MLM Company Review 2Plus7 Not A Legit MLM Opportunity

MLM Company Review: 2Plus7 truly is not a legitimate MLM opportunity. As a matter of fact this is one of the craziest ideas I have seