to have some common sense, Why are you staying for all the delays, Have you seen the lawsuit, Activation King is suing GV for 82,820 in FEDERAL COURT, lets be honest, do you think a company with the CEO who is a convicted Federal Felon for securities fraud, will survive that?
    Now you have the option to make an informed decision and come into a company of 3400 associates at the top of the company, No BS, NO games, Your downline can sell wireless now. International Calling, Oh we have service on mobile in Canada, and South Africa, you are welcome to join our calls 230pm everyday,
    Look choose for yourself, GV cant activate a phone, right? Send me the ESN from someone in your downline that cant activate, and Ill do it for free just to show you.
    Further You can come at a high level, Only because I respect the fact that you had the balls to even contact me and Defend GV I respect that.
    And the people I contacted, These were people that ordered phones from GV that didnt work, I activated 2 already, what do you think they will do, And this country is a capitalist society, So please I understand you sponsored them, But they need to do whats best for them as a business. Really how many more delays. Thanks.

    Chris Greco

  150. Troy I thought this was Comical, I was contacted directly by a GV associate because people contacted the company to activate their phone, and I contacted others on the Info I sent you so here is the email from this guy.


    My name is Mark Thomas and I have been in this industry for 25 years. It is people like you that gives it a bad name. I will be gathering up people for a class action law suit against you for stealing or trying to steal my personal sponsored people that I brought into Global Verge. I work with the A.G. office here in Arkansas and I will make sure you will not do business here in this state. You can stop this action by sending out an e-mail to the list below stating that you were in the wrong.

    Mark Thomas

    I have my response in the next post

  151. See heres the deal, the reason Global Verge cant activate Smart Phones is they are on page plus, And is you try to activate them it tells you its not elligible for activation. Now if you have one already active you can keep it on the network, Huh that sounds like the memo pageplus put out, Now again, if you dial *611 and you get the mobile pro message your on The AKW network, If you get pageplus, well then your on page plus, If your phone has been turned off and they cant reactivate it, well thats because its on AKW and global verge has no access to that airtime, So as for you seeing Global Mobile1 on the screen , Anyone can save a wallpaper, now if it comes on when it lights up, that just means the phone is flashed, ANYONE CAN DO THAT TO DO THAT NOW!!!, And again they are not following their deadlines, They said February 15th, Well now its 4 to 6 weeks away again, And what happens then another 4 to 6 weeks? Look folks and E associates it is what it is, AKW cut off Global Verge, And now they are twisting in the wind.

  152. Hey Troy and Chris!

    Thanks for everything! You know somethings really wrong when GV comes out this past week and changes their focus to travel and travel incentive certificates. Moreover, now they're offering refunds for phones and equipment purchased and/or they will do what they can …yeah right! Then on top of all of that …they're now saying another 4 to 6 weeks which we figure and guestimate probably another 3 to 4 months of them trying their best to hang on and keep others hanging on with them!

    YAY for Aaron Tipen's song "Stand for Something or Fall For Anything" and …YAY for ALL our rights as individuals – this HAS TO STOP before it comes thru the door again! Thank You Troy and Chris for bringing TOTAL TRUTHS to light and for being here for the little guys as well as the big ones too…you two gentleman are AWESOME! Keep UP the good fight!


  153. OOops, it seems that "World Roaming" Nokia phones and some others can do that trick, but no US carrier allows contracts on such phones.

    Sorry for the misinformation.

  154. I'll try to field this one, although I'm far, far from being a cell phone expert.

    No. No manufacturer makes phones that are both GSM and CDMA at the same time, it would be technically costly, and it is commercially impractical.

    Rival carriers operate the GSM and CDMA networks. You would have to buy contracts from both. Also, the digital processing of the radio signals is different, you would either have to duplicate the circuitry, or use twice the processing power.

    And if such a phone existed, it would certainly not be a Global Verge exclusive. As a tech company, they are a nonentity.

    In the latest call, they had a testimonial from Mike from Northern California. He said he tried dozens of cell phones, and not a single one worked, till he tried a Global Mobile One phone, which works perfectly.
    That testimonial is bogus. All phones in GV catalog are regular phones available everywhere else. And GV is not a carrier, not even a MVNO, even if they claim (or used to claim) that they are.
    Besides, GM1 is no longer able to activate phones, Ted said so.

    That testimonial is eerily reminescent of a similar testimonial 7 months ago, where they had an old geezer on the call, which was thrilled by his brand new ZER01 phone. Since there were never any ZER01 phones sold, that testimonial too was bogus.
    Oh, another eerie similarity with the ZER01/Gloval Verge fiasco, then too Global Verge claimed to have warehouses full of phones, which just waited for the Z01 SIM cards. Lies galore.

  155. By the way, Troy, you can tell your lawyer that Global Verge defamation threat to you is pretty much over, since Ted Robbins grudgingly acknowledges his company has not been able to activate any phones since 3 weeks back.

    So, the information you posted was basically right, and it did put Global Mobile One business model in jeopardy.

    I wonder if the UnlimitedMobileReseller website will go off-line. Since they are the same entity than Global Verge, they DON'Y have $79.95 plans to sell, or, if they sell any, they cannot actually activate phones. There is no mention of Global Verge anywhere on the UMR website.

    I wonder how the newborn Triple Diamonds Advisory Council is reacting to the news.
    Maybe they have known all about it, since 3 weeks ago ?

  156. Global Verge Doesnt answer support tickets we PROVED THAT, and further Yes there are phones that have both Technologies But no there isnt one that switches between GSM and CDMA while on a call that is a lie, and it sounds like more Zero1 stuff, I wonder if it calls underwater?
    It will switch when its sitting dormant automatically though from GSM to CDMA if there is no service.

  157. Latest message from Ted. "Looks like another 4 to 6 weeks on GM1". I read words like "tricky" "not so easy," "merging 3 system takes time," OK, enough already. That's why I bolted after 2 months.

  158. Latest message from Ted. "Looks like another 4 to 6 weeks on GM1". I read words like "tricky" "not so easy," "merging 3 system takes time," OK, enough already. That's why I bolted after 2 months.

    It was not an easy decision because my bud sponsored me. But I tell you, like I told him. Nothing personal but I have a son that needs braces, a daughter that's starting to drive, and another daughter that doesn't know the difference between homework and "gamestop."

    I bolted for another company that doesn't lie. Residual payout is not as high, but I'll take 100 activations times a smaller % payout, than 0 activations and a 100% payout.

    GV needs to drop the GM1 if they can't deliver wireless.

    thx for the forum troy

    Wiser X-e-associate

  159. Hey GV Rep. I left GV after two months. Dec and Jan. Needed to activate some phones and didn't see it happening with GV. My BS detector was going off big time. Called my handfull of e associates and told them what I felt, and why I felt GV was bogus. I would probably still be hoping and building if it were not for another legit company. check my site thanks and good luck in pursuing your dreams

  160. Well, I just had a conversation with a former top leader from Australia and it doesn't look like any USA based MLM wireless company's refund policy works for them. So only time will tell for those in the USA.

  161. Troy, not only they have halted all shipping, BUT THE PHONES THEY SHIPPED WON'T ACTIVATE !!!.

    You think their refund program will work ?

  162. Please tell me as I do not know. Is there any phone made the will work on the GSM and CDMA networks. Also my friend has been sending in support tickets for 10 days and called everyday and guess what??? Has not heard a thing. WHY???

  163. If you are one of these e-Associates who falls into this category dilemma PLEASE SEND US A SUPPORT TICKET INDICATING WHICH OF THE ABOVE PREFERENCES YOU PREFER. Currently we have been calling e-Associates who have orders and asking their preference. It is much more efficient to utilize the support ticket function.
    The most exciting news out of all of this is that once we are up this is going to ROCK. Our mid range to high end phones will utilize both GSM and CDMA to give the absolute best coverage in the market place. Combine that with our killer compensation plan and all the other things that we have in store for you and you will know why your gut told you to weather this storm.
    I want to wrap this note up by saying that it is our strong belief that in order to be successful we must position our operations so that customers do not distinguish any significant differences in service or network performance from that of a major carrier yet we will be able to offer special affinity to our customers. Other mobile resellers have little or no brand recognition. Because of the strength of our sales force (which obviously consists of each of you) we intend to become well known and well positioned in the market place. With all that we have come through it has taken us a while to get everything together to garner the financing and sufficient agreements so that we can provide the great service we intend to provide. But we have accomplished this now. We have been juggling so many balls and attempting to please everyone. This kind of action results in reacting to chaos and pleasing few. Thankfully we have turned to and relied on expert advice and are poised now to turn this giant boat into the direction of the sun.

    Bottom line (and I believe this to be the most important piece of this email to you) our commitment from this point forward is to under promise and over deliver. Take this to heart in all I have said above. AND, without going into detail (because I can?t right now) I want all of you to know that we truly are at the pinnacle right now and we have been working on a plan that will reward and benefit everyone of you for your loyalty. You deserve it and we know this.
    When we officially meet someday I want to personally shake your hand and welcome your friends on board the ship that made it through the storm. .

    Ted Robbins, President
    Global Verge

  164. here is the new lie from the president
    Hello e-Associates,
    Please note that this is a lengthy notification but very important for everyone to read all the way through.
    If you listened to our corporate call last night you are aware that we announced the launch of our Global Verge Sales Incentives program. We have already been receiving tremendous feedback from leaders in the field about what a great tool this is going to be for building your business. This is a very valuable resource that provides some of the following great aspects:
    Product overviews, including virtual brochures
    Packages to help you get started and save up to 45%
    Sales tips and FAQs to help you use the products
    Secure purchase platform and 24/7 member support
    To get the all of the information on the program go to Take a few moments to walk through the website. You will be amazed at the packages that are available to you to help incentivize prospects to join your team and also recognize your current team accomplishments.
    Also, as we have let you know over the past several weeks, we are in the process of branding our phones to Global Mobile1. This means that (once this is completed) when you order a phone through Global Verge, it will be branded Global Mobile1. This sounds great, and it is, but I feel compelled to let you know that accomplishing this is a very intricate process. For example, because we have a very aggressive sales force we realize that we must have an inventory that will not only sustain the flood of initial orders, but also will be perpetually replenished by our manufacturing vendors in a timely and systematic fashion. Therefore, thousands of phones have to be configured and shipped before we turn on the hose for ordering. Of course we are in the process of all of this.

    Additionally, as we have also shared, we are developing the tracking system and the ordering interface. This too is an immensely detailed undertaking. It is very important that the interface is both dynamic and user friendly. Incorporating the tracking system so that at a push of the button you and your customers will get immediate feedback and tracking to identify where the order is at the moment of submission, all the way through to order receipt, is at a minimum the combination of three software systems. These systems have been designed and are in test as we speak.
    Finally, having our phones branded to Global Mobile1 is not just a naming convention that pops up on the screen. Contractual agreements had to be put into place with vendors around the world. This takes time.

    Initially our take was to get product out the door to you. To get an interim service up and running because we knew how desperately you all wanted the phones. We had been clipping along at a rate that was consistent with normal growth back before June. Then with the advent of the telecommunications prospect that we had been working on for many months, the wind hit our sales like a hurricane. Like anything goodness comes out of facing adversity head on. We have taken heed to your voice that indicates you really don?t want the products until they are 100% ready. This is why we waited to announce the incentives program until we actually HAD it.
    With all of this said, I want to let you know that it is going to be approximately another 4 to 6 weeks before we are ready to fully launch. We are so very excited about everything we know is coming. However, we also know that there are many of you that are caught in a Catch 22 right now. That is, you may have ordered a CDMA or GSM smart phone and it has finally arrived. To clarify, a smart phone is a device that allows you to make and receive phone calls and also has a Windows, Android or Symbian based operating system that enables the handset to have such features as a personal computer. Unfortunately since we are in the midst of our branding process and our systems integration we cannot activate these smart phones until we have this completed. Again, this is approximately another 4 to 6 weeks. Please note that customers on existing plans that have smart phones can and will be able to continue to use the existing network and will have the ability to renew their calling plans each month. Also, if you have ordered a smart phone and have not yet received it we are giving you several options. You can either:

    1. Cancel your order for a full refund

    2. Have us send you the phone and you can sell it and make a profit.

    3. Have us send you the phone and then send it back to us and we will activate it and flash it with full branding. Note, in some cases you may not have to send the phone back in for this.

