MLM Company Review Mandura The Royal Family Of Fruits The Juice Not The Leadership

MLM Company Review: Mandura The Royal Family Of Fruits! The juice not the leadership. This company has an interesting MLM compensation plan, which does set it apart from all other companies launching right now.

Mandura is the brain child of Casey & K.C. Yarbrough – former top earners of Excel Communications.

Casey Yarbrough

K,C, Yarbrough

Now, the Yarbrough’s did not for one minute think they had all the answers so they have brought onto the team some very talented executives to help they take this company from a start-up to a multi-billion dollar company helping hundreds of thousands of reps accomplish four specific objectives…

1. Turn around their overall health situation.
2. Turn around their overall financial situation.
3. Turn from living in debt to living a debt-free life.
4. Turn from having no retirement income to choosing when and how to retire.

Now, stop for a second and think about those four objectives. If you can find a company founded on helping you achieve these, then you have found a company who understands their success revolves in staying focused on the main thing… Their Field Force of Independent MLM Representatives.

Now, with that said I do have a few concerns with Mandura which I must share.

1. They are launching into a niche with some very heavy competition. The MLM Juice wars started about five years ago, and have really heated up over the last 24 months. Today the war is being fought by the big three Noni, XanGo and MonaVie, a few mid-size juice companies like Bazi (XLER8), Limu, and Youngevity come to mind.

And, this doesn’t include several other juice or Energy Drink companies launching Fall of 2009 or Winter of 2010.

So, it’s going to take a solid focus, excellent marketing, solid training and a very loyal MLM field Forse for Mandura to reach their four main objectives I mentioned above.

2. The Mandura compensation plan. My concerns are not whether it will pass the FTC as a legitate MLM comp plan. Instead my concerns are based on the fact, I have never seen this work – ever. I fully understand that Mandura’s website states, “Mandura is the first company ever to implement a compensation plan called the Straight Line Forced Matrix.” And I do not disagree with that statement.

However, no mater what you want to call it, it’s a taproot or streamline business model and I have never seen them sustain themselves. Back in 2002, I watched a field team use this approach to drive hundreds of thousands into Life Force International. But the system could not sustain itself, and caused some serious frustrations for LFI for a while as they worked to clean up the mess.

A could of years ago, I watch the same concept be tried at XanGo by a top field team, and once again the system could not sustain itself. So, although this may be the first time a company has used a Straightline Forced matrix, I have my concerns. Enough concerns I am sending a copy of their compensation plan to my long term friend and mentor Rod Cook for review.

I should state, these two concerns alone would not keep me out of Mandura if I was looking for a new company. But I would be talking to Corporate Leadership for some huge answers.

3. Medical Board – This is the smallest of my concerns, but they only have two medical professionals as advisers. Most companies will have four to five medical pros who they go to for advice.

I can say from reading the bios on Maurice M. Culver MD, MSc and Dr. Elon Bomani that Mandura has teamed up with two very focused professionals.

Dr. Maurice Culver

Dr. Elon Bomani

Now, let’s look at the marketing already in place at Mandura. marketing can make or break a company, and when a company coming right out of the gate makes the decision to control the marketing so they do not have compliance issues, then you can bet your bottom dollar the company is focused on begin around for decades to come.

Now let’s take a look at Mandura TV. Having a company who is willing to produce and make available streaming media for the field to use is a company focused on making sure they are controling the RIGHT message being told to the general public.

The bottling process: This video is rock solid for sharing with consumers and business prospects the professional and GREEN method in which the juice is bottled.

Mandura Testimonials: This does raise RED FLAGS. The FDA is already going after Cheerios as a drug because of their claim, and now we have a MLM company who is allowing these types of testimonials on their site. In the future you may see these disappear. But they are great testimonials.

Now I really love their training videos because it puts the responsibility of learning the basics back on the Independent Business Owner.

So, all in all, I truly see Mandura as a company to watch, and if you are looking for a company which seems to have a bright future, then you might want to contact Mandura.

Never Give Up,


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19 thoughts on “MLM Company Review Mandura The Royal Family Of Fruits The Juice Not The Leadership”

  1. Hi,

    I am international leader in Mandura. i joined Mandura in March 2010. My country was officialy opened same year in November. From that date over 170 000 people join my team in worldwide volume. My personal team is now over 2200 people. Everything fantastic. Still growing and adding new great products. And even compensation plan is improved. So… Join us 😉

    You have 30 days money back guarantee, so check it, if you dont like it, you got it for free!

  2. Interesting comments regarding Mandura from last year. The last comment seems to be back in Sept of 2009 so allow me to bring you up to date. I have been in Mandura for one full year and work it full time now. I have over 25 years of experience in the industry. All companies in the beginning have people who jump in and look for the quick money.

    Mandura has gone from 16,000 reps at the end of 2009 to well over 50,000 reps if you include the International market pre-enrollee orders. This comes to over 3 million in new potential revenue for Mandura when the International orders are proceeds.

    Mandura's nutritional drink is flash pasteurized for a few seconds and the Cold Fill bottling process that they use is FDA approved. This is very unique.

    There is no relationship to the smell of the Durian fruit and the finished Mandura product. e.g. No bad smelling juice. The juice tastes great and smells great. The weight loss product is very good also.

    The ONE Line comp plan is very unique and it has paid out very well over the past year and I for one am now spoiled for life because of it. In my opinion this style plan will become as popular as the Binary plan is now.

    Only time will tell if Mandura will be the next big thing to hit the scene but I am excited about our prospects as we enter the world stage. be blessed and stay the course.

