MLM Company Review: Skinny Body Care Falls Under High-Risk MLM For Several Red Flags

I am going to show several red-flags on Skinny Body Care. Although only a regulatory agency or court of law decide if a company is a illegitimate MLM scam or network marketing pyramid, there are some red flags we can review, which can tell us if the company has a high-risk potential of falling under some form of regulatory review, or short-term operations.

1. Income claim videos allowed by the Skinny Body Care.

I am going to talk about this first, because it is already showing up across the net. Now I do want to point out these video creators are pulling info from the online system to show the amount of income, so we do know they are not hyping the amount of income earned.

However, the company does not provide any IDS (Income Disclosure Statement), and in most states and at the federal level, there are strict regulations covering this issue.

2. Is Ben Glinsky & Rejuvenate Behind Skinny Body Care?

If you do a Internet search for Skinny Body Care, you soon find folks tying the infamous Ben Glinsky to the company. So we did a little research to see if there are any ties.

From the search we determined that Skinny Body Care and Rejuvenate are registered at the same address, and Ben Glinsky is the person of contact for Skinny Body Care, and is or was the CEO of Rejuvenate.



3. What About The Skinny Body Care Product?


The issue with the product is not really major. From studying the label, then going to I was about to find that Skinny Body Care is not over hyping the product. However, at the same time there is not enough documented blind case studies or scientific research to prove their product works.

The one thing they do have going for them is the fact the mixture of the herbs and enzymes will cause the stomach to feel full, and cause the colon to work a little overtime cleaning itself out. So yes folks will lose weight, I am just not sure without the proper exercise if they will continue to gain muscle of lose that also.

I will say, that when you type in the ingredients listed on the label many products show. And some are from name brand companies.


4. The Powerline System!

Without a doubt when you run a powerline system which focuses on “fear of lose” and you have a movie which has the look and feel of a late night infomercial you will gather huge numbers of people. However, in the example I show below. After signing up for a free position, hundreds of people had joined, but only 4 showed up as preferred customers, and only 2 joined as distributors.

So the only benefit to this is, I did not have to hear people tell me know. That is not how business is built in any industry, and it is this reason powerline systems do not work long term in any company.


5. Is Skinny Body Care Legally Compliant?

This is my greatest concern. When I clicked the join button and they asked for my credit card before I ever had a chance to read or agree to the terms and conditions or the policies and procedures, I knew they had not hired any of the top legal attorneys representing direct selling companies. I doubt if they even hired any of the well known MLM consultants.

This is pretty basic stuff, and if a company can’t do the little things, how can anyone expect them to know what to do on the big things.


Bottom line, if you decide to join SBC aka Skinny Body Care, then I suggest you join first for 30-days and try the product. If you personally find a benefit in the product and you can share how you lost weight, with little or no effort, then maybe you can attract others to do the same.

I do not at this time believe the system will last long term, unless a boatload of changes take place.

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16 thoughts on “MLM Company Review: Skinny Body Care Falls Under High-Risk MLM For Several Red Flags”

  1. Hi Troy, thanks for taking the time to look into Skinny Body Care and writing a review on it. I became an SBC distributor in November 2013, Skinny Body Care was introduced to me at a time when I was looking to improve two things in my life. 1. My health 2. My finances, both are a work in progress, and I can say that i’m moving in the right direction on both counts…For anyone out their looking to improve their health and finances I encourage them to take a serious look at SBC. Like any start up, SBC is still growing and evolving,, my flag is planted… Take care and God bless!

  2. Troy, any distributor who is sharing their income publicly is not doing so with permission. My upline has made it very clear that that is a *no no*. We are only allowed to share that info in our private groups in which ONLY distributors can be members. We have been told over and over again NOT to do that! Some ppl just refuse to follow the rules! It puts all of us in jeopardy and is NOT NECESSARY….This product WORKS and once it works for you, you should have no trouble sharing that with anyone….the money will follow 🙂

  3. They are selling it in Australia. Only Countries or States not selling it is Cuba,Iraq,Iran and North Dakota, Africa

  4. Hey Troy great post on this buddy. We have been in the business for awhile now and turns out there are a lot of customers to be had because the product flat out works and on the business side of things…things are and have been going great…after being in this business for a little over a year. It has been the best I have joined ever and this is being truthful. You can view your youtube comments on when you planned to join the Oceans program. Not sure what date my comment is dated, but been in ever since then and a little before that.

