MLM Financial Alert: Who Caused Herbalife’s Stock To Fall 20% – Greenlight Capital Founder David Einhorn

So many times we hear about folks on Wall Street who manipulate the financial markets in their favor. Well yesterday the network marketing community, especially Herbalife stockholders and distributors felt it first hand when David Einhorn asked some very amateur financial questions. However, since folks know he is very smart, they just figured he must know something they didn’t and dumped the Herbalife Stock. The good news… Today you can go buy the stock at a great price 🙂

Todd Falcone wrote a great aricle on the issue (read by clicking here)

What I want to cover is not so much the Herbalife Stock, but the fact a guy like David Einhorn, is allowed to talk at all.

Look at some of the issues surrounding David Einhorn:

David Einhorn Greenlight Capital

But before you go looking at the links, in all fairness I must put a link to Einhorn’s book where you can learn more about his side of things. (Click here to learn more about David Einhorn.)

Hedge-fund manager David Einhorn believes his public attack on Lehman Brothers wasn’t just about making money. So what was it about? – Source New York Magazine

Greenlight’s David Einhorn Quits New Century Board – source Bloomburg

Greenlight’s David Einhorn Ordered Insider Trades ‘Within Minutes’ of Tip – Source Bloomburg

Einhorn’s Greenlight Is Fined $11.2 Million by U.K. in Punch Insider Case – Source – Bloomburg

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