MLM Company Reviews Len Clements Chats About Global Verge FDI YTB iJango eFusjon Manura And XanGo

MLM Company Reviews: Len Clements chats about Global Verge, FDI, YTB, iJango, eFusjon, Manura, and XanGo. This may be one of Len’s best review yet!

Inside Network Marketing” Show #12
Global Verge, FDI, YTB, iJango, efusjon, Mandura, & XanGo
Let The Flames Begin!

This INM show is jam packed with excuses to fire up the flame throwers!

I know I said I wasn’t going to comment on Global Verge anymore, but I didn’t know the most tragically funny episode of this soap opera would air right after I said that.

And I’ve probably gotten more requests for commentary on Financial Destinations, iJango, efusjon and Mandura than the other 1,996 M.L.M. companies combined. Well, here it is, and for the most part, it’s not pretty.

Two points about that…

First, there are many M.L.M. programs out there that I really like, and even more whose I really like. But I fear (based on experience, not paranoia) that if I were to praise these companies and products they’ll be a backlash from listeners who’ll either assume I’m promoting productsmy company (certainly no one in this profession would say positive things about a competitor, right?), or at the very least you’ll stop promoting my show and website to others because you won’t want them exposed to positive commentary about competitors. But then I thought, wouldn’t dwelling so much on the negative also be a reason for someone to tune out, and not refer others?

So please let me know what you think. If I were to add more positive commentary about various companies and products, and promised that it will never be related to any of those I have a direct interest in (as a rep or consulting client), would you be more or less included to continue listening? Would you be more or less inclined to refer others to the show?

Secondly, when my commentary is slanted towards the negative (like this latest show) can those of you who flame me please skip the part about my being biased and my motive being to “bash competitors”? A teacher in a debate class once told us, “As a last resort, if you can’t diminish the quality and credibility of your opposition’s point, try to diminish the quality and credibility of your opposition”. So please, rather than attacking why you think I’m making the points I’ve made, let’s focus on those actual points. In fact, let’s assume you’re suspicious are true. I’ve went over to the dark side, and I’m now just carpet bombing every other M.L.M. program in sight so mine will be the only one left standing. You got me. I’m busted. You’re absolutely right. Now… please tell me why I’m wrong. And if I am, I’ll most certainly correct the error.

Also, remember that archives of the show will always be posted in the “INM Show Podcast” section of my web site (even if I don’t post a direct link to it).

But here’s a direct link to it:

Letter to the Editor

On a more positive note, I recently wrote a letter to the editor of the Daily Progress in Charlottesville, VA in response to one of the most egregiously ignorant articles about our profession I have ever read.

Here’s the articles:

Here’s my letter:

It does help to fight back, and perhaps this response might give you some ideas on how you might respond as well.

Imagine if thousands of us were to respond to misrepresentations in the media like this.

Len Clements
Founder & CEO
MarketWave, Inc.

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9 thoughts on “MLM Company Reviews Len Clements Chats About Global Verge FDI YTB iJango eFusjon Manura And XanGo”

  1. I heard nothing about efusjon or the other companies I thought it said the video covered. I agree about yoli and the unique delivery system. As for Mandora, not interested at all. The juices are under fire. The oprah lawsuits, the ADA saying they cause diabeties,

    and more. Nothing unique here to catch my interest.

    Thanks for all you do Tony.

  2. Hi,

    I have been in the industry for over 20 years. Just stopped by to say I agree with you about affiliate marketing. Network marketers need the tools to run their business. Good job, Ian

  3. Hi Robin,

    WOW! Excellent Observation!

    (Like Len said, even if the T-Mobile thing is true, Global Verge has had it since January 2009 and did not give it to you or tell you about it.)

    It was either TOP SECRET or NOT TRUE, I don’t know which is worse?

    This should be crystal clear to everyone at this point!

    I’m still pulling for the GV reps, but I’m really starting to wonder. They joined for the wireless deal, not the water maker, energy plugs or travel.

    Like Troy said, “There are allot of great companies out there.”

    If this does not work out, KEEP LOOKING!!


    MLM D

  4. Troy, I agree with you that you should ask yourself the following questions about Global Verge.

    “If I wasn’t a rep would I still be excited about the product and services offered by Global Verge and want to purchase them as a customer?”

    A second question might be… If I was not a distributor and knew what I know now about Global Verge, would I do business with them?

    And I agree with Len Clements where he said if you are still involved with Global Verge and if you are not completely insulted by now, you should be. Because Global Verge is saying to you when you call in the equivalent statement of, “Hello everybody, welcome to the call, we think you are all blithering idiots.” Because that is what Global Verge thinks about you if keep believing all of the stuff they are telling you. Like Len said, even if the T-Mobile thing is true, Global Verge has had it since January 2009 and did not give it to you or tell you about it.

  5. Hi Troy,

    I just listened to your video post, sounds like you have some great stuff heading our way!

    Keep up the GREAT work!

    I have been in the network marketing industry for 27 years and I believe this site has the most accurate and current information on MLM companies available on the web today!

    Thank you for keeping it real!


    MLM D

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