MLM Company Review” Have You Heard Of Essante Worldwide’s New Organic Facelift Product

Michael Wenniger is not stranger organic living. It is not just a passion for others, it is his way of life. Michael notified me a few months ago that he would be releasing a new all organic facelift process to keep people from killing themselves with botox and other manmade enjections. This new product really does rock, and is just one more in a long line of organic products from Essante Worldwide.

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5 thoughts on “MLM Company Review” Have You Heard Of Essante Worldwide’s New Organic Facelift Product”

  1. His products are all back ordered and he got slapped for not being a Organic company Troy investigate more I can give you evidence to lead you down a trail that will bring you a shocking truth Essante is a Fraud unless your friends with Michael than I understand your positioning

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  3. Steve,

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I've known Michael for a few years, and have known others around him who are very well respected leaders in direct selling, even longer. I have never caught Michael or any of his team in lies?

    Although you are entitled to your opinion, It is always best to provide specific facts. In today's social driven world, people tend to believe documented facts over just opinions.

  4. Michael has some good products, but the problem is he is a massive liar!!! Ask anyone in this industry and they will tell you he has a real problem with it!

  5. Thanks for the vids Troy, especially liked the information on the second one. Having 3 children myself I have a deep concern for the latent chemicals in just about every product out there – things we ae using every day.

    I just partnered with Essante because they are the only company I know of that has a good selection of Certified Green and Certified Organic products. Unless you have both certifications, you can't guarantee your products are completely chemical-free. Michael is a pioneer and one of the nicest guys you will find…and I appreciate that he is a brother in Christ, a man I can trust.

    All the best!

    Bill Muth

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