MLM Company Review: Rastelli Direct Turkey Smash Burgers Are The Bomb!

I few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of cooking up some of Rastelli Direct’s new Turkey Smash Burgers, and they were a huge hit with our family.

Now unlike may of the reviews I get to do, Rastelli’s comes from truly enjoying their food. If you have not watched the video I did a year or so ago, you may want to watch.

Now let’s take a look at what you can do with the Rastelli Direct Turkey Smash Burgers…

Rastelli Direct Turkey Smash Burgers

Rastelli Direct Smart Shopper Club

What is the Smart Shopper’s Club?

The Rastelli Direct Smart Shopper’s Club was created for those who would like to receive a special 20% discount and more flexible shopping options on our award-winning products.

SAVINGS: Save 20% or more on All Product Purchases from Rastelli Direct!
CONVENIENCE: Get Five-Star Restaurant Quality Food Delivered Direct to Your Doorstep!
FREE MEMBERSHIP: It’s Totally Free to Join!
RASTELLI DOLLARS: Earn Rastelli Direct Dollars Each Time you Shop! (Coming Soon)

**NOTE: If you do not shop for three (3) consecutive months your account will be switched to a retail account and you will lose any unused Rastelli Dollars. You can re-enroll as a member at any time by shopping through your personal account.


Add Your Products
Select the products you wish to add to your first order, then add them to your shopping cart.
Enter Your Zip Code
Simply start by typing your zip code in the Delivery Coverage box located to the top left of the screen.
Minimum Order Requirement
Make sure your shopping cart total is over $62.50 at retail price and proceed to checkout
Checkout & Save
During STEP 3 of the checkout process, you will receive a 20% instant savings on your order by clicking “Yes, I want to join the Smart Shopper’s Club”.
** In order to receive member pricing when shipping to Someone Else, you must first enroll as a member and then place your auto-ship.

Contact Mike Grady or Andrew Hillman for additional information.

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