    Casper Stockham

    Mandura Grand Imperial Crown – casper.stockham

    303 699-9432

  3. A compensation plan is nothing but pure mathematics, if we understand any mathematical equations, we can understand any compensation plan with pros and cons. now lot of new launches comes with single line compensation plan. this pay plan can pull lot of attention among networkers. it is simply a hybrid of unilevel,matrix and is a simple payplan for starters and average networkers without more qualification requirements. bcoz most of the payplan has more sponsoring and volume requirements to reach each and every ranks to make huge commisions

  4. I LOVE Mandura and everything it stands for. Anyone want to help build with me??

    Cheers & God Bless*

  5. Montana,

    Rod, was in the hosptial for a few weeks and is still getting caught up.

    He'll be back in the office in a week and I'll talk to him then.

    Don't forget to ask me again.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  6. Troy, what has your friend Rod Cook found out about the compensation plan? What sets it apart from the other taproot plans from past?

  7. Dan,

    That was something I wondered about early on. Honestly I figured Mandura would have some policies in place to stem the abuse.

    This really sucks.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  8. Scary thing about comp plan(SLFM) is that I personally know many who joined the company, not to get rich AT Mandura, but, BY Mandura's downline. They were using their access to the names of a Single Line Forced Matrix downline to cross-recruit to other MLM's that these leaders(?) belong to.

  9. All I can say after reading many of these comments is.. "well Troy, you tried to warn them" lol

    The pasteurization process kills most of the nutritional value of the juice anyway. Crowded market, nothing unique, experimental comp plan…. I don't understand these people that say "Mandura is our answer". Blinded by hype.

  10. Within your team?? Come on Kris. Then you have had 5000 sign up in the WHOLE COMPANY. (NOT impressive if you joined July 28th) And be honest, unless you have some major volume your not making much at all. Len has had back office access to some top reps and I have heard the check amounts. But bottom line your product goes through some type of pasteurization process to extend the shelf life that kills much of the nutrients, just like all the rest of them. Good luck.

  11. Delightful taste! The combination of the four superfruits affords the most nutritious supplemental beverage out there. As far as a comp plan, I marvel at some critics comments regarding the fear that some folks will buy only one bottle and then sit and watch. So, what's new? There will always be folks who "sign and sit." Everyone's got 'em. But, consider this: your monthly commission on a case of product is $20 on your first generation of sponsorship. You sponsor someone ordering a case and it's $20/mo in commissions to you. The little guy's got a legitimate shot here, not to even mention the bonus pools that everyone particiaptes in.

  12. Good content , with very interesting points. I totally agree with Comp Plan being too experimental and little risky. I decided to take a chance with $38 anyway.I have been on a search to find a company that could truly reward the part time or first time networker and the seasoned 6 figure earners all at the same time. Mandura is our answer, very easy to duplicate.

    Best Success.

  13. I read the recommended dosage by the advisor, she said 2 – 2 ounce servings per day. Thats 4 ozs. per day, so one bottle will last 8 days. That means at least 4 bottles per month just for myself. I have to know exactly how a product works along with third party verification before paying for something every month. The idea of hundreds of people being put into my downline with just a $30 investment concerns me. That means a whole bunch of people are going to sit back and watch the numbers and everybody can’t possibly be paid off 1 $30 bottle. Not to mention this has NEVER worked before and the owner has not owned a MLM company before.

  14. I just got into Mandura after many years with XanGo and I am happy and impressed.
    Thankfully, they use a “deodorized Durian” which comes to their bottling facility in Southern California odor free yet retaining all the nutrients..
    The juice is pleasant tasting. I didn’t say “fantistically delicious”, but it is easy to drink with no bitter, sour or sharp after taste what so ever.
    The Straight line forced matrix is all about feeling the power and momentum of team volume (TV). But the only way to tap into the team volume is to build your own personal group volume (GV). When you do this, you get into their 1% pools which can be very generous. The key is to get in early, build fast and get into those pools! They take 20% of company sales and put it into twenty 1% pools. You tap into those with your GV.
    What makes this company VERY attractive is the one or two bottle autoship which allows someone to get in, get on the line and feel the inspiring momentum of the Team Volume through a daily email update as to “how many people joined your team today”
    ( it’s usually well over 100).
    So with only one bottle, you can join, make money on your personally sponsored people and watch the team grow under you. Powerful stuff!

  15. I’d be interested in seeing what this stuff tastes like… Anyone else try it besides Kris?

    Durian is probably the foulest smelling and tasting thing on this planet. I grew up with my grandma and she ate the stuff, but I could never get it down and netiher could anyone else in our family. She only ate it outside and NEVER brought it inside after cutting it open. It’s popular in some Asian countries by those who grew up eating it, but it’s so foul that it’s banned from being consumed in most public places. If you take public transit in many Asian countries you’ll see signs banning the fruit… It’s really a love it or hate it type of thing…and most hate it. How do they hide the taste / smell of it in the juice? I’ll have to get a sample of the juice before I could ever think of selling the stuff… and then I’d NEVER tell any of my friends what’s actually in it. 🙂

    I was looking online to find some signs like those I saw when I was traveling in Asia and saw the ones at the links below… it’s funny, but pretty real. Try eating this on a subway and watch how fast you’d get attacked by an angry mob of people:

  16. Kris,

    I for one would have to question anything you or your organisation can vouch for due to your involvement with Buzzirk Mobile.

    Especially with an opening line like this

    ” MLM Manager Pro Team was created to help you avoid all of the mistakes we made during our first years of building our Internet Businesses.”

  17. Our group signed up with Mandura on July 28, 2009 and we received our juice within three days. The juice is very flavorful (a bit like apple juice) and I have more energy by drinking it every day. I have tried several other juices and they taste terrible. Mandura’s comp plan is wonderful and there have been over 5,000 people signup within our team. So, you get a heathly tasteful drink and make money at the same time. I highly recommend this product.

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