MLM Company Review: Troy Dooly Interviews Brain Underwood RippLn CEO About Launch Date And other Info

A couple of weeks ago Brian Underwood invited me to Texas to talk about the future of RippLn and to get an inside look at the operation. Although, I can’t share everything yet, I can say, that the investment into this company is very high, and the belief of Brian Underwood and his partners that they can launch all four phases and create a gaming changing mobile platform is felt throughout the organization.

FireShot Screen Capture #262 - 'Rippln Mobile Apps - Get to Rippln & Get in the Ripple' - ripplnmobile_com_#

So far RippLn has attracted some well known names from across the marketing world. Not only have network marketing pros decided to give it a shot, so have top influencers in Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and the Blogging World.

So far RippLn has attracted around 900K Eyeballs, with the majority of these folks coming from the USA, Brazil, Italy, Mexico and Philippines.

It will be interesting to see how many of these free signups upgrade when the company goes live! Even a small percentage may help cover the cost of the buildout of the platform!

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