MLM Email Autoresponder Pioneer Enrique Garibay Just Got Pulled Back In

MLM Email Autoresponder pioneer Enrique Garibay just announced the launch in an exclusive member only email autoresponder unlike anything available in the email marketing arena today.

Here is the email he sent to his MLM Leads members today.

“As you may know, I used to own an autoresponder company. It was popular with the networking industry.

Distributors were able to prospect 10,000’s; even 100,000’s of people daily.
Distributors stopped wasting time when they started making prospects qualify themselves for their time.

I sold my company interests over 3 years ago. And now that autoresponder is gone. It’s out of business.


It’s gone in part because of the poor quality leads that were allowed into it. Those poor quality leads created email delivery issues for the autoresponder. (That’s the #1 reason why I started to provide quality leads to the industry.)

Since then, I’ve had thousands of requests for an email autoresponder service.

Today I’m pleased to announce a “Member’s-only” email autoresponder service.

This autoresponder will help you drive prospects to your website.

Though it’s called the “Autoresponder Solution“, I like to call it…

“Email Prospecting Made Simple”.

Here’s what you get and how it works:

* You tell us your personal website address or URL.
* You receive 31 professionally written email messages.
* Your autoresponder is setup for you automatically.
* Your leads are imported for you automatically.
* Your emails are sent out for you automatically.
* Your prospects contact you directly for more information.

Bottom Line: It’s really simple and easy to use. And the best part is that there’s…

* No Confirmed Optin Required.
* No Spam Complaints.
* It’s 100% Turn-Key!
* It’s Automatic.

You’re even free to edit your email messages. Your emails direct prospects to the website you specify. Leads can be prospected for 90 days or more.

To learn more or order now, please go to: Email Prospecting Made Simple

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Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

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