MLM Company Review:21Ten Founder Richard Brooke Opens Up About His Newest Direct Selling Adventure

21Ten founder Richard Brooke is no stranger to adventure. As a licensed fixed and rotary wing pilot, and as an avid wooden boat enthusiast he is always behind some form of vehicle enjoying life to its fullest. But, what causes the leader of well respected and successful direct selling company to decide to launch a new company – especially in what the media calls “the worst economy in our lifetime?”

Well, last week I caught up with Richard Brooke and he invested a little time with me, sharing his passion about 21Ten!

If you are not sure what MLM, Network Marketing or Direct Selling is all about. Take a few minutes and what this video by Richard Brooke – The New Wake Up Call!

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4 thoughts on “MLM Company Review:21Ten Founder Richard Brooke Opens Up About His Newest Direct Selling Adventure”

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  2. Troy- thank you for sharing about 21TEN. Thank you Sheatina for planting the seed! Ignition (the Launch) was my first live exposure to Richard (I was not involved with Oxyfresh / 21TEN until May). entire weekend was just an huge "this seals the deal on my heart". Now, Troy, with your heartfelt information it just shines light on so much of what makes 21TEN great. Thanks for being the "rock solid" information in the world of "constant jabber"!

  3. Awesome Stuff Troy!

    Thanks for your never-ending devotion and bringing good people with good character and better still good business to the forefront in this industry! We live in economically challenged times. We were watching a few videos this morning on 401K's and other facets of our present economy, Wall Street and what's happening today in our financial world. It occurred to us that not every marketer or direct sales person or even "wanna be's" have researched, studied or even know what's truly going on enough to recognize what they MUST DO in order to stay viable in the industry and in this economy. IT IS UNBELIEVABLE as you say and even MORE SO what people don't know but should!

    You bring those things to the forefront for everyone to learn about, research and learn MORE about and we're always thanking you for your insight, heart and soul in all you do for each and every business oriented individual in the industry of Marketing & Direct Sales!

    Semper Fi Friend,

    Viktoria & Gary Affron

    Executive Team Concepts


  4. Troy, thank you so much for sharing this about Richard Brooke and 21Ten. The book is truly amazing and the great part of it is that it is not hype.. it is all true stuff!!! I am proud to know Richard and Chris Brooke as they are truly caring and devoted people. Richard has mentored me in the past and you are right, he doesn't hold back any punches. I just think the world of him and all that he has done for people all over, not just in NWM. I sincerely thank you for posting this. You are a breath of fresh air to all who know you and I hope to meet you one day in person!! May the Lord continue to bless you!! Sheatina

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