MLM Company Review: Have You Heard Of MAAKOA the Koopuwa Company

MAAKOA is a unique company on several fronts, but the one who stands out to me the most is one of their main website phrases – “At Maakoa, we don’t just work. We LIVE. And we do it Fearlessly!” I think this shows both a drive from the Founders and a mantra to their field force. Add in their product mix and compensation plan, and this company is one to watch!

One of the items I found exciting about MAAKOA is the fact they have brought in some of the best experts when it comes to their product line. Let’s take a look Koopuwa, which real story behind this new, up and coming company. Watch this video, then read the documents which follow. Unlike so many companies, here is one where the expert, Terry Xanthos.


From reading the website and talking with Rob Turner one of the Founding Leaders in MAAKOA, I have come to realize this company is truly focused on creating products which are backed by science the distributors and customers can review personally. This is so refreshing from some companies who create products where there is no science. I pulled the following form the website:

“Koopuwa’s power lies in the nutrient-dense properties of the Cupuaçu Fruit. For generations, indigenous people of the Amazon have benefitted from the life sustaining components of Cupuaçu, The Antioxidant Powerhouse in the war against free radical damage. Koopuwa provides energizing B1, B2 and B3 vitamins, essential amino and fatty acids, enhanced by a refreshing taste.”

After reading the above statement I dug a little deeper on the site and found some pretty interesting facts.

MAAKOA The Koopuwa Company

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6 thoughts on “MLM Company Review: Have You Heard Of MAAKOA the Koopuwa Company”

  1. Dhaneel,

    Thank you for stopping by. However, you didn't provide much value with your comment. How about sharing the evidence you discovered from 3rd party sources showing the Usana products are created with superior ingredients.

    This comment looks more like a self-promotion. Please provide the evidence to support your opinion.

  2. After studying the maakoa products and looking into it with great detail, it is my opinion that they are extremely mediocre. A company by the name of Usana Health Sciences has a far superior product, with much superior ingredients, much more variety and a better scientific team creating the products. I know you guys wants what best for your body, so do yourself and your body a favour, give it what it deserves….try Usana's products today and throw second rate Maakoa products in the bin

  3. I agree this company is unlike anything else I have seen. It not only has an amazing product but the support from this company is an amazing benefit also. Anyone that is interested in knowing more on the company just send an e-mail to me. I say that if you really want something in life you have to go for it, thats what I did and am with an amazing team, teamfearless.

  4. Partners,

    we have something in common I too was with the company You are or were involved in, lets say that the functional drinks are of equal value ( I would look at the video that Troy posted from Terry Xantos, he and his father own manufacturing companies Brazil), Terry was not paid to speak at our launch last year as a matter of fact My Wife and I were talking with Bruce Davis CEO of Maakoa prior to the start of the event when Terry came up to Bruce and asked him if he could speak, Bruce Davis told him he was not on the agenda, I encouraged Bruce to allow him to speak "I don't think Terry is going up on stage to say anything negative, besides I told Bruce, "I am sitting in the front row, I have it covered", if you see the video Terry went on to praise Maakoa, if you guys want more contact me @ Take Care Rob Turner

  5. Hey Troy!

    Great post! We must say having been involved in the health / wellness / nutrition industry most of our adult lives in one form or another (since mid 1970’s) this product sounds like another great one. However, with our industry being over saturated and so many more products like this coming out onto the market …our concern would be so much is coming from Brazil, the rain forest and other countries.

    We think you’ll agree, we’re all finding out even more from other cultures, their lifestyles, eating and their all natural health remedies that are improving our health daily. In our humble opinion, it would be a mistake to totally depend on pharmaceuticals when we know how dangerous they can be to our bodies. Also that for centuries other cultures have had longevity beyond normal for most of us and merely using what God has put on this earth as a means of nurturing our bodies and our health.

    We were part of Monavie’ three years ago. Monavie’ also had the “Gel” packs for their product and we loved how convenient they were and in fact loved them more than the bottled version, ha! We were also part of eXfuse and again the same type products. Of all the other similar type products, like Noni, Gogi, Mangosteen, Zango, Fruita Vida etc., that we were NOT involved with, we’ve seen changes in comp plans come along, changes in formula’s and changes in management. That’s not to state that any of them are bad but there is that concern that we have way too many juice type products and knock off’s that have saturated the market and industry. In addition to that, claims made unsupported by our FDA and of course the fact our FDA would rather we not know about certain healthful remedies while keeping the money in pharmaceuticals, with doctors, hospitals and pharmacies.

    As stated prior, this Koopuwa product does look interesting and we’d have to agree there ARE a lot of good things coming out of Brazil! We’d encourage anyone with health issues to look at all these products and find out which one if any suits your personal needs. Don’t stop with just one, seriously try as many as possible! Everyone has different tastes and different health issues. You won’t know which one works for you until you try enough of them to discover that one “eureka’ product you love and can’t wait to share with others!

    Again Troy – Great Post!

    We’re loving YOUR Epic Adventures More and More!

  6. One more time Troy …

    Just a clarification regarding …"our concern would be so much is coming from Brazil, the rain forest and other countries."

    Did not mean to imply our concern has anything to do with WHERE the products are coming from. Only that we DO have a lot of similar "juice" type products on the current market which has become quite saturated these past several years. Oddly enough, instead of people being willing to TRY these products and find one they really like and that does something to improve their health.

    When we're talking about "marketers" there ARE those that love these products and the wellness industry while there are ALSO those who will "market" most any product or service if it has a great comp plan.

    You can believe, we've tried several of the health and wellness business's available over the years. We joined a new one 2 years ago that we truly love and made the top rank in less than 150 days. You must know that with the health issues one of us personally has "to love health and wellness" would be an understatement. Once one loses their health for any length of time or loses a loved one to health issues, you realize that your health IS the MOST important thing you have in life – without it not much else matters!

    Before that we met and became great friends with a super Naturopath who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given only months to live. He immediately retired from his job and traveled the world to different cultures to find a cure for himself. As LIFE would have it, he found many, many all natural remedies and began formulating his own products that really do work to improve health and the quality of ones life. That was 28 years ago and today he rides his bicycle down the mountain to pick up fresh produce and visit with the towns people every morning and he's in his 70's and in GREAT health! This proves that a person …

    MUST TRULY be passionate about what it is they're marketing or no matter what country, company or industry it comes from, they'll most likely fail to succeed in a business NO matter the amount of hours, effort or people they bring into a company. They MUST truly believe in and be passionate about helping others IF they're involved in the health industry or any industry!

    Thus WHY we say TRY everything as much as possible! Don't wait for good health to come to you …GO FIND IT for yourself in a great product you love and will be passionate about sharing with others. That my friends is what creates success (not necessarily always in money) but IN GREAT HEALTH and in turn IF you're part of the health and wellness industry, YOUR passion will reward you financially for years to come!

    To YOUR Great Health Troy!

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