    4. Have us keep the phone and send it to you fully branded once we are fully functional in 4-6 weeks.

    5. Also, if you have already received a phone from us we will allow you to return it for full credit towards one of our upgraded branded models.

  165. _Arthur,

    From what I have read in the latest letter from Ted, it will be another 4 to 6 weeks before they are selling phones to distributors let alone retail. I had a company contact me yesterday to show me how easy it is to set up an API (Techie talk) to integrate the activation process for any company directly into the back office on a MLM Wireless company. I was blown away at the fact, they were able to connect everything to the distributors ID number, and within just a couple of minutes the phone was activated and the distributor notified a sale had been made.

    I'll just keep watching, but it sure is confusing why it takes so long… Over a year.

  166. "The latest corporate has put Global Verge back on track…now we have a premium incentive program"

    I don't get it at all. Global Verge has no Unlimited phone plans to sell, "the carriers" are not interrested in getting involved with a 2-bits MLM outfit.

    I don't get the "incentives" either. Who will buy the "certificates" to a 3-days dream getaway, value $200, cost $1.75 ??? How will one earn one ?? By recruiting 50 new E-Associates ? By selling 100 bogus phone plans ?

    Do people really get motivated to BS other peoples by a $1.75 paper certificate ?

  167. Mark is learning "what to do, what not to do".

    Well, Mark is "talking to the carriers". He's better talk fast.

    Strange, Ted recently assured us that he had ironclad "contracts" with "the carriers", and that Global Mobile One "was a MVNO". If he's a MVNO, why doesn't he roll out his own plans ?

  168. Robert, I submitted several support tickets back in the fall and they finally sent a reply. They stated that "they could no longer give refunds". No reason was given.

    I filed a complaint with the Mo. AG office. However, to my disappointment, to this day there are only 12 complaints filed with the AG. If everyone would take action and file their complaint online, it would get the AG's attention. I just don't understand how people can stand by and do absolutely nothing. Which I'm sure is just what Mark and Ted are counting on. Probably sitting there laughing as well.

    My hat is off to Chris. Maybe, just maybe, we will get to see these documents and expose them for what they are.

  169. And hey just so you know, we can actually do things like we said, I want the biggest GV booster on the forum to send me an email now, to prove to you we are what we are and GV is what it is, I challenge GV to see who can put the most phones on the network for free trial today!! now, also the First GV associate to contact me here that has not been able to get their Verizon phone active, not only will I get you active right now today!! I will give you full access unlimited minutes the whole nine for the next two weeks, No strings, I am doing this just to show you, We have the ability and they Dont.
    As for the Challenge, Global Verge is to Scared to take on Our company, I put phones on in minutes while GV well we know thats Days Weeks or Months, It is What it is.

    I welcome Everyone to the Conference Call that really Wants To learn about a real service and being able to sell wireless, It is what it is, We have it they dont and they wont, so join us today get your information and make an informed decision.

    call in 712-432-0575
    access code 145590#

  170. So hang in there, I believe it will happen sooner than later.

    On the latest conference call Mark Thomas
    an e-associate shared some information about
    what he recently saw first hand while he visited
    the Global Verge home office this past week …

    Mark stated that some of the delays have been
    due to the fact that GV previously had to depend
    upon some services that were outsourced to
    other vendors … but that was now going to change.
    All sources needed … from programming
    to our mobile products are now in house …

    Mark said that he liked the way Mark P
    put it … "We had a come to Jesus meeting with
    all the vendors" … and the result is we now have
    everything in house … where we can run on our
    schedule and not some other vendors schedule
    as we have had to in the past …

    Mark mentioned that when we rollout the retail
    sites … we will have a totally new back office as
    well as newly designed websites.

    Mark also shared information that the time schedule
    for rolling out the mobile retail site is around the
    15th of February for the triple diamonds and above
    to beta test all the links and ordering processes
    involved to make sure that all of the bugs are truly
    worked out and then the whole field will be rolled
    out around the 1st of March …

    Mark stated that each and every month our management
    team has a meeting with the attorney generals office to
    make sure that we are compliant in every way with what
    we are rolling out. Our attorney is the same attorney that
    won the case for Amway as a network marketing company
    to do business in all of the states based on the Supreme
    Court decision ruling … and that the next meeting with
    the AG is scheduled for the 22nd of this month …

    After visiting the home office Mark Thomas stated that
    was reassured that Global Verge is the real deal and that
    the wait will be more than worth it!!

    Listen to the Conference calls and hear what Global Verge members are saying
    when they visit the Global Verge offices and see first hand what is going
    on…. Last week there were Canadians in the offices… Listen to them..
    they are blown away.
    regards Desia

  171. Also I just want to say listen to the Global Verge Calls, since May of 2009, Please, then tell me what is different now, and also ask them and your upline where all those pharos phones went.
    Lastly listen to our calls, listen to the people in Canada, using our service, Listen to South Africa as we get them set up, and ask us a question, its open just as this forum is, and I look forward to answering your questions.

    Chris Greco

  172. Well,

    It will be interesting to see what's up. I know I received a call from an insider today, and it will be very interesting to see what happens in the future.

  173. The latest corporate has put Global Verge back on track…now we have a premium incentive program and there will be further announcements on Thursday's corporate call about the mobile phones. The e associates need to listen to the call and make up their own minds. I'd be interested in your replies!

  174. This is interesting GiConnect has been doing business in SA and Australia for years providing VOIP cell phones along with other VOIP products.

    I sure don't understand first of all why it has taken this long. I guess maybe with the attrition in the US, they need to push forward internationally.

    Time will tell.

  175. so now that that is there its a joke, I cant wait to see the open letter from steve lewis to Mark Petschel and Ted Robbins, I cant wait to see it!!! Because it will expose everything, The merchant account issues, The money over seas, the fact that mark violated his federal probation multiple times by soliciting funds, in another state. This should be interesting to see.
    Has anyone noticed that GV hasnt responded to our filing in federal court, Maybe its cause they are trying to get their tickets to leave the country now, I find it laughable that they are promising these good distributors in south africa and canada something they cant provide

  176. Troy have you heard the new call, That voip sounded great breaks and hiccups on the whole call, lol, Also I am posting the new email that they are sending out to south africa and canada members, they set a date, and I want everyone in this community to hold them to it.

    I am privy to information that I cannot reveal. What I can reveal is that
    Global Verge has all the financing they need for all the countries, products
    and services because there was speculation that they have no money. That
    is not true and Mark confirmed it in an email personally to me last week.

    They have hit hurdles which they are working through quickly and although I
    cant talk abt it, they have a solution to the SA Voip latency problem which
    should be resolved imminently. It has not been abt lying, but abt slow
    moving SA vendors and that is all I can say. Mark has confirmed to me that
    they have a solution to resolve the Voip to SA quickly.

    Contrary to what you believe, they are paying attention to SA as I think
    they have gotten the USA just abt covered. I keep get reports from people
    who have distributors in the US who say the quality of the calls and the
    service is excellent. Management has repeatedly said they dont want to
    launch the Mobile service until they are sure there are no bugs and that the
    flow of products is moving quickly and it seems they are abt there. Then
    they will launch the mobile service in SA too and also for retail.

    One thing I have learned, and I have been in from the beginning in all the
    ups and downs, and that is they just put their heads down in the storms and
    press on, resolving problems as they arise. They are true survivors.
    This is the company I have chosen to be with because despite all the
    criticism and difficulties they have gone thru they have never given up (and
    they could have walked away a long time ago, which is what many other
    companies do). They are bringing new services out that no other Carrier in
    the world has and, naturally, they have to work out the bugs before
    releasing it. I understand though that this is almost done (I am talking
    abt the mobile service). Since they are doing things which no other Carrier
    has ever attempted before, it is also a learning curve for them. They hv
    contracted the very best Consultants and some major specialist players they
    have taken in a working partnership (not the affiliate program but the
    services). So they are not bungling along, they have the best in the
    industry helping to put it all together.

    I am convinced that when this is all done, we are going to have something
    that will make you proud and regain your credibility. I for one, have been
    offered many chances of making a quick buck, but I am sticking to Global
    Verge, because i believe in what they are doing and I admire their
    toughness, perseverance against all odds. Other companies come and go, but
    Global Verge is still there.

    I would rather be with a company that tackles problems and never give up and
    after seeing what they have gone through, I am more convinced than ever that
    this is the company of the future. I would rather wait for things to be
    done properly than hapazardly, knowing that what I have to offer is
    something special that nobody else has.

    I can advise you that there are 3 new products coming out, two of which are
    worldwide opening more avenues for us.''

  177. Just listened to the GV Corporate call. Really just wanting to know where my friend Jan stands. Seems like she still stands strong. I'm baffled by that!! Anyway, what on earth are they talking about now? New sales Incentive program? I can't believe the arrogance of these people taking the first 27 minutes of the call to talk about some new sales incentive program for the distributors. They're all happy and proud of themselves??

    As for the mobile phone "project", Mark is learning "what to do, what not to do" and Ted "couldn't be more pleased from his standpoint". Now there's a new Phase 1, 2 and 3 announcement coming Thursday evening!! I'm outraged that I hung in there so long. As a double diamond I've been wasting $99/mo since August. Has anyone been successful in getting their money back from Global Verge? If so I want to know how you went about it and I'm sure I'm not alone!

  178. Your Majesty, would you be so kind to explain, for our information, what was the nature of your business relationship with Global Verge, dba Global Mobile One.

    And, 2. How long did this business relationship lasted ?

    A short factual answer would be useful.

    Thank you in advance, Activation King.

  179. Yes we have filed to have a federal court hear the case and since this goes over so many state lines and is over 72,000, our legal team feels there is a federal question, and we can bring this in federal court. I will post the decision as soon as it comes in.

  180. Concerned E-Associate,

    If you will notice I have asked questions on this issue, based on the fact the whois did not read Global Verge or any of the other companies. We will continue to watch the site, since Chris Greco brought it to our attention, but again, we are aware that at this time the whois, does not show any GV ownership.

    Agian, thank you for posting.

  181. Troy, the unlimited mobile reseller site is an approved Global Verge marketing site that our team was to use exclusively to market our mobile products on the internet. That site is in compliance with GV policy and procedure. This site is not a spin off and rebranding of the Global Mobile 1 site. Troy in all due respect, we need to report accurate information in OUR community. Finally, associates that wanted this marketing site paid anywhere from $4.99 to $ 9.99 monthly for this site, and it is a third party vendor and has nothing to do with GV and Global Mobile1.

  182. Here is the info I promised this is the preliminary filing for us to bring suit in FEDERAL Court so that we can have all these facts and everything they have done exposed.
    Go to to see the official filing.

    Chris Greco

  183. I will be getting the official docs from the seattle district court, as well as jacksonville and I will mail you a hard copy and scan and send you a copy of everything I get.
    I make those hard statements cause they are true if they werent I would have been hit for slander long ago and thats a fact.

  184. Global Verge Victims,

    I think we have provided ample proof, since we have used the words of those who run the company. Review all the audio's from last year to present and tell me what has changed.

