MLM Company Review: LifeShotz From 21Ten Is The Purple Powder With A Powerful Punch

Here is an interview I did with Chief Visionary Officer of 21Ten

, Richard Brooke, when he was relaxing one morning.


Now before I get into everything, I want to point out something I saw about LifeShotz which I believe is just one of many differences which proves Richard Brooke and his team are willing to put their money where their mouth is.

There are two types of vitamin B12, a cheap version and a high quality more expensive version. 21Ten doesn’t cut corners just to save money. Because their focus in on providing the best solution to the end user, they use the more expensive version. See below more info!

“Methylcobalamin is a pharmaceutical grade of B12. It is more expensive to produce. A methyl is linked to the cobalamin instead of a cyanide molecule. The body has an easier time absorbing it and does not have to eliminate a cyanide molecule. Methyl is the superior choice in oral B12 supplementation. Methylcobalamin is the specific form of B12 that the nervous system needs for health. It has also been shown that methylcobalamin normalizes your 24 hour clock. Supplementing with the methyl form can lead to improved quality of sleep, a more rested feeling, and a quicker recovery from jet lag.

Cyanocobalamin (Cyan-o-co-bal-a-min) is the most commonly used form of B12. It is a man made form of B12 that is inexpensive to produce. Cyano stands for the cyanide linked to the cobalamin. Cyanide is used to in the processing of synthetic B12. A cyanide molecule attaches to the cobalamin(B12), stabilizing it in the form of cyanocobalamin. Our body must go through several steps to cleave the molecule of cyanide off the cobalamin. Our liver and detoxification system, with the help of glutathione, eliminate the cyanide molecule. Even with extreme oral doses of cyanocobalamin there isn’t any chance of cyanide poisoning (unless you have a very rare disease).”

It is this type of ethics we need to demand from all direct sales companies. As a matter of fact, when you think about it, if a company is willing to product the highest quality product, at a fair market value. And they are willing to truly partner with their field partners, then at the end of the day, shareholder value will rise, and it will not matter if the company is private or public. In this case, Richard and his corporate team fully understand the end user must have a product which works 100% of the time.

Take a second and see firsthand just how much Richard Brooke the Chief Visionary Officer of 21Ten believes in his company and their passion.


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