MLM Company Review: Have You Heard Of Seven Point 2 – The Alkaline Lifestyle Company

About a year ago Jason Boreyko reached out to tell me he was on to something with his partner Dr. Howard Cohn DC, to launch some products close to his heart and to create a system that would change peoples life’s. Well… Monthly I would go check out the site and see what was happening. Today, I am proud to announce that not only are they up and running, they are rocking it internationally as leaders from around the World have joined what Seven Point 2 calls the Alkaline Movement!

I want to look at the founders of Seven Point 2, before we dig into what the company is all about!


Jason Boreyko is a second generation network marketer. At the tender age of 5, his father had him packing Amway boxes.

He started his networking career at 18, after a few failures and some false starts, he reached the top five income earners of a $200 Million Dollar company by the age of 26. (Read On)




Dr. Howard Cohn has been president and founder of Cohn Chiropractic Group, Inc. (dba. Health Dynamics Center) since 1990. He has been a Board member of International College of Applied Kinesiology.

His professional training and education spans more than two decades. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 1986 from State University of New York at Plattsburgh. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree in 1989 from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. His post-graduate work includes, Applied Kinesiology (AK), Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), Total Body Modification (TBM), Neuromodulation Technique (NMT), Directional Non Force Technique (DNFT), Nutrition Response Testing (NRT), Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA), Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET), Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), and Quantum Neurology (QN). (Read On)


Dan Cortes has 15+ years of financial management experience in various capacities. He started his career with KPMG in their Phoenix Office. After spending 9 years at KPMG, Dan moved into financial management positions in private industry. Dan has a broad range of experience in finance, operations, accounting and taxation and has worked in the direct sales, wholesale, manufacturing and real estate industries. Dan was the CFO of a $100 Million Dollar a year Network Marketing Company in Tempe Az. He is a CPA and a member of the AICPA and the Arizona Society of CPAs. (Read On)


Tara Brooke Boreyko has spent years enjoying a successful modeling career and in this capacity has travelled the world. This, in turn, has led her to becoming the face and spokesperson for many of the top nutrition companies. She was the national model and spokeswoman for MetRx and was named the first “Ms. MetRx”. She also worked as a model-spokesperson for EAS as well as for Med-pro International. Tara is a dedicated career woman who works as a full-time entrepreneur, is a devoted wife, and mother of two small children, and is an empowering muse for countless others. She is a person who is committed to the uplifting of individuals’ lives, providing encouragement, and advocating for better, higher, deeper, healthier living all-round!

Now I want to take a look at the Mission of Seven Point 2, by providing some info on the products. 

Our Mission: To create the worlds first Alkaline movement

“Alkalized and energized 4 Life, made easy”. We introduce, educate, and share knowledge and products about our most precious resource, health. With health we actively enjoy each day. It has been proven that an acid ph body stores fat and toxins, and harbors an environment for disease. It’s also agreed that by balancing the body’s ph, you are allowing your body to function as it was designed to function, and to achieve ideal weight and optimum health simultaneously. Educating people on the value of a balanced 7.2pH body, creates the foundation for anti-aging and optimum health.



Worlds Only Nano-Hydrogen Producing Tablet

7.2 Recovery with HydroFX® is a unique blend of redox-active, hydrogen-generating alkaline minerals. The patent pending process used to create HydroFX® was developed by a PhD, Chemist and Scientist with 30 years experience in this field. This breakthrough proprietary formula has been clinically tested to release molecular hydrogen, produce a negative oxidation reduction potential, create an anti-acid, alkalizing effect and to increase cellular hydration.

Of all the amazing benefits of 7.2 Recovery with HydroFX®, perhaps the most notable is its ability to release such a significant amount of molecular hydrogen (H2).

Here is an excerpt from just one of the over 200 peer reviewed studies on the power and the promise of molecular hydrogen:

“Hydrogen may have a huge impact as a novel and innovative therapeutic tool for unmet medical needs that currently cause considerable health burdens.”

Chien-Sheng Huang, Tomohiro Kawamura, Yoshiya Toyoda & Atsunori Nakao, ‘Recent advances in hydrogen research as a therapeutic medical gas’ – Free Radical Research, September 2010; 44(9): 971-982

Other Benefits Of 7.2 Recovery with HydroFX®:

Negative Oxidative Reduction Potential: The Oxidative Reduction Potential of a healthy cell is -70 mV. In this case negative is good, not bad. As we age, we oxidize, like an old car that rusts. Things that oxidize have a positive ORP. If we are looking to slow down the aging (rusting) process, then we want to ingest things with a negative ORP like 7.2 Recovery with HydroFX®. (Read On)



7.2 Shake:

Organic – Vegan – Kosher – Sugar-Free – Non-GMO – No Gluten, Soy, Whey or Dairy

This Great Tasting Vegan Shake is the foundation of your alkaline lifestyle. This proprietary formula is an excellent high quality, low carbohydrate protein source. This easy to digest formula is high in fiber and provides an extensive array of naturally occurring amino acids, the building blocks of protein. This low glycemic, high performance vegetarian superfood assists your body in burning fat and becoming alkaline all at the same time.



7.2 Greens:

Great-Tasting – Organic – Vegan – Sugar-Free – Non-GMO – No Gluten or Dairy

These Delicious Organic Greens are a revitalizing essential supplement, designed to gently detoxify the body and help you achieve an alkaline lifestyle. Our greens are loaded with dozens of healthy green superfoods, cereal grasses and alkalizing vegetables in a great tasting powder. Unlike other greens products that taste like something you scraped off the bottom of your lawn mower. Our greens taste So good you can literally eat them out of your hand and we’re not kidding!!

Discover the Alkaline Movement

Welcome to SevenPoint2, a company dedicated to empowering more than 1 Million people to discover optimal health through alkalinity!

SevenPoint2 is the first company in history to make it simple and easy to get and stay alkaline! Thanks to SevenPoint2’s great-tasting organic, vegan, and gluten-Free products, hundreds of thousands of people around the globe are discovering the tremendous health benefits of alkalizing their body.

SevenPoint2 is also rapidly making alkalinity a fundamental concept in the wellness industry by empowering motivated entrepreneurs to earn income by distributing its delicious alkaline products to everyone interested in attaining better health.

Health and Wealth … who doesn’t want more of each?

Earn Residual Income with the SevenPoint2 Compensation Plan

Careful thought combined with years of experience were applied to the creation of the SevenPoint 2 Compensation Plan. SevenPoint2 honored some of best ideas from the network marketing industry and incorporating them into the SevenPoint2™ Uni-Gen Compensation plan. The SeventPoint2 Compensation Plan ROCKS!


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