    Read my posts and ask yourself "Why doesn't Global Verge respond legally to protect their reputation? Why didn't they have their attorney provide evidence that what I posted last month was false?

    And most of all why hasn't Global Verge owners gone after Steve Lewis and Chris Greco, everything from corporate espionage, to down right stealing the corporate database and using it to put people into competing companies?

    The burden of proof is not on us, although we are always willing to share when asked as we did last week. the burden of proof is always tried in a court of law.

    Why? WHy would a company continue to take good hearted, honest hard working peoples month month after month, the whole time never going after their former CEO and strategic partner to protect the reputation of the company? Why?

    Why have they never been willing to do an interview with me, when other CEOs we have questioned have come forward to answer the hard questions and protect their brand?

    Why is it Mark has to start a new company every two or three years, instead of running one company and allowing people to build long term income?

    The days, months and years change, but the same excuses from Global Verge are the same. Listen to the recordings. Remember back in the days of Zer01 when Mark and Ted said they had warehouses full of the Zer01 phones ready to activate… No phones ever existed… Now we hear they have warehouses full of phones… No service to activate. Each time something happens, Global Verge blames others, never taking responsibility of their actions.

    The proof is here, but the biggest preponderance of proof is the last of defense by the people themselves who have not denied in a court of law any of the charges.

    Only time will tell.

  185. Hello Troy and others
    I have been in GV sence Jun 17th 2009 and have been way more then patient, I would really like to see some hard facts/proof on alot of things that are being said on this site. So i could show these facts to alot of other members and we can all move on with our lives because the past 8 mths have been Hell !
    Lets see some hard proof and move on !!! Thanks

  186. Cindy why lie?? I though better about you? What happened to much Globalverge? You now lie lik they do?? By the way Cindy is also part of another Scam "Narcthecar" She is one of the big pushers of Globalverge.
    Cindy Rodrigues
    (712) 432-1011 PIN: 483294772# (10 min. recorded call) (Phones and plans)

  187. Chris,

    There is no doubt you are willing to stand tall as a target.

    I want our subscribers and readers to understand ONE VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE… I received a call yesterday from a Triple Diamond. He and other Triple Diamonds wanted to know "why are you allowing Chris to promote his business on MLM Help Desk?" I want to clear the air on that issue.

    Chris has contacted me privately since the very first time he partnered with GV. He has never hidden from the hard questions, and he has been willing to send me phones to test to prove their service works.

    But, more than that… Chris has posted some pretty hard posts, this one included, and not once has Global Verge, Ted, Mark or Raymond, or their respective attorneys sent cease and desists or disputed any of what Chris has written.

    I also find it very interesting that neither Ted or Mark went after Steve Lewis or Chris Greco for any type of civil or criminal actions. As I talked to my own attorney on this issue, it has become very clear, neither Steve Lewis or Chris Greco must have lied about anything.

    What other reason could there be? they have a telecommunication attorney send me a cease and desist letter over my reporting that Chris cut them off, but they have never disputed anything else, nor did they follow up with evidence proving Chris had lied this time.

    Now in all fairness, Chris, you have made some pretty hard statements above about Ted, Mark and Raymond… We all know of Ted's history. However, could you provide links to official websites, new paper articles etc. to backup your claims these two are "are a pedophile (Convicted Possessor of child porn) and a Drug Dealer" Providing some 3rd party validation would go a long ways to validating you are not just trying to get even with these guys for a business dealing gone bad.

  188. concern eassociate,

    So this is Ruth's site and the cross-line team ONLY? Or is this a new persona for Global Mobile 1? Has she given GV the website? Just trying to make sure we present the full story, not just what might be the true story on this issue. I check the Whois and it doesn't go to GV at all.

  189. Troy, the unlimitedmobilereseller website was branded exclusively for Ruth Mayer's team and another cross-line team of ours. This site has the ability to reach at the top of google and that's the truth. I have personal knowlwdgw of that event.

  190. That's very nice, but how come Ruth Mayne and her team has access to UNLIMITED data for $79.99, when no other small company, not even Global Mobile, can offer that package ?

    Is this just a recruiting tool, they recruit peoples, promising a product they know they cannot deliver ? Because that's what they have been doing for the last 9 months.

    Is Ruth a MVNO too ?

  191. Chris Thank You! I thought you were going to leave me to the buzzards! The call we had give me confidence about you and your business. Your cool and thoughtful as well. I'm looking forward to finally opening up my store front! Again Thanks Chris!

    James & Jocelyn Garcia, S.J Ca.

  192. I cant tell, and believe me I am not holier than thou, But I admit when I am wrong Troy does not give me a break if I screw up, I dont expect anyone to, So have I got alot of attention for our company here, Yup wont lie about it at all, But you know why, Um our system works, and we are activating phones, and free trials all day, So if your not with GV, who then, I have got alot of people upset because our company is doing what all these other companies have tried for years, So it is what it is, We are providing what we said we would while GV well its GV and they are still waiting, Have you heard the new threatening letters that if you dont pay your auto ship they will compress you out this month and you cant get back in for a year, Yeah that sounds ethical, and further It sounds like someone is scared. I would be if a company did in 3 weeks what I was trying to do for months. But seriously its over for GV plain and simple, The only company out there I even consider Valid competition is WOW mobile, And thats because they have service you can touch feel and use, unlike all these Excited promises of warehouses full of phones, Have people forgot the Warehouses of pharos phones that Ted said they had, Oh thats right they dont have any, I tell you what Ill send in real photos of our warehouse where their is actual phones, and I wanna see ted and mark do the same with the 11,000 I phones they have. I tell you one better, If mark and ted can PROVE FOR A FACT, THEY HAVE 11,000 NEW I PHONES IN A WAREHOUSE, I WILL KISS BOTH OF THEIR BARE ASSES, hows that? Really come on folks, If you just joined GV I am so sorry you have to see all this, but do your research and go out and see for yourself what you have in a company. Three Felons at the top, A convicted Possesor of Child pornography, A security fraud expert, And a Drug Dealer. Wow. Now for all the christian Folks out here, that doesnt sound too christly to me, Why would you associate yourselves with that. So it is what it is, Be on the look out for an open letter to mark and ted, from all the former executives and leaders from GV telling it like it is.
    Again I want to thank troy for giving me a voice and an opportunity to defend myself against these @*#&$(&@(@#& , and telling people how to do this wireless business on the retail and MLM side, and I look forward to growing with all of you, I will be in Raliegh, NC these next three days helping a Panther Leader at his meetings build his business, ………..Yeah I do that, its called keeping your promises, I know who builds this business, you guys in the field, And its only fair that I get out there and help you build your business. And I will continue to do that Retail, and MLM

    Chris Greco

  193. Chris,

    I wonder how fast you would have grown without Troys' free advertising??

    I think you owe him a HUGE THANK YOU!! Do give credit where credit is do. Stop with your 'holier than thou' attitude. Before you write another chapter defending yourself, I'm not with Global Verge. Save your breath.

  194. Easy Chris,

    I was simply replying to GVmember. I never once mentioned GV, you did. For your information, I'm not drinking ANYONES' Koolaid. Not even yours. I have bigger plans that what you can offer. By the way, Mr. Transparent, I still have yet to see you produce those documents the bloggers have been asking you for. Shouldn't be any excuses, since your the multitasker of the year, right?

    Make it a Blessed Day

  195. James, I've been asking alot of questions about Panther Mobile. I can tell you that every time I have sent a support ticket to them, it has been answered in under 30 minutes.
    Go to <a href="” target=”_blank”> and click on the "Need Help Now" button to have your question answered. I bet you will experience the same as I have.
    I do know that Panther support envolves much more than Chris.
    Hope this helps you.

  196. I did this 3 days ago and Panther Mobile has not sent me anything! I also asked the if they had a Tethering plan because this was a HOT thing and everybody wants it, like Fast! Till today, no one has contacted me from PM !

  197. yeah troy and they are paying for google advertising
    $39.99/m Unlimited Talk
    Slash Mobile Costs. No Contract
    All Networks – All Phones .I Need U

    i think its funny people will find out its global verge. and then it will sink as well

  198. oh Concerned MLMer um we have a infastructure, How do you think we are activating and shipping phones daily, thats why there are no complaints about service or people not getting phones, Because we have what we need in place to make this work, And just so you know we Grew 67% last week alone, So we will continue to do this and grow every week, Be out on the look out for videos on the company and Oh yeah people in Canada that actually have service through Panther, Hmmm how many companies have service in Canada? Hmmm oh thats right Just us, Panther Mobile, And South Africa is having sims shipped tomorrow for beta testing, Then comes Australia. So I think with as fast as we are growing, Over 1800 associates in the last 6 days, I would say we handled that well, And as we take on the 4722 associates from canada and south africa has so many I cant count, It should become interesting, I can tell you, we will pass everyone else, I mean EVERYONE, on Price, Product, and Growth. I have produced here at panther and will continue to do so why these other companies make nothing but promises, The only company I even consider competition is Wow mobile, Because they actually have wireless service, While everyone else makes promises, So we are producing Lighting up phones, and doing what needs to done to Grow in the wireless Arena, Its what I do.

  199. I tried to call you just now 6:51 pm est today but got voice mail feel free to call me back 888-909-4927 ext 0, If you get a customer service rep ask them to put you in que to talk to me, ok I will help you personally with your issue.

  200. James, I've been asking alot of questions about Panther Mobile. I can tell you that every time I have sent a support ticket to them, it has been answered in under 30 minutes.
    Go to and click on the "Need Help Now" button to have your question answered. I bet you will experience the same as I have.
    I do know that Panther support envolves much more than Chris.
    Hope this helps you.

  201. James,

    Unfortunately Chris is now experiencing the same problem that Global Verge had. When you lack the necessary infrastructure to support an MLM organization everything falls apart. You can have all the best intentions and really desire to offer people a good product and opportunity. But unfortunately (as we've seen over and over and over again over the last 2 years), it takes a lot more than that to make it in the wireless world of MLM!

  202. It is done by B2Bnetworks, and they paypal goes to a BuzzirkMobile, I find it laughable, Also if you look at the video on the site, its the same as the global verge, and also the maps if you same the image it says Global Mobile 1 coverage, So I find this laughable, Also this was sent to me by a member of the advisory board. So I will get a post together with the data stripped so everyones info is secure, But I just think its sad that they are gonna try and scam more people with a different face

  203. This site was created July 15 09. It was being used by a downline to promote GV. I to found this site back in the summer. It has recently been modified, though not much. So now they don't have the money to spend on their own new site, or is it that they don't want to sink anymore funds into a sinking ship?

    You can definitely see how this site resembles the main GV site. Paypal, are you kidding me?

  204. Chris please help me, this is James garcia In San Jose, Ca. I have been trying to get you to help me but for the passed week and a 1/2 no one is returning any of my calls and Kandis is not calling me back, please help me port my cell phone over so I can have my cell phone on again. Kandis was given everything Friday of last week and now one has called me about the business or porting my number over?? Whats going on? You told me that I can go direct because I don't want to do MLM any more. Are you not doing any business with me because I don't trust MLM any more? Can you please call me, please tell me the truth here, if you don't want to do business with me then please tell me so I can go els where and get my business. Call me please I had to get a temp Virgin Phone, here@ 408-375-6721

  205. Please forward any picture you receive with water machines and generators on the ground in Haiti. Also I would need to see the statistics of the actual water output . I would then bring the facts to a group already sending supplies to see if it an area we could support. Also have Ted call me direct as this is big news if GV is reaching and helping in this area and his call to me would be in Haiti's interest. Ted can e-mail at

    Immediate question I need an answer to.
    1. Are the machines built yet?
    2.who owns them?
    3. Are they in transit to Haiti?
    4.What is the fuel costs per machine per day?
    Once I have this info answered and have been contacted directly from the President of Global Verge,Ted Robbins, I will be very excited to bring this to the table to see if we can help.
    Thank you for bring this to our attention

  206. I remember seeing this site back in the summer. I came upon it when I was looking at the competition. How could that be their's and have done everything they did with GM1? Unless they had left it in place as a back door to their original idea. Which I must say is a lot better than what they have now (minus the commission of the top plan, $14 back to $10). Interesting.

