9 thoughts on “MLM Company Review Update: Anders Berglund European Direct Selling Association (EFDSA) endorses My Shopping Genie”

  1. To All Concern;

    There are few things that need to be made clear here;

    1.- There is no Pay-Per-Click income from clicking on the comparison sites. I have back-engineer the software and there is to "technical way" for the comparison sites (Ciao!, Shopping, MyDeal and others) to distinguish between a Genie users and non-Genie user. Without this basic distinction is impossible to do a Pay-Per-Click payment.

    2.- As said by tony when answering Chris Jenkis; lawyers are paid. On the article above it mentions that Dr. Gerald Keans is the legal advisor in Ireland, I got in contact with Dr. Kean and his reply contradicts My Net Universe statement. One paragraph reads "I was retained to give legal advise by My Shopping Genie last year and I have heard nothing since my last correspondence going back months. [Dated January/2011]"

    3.- MyShoppingGenie is not "dead" in Ireland, the so call "saturation" that was long being spoken about and always negated by Distributors killed the product. Ireland only has 4 million people and saturation kill the product in less than 6 months.

    4.- Everyone seems to forger that the Genie is charging distributors €30 a month for NOTHING; everything the Genie offers can be gotten for free on the net. The comparison sites are there free of use, I just have to type the search manually, the coupons are there; Groupon is the biggest, but no the only one, at the moment I get emails from 4 other companies like Groupon. To this day I still having been told why the monthly fee.

    5.- When comparing this company to other MLMs, the comparison is to be done on the product. As a distributor on an MLM, I pay a fee, and I sell a REAL TANGIBLE product, the end-customer PAYS for the product, so I can trace the money from the end-customer to the company and I can see were the commissions are paid. With My Shopping Genie, the end-customer does not pay for the Genie, and as proven by me and confirmed by the Irish Authorities, there is no payment from other companies. There is no traceability of the money; as long as you sign distributors, you will get PPC, once you stop signing new distributors, the PPC is not longer paid.

    If anyone is interested in the report, simply ask for it ramon@carbayon.com and I will email it to you. The report is done in simple readable English and doesn't have too much technical jargon, so will not put you asleep.

    If we compare Groupon to MY Shopping Genie, both companies are about the same age, and Group is worth (in theory) 6 billions, and that was with no distributors, by sending email to those who signed for them. My Shopping Genie is not worth near that much money and is not as popular or as well known. What company do you thing has the best business plan? To the END-CUSTOMER both are identical, as both produce the same result, savings on shopping, and one is less intrusive, I get and email I deleted or I unsubscribe; with the other one I have to install software that pop-up when I search online for movie information, car troubles, and other non-shopping searches.

  2. Well, it's 9 days later, called MSG, and continue to get the same respopnse: "your check will be ready in two weeks." Going on 3 months behind on a lousy $11 check.

  3. Troy,

    FYI….I am (well, was) a Genie Distributor. I just got off the phone with their corporate office. They informed me they had a "small internal problem." They are TWO months behind in paying me my commission check. If you're in this program, I would run away!! This company is starting to have some really serious problems!!

  4. Chris Jenkins,

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting, it does ad value to all. I do want to caution you in a couple of areas.

    1. "You have nothing to worry about" I understand where you are coming from by larger and older companies than MNU and MSG have said the same thing and are gone due to regulatory issues. And then there are companies like Eiro Research, who were just the cover story for this months Success From Home and they closed their doors due to financial issues.

    2. Lawyers are "paid" for their opinions. They are paid to give them and defend them. If you are basing the success of MSG on the Attorney's you might want to dig a little deeper and see what case law has already stated.

    3. We have never questions the software or the power behind it. All we question is the compensation model. When some of the most respected minds in the direct selling world raise caution, then it is wise to make sure the distributors are protected. At the end of the day, the owners can always change the compensation model, sell the company to GroupOn or some other company, and move on down the road. It is the distributors who need full disclosure at all times.

    4. As for the compensation plan. The binary is a fad plan, and fuels internal consumption. There has not been one major regulatory action brought against a binary company in resent history. However, when it does happen it will set new ground rules.

    5. Alexa ranking has nothing to do with the legitimacy of a business. Porn sites all rank high on the net also. And, with all the buzz surrounding MSG it would make since the ranking would be high. And if all the software also points back to MSG then ranking will be high.

    6. By the way, if you do your research you will find the majority of direct selling/Network Marketing/MLM are not in the vitamin (wellness niche)

    You provide a great debate and solid responses to our concerns. It is easy to see you are a good leader who loves what they are doing.

    To all who read this rebuttal. I DO NOT think MSG is a scam, or that the owners of the company are out to screw their distributors. I do classify this company a High-Risk MLM, as I do Energy, travel, grocery and Wireless companies.

    Without a doubt distributors worldwide are making money. Just know the risks going in!

    And if you are going to build SMG then as Chris stated…. Just Do It!

  5. Mike, I am a Genie Power distributor – you have nothing to worry about. Don't get carried away by the affiliate income, that will come. We are still in the early stages. The Genie is going into partnership with Groupon a coupon company that Google tried to buy for 6 billion – and Groupon said no.

    The compensation plan is sound, and the Genie has incredible lawyers making sure the company is sound.

    In years to come people will be saying 'just genie it' – it will be the biggest networking company in history.

    On the Alexa websites visited on the net – the Genie is no 2 in the network marketing industry most visited sites.

    When all the other companies are still in the industrial age trying to flog over priced vitamins – the Genie brings technology to the table – and all the heavy hitters are coming across as distributors – just do it.


  6. Mike,

    You bring up a great question. Since I am not an insider of MNU I can't answer specifically for them, but I can share a little information.

    1. I have no doubt they have affiliate or super affiliate accounts with all their partners. This is common in the affiliate business.
    2. I am sure everyone gets paid PPC from 3rd parties providers. This is also normal in the business. The company may even get a kickback (legal) commission from all the PPC business.
    3. However, this secondary income, in my opinion will not help the company if a regulatory agency comes after them. And if the burn lounge decision is ever made public, I think it alone will cause programs such as MSG to have to make changes.

    MSG has already tweaked their original plan several times, and then did a complete overhaul. I believe this may happen again.

    I do not believe this company is a scam, but I do classify it high-risk for the distributors.

  7. Troy, I am a genie disttributor (new one). The My Net Universe office tells me they have relationships with all of their partners, and that you get ppc income from everyone. I keep reading on the internet that this is not the case. Who is telling the truth? Thanks

  8. Hi Troy,

    Thanks for the video.

    Another thing about the Genie software that we give away – and that you didn't mention is this;

    When a user just clicks on the software – to take them to shopping comparison pages – the licensee earns an income. The affiliate income from the third parties – is not where most of the income is generated. It's from customers just clicking on the Genie. Even if the customer doesn't buy anything the licensee still earns a pay per click income. The Shopping comparison sites – pay My net universe – and My net universe pay some of this to the licensees.

    Really when it's all said and done all the regulators want to know is – 'Is there an end user? And the answer is yes.

    There are cases in the US – where licensees are making huge money – just from the comparison clicks – without any recruiting at all.




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