MLM Company Review: Eovle Health Are They The Next MonaVie Offering Free Agents A New Home

Texas Millionaire Businessman and Serial Entrepreneur, Trey White has come on strong over the last few months as he and his team started to attract some of the most recognized names in MLM to help them pre-launch Evolv Health. Not since MonaVie have I seen so many free agents jumping into the same company.

Over the last few months top MLM leaders like Robert Dean (formerly of Noni and MonaVie), Mike Healy (formerly of XanGo), Ken Dunn (most recently of Max International), Garrett & Sylvia McGrath (most recently of EXLR8), and many others have joined Evolv Health to market this category creating Enhanced Water Beverage.

Let’s take a look at why one of these top founding distributors made the move to Evolv. Garrett & Sylvia McGrath researched 10 companies, after their former company pulled the compensation plan on them and their team.

Here is what Founder and CEO trey White has to say about his company…

Only time will tell about where this company will go. But over the next four articles we will cover the leadership, product, culture and future of Evolv.

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