  207. Well , I actually spoke with Chris over the phone while the superball !!, i think he just to busy getting every single call back but he is returning calls.

  208. your a funny girl, LOL, I answer questions here, Unlike Mark and Ted, Oh and my company gets phones shipped on time huh, So I must multitask verywell, Sorry your on that koolaide Cindy and I called you GVmember, but got voice mail and I left a message I go down the list and contact every one back, and I am available EVERY DAY on my actually LIVE CALLS, that I speak with the field on, everyday, so unlike GV i actually listen to the field

  209. Well this could be interesting.

    Chris, feel free to post, but do protect the privacy of the end users.

    Can you elaborate on how you tie the above site into GV? I think this will be helpful for all who read this comment.

  210. I just wanted Troys site to have this first, Global Verge has officially changed the name of their wireless company again!! and it looks suspiciously like the one they were using for zero1, with the same plans, wow. But here is what shows you its all just a lie and a scam to get people to hang on, The phones they are selling are all Verizon Branded phones, CDMA, but they are selling GSM service supposedly, Do a WHOIS on it you will see b2bnetworks which does all of their work on their site. And see that major mistake for yourself., I think this is laughable, Its just more koolaide, Oh and they say they have BRANDED I PHONES, Yeah Mark I can Put a Sticker with my companies name on the phone too. And lets not forget how fast the warehouse is filling up with phones again, Just like the Pharos 137's were, The Fact is when he said it then "TED" He was lying, and everyone knows it, my proof is their own call and the lawsuit against pilani states that Global Verge wants the 11 Pharos 137 phones back from Pilani that they bought, Those must be some big phones to take up the size of warehouses, LOL 11 phones, wow you cant even say he is exaggerating, thats just plain lying, and its happening again, the site is down, because they have no service, I have right now 74 emails from people at GV who cant get their phones re activated. Ill post them with troys permission and after they are cleaned for personal data, But it is what it is, Global Verge lost 2,109 E associates to Our company LAST WEEK ALONE, and there have been another 918 sign ups for trials of the company, Which 103 of them already signed up to have full status with us at PantherMobile, All I know is why mark and ted say they have this or that I provide proof, I am sending troy a pic of a phone we use with our brand on the screen not the phone mark and ted and no not a sticker thank you,
    I see a company Scared that its all over and they are about to have to close the door, It is what it is, YOU CANT ACTIVATE CDMA phones ON GSM networks, MARK and TED have really outdone themselves this time,

  211. Exactly Troy, And Paul Just so you know, Send me your contact info so we can go after you for those financial loses we incurred.
    And also Just so you know, If your company is SO REPUTABLE, Why are they changing the name of the company AGAIN.

  212. My apologies.

    It's just that I'm sick and tired of hearing from these people who are totally blinded by Mark and Ted's (and Jan and that other lady on the call) Bull****!! Unfortunately, I was that way too until I spoke to Chris.

    Onward and upward.

  213. Sorry, this was a response to Chris Greco in which he mentioned the agreements that Panther had signed with Rogers & Fido, my post was obviously overlooked so I re-posted it.
    I'll believe GV has a product other than VoIP for Canada … when I actually see it
    I apologize for the confusion.

  214. The only place where such machines could be useful, is in dry deserts, and that's the place where they don't work so well, because there is very little moisture in the air.

    Everywhere else, you need either water purifiers, or desalinizers.

    Their "water machines" are overpriced gizmos. Tap water, filtered tapwater, or bottled water cost an order of magnitude less.
    A bright student could cobble up a cheap distiller using laboratory glassware for about $200.
    You'd use it for boiling water and condensing water instead of making moonshine with it.

    Of course there is no reason whatsoever to buy such a machine when the tap water is fine in your city.

  215. Fido is mvno. And it doesn't matter to me as a company. I only want the best price for our people in Canada. And I'm looking at ntelos as well. Bell was too expensive. But again why gv says they are in prelaunch we have service in the united states and Canada. And as for Gv branding their own phone. Anyone can apply a sticker to a phone, oh and don't you love how scared they are? Quote" if you don't pay your autoship and stay current u will be compressed out and can't rejoin for a year" wow now they are using scare tactics to keep e associates. And the fact they say they are in prelaunch. Wow I mean how many prelaunches do u get. Ampd, zero1, akw. Really what's this one going to be.

    I can't wait to see what is said after they lose 2,000 more eassocites

  216. I'm just trying to figure out how they will get something delivered out of the country, when they can't even deliver domestic phones and service.

  217. R Wright,

    Even that has me concerned. I know the cost of fuel of all kinds in Haiti right now is going through the roof. I hope they have the logistics in order, otherwise the machines will just sit.

  218. To be fair, I believe they said the machines would go on trucks with generators. You hit it on the head with taking care of your own FIRST.

  219. "Could you provide further details about a Canadian launch"

    I have no information at all, but when Ted Robbins mentions South Africa and Australia, I merely assume he's lying.
    When he speaks about warehouses full of phones, he already told the very same fib last August.
    It was a lie then, and it's a lie now. The Emperor has no phones.

  220. Maybe you would have a better chance of reaching Chris through this post, rather than his Customer Service line, since it's obvious he spends most of his time here!.

  221. I am reposting this since it may have got overlooked a couple of days ago …

    I am confused here? But doesn't Rogers own Fido? I don't understand how 2 agreements would be needed. Wouldn't it make more sense to run with Rogers & Telus, or Rogers & Bell or even Bell & Telus or better yet … all 3.
    Could you provide further details about a Canadian launch … hopefully something better than what GV has been pitching … "it shouldn't be too long now.." or "let us smooth out the wrinkles so we can cookie cutter our launches…" anything better would be a sufficent answer

    Thank you

  222. Troy as I mentioned to you in an email, "When you argue with a fool, you end up with two fools".

    And yes, I agree with you, there is a biased stance on each side, and I am sure somewhere in the middle there is the truth.

    I revealed the answer to your first question in the email I sent you. I am sure you will agree that the source I had is indeed reliable, as it is a source you trust. However, after all my rants about violation of privacy, I am sure you can understand why, it is not being revealed here.

    To answer question number two…

    after all my rants about violation of privacy, I am sure you can understand why, it is not being revealed here.
    .-= Paul Douglas´s last blog .. Warning!!! Global Verge Is A Scam! =-.

  223. R Wright,

    I find this interesting since the water machines run on electricity , and is very limited in electricity on a good day, let alone now. Having supported in-county missionary friends for years, clean water is not an issue. What they need now is cash to rebuild, buy medical supplies, and other needed items. Maybe they can sell the machines to get the building supplies so badly needed.

    If you take care of your own, then there will be plenty of time to take care of others.

  224. Larry. Felt your pain. Been there and found what, for me is right, with a fantastic company. Decide for yourself after I provide you with info. Feel free to contact me through email with request and I will give you my phone #. Look forward to helping you decide what is right for you!

  225. Under the circumstances, your offer is very generous and global verge is likely done! As you know selling cell phones is simple or easy, the field rep has to know what they're doing…GV University doesn't cut it. If you can provide the reps with the knowledge base, Global Verge is really done!

  226. "Paul spoke about his experiences in wireless. He invested over $350,000.00 in getting started with Nextel. More than 1/2 of the phones he originally ordered and delivered to clients did not work. Period. Imagine having to explain that to your team. "

    How things change ! Half of GM1 activations fail too !!!

    THEIR NEXT AUTOSHIP TOGETHER. I'm all for helping others don't get me wrong but when you have been through so many soft launches, pre-launches and then almost launching it gets old. Listening to the call on how excited the e-associates from Canada were when they realized the scale of operations that was going on at Lee Summit ( oh yeah and more technologies, never seen a company with more technologies). If GV is doing so well then they need to do a humanitarian rescue on their own American e – associates.

  228. I'm bringing all these calls back cause if you go back to 5/5/09 Mark is talking about integrating back office servers so support ticket issues could get resolved. To this day I don't know anyone who had a support ticket resolved. The new e – associates probably get some answers so they don't raise any suspicions early on. I have to admit I have been in their trance for 13 months. When I got back on autoship in Aug. after a 2 month lay out I got charged 4 extra $30 activations and in Nov. there was a double charge $109.95 on 11/01/09 and $69.95 on 11/04. You would think with all the staff that's been hired, this would not be able to slip through. Takes us back to before 5/05/09 integrating back office servers so things would run smoother. I think it's not too hard to set up in the program to catch when there is an extra activation charged and a full membership extra charge ( in the same month ). You think I'm the only one this has happened to ?

  229. Troy, Correct me if I'm wrong, but I recall a post by a member responding to this simple mobile issue, and actually taking credit for notifying Cathy.
    Have I lost my mind again while trying to keep up with all of this?

  230. Funny you bring these disappearances to light. I brought this to my sponsor's attention, especially in reference to Craig Perry months ago. I guess this is what they call an "open door" policy!

    The leaders at GV such as Frank, Jan, Jim, Ruth are definitely making a name for themselves, though it's not a positive one. Listened to last saturday's Super Jan team call and instead of addressing the main issue at hand, she preferred to use this time to make sure the team new about the other "great products" they had access to. ROFLOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  231. Paul,

    Excellent defense. However it raises a couple of questions.

    1. Do you have proof this distributor did not call Mark, and that Mark did not call and talk to the host, and that was the catalyst which caused the hosting company to shut down the site, prior to their response to the distributor? Maybe you can get the headers from the original email to prove your point?

    2. Can you please produce the original documentation (e-mail) including headers so we can validate your claim "you caught Chris in a lie"?

    So far all I am seeing is two very passionate men providing just enough evidence to cause people to think, ponder and wonder what the truth really is.

  232. Paul,

    Just to make sure I fully understand a couple of things you have written. I am from the deep south… and shorter than you are 🙂

    1. You make a factual statement on Chris breaking a "non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement" Are you saying you have proof, Chris broke these agreements while they were enforced and had not been broken by another party fist voiding the conext of the agrement prior to Chris coming forward in his public statements?

    If so can you please send those to us, so we can write a current articles making public these facts.

    2. I did see the email you posted, but I did not see the headers from the email showing the route of the email from origination to the end user. If that is in your poseesion can you please post that to prove this is truly an email coming from the hosting company and when it was generated?

    Otherwise it seems like a former GV Strategic Partner on one side being debated by a current GV member on the other, which cancels out each side, since we would expect a bias stance from each side of the debate.

  233. Whatever reservations you may have, this management team is moving forward with their plan and embracing the technology. There will be other telecommunications products offered in the next few months. The commitment, determination and vision presented is of a company in growth mode, not a company on the way out. You can make your own call on what you choose to do, but I can tell you all one thing. Steve Lewis is open and direct. His statements are not at all candy coated and contain no hype. This is a new company in technology, with new company issues. I did a meeting for Bob Moore and Paul Sickler, the first Nextel dealer in Southwest Florida. Paul spoke about his experiences in wireless. He invested over $350,000.00 in getting started with Nextel. More than 1/2 of the phones he originally ordered and delivered to clients did not work. Period. Imagine having to explain that to your team. We cannot afford for this technology and network to miss a beat. Better to be slow and correct, than to have this blow up on the launching pad with phones that do not work.
    You will continue to see changes and positive moves in the next several weeks.

