MLM Company Review: Xyngular The Home Of Lawrence Young

Every now and then you find a leader who believes in their team and company so much, they will not give up on sharing the story. Lawrence Young is that kind of leader.


A few years ago after a merger Xyngular emerged. From the research I did, I was not overly impressed with anything I saw about the company. My main concern was what seemed to be a boatload of cash burn and a slow growing revenue.

Then came along Lawrence Michael Young, a growing leader with an unstoppable drive to build this company and share the story. From the very first time Lawrence contacted me, all it seemed he could talk about what his team and the success they were having at Xyngular.

Well, at least after he got me to promise to keep an open mind on things 🙂

Over the next few articles I will share my personal experiences with the product and what I have seen from Team Amaxyng.

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There are a lot of teams coming on strong these days in several different companies, but this team has something unique which is giving them momentum together, not as just separate leaders.

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