MLM Company Review: Plexus International From Weight Loss To Breast Cancer Prevention

My good friend Donnie Walker called me one day and said “I’m going to be in Destin this week and I want you to meet a couple of great guys. A few hours later I am sitting across from Donnie, Tarl Robinson, and Alec Clark, looking out over the white sandy beaches of the Emerald Coast, in a penthouse suite at the SanDestin Resort, listening to a very remarkable story of success. Not just the success of Plexus, but of over 400 people who had earned a trip because of the volume they were driving for the company.

As I listened to Tarl Robinson share the history and future of Plexus International, I was really blown away! Here is a Arizona based company, with the majority of their distributor base from the South! What would attract thousands of Southern Rebels to be attracted to Tarl Robinson, Alec Clark, Alfred Petterson? More importantly to that, I was thinking, what would attract a top earning, ultra successful leader like Donnie Walker? The folks I had met in the lobby were not the traditional network marketer I was use to talking with… Here is what I learned…

Plexus Slim

The Plexus Opportunity from Plexus Worldwide on Vimeo.


Plexus Pink on the Doctors TV from Plexus Worldwide on Vimeo.


After Tarl and Alec shared with me the behind the scenes remarkable stories of how folks were losing weight, working to prevent Breast Cancer, and were making money doing it, I figured out why Donnie was more excited than I had seen him in years.

Some of you will get excited about the weight loss, but really caught my eye was the Breast Self-Examination Kit. It’s one thing to help someone lose weight, it is altogether something else, when you get a call from a customer who used the kit, or Dr. Spencer’s Breast Cream, and were able to feel a lump, and get to the doctor’s office for a mammogram, and catch what might have been a deadly situation.

I am going to be watching this company because I believe their mission is far bigger for their culture, than just making money. They truly are on a crusade to save lives.

Here is a quick overview of their current compensation plan.

Summary of Plexus Compensation Plan With Chart December 2010

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