  234. Date: Thursday, July 30, 2009, 9:11 AM
    Compliance is still working on identifying and moving to shut down all cowboy sites and is asking for assistance if you know of any that are still existing. Please send an email with the website address to Steve Lewis met on Wednesday with his team, Ben Pilani and the Zero1 folks. They had committed 10 days ago to a revamping of everything within 4 weeks and are moving at or ahead of that timetable. The sim chip re-programming is a multiple issue. 200 or so phones for the triple diamonds will be sent on or before the 10th with manual reprogramming required. The automated reprogramming of 50,000 plus cards/phones so they do not have to be done manually is actively being worked on by the Zero1 group. Those sims need to all say Buzzirk Mobile powered by Zero1. August 10th is a key date as the phones and June commissions will be available then. July commissions are available August 15th and then that will be on track for the 15th of each month.
    These folks are committed to the continued growth of this company, getting skeletons behind us, and moving this technology and company forward.

  235.… If the new e – associates knew that Ted, Mark and many others were lying when they made this audio what would they think. How can all this be overlooked by Ruth,Jan and the other leaders that knew ( I guess as Jan says " just another bump in the road " ). This call also reminds me of Mark over the past couple calls, wall to wall phones in stock and hundreds coming in EVERYDAY. WHAT ? He also had 100's PHAROS 137 PHANTOM PHONES coming in everyday filling the warehouse. Also, I can't tell you how many Tuesdays and Thursdays they were bringing on and training new staff. By my calculations Ted must have hired at least 5k – 10k new staff. It is ashame how innocent distributors can't see the pattern.

  236. Chris, Im having problems getting a hold of you, first you gave us your number and told us to call you about the free 200 min, well im being trying to reach you for a week now, with no luck. so could you please allow panther customer service to handle that request or please call me to 615-7851853. I do have a question, since you have Simple Mobil licence are you planning to offer that tru panther mobile?. Seriously if we compare your service vs Wow service I see a lot difference in the service provided by them. So do you and Panther gonna do something about the DATA? everybody knows that now the technology of the PDA is really convenient for everybody, because of email, internet, social network, etc. so providing a service with only voice and text in 2010 dont think will do to much noice. So please do something on the Data part and please UNLIMITED is the Game plan. Please call me so I can give my testimonial of your service.

  237. How many new e – associates don't have a clue to what's going on ? In this GV Town Hall on 8/18/09 Valerie ( what happened to her she disappeared ) Mark Ryder ( disappeared ) Craig Perry ( disappeared ) and Ted talk about how they look at losing their wireless provider as a positive and can't understand why some of us would look at it as a negative ( I guess I would be excited too if I had all of those $99 membership fees coming in and nothing going out ) I wonder how many dif players have been involved.

  238. Skim through these calls dating back to 5/5/09 just different players and the one on 7/01/09 was suppose to be the launch of zero 1. Jim Hellman thought it would be good if everyone on the call was able to explain the comp plan instead of turning on the PHANTOM PHAROS 137. You talk about groundhog day, listen to the excuses for the delays from 5/5/09 – last night, just a different twist.

  239. So far Chris we have you breaking a non disclosure and confidentiality agreement, violating the privacy of e-associates by posting their personal information on your website, and then lieing to all of us about GV shutting down your hosting account when the above email clearly shows it was a complaint to the host that got it shut down.

    What we have here folks is a kettle calling the pot black.

  240. It was sent to me by one of the people whose personal information was posted on Chris's site. They sent the complaint to the host. The host investigated and removed it. It was pretty obvious to anyone that went to AKW's website that Chris violated people's privacy, and I am glad this individual took action to get it shut down.

    I also believe this individual took screen shots of the website, and forwarded complaints to the FCC, FTC, BBB and their local state attorney's office for review.

    So Chris to requote your comment…

    "our hosting company said they were contacted by a mark p. on my behalf which asked to shut down the site.. lol please guy there is no way you can make GV out to be the good guy here, No matter what. They are what they are, A SCAM"

    I caught you in a lie. I wonder how many other lies you have regurgitated through all this.

  241. ROFLOL………Roland, relax buddy. At no time was I defending GV!! Are you kidding me?
    On the other hand, I have been seeking the truth ( not common these days ) as to what happened between Chris and GV.

    If you will go back and read the posts on this subject as well as GV provider shutting them down,
    then my comments will become clear. I was being sarcastic as to my comment on your personal link. I just wanted clarification from Chris on his actions and practices.
    He has now answered my questions to my satisfaction.

    I originally posted here last year to let Troy know that GV had over charged me and refused to
    give a refund. Needless to say I'm no longer there. I'm looking for a home, and will do everything I can to make sure that I protect my family and my team.

    Tomorrow is another day, and I plan to make the best of it!

  242. Troy Page Plus has shut off all activations of SMART PHONES., So what will GV do now? HMMM cant wait to hear this weeks call that now they cant activate the phones that the associates bought, WOW I THINK IT FINALLY BLEW UP IN THEIR FACE.

  243. I have been watching the GV fiasco for the last couple weeks after – unfortunately – becoming an associate. Thank goodness I never ordered service. I was part of LEC in the early 90s and still believe there's a lot of money to be made WITH THE RIGHT COMPANY!! Who on this blog is willing to step up, prove who they are, prove the money to be made and prove the service and pay offered is for real? I have about 60 people to bring to the table. Thank God I took GV only to 3 or 4 of them. Who has the truth??


    15. Misuse of Service or Device. You agree not to misuse the Service or any Device, including: (a) reselling or rebilling our Service; (b) using the Service or Device to engage in unlawful activity, or engaging in conduct that adversely affects our customers, employees, business, or any other person(s), or that interferes with our operations, network, reputation, or ability to provide quality service;

  245. Mable,

    Great question. And it deserves an answer and some clarity.

    1. Yes we do review every comment which comes through the door. In the case of "My Simple Mobile" The info was correct within the content of the post. The email was real, not a blind forward. The website did go to Simple Mobile and there is a Cathy who works in the Fraud Department.

    2. Had you taken time to look, before you commented on this issue, you would have seen that I have talked to Cathy at Simple Mobile. Make me wonder if you put the post up, since you are bringing it up so quick and pointing finger at Chris. Just a thought.

    3. There was no fraudulent email… This again is a little strange on your part. It was just a comment posted on the site. Cathy was able to take a snap shot of the comment after I directed her to it, then she explained some more details about Simple Mobile and I told her we would document and remove the comment so she could get back to her job, instead of having to deal with this issue. Agian, had you read our post you would have known this.

    4. No I do not think Chris place the comment on the blog. Someone put it up. We do have the IP Address and will release that information under the direction of a federal judge if and when requested.

    But let's make sure everyone is clear. There was no email, it was a comment posted by a person who liked accurate information directly to Simple Mobile. Makes you wonder how the information could be so accurate if there is no fraud being investigated?

  246. Mable Sable / Troy you claim that you check out the info that is posted on your blog— however,there is an email posted , allegedly from Cathy at simple mobile fraud dept. this instructs anyone who has received an altered sim card from GV that appears to be a simple mobile sim card to photograph same ,an email to cathy, and or call the 800 # listed. Several people
    have contacted a Cathy who is in the fraud dept. of simplemobile and she said she has never sent an email to MLMHELPDESK ,and never heard of you. Troy, do you think Chris Greco could be jerking your chain and fabricating another false email. By the by, we recommended she call you to find out why this fraudulent email was posted on YOUR blog. better yet, maybe you should call her!!!!! { her number is on your blog}

  247. Paul,

    I do find this interesting. Seems if the hosting service turned off the site without verifying the info you sent them first, you and the hosting company might stand liable for potential financial losses which may have occured while the site was down.

    Just a thought my friend 😉

  248. Who cares ? The associates are being promised "fat commissions", so they'll push teh water-making machines.

    These machines reminds me of a dehumidizer in an office. I was tasked to dump the sludge once a week. Except that with Global Verge water gizmos, you're expected to *drink* the sludge <shudder>.

  249. PART 4:

  250. and before I joined GV. I was with new company that was doing some thing that no body is been doing and finally phase beta is finish and they lunching globally with this new tegnology to make FREE international CALLS FROM YOUR 3G CELLPHONE,ATA OR EVEN FROM YOU COMPUTER TO ANY 3G CELLPHONE IN OUR NETWORKAND THE MOST ECSIDED PART IS THAT YOU MAKE MONEY JUST BY GIVING FREE WEBPHONES AND TREE LANGUAGES SPANISH,ENGLISH,PORTUGES AND VERY SOON CHINESE AND JAPANESE AND ALSO A NEW TEGNOLOGY FOR ADDVERTISING CHEAPER THAN GOOGLE WITH Odyssey user Geographical Location Technology, called GeoLocation Finder™, to know where you are in the world at any time,you can built two business of the same time or find a good lead around the globe wauu CHRIS I BELIEVE YOU CAN JOIN FORCES WITH THIS GUYS TO USE YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND THEIR UNIQUE VOIP TEGNOLOGY TO MAKE CHEAP INTERNATIONAL CALLS FROM YOUR CELLPHONE

  251. "IT NEVER SAFE TO LOOK INTO THE FUTURE WITH EYES OF FEAR." part 2: this blog was very help full to understand about this company I was so blind if I did found this blog God knows where I will take my people most of them they been since the Zerooooo 1 5g big lie and the worst thing is that several of them didn't have a job and they used their savings to keep the autoship and their expenses thinking that very soon they will make some money 60% it was hispanics and they want to make international calls.Chris thoese cell phones work greate all a took was 3 hrs done 200 free minutes good signal,they happy and they still believing on their dreams ,sorry folks if I make you bored with all this ,but some how I had to let off my steam , before I killed my Dreams ,

    Wuaoo I'm so excited from my stand point , sorry that was the only lines that I could remember on those old days when I was on the concentration camp of those fathead comunist,moneysuckers call leaders ,that all they think is how to steal peoples money 2 Timothy 3:2-5,
    I REFUSE TO LEFT TO BELIEVE ON NETWORKMARKETING(I believe theres still good companies out there)I REFUSE TO LEFT TO BELIEVE ON LEADERSHIP (I believe theres still good leaders on this industries)I REFUSE TO LEFT TO BELIEVE ON MY DREAMS (I believe they belong to me and not body can't take it away from me)I REFUSE TO LEFT TO BELIEVE ON PROSPERITY (Because God say 1 Timothy 5:18 “You shall not muzzle an ox while it treads out the grain and, “The laborer is worthy of his wages.)I REFUSE TO LEFT TO BELIEVE ON GOD (Because is not His foul that I been taking bad choices Psalm 92:5-8) Thanks Chris and Troy atte Saul- GLOBAL VISION TEAM

  253. This is from Ted Robbins, Another Promise not Kept.

    6. International VOIP – We have VOIP Canada up on our Global Talk Smart sites. The VOIP plan is great at $32.99 for international calling to over 30+ countries. However, we have discovered that the 800 number that is currently on the site does not work from Canada and also that the postal code section only allowed for a 5 digit field. Both of these items will be fixed today and we apologize for the inconvenience these discrepancies have caused.
    For South Africa and Australia we have mapped out the plans and costs and we will be finalizing these this week in the hopes of getting out before year’s end.
    7. International Global Mobile1 – We are in the process of reviewing final agreements for mobile in Canada. Once this has been done we will set up replicated sites for our Canadian e-Associates to sell the Global Mobile1 service. We are very close. Australia is our next mobile focus point and we are in the process of developing agreements there.
    We have been concentrating on getting all the bugs worked out in the US so that we can feel confident in our international roll out.
    As always thank you for your patience and understanding as we move through these very exciting times.
    Ted Robbins, President
    Global Verge

    Well we know they have no cellular service, HMMM, wooops my bad, and also definetley have nothing on the table nor will they for years for Canada, South Africa, Or Australia, So everyone remeber that call Tuesday? Now 30 days from now when the e associates cant sell the wireless service what then, Give them another 30 days, Enough is Enough, I am announcing something VERY VERY VERY BIG, And when I do this It could sink that ship as E associates will have no risk and can see for themselves. This isnt as big as what WOW announced, 100k distributors, Well GV doesnt have that, But I will Have something out there FOR GV E ASSOCIATES, TO MAKE A WISE DECISION, and it will be the only time I do this, It will cost me potentially alot of money, But these distributors have been burned, and this should settle the facts once and for all who is trying to help the e associates.
    Big announcement coming, I promise. I may have it on the call later today at 2:30 p.m.
    And yes We work late, actually work late Ted and Mark its 1:47am here, and were building our company for these associates. Dont be surprised to see some big names Jump ship.