  5. Lot’s of changes have been made and the company keeps getting better. 70% of our members are Customers. I’ve been with SBC for over 2 years and like the direction the company is going. We have a lot of great leaders and Ben is open to listening to us with any recommended changes.

  6. I have made it a rule not even look into a MLM business that is not at the least 4-5 years old.

    IF they still excist after 4-5 years they might be here to stay, they might not, but they have proven their concept is working.

    Still it can be a shit business and don't neccesarily have to be amongst the best options.

    Furthermore, it's not all about the concept for me, but also if they are following their distributors needs. Here I think about their visability, accessability, support, responding time, tools etc etc etc.

    And of course I could write a short story but I will not. Just wanted to let a few words fall here.



  7. Hi Troy,

    Thanks for your insight on Skinnybodycare – I had tried to join up several times with several different credit cards but kept on getting a fraud response alert and was told that I needed to send a faxed copy of the front and back of my credit card and picture ID to a fax number and then they would decide whether I would be able to join after 10 – 15 days. As I live in Australia and the skinnybodycare product was not available for another month or so because it was waiting for our customs/ TGA approval they were still expecting me to pay for something that was not guaranteed to be passed (we have very strict regulations on what is allowed into Australia). Obviously my Visa cards were already red flagging this company!

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  9. Miss Joy,

    Thank you for taking time to share here in the community. The SBC distributors have been great to add extra info.

    In this case, what you posted in an income disclaimer, not an income disclosure statement. And IDS as it is known, shares the average income at each level based on actual compensation numbers.

    In the case of SBC it is far to young to have solid numbers, which is one of the reasons it is way outside compliance by allowing distributors to post income claims inside of their videos.

    I know it is exciting to get a check, but this is seen as an incitement and is illegal.

    Again, thank you for providing the income disclaimer, this is excellent info to know.

  10. As a pre-enrollee, if you check under pay plan, you will see this (which I copied and pasted directly from the website: "*The examples used are for demonstration purposes only and do not guarantee nor imply any level of income. The Skinny Body Care compensation program is designed to reward independent distributors for sharing our products with others. Because we do not know how much product you will sell or how many distributors you will introduce, we cannot guarantee how much income you will earn or that you will make a profit. What we CAN guarantee is that commissions are paid out on time each and every Thursday for the Fast Start Bonuses and the first Friday of each month for the previous month’s volume for the Matrix, Matching Bonuses and Leadership Pools! So don’t hesitate. Take action TODAY!"

    Troy, just wanted to add that so people who do want to know where the income disclosure is will find it. 🙂



    PS: You do not see the "websites" as Michelle was mentioning until after you join, at that point your personal username is a part of each website address, where you can just copy and paste it for your advertising needs. Hope that cleared that up as well.

  11. Miss Michele,

    Help me out. I have looked for the "my website address" (see above images) and I have yet to find it on the "free signup".

  12. You're very welcome. Just wanted to clear that point up. I think I like being a rock star, lol. =^..^=

  13. P.S. I have had persons who have expressed interest in the product only but not the business aspect (as have other distributors) and I have redirected them to the product specific website links. =^..^=

    Troy's Response

    Miss Michele,

    I have looked for the "my Websites" (see above left side) and I do not see where it is located for "free signup".

  14. Miss Michele,

    You are a rock star. Thank you for stopping by and sharing this with me. I am working on a follow-up report right now and will publish today.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  15. Hi, Troy. Regarding becoming a preferred customer, if you go to the left hand side of the page and click on "my website address" you will see six different websites; the first three promote just the business, but the next three are called "product specific landing pages" and promote just the product. So, someone can become a preferred customer, but it is not integrated into one website. Maybe that would be a good idea though. Thank you for the review. =^..^=

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