MLM Company Review: Have You Heard Of The Essanté World Wide Experience

A few years ago, I ran across an interesting story about a guy named Michael Wenniger who was being called the PowerPop King. Seems he created a Diet Lollipop. Today, Wenniger has turned his multi-million dollar weight loss candy empire into Essante World Wide an Organic Product Driven MLM Company.


In early 2009, a group of healthcare and business professionals with a passion for the life-enhancing benefits of Organic Products came together with a commitment to create a new standard of Green Living for the world. They wanted to deliver products that were clean and would appeal to all people – from those who know nothing of the Green Way of Life to those considered experts in the field.

From the very first time I talked live with Micheal, he has stayed true to the above statement. As we continued to talk, I could tell his passion was to the core. He was not just spouting propaganda, he truly meant every word he said. Then he introduced me to his brother Danny, who took it to an even highest level of passion. These two truly want to change the health of the world, and realize providing the best in organic products is the first step.

Here is the newest video sharing the story behind The Esente Experience!

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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2 thoughts on “MLM Company Review: Have You Heard Of The Essanté World Wide Experience”

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  2. GREAT Reporting Troy!

    This looks VERY interesting and something that's definitely in the running to become the next greatest trend for Marketers & Direct Sales people. With so much out here already this could surpass the juice and water industries by a hefty margin. People don't want front loaded or pricey products that aren't sellable to the masses. We've been in several companies and the truth is although they do really well with their products, keeping people involved and keeping them on autoships is a project all of it's own. As we all know, it's the distributor that does the work or doesn't that helps create the success of any one company as well as the leadership and it looks like this one is a front runner.

    If the price on these products is doable for the average person, and the pay out on commissions is even better, then this could become the next huge trend and develop multi millionaire marketers! Who would've thought __lollipops! GREAT way to get healthy things into our system and the right avenue of delivery!

    Viktoria & Gary Affron

    Executive Team Concepts

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