  254. And they renew only 3 plans, Basic ($39.99), Basic+SMS ($49.99) and Basic+SMS+50Mb
    the UNLIMITED plans are just gone !

    The activations are an easy 15-steps process.

    In their most recent conference call, they seem to indicate that activations is a process to complex for them to handle, they'll start selling pre-activated, GM1-branded phones …

  255. Nice try Chris.

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Yola Support <>
    Date: Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 11:51 PM
    Subject: RE: Abuse report: Other Illegal Activity {171515}
    To: removed

    Request UpdateView the complete request history


    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. In response to your report we have disabled the site. If you ever wish to report an abuse of our service in future, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Sincerely, The Yola Abuse Team

    Report Abuse | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy

  256. Troy,

    Sorry to hear this. This makes me even more furious that GV is doing this.What scums they really are. I hope Troy that the AG will shut them down very soon.

  257. Just a question, Now that It is going to take 30 to 60 days for GV to get a site up then who knows how long it will be before they open retail, Oh they lost the unlimited plans, Huh I guess what was reported was right troy, AKW did cut them off, And further what happened to simple mobile mark, Oh thats right you were Cut off. I love how everyone is excited at GV, are they excited that they are losing Associates everyday to a real company that actually provides the service that is promised. Cant wait to here the Call where they are Bummed out, But hey they would lie and say they were excited, So why they are getting their new site and 30 to 60 days will turn into 120 days and they will still be excited. I feel bad for the people who have paid the 79.99 for the unlimited service last week? where is the refund GV, huh bet the e associates wont see that either.
    Well as I said while everyone is waiting for their ability to sell at GV, you can sell Not only at Panther but At Wow, Yes I said it, Have to be fair, and their is more than one option, Of course I think ours is better, But just know you dont have to stay their and take it any longer. Make the right choice for yourself and Start selling now, otherwise everyone will have passed you up in Six months and they still have nothing you would be far behind.
    Think about it, if they had it, you would have it, they just cant do it right. Nor will they ever.

    Chris Greco

  258. Chris,

    Thanks for sending the pictures of the store, I will do a post and get them live so folks can see you really do have stores.

  259. _Arthur,

    When we checked on these machines GV was charging folks about $400 more than the company sold them for. Will these be exclusive to GV or just the regular machines?

  260. YOU WONT BELIEVE THIS S**T Today I got a text message on my so called Global Mobile 1 GSM cell phone. The message stated That it was time for me to pay my cell bill for the next month. Now there is nothing out of the ordinary about that except the text came from Simple Mobile and not Global Mobile 1. I then contacted Simple Mobile customer service and gave them my cell number only. Then to my surprise they pulled up my account information. They verified my name, address, cc info ect. So I dug a little deeper and asked how much was my bill. The CS rep stated my bill was $55 for unlimited talk, text, with 40 megs of data. But I was expecting them to say $79.95 with the talk, text and unlimited data that I subscribed to last month. The Simple Mobile rep stated that they only provide 40 megs of data no unlimited data pkg exists. And that would explain why I never got my data to work. I will be contacting Global Verge in the morning to get a full refund for last months service. I call it a flat out lie and a bait and switch. Global Verge has given me the worst business experience in my life.

  261. New models of Water Machines coming up, with fat commissions.

    "Consultants are giving us phenomenal advice from a business standpoint !!"

  262. The Wizard site so you know is only one site their isnt any relicated site, And when people were signing up with wizard, they hadnt got their sites done yet and further their was a field on wizard where people in order to sign up had to mention who refered them with their Wizard ID, does that answer your question, Thanks for doing your research. As For Panther those people who signed on its called spill over.
    Thanks for your research.

  263. Lee,

    Thank you. I learned a long time ago, tell the truth, and admit when you are wrong. Our goal is to provide the facts, and yes some opinion, but most of all give a big picture for folks to know what they are getting into.

    Again thank you.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  264. The same article was working fine yesterday, I cannot open it today with Safari.
    Using Firefox right nowjust for this particular article. The other articles on this site open fine.
    Clicking on the title, or on the comments field, or accessing it by its Google URL, all the same results.
    I'm told that Chrome has no problem with the URL either. Only Safari.

  265. I am confused here…?__But doesn't Rogers own Fido? __I don't understand how 2 agreements would be needed.__Wouldn't it make more sense to run with Rogers & Telus, or Rogers & Bell or even Bell & Telus or better yet … all 3__Could you provide further details about a Canadian launch … hopefully something better than … "it shouldn't be too long now.." or "let us smooth out the wrinkles so we can cookie cutter our launches…" would be sufficient____Thank you

  266. Hi Troy,
    I have watched your videos and read your commentaries on G.V., and also on Randy Jeffers and Liberty International. I truly appreciate your candor, and the way in which you seem to be so concerned with getting to the truth of the matter. I appreciated the way in which you made a correction when it came to Randy Jeffers. I believe that it is both important and very necessary for those of us who are uneducated in the ways and wiles of many MLM companies, as well as start ups, to have an unbiased investigative voice which speaks on our behalf. I have been maintaining a wait and see attitude toward G.V., and have not been wanting to jump to hasty conclusions regarding either side of this war. The bottom line in any sales scenario is in the fulfillment. I am also very disappointed in the lack of fulfillment, and the lack of commitment on the part of G.V. toward it's reps…it's customers, it's back bone. Out of sheer frustration, I ordered a phone from WOW mobile, and received it in 2 weeks, including weekends. It works great, and does everything that WOW Mobile claims it will do.
    I have to say that all of the talk in world holds no water, much like a bucket full of buckshot holes.
    I just want to put in a good word for Liberty, and to say thanks for the wake up calls from you.
    Keep up the good fight brother.

  267. Troy I wanted to say that chris is real, He just got done opening my store here in south carolina, That was the store that he sent you pictures for. He came here and spent two days, I paid him not a dime troy, he opened my wizard store, and got me all set up and showed me and my wife how to do this business. Anyone can call me here at anytime. Chris brought up this page and I sure am learning alot about the MLM industry, thank you for your info, Please feel free if you are a panther agent you can come get help with your panther products at 1415 Hwy 501, Myrtle Beach, SC. 29577 and our number is 843-957-8535.

    Thanks again chris, And this is a wizard store, but with the new company we gladly will help any panther people, thanks for the education troy

  268. Also please tell the forum what simple mobile considers Global Verge and Global Mobile, Being you are an E associate, and are seeing the truth for yourself, Please email About this issue, if your sim card has been defaced or altered simple mobile will send you a replacement and get it active for you, they want them so that they can move a fraud case against them. Thanks.

    Chris Greco

  269. GripAndRipit, I used to be like you. I defended Global Verge because I kept believing in them. But when you send support tickets to GV and the replies come back with answers that doesn't even have anything to do with what I asked, and then you call and you get a looping message so you could never leave a message… eventually that wears you down and then I finally got my head out of my ass and said enough is enough. No communication, delays, hyped up talkshoe calls, and not even sure if they can stay in business in the next month.

    And why do you ask "why on earth would they give their own personal link?" I have nothing to hide, I signed up under a sponsor so what's the big deal? Whether it's Chris or not, all I know is that I'm getting service and I'm going to build up my business.

    If you want to talk to me, email me and I'll give you my phone number if you need proof I'm not Chris. Geez, maybe you need to get your head out of your ass.

  270. Did you see this on the mobile site:
    The Global Mobile 1 website is under construction and being redone with a new site.
    You can still Activate your SIM CARD and plan by clicking here.
    You can Activate a CDMA Phone and plan by clicking here.
    If you need to renew your current plan with Global Mobile1 please click here.
    Thank You for Your Patience.

    Another site. LMAO. Good lord, I have never seen more changes and excuses for why things are going wrong then at GV. What a joke.

  271. Troy, the link to this blog entry (and only this one) fails in Safari, I have been forced to download Firefox to post this.

    The error message I get with Safari:

    Bad Request

    Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
    client sent HTTP/1.1 request without hostname (see RFC2616 section 14.23): /2010/02/02/mlm-help-desk-and-troy-dooly-officially-responds-to-global-verge-through-mlm-attorney-kevin-thompson/

  272. I wish that Global Verge had been able to provide the e associates with real deliverables (cell phones), it could have been a "VERY EXCITING" venture…to date they have not. The last corporate call was just more of the same. Hype doesn't cut it! When I hear hype over and over…I get very cautious and skeptical. For those of you that put time and money to build a GV business…don't get discouraged or beat yourself up! It may be time to move on.

    I wish you all the best of success!!!

  273. Wowmobile gives you your 1st month. Refer 3 and your service will always be FREE. That is unlimited everything with no data caps.

  274. Global Verge leaders, Ted, Mark, Ruth, and Jan have certainly branded their company with the public.
    That brand screams,"Coming soon" and "We are excited"

    Listened to corporate call from 2/2/10 and compared it to call from 2/2/09. Amazing how close in content they sounded. All you hear is "coming soon", and "we are excited".

    Ted's very last statement on Tuesday's call, "next call should be pretty exciting"

    My question to the leaders. When are you going to let the "e" associates be EXCITED?

    Wayne Askew

  275. "If some of the Triple Diamond so-called leaders would get on a plane or in a car and go to the GV home office and demand answers"

    What home office ? Their home office is a PO Box !
    Besides, now Global Verge, D/B/A Global Mobile One, has an Advisory Council, entirely made of Triple Zircon "leaders". The mind boggles how they will "advise" the real bosses.

    But now, GV has this nifty brand-new Order Tracking System. They will know accurately everything they aren't delivering. Ain't that wonderful ?

  276. Hmmmm…….Chris, why is it that Roland signed up under you, but doesn't use your Panther site in his signature link. This one actually goes to his affiliate site. Now why on earth would they give their own personal link? ____And we are still waiting for your response to multiple ID's from this site going to your unlimited wizard site. You disputed the multiple ID's going to your Panther site, but failed to mention anything about those going to unlimited wizard.

    Just doing my research!

  277. Chris,

    I have yet, to find any company who offers FREE cell time for anyone, inside or outside of MLM, but I will continue to search.

  278. If some of the Triple Diamond so-called leaders would get on a plane or in a car and go to the GV home office and demand answers, they could put an end to all of this in a hurry, one way or another. But they have nothing between their legs and have been morally and ethically neutered. So instead of determining credibility they stay home and recruit hard as ever. Shame on you!!! Troy, this is not a pretty post but I hope you place it.

