MLM Company Review: Why Did Rastelli Food Group Launch Rastelli Direct Their Network Marketing Arm?

Rastelli Food Group, is a $800 million dollar business, so what drove the Rastelli family to launch a volatile, yet profitable direct selling arm called Rastelli Direct? This is one of the questions I asked Ray Rastelli and his team when I visited them in late 2011, and here is their answer!


While I was at Rastelli in 2011 I had the opportunity to eat a wonderful lunch and tour the three main campuses composing the Rastelli Foods: Rastelli Global, Rostelli Seafood and Rostelli Direct… I tried to get them to fly me down to tour Rostelli Carirbean, buy Ray Jr., could not be convinced it was a viable business expense.

Lat year in reviewing the trends in the direct selling industry, I saw a shift taking place, ever so slightly which is now starting to take shape. First the first time in recent memory, the Food & Beverage industry was making a move into the network marketing community.

First was companies focused on beverages like coffee, teas and hot chocolate. Then came companies focused on foods. The two main food groups seem to be organic and high-end quality foods. Not just meats, but full meal alternatives.

Of the few companies which committed to growing a network marketing community through the direct selling channel is Rastelli Food Group.

Here is a video which shows how Rastelli Foods is the leading company in the food and beverage industry and why the USDA has their own parking spot at the plant and why Rastelli Foods is one of two companies the USDA and the FDA use as examples to others who are looking to launch their own processing plants.

Now without a doubt there will be some who will say “The Rastelli food is expensive”, or “why would I not buy from my local specially market”. Rastelli’s food is more expensive than what you will get at a local box store, or some specially stores.

However, when I did my research I found the price of the meats at my specialty food store was in the same price range. And was lower when I took out the 20% membership discount given to preferred customers and distributors.

I also priced it against the #1 food delivery service in the U.S.A. and found the cost is also less at Rastelli Direct.

Here is a great video which give you a little more insight into Rastelli Direct!

If you are interested in learning more about Rastelli Direct, shoot me an email or connect with me here and I will lead you to a successful Rastelli Direct field leader.

And… NO! I am ot a distributor at Rastelli Direct!

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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  1. Thank you for your always informative and honest reviews and for seeing and sharing the opportunity of this industry and with Rastelli! This gem is beginning to sparkle!

  2. Andrew, thank you for the kind words. As the driving force in the field at Rastelli I want to thank you for stopping by. I am proud to call you friend and to let the world know you and Rastelli are the real deal.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  3. Troy, we are very appreciative for all that you do to empower people, protect the people and share good things with the people. You truly are all about helping others and we home business owners surely appreciate that!

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