MLM Company Review: Rastelli Direct’s Growth Driven By GenY Leadership Across The Board!

I have been watching Rastelli Direct For the last nine months, and have taken the time to visit their offices and plants, and interview some of their leaders in corporate and in the field. Over the next few weeks, I will share some powerful inside info on this unique company and their culture.


Here is a video with Ray Rastelli III and my good friend Katie Lopez. When I visited Rastelli in 2011, I had the privilege of Katie cooking me lunch. My good buddy Andrew Hillman, thinks the world of Katie 🙂 (More about that in my next editorial, when I interview Andrew Hillman.

When had the privilege to meet several of the Rastelli family when I was in their offices last Fall. One thing I fould refreshing was the fact Ray Rastelli walked his walk. He was not some pompous CEO of Billion Dollar Company ($800 million in sales to be exact), but he was just a normal guy, wanting to give back to his family, employees, and America. When I asked why this was so important, it said “It is the average mom and pop, who gave us our start almost 30 years ago. Now we want to give back to them!”

This video gives a little more insight into Ray and Tony Rastelli’s focus.

If you would like to know more about Rastelli Direct, and talk to a top leader, then just fill-out my contact form.

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3 thoughts on “MLM Company Review: Rastelli Direct’s Growth Driven By GenY Leadership Across The Board!”

  1. Troy, my friend, next time you are in my neighborhood, (Philadelphia area) do let me me know! Dinner is on me! 🙂

  2. @Miss Julie,

    I love your passion! It is great to see a successful business builder in a rock star company, using the products of another rock star company.

  3. Troy, Rastilli's is in my backyard and when they first came out with their income opportunity, I was invited for a tour. I have to agree with everything you say here 110%! These guys are great and the food is out of this world! In fact, my husband and I just enjoyed their cheesecake 2 nights ago!

    As a successful Yoli member, I don't market them as a business, but love them as a customer!

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