  279. Troy Is there another company that gives the field 200 minutes they can give anyone on a verizon phone as a marketing tool? I just want to know so we can actually say we did that first, cause I have a feeling that other company thats sinking is going to do alot of following the leader. And let me know about those pics, Honest opinions, I am good for it, Its a new store that just opened

  280. David we will gladly take you on, and We will have your replicated site up in minutes and you can sell wireless now, not in 30 days, not in 60 days, but NOW, so I look forward to working with you and helping you personally build your down line, Yeah I said it, I go out and personally help people build their business I am not above helping associates in the field. When is the last time Mark or Ted helped build your Down line in GV e associates, aahh think about it….exactly, they havent. So David we will welcome you to the team. and help you grow in this business, and I will share all the knowledge I know.

    Chris Greco

  281. I too am speaking up for chris, It seems that now that my former comrade e associates are mift at chris because now they have No Cell service to sell and the site is down.
    Well I did the smart thing and followed the smart money, I wont say what company but you can figure it out, I had my site in minutes and I have sold three phones and taken 14 payments, Now how come this company can do it and was implemented in two weeks but global verge has been waiting a year?

    There is no excuse, I finally realized I was wasting my 99.00 every month for nothing, now I pay half that and actually can sell the service. So look at your own company and its leaders Mark and Ted, Enough Said, So dont throw stones in a glass house.

  282. As a e-associate I did receive a phone after 2 months of waiting, but when I went to activate it, they in up charging me the $79.00 plan twice and $14.99 for the activation fee. After numerous phone calls and support tickets I have yet heard back from GV, I have cancel my autoship.
    I am looking for someone in NW Florida or Panhandle of Florida that has join up with Panther Mobile, you can contact me @
    Yes Troy, I live about an hour to the east of you.



  283. can you explain why our hosting company said they were contacted by a mark p. on my behalf which asked to shut down the site.. lol please guy there is no way you can make GV out to be the good guy here, No matter what. They are what they are, A SCAM

  284. I was a GV e-associate, # 188984 to be exact. Got in back in May or June of last year. My partner Cindy and I stuck with them until last month when we got tired of giving our downline the same ol' story… "wait just a little bit longer, it's almost here".

    Then we got a chance to talk to Chris and he did whatever it took to get Cindy's phone working. Even with all his calls and all his other business activities he needed to take care of, he worked with her until midnight his time to get it done. And then he did something that I can't say on here but it does give credibility to his character.

    For those of you still with GV, I wish you luck.

    From my experience so far, Chris has shown more integrity than Mark and Ted.

  285. Chris, you disputed the multiple ID's from this site going to Panther, but I haven't seen a comment on the other ID's going to unlimited wizard.

  286. Chris,

    This is interesting. I wondered why Speech Phone teamed up with FDI after cutting a deal with Global Verge.

  287. Personally, I'm no longer associated with GV or any other company, at the moment. I couldn't agree with you more concerning GV's practices. It is a shame that more people do not take action and file a complaint with Mo. Attorney General. Troy has even provided a link.

    But, I do still follow what is going on with all of these wireless mlm's. And regardless of what occurred between you and GV, you had absolutely NO RIGHT to display member information on your website for all to see. The members did absolutely nothing to deserve this kind of retaliation from you. As for Panther Mobile, I'm sure alot of people have learned the hard way not to just dive into a company so quickly.

    I see you have disputed the ID's going to your Panther site, but no mention of those that go to unlimited wizard.

  288. Oh and Paul one other thing when have you been able to talk to Ted or Mark, See I have open calls at panther where I actually listen to the field. Hmmmm. maybe they could learn from that, Cause people want someone that listens. That would be us, They also want someone that produces that would be Us.

  289. Paul let me say one, yes I acknowledged my mistake posting the information, Two I can admit when I am wrong unlike Mark or Ted, Further Raymonds info came out when the background check came back from verizon on the MVNO they had requested I walk them in for, And also Global Verge Brought my company in to buy Air Time not provision phones, If that were the case we would have shipped everything and activated everything, But Ill say it again, They refused to Let AKW do activations they wanted all the control and they have to take all the responsibilty, That would be like you saying its Nextels fault that Boosts text messaging wasnt workikng, I was providing them the contracts and tools, they could use my agreements, etc, And my company was compensated, Problem is when their merchant account was froze we had to foot the bill for them and are now out alot of money because they couldnt pay their bill, Just like they couldnt pay their bill with the MANDI program and speechphone walked away, Just like The water company that walked away, these companies did not just leave for the hell of it, they left because of the constant crap they were fed. Now do i have an agenda, You bet your A** I do, Its to get every E-associate that has been promised this mobile product for over a year now, to be able to sell the product NOW!, not in the next 30 to 60 days, that is laughable, did you hear the call? Mark telling the people in south africa they will have service but the program here needed to be down to a science, That is Laughable. So let me translate that, Global Verge is 3 to 4 years away from doing business in SA, but keep those membership fees coming in. That folks is what you call stealing!, they are taking off the backs of people who work hard for the money and giving them nothing in return, AND YES YOU CAN SAY YOU HAVE ALL THESE OTHER PRODUCTS, But the facts are the following, Water Machines, And all the other faulty crap thats sold, Does not provide you with a residual income, But wireless does, the facts remain 90% of people in GV are there for wireless, and numbers are numbers, People are switching everyday, Because We produce, and we get things Done, period.
    If the leaders threw Mark and Ted out You might have a small chance, but I doubt it,

    Chris Greco

  290. Yep.

    Truth be known Troy I failed miserable in the corporate world as I never had a problem telling the emperor he was naked. But I slept soundly at night knowing that my values were never compromised.

    By the way Chris, it wasn't Mark calling your former host pretending to be you that got you shut down. It was a complaint sent to your host by an individual whose privacy was compromsed that got you shut down. They forwarded the email from your host to me, thanking them for letting them know what you did.

    They also advised that before doing so, they made screen shots. They then fired off complaints to the FCC, FTC, BBB, and their local state attorney.

    So don't try to spin this as you being victimized by GV. It wasn't. It was an E-Associate who refused to be unwillingly dragged into this dispute by you. It was your actions alone that created that.

  291. I want to thank you for the above mentioned compliment Chris. The one where you felt I was a leader with GV. Not yet. But I am a so called kool-aid drinker trying to build a business. But it is nice to see that an opponent recognizes potential and I appreciate it.

    I also am very happy to see that your new AKW website does not violate anyone's privacy this time. I am kind of bewildered by those actions of yours. I mean someone who is supposed to have a Masters Degree in Communications would know better.

    The other thing I am confused about. You trashed Raymond on this forum. Were you not the one who originally hired or partnered this convicted felon? What does that say about you?

    Finally, it is my understanding that Global Verge brought you and your company in to provision phones. If that is the case it is pretty obvious to me that you failed miserably to meet demand.

    In my opinion Chris, you are using Troy's forum to push your private agenda, promote your service, and make more money in the process. I don't have a problem with promotion, and making money, but I do hope that Troy is being compensated for the PR this has given you.

  292. Micah,

    Thank buddy. Listen we need to catch up. My week has been slammed, I'll give you a buzz tomorrow… If I come up for air.

  293. Hi Troy,

    For what it's worth, I think GV is just making a bunch of noise on this one. If they move forward with a legal action it's going to mean airing their dirty laundry in open court and I seriously doubt they want to do that.

    Keep your chin up my friend!


  294. troy they are running for the hills and telling the field that they are working on south africa and australia, thats funny, maybe they are worried, 😉 or is it because they have had 2137 people this week cancel autoships? Hmmmmm I wonder, anyway they said they have to wait till they get it down to a science. Well folks you will b e waiting for years, Well just thought that call was laughable, Everyone know 90% of Gv associates, are there for the wireless service, nothing else not water machines, non of that, So facts are facts I see that ship is sinking and about to have water spill over the transom, So its a Sad state of affairs at GV.
    Just wanted to keep you up to date please listen for yourselves.

    Chris Greco

    Buying time wont save them.

  295. troy on the new call the gm1 site has totally went down, and ted quickly said woah woah, we only took it down to add new service, LOL This is funny, they havent allowed anyone to sell the service, I think that is funny, and ted said that the E associates, cant handle the fulfillment, and they admit the rest of the phones are shipped this week, SEVERAL HUNDRED PHONES HAVENT BEEN SHIPPED, WOW, WOW, I thought they were all caught, Several Warehouses? LOL LOL, they ship everything (when they ship) from their office, This is laughable, This says they are really scared, Further, Simple Officially shut GV down from activating so what do they do now, wow, now they said that they were 30 to 60 days out WOW!!!!! this is crazy! Well as I said what GV could and still hasnt done, We have got it done in a week!

  296. troy on the new call the gm1 site has totally went down, and ted quickly said woah woah, we only took it down to add new service, LOL This is funny, they havent allowed anyone to sell the service, I think that is funny, and ted said that the E associates, cant handle the fulfillment, and they admit the rest of the phones are shipped this week, SEVERAL HUNDRED PHONES HAVENT BEEN SHIPPED, WOW, WOW, I thought they were all caught, Several Warehouses? LOL LOL, they ship everything (when they ship) from their office, This is laughable, This says they are really scared, Further, Simple Officially shut GV down from activating so what do they do now, wow, now they said that they were 30 to 60 days out WOW!!!!! this is crazy! Well as I said what GV could and still hasnt done, We have got it done in a week!
    Oh they had shipping issues. wow listen to the call more excuses wow

  297. Adrian,

    I had to laugh reading this comment. I have called every public number listed as Panther mobile and a couple of private numbers and they have been answered live, all but once. The one time when I could not get a live person, I received a call back within 30 minutes.

    If you will send me the numbers you called and the unanswered emails ( I will gladly follow up on this issue. If I don't get a solid answer I will gladly publish a new post showing your frustration, and asking the important question you ask here.

  298. Chris Greco,
    I have called numerous time to Panther mobile only to get a message stating 'mailbox full'..therefore, I sent numerous emails and never got a response. I have a question: If I choose to sell as an independent agent for Panther Mobile and introduce the service to others as well; can we expect the exact same scenario distributors experienced with GV customer service?? So far this is what I have experience for 2 weeks now..not one response.

  299. ROFLOL…

    I was reading through comments last night, and it is funny that when you stepped up and decided to team up with Panther, the comments attacking your credibility truly ran high.

    As you have said, we dug deep looking at you, the company, your sites and even some personal info… We have dug deep into Kevin and Harry to see what is under the rocks and in the closets… If I had to put you guys and the GV guys in a line up and run people through to see which ones have been scammed by who… I believe people would not know who Harry and Kevin are, some would point at you because of GV, and the rest would point at Ted and Mark because of all the failed companies Mark has launched just to take peoples money, then closed them down.

    He has learned to manipulate a weakness in some people, just like the televangelists of the 1980s

  300. So your telling us that you had no prior knowledge of the "leaders" at GV being "convicted" felons, before becoming their partner?

    You couldn't have said it better. That says alot about a company. ROFLOL!!!

  301. GripitAndRipit,

    Several folks have talked about this today. I will be interested in Chris's response. But just because several replecated sites have one ID 1300 dies not mean this folks are going to Chris or that Chris is benefiting outside of whatever his affiliation is with Panther. Randy Jeffers of WOW Mobile has his ID on a site, yet all the orphans who come in on his personal ID go to someone in the downline.

    Maybe this is the same. Seem like a lot of folks are jumping to conclusions before Chris has a chance to respond.

    But, I will be interested in the answer.

  302. Troy something I found Funny, Ever since we got our agreements with rogers, fido in canada, and Virgin in south africa, and telstra in australia, now global mobile has the link that says coming soon, lol this is funny, they must really see the numbers of people we have pulled from them, Further that 99.99 voip was on the site before i even got there, Oh wait a minute so was the exclusive plans for canada south africa, and australia, WOW, well just wanted to say we said we were bringing it and WE DID, in less than 10 days, we are sending sims for people in those countries to test the products now,'

    Chris Greco

    We actually produce. And I will post the report on the beta test good or bad, here, Thats what a transparent company does, post the good with the bad,

  303. Chris,

    Thanks, I knew there was an answer, but since I am not a part of the company I figured one of you guys should answer.

