MLM Company Review: DuVita Founded By Amber McAdams and Nelson Crowe Is Built On Old Southern Family Values

MLM Company Review:

When Amber McAdams and Nelson Crowe set out to create DuVita, they knew they wanted to create a company build on old Southern Principles. Although DuVita is an Italian word meaning two lives, this company is build on the very principles the DuVita founders have been living their whole lives.

DuVita Values

Integrity: We have a sincere commitment to our distributors and our social values that we back up with actions and not just words

Our products are the finest quality, all natural, herbal supplements that are safe and effective

We are dedicated to creating freedom for people throughout the world by offering the hope and opportunity of a better quality of life and the realization of financial dreams

Our distributors can trust that we always have their interests as a central focus of our business objective

Family: We recognize the strength and importance of families and strive to build an extended family based on unity, respect, and loyalty.

Passion: We believe in what we do both from a business perspective and from a human perspective and everything we do to those ends should be done with dedication, love energy and with a sense of fun.

Commitment: Our products, services, and wealth-creating system will positively and significantly impact the lives of our neighbors worldwide.

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