  304. Thanks Troy, Again people keep bringing it, I mean what now I have ten I.D.s wow what will you koolaide drinkers think of next. Again the was set up to track how many people were coming into the company from my word and calls, thats it I get no benefit from that, period. You can contact panther directly, We are a transparent company meaning all of our records can be seen the matrix can be viewed by members, not just their line, etc, and further we are doing this the right way and not scaming our team members. We are letting our members sell service now, Global Verge, Um they said what another Month now, wow, was a week, now a month, Sounds like May all over again, So again do your research. We are moving forward to actually provide the E associates with the opportunity to sell that service now and actually get paid commissions. Not promised on date only to be pushed back another month.

    Chris Greco

  305. Hello I am not trying to Gain from anything for your info I have paid 12 membership fees for people to get into this company, Yes I have the paypal I sent these former Burned E associates and You can talk to them directly troy, Further, the 1300 id was issued by Panther So that it could be tracked how many people came in off Unlimited Wizard Calls, and people we have signed up are of course using the site that is listed on the call, these people are not going under me in fact I have had to send kevin emails when people have requested to be moved from their place in the matrix which is Random, and further be put under their sponsor, Oh and yes I have those emails as well. So Troy I can send you those. Further let me say this, You guys who are still with GV, No matter what you say and how you defend them, One they will continue to delay you, continue to be banned by companies like simple mobile, Page Plus, Verizon, Sprint, Where will they go then? I pose to you that question, What will you do when you finally realize you have been duped, It will be a sad day for the distributors who were lead on by their leaders. So I say its your fault leaders in the field at GV for this mess, because you continue to let this happen. So I find your pot shots humorous, and entertaining, But they are simply that pot shots, Look When you can come with facts as we have Please bring them on, Thats what this is about, I still have heard no response for the Trouble tickets we posted, Nor have We heard from Ted about us calling them out on Phones that have still not been delivered, Can you hear that….. Crickets…….. But over where I do business I hear the UPS truck and Fed ex leaving daily. So Im not saying COME HERE COME HERE, Do your research, Whether its WOW, GI connect, FDI, Televerus, Or Panther Mobile, Research, see who has the Most Products, The Best commissions, And who is actually growing and can produce, but also investigate its leaders where they come from, and how they can sell the products they sell.
    I can tell you that the leaders at GV are convicted felons and that says alot about a company.
    While the other companies executives I mentioned are not,
    Thanks for your participation do your research

  306. um i just checked and is still exposing that scam know as global verge See mark cant call in and say he is me here and ask to cancel my account as he did with the old hoster, this company calls me before any changes are made, Nice try, See when you mess with the bull you get the horns, So ill be posting our lawsuit, Teds criminal record, Marks, The whole nine because one, I can, and Two its the right thing to do, That said, It sounds like your making an excuse, And I like the fact that you are saying it is only GTS, Unfortunately customers can get a magic jack for a a tenth of your GTS costs and Its mobile. So as for commissions Ted did not Say whether that was GTS or commissions period, Further has anyone got a commission from GV for mobile, I have so many that have made the switch to panther because they can actually make the commissions that were promised. So paul I appreciate the Comment, But the facts still remain that there is WAY TO MUCH MONEY un accounted, for , And obviously you are one of the leaders there, So you will do what you need to do to protect your paycheck, But what about the people under you who have still not got their phone or service? Or the Dad in San Diego that I talked to that gives his money from food to be apart of this company and still no service to sell and no commissions paid, NO MATTER WHAT, these are the people that mark and Ted are hurting, And that is the person that is paying your Commissions. Not the products, I have been in the office and seen how it is, Now paul what will you do when it comes out that the leaders are making money off the little guy with them not being able to sell that product, When will you leaders demand Disclosure? or will you continue to blindly follow, Cause when the hammer comes down dont think they will stop at mark or ted, they will go after the leaders that stood buy and profited from this. But hey what do I know, I dont scam my people and I GIVE THEM THE TOOLS TO SELL WIRELESS NOW, Ask mark where it is at, or better yet call simple mobile the company itself, and ask them if they consider Global Mobile 1 and Global Verge a scam, Guess what they will say? quote We know about them and we consider what they are doing fraud, Dont take my word for it ask for yourself.

    Chris Greco

  307. Paul,

    That makes since. I can understand waiting to pay commissions. I've never heard of telecommunication companies offering money back on services. Lord knows most would have gone belly up.

  308. GripItAndRipIt,

    The comments all come from different IP Addresses. Yes they go to a website with Chris's name on it. Since I have no clue in the business model Panther uses, I have no clue if these roll to others or what.

    We are watching the IP addresses, and Chris has been good to respond to all critic's questions.

  309. Chris,

    Why are all of these aliases of yours being directed to your personal sites.
    These are not rotator or tracking sites. They go directly to your 1300 id.
    Anyone who clicks on signup button on these sites is enrolled under you.

    What a snake in the grass you are to not only post customer information on your
    site, but now to use Troy and try to gain from this mess. How much lower can you get?

  310. Troy,
    Doing some looking at the comments being posted. Do you realize that Chris Greco has at least 10 different id's for posting comments on your site. Some of these started from your post of GV losing their provider and they continue, even today.

    Some go to UnlimitedWizard and some to his Panther site. These are not rotator or tracking sites.
    They are specifically to signup under his 1300 id. Concerned MLMer was correct.
    Now I really wonder how much of his story is true. Does GV owe him, does he owe GV, or has the real story yet to be revealed?

  311. On the Global Talk Smart VoIP service they have a 30 day money back guarantee for all new users. It is because of this policy of the GTS provider, that commissions are not paid for 60 days. I will have to listen to last Thursday's call again to confirm, but if memory serves me correctly, it was the GTS commissions that was being held back 60 days and not all commissions. That was brought up on a GTS training webinar two weeks ago as well. That says a lot about the level of confidence they have in the quality of the GTS service to offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

    As for the cell phone service, I don't know. Prior to his exodus, I doubt Chris would have offered or authorized a money back guarantee. I don't believe Panther Mobile or in all fairness, any other wireless carrier offers a satisfaction guarantee.

  312. Lou,

    You are a hero of mine. Thank you for stopping by, this means a lot.

    Folks, Lou has an assume blog with more data than you can shake a stick at.

  313. Paul,

    You nailed that one on the head. Been down the chargeback road, and you are right it sucks. However, does this work when it's a pre-paid service? I thought Pre-paid was like buying food at a restaurant, you can't chargeback? Or are they holding ALL commissions to see if folks charge back the membership fees?

  314. Chris in response to your above comment…

    "Ted comes out with a call that says that we need another 60 days to process the DATA,"

    Anyone here ever work in sales? Ever have a huge chargeback eat your commission? I have, it sucks. In fact I would rather wait until the return and refund period is past until I get paid, so I don't have a chargeback.

    The 60 day commission turn around time is for the Global Talk Smart service. Yes I know we are talking cell phone service here and not the other products and services that Global Verge offers and delivers daily. However lets not confuse and blend the issues.

    Global TalkSmart (GTS) offers a 30 day money back guarantee to all new customers. Anytime during that time a customer may cancel their service and receive a full refund. By paying out the commission 30 days after the 30 day cancellation period, there is no risk of e-associates owing huge chargebacks. The commissions on GTS are big (Bigger than GM1 and Panther Mobile). I really would not want to see one of my new e-associates having to pay back their first commission check because a customer changed their mind and cancelled.

    So that 60 day period has nothing to do with the cell phone service. Another case of people using partial info to propogate their propoganda.

    On side note Chris, what happened to your AKW website. It looks like it was shut down?

  315. Awesome post and job, Troy. I am so glad that we have people like you doing the work you do.

    Lou Abbott
    …for people who want to know the whole truth about the M.L.M industry

  316. Awesome post and job, Troy. I am so glad that we have people like you doing the work you do.
    Keep it up no matter what.

    Lou Abbott
    …for people who want to know the whole truth about the M.L.M industry


  317. Thank you for this video! I have been a GV Rep since the days of ZERO 1. I have been extremely patient with this company. I have spent several days, drove several thousand miles, and a nice chunk in promoting this company. The 39.99 they charge per month is nothing compared to the time and effort I have put into trying to build my GV business. I ordered a SIM almost 3 months ago, I just received it this past Friday 1/29. After being told it was an invalid Sim on the activation website, I sent in a support ticket. I didn't hear anything back, so I sent in another on Sun 1/31. I have tired calling GV directly and no one answers. This company is obviously a SCAM. My only recourse is to the word out to as many people as possible. I do agree with Troy, that Chris Greco has been open and upfront from the start of things. It is no wonder that he is so infuriated by the lack of professionalism demonstrated by Global Verge. I am so ashamed to have been involved with such a company, I put my word and my name on this company. I believed promise after promise, ignoring my gut. Greed is a very dangerous thing. I wanted to believe, so in the end I am to blame as well. CC a copy of this to,

  318. Mable,

    Since I am not an attorney, I am not sure how all this works… But I can sure promise you that if a lawsuit is filed, every post I have written will be brought into evidence, and we will demand Global Verge to debunk my posts or admit to the facts being true and accurate.

  319. Troy that is Great, Please keep fighting the Good fight, I repsect the fact that you put out the facts, To be honest I can tell you they are wishing they never sent that letter. You did not give us any slack at AKW when we had that website up, and it was fair it looked like trash. Further You have done the same with multiple companies. I can tell you that The Info that you posted on GLOBAL VERGE is true, If they are not a scam why cant commissions be paid on time? why is it the 73% of the commission comes from memberships. Ooops , yeah I said it 73% of their commission comes from memberships!. Further, They cant get phones on they dont answer support tickets and when commissions come up, guess what, ted comes out with a call that says that we need another 60 days to process the DATA, are you kidding me? Troy you just called it like it is, If it wasnt a scam, why wont Ted or Mark talk to the press, not just troy but the press period. Huh I wonder why? So thank you troy for calling it like it is. And I will say it. Until GLOBAL VERGE can come to the table with real leadership, A 5yr plan (wow cant believe they dont have one) , and Fulfillment, Your a SCAM! plain and simple if any other company on this planet took in money for phones, verizon, sprint, whoever, and also an activation fee and plans, and the customer was still waiting after 60 days to get the product, How many of those companies would still be in business? NONE! and that is what is happening here GLOBAL VERGE is Bleeding Reps faster than they can count. Because people call it like they see it, and with the facts presented. Global Verge is A SCAM.
    Keep it up Troy. Freedom of speech is our number one right!

  320. Hi Troy,

    Great video and post as always. You know, when someone like Global Verge puts out claims, and they have been whoppers, you have to expect scrutiny from reps or people considering entering the business. When things are wriiten and information passed on with sources identified (unlike newspapers) there is an opportunity to respond. If I was an owner of GV I would be in your face defending myself but that has not happened. Recently I saw an email form a high up Triple Diamond and he had in the email "Learn how to have 29,000 reps in your downline in 9 weeks", or something like that. He's been in it for perhaps a year and has maybe a few thousand, or had a few thousand. How you you pitch this when you don't do it yourself? Just one of many things from GV that has raised 100 red flags.

  321. When will it ever end….this company has been a mess since last summer and does not appear to be getting any better. I know they do not particularly like what you have to say, Troy, but I commend you for keeping with it.

  322. TROY isnt it true that if GV were to file suit against you that you, and YOUR atty would be enttled to' discovery" ," requiring them to open their financial and business records to you? As a part of you preparing for your defense of thier lawsuit? IS THIS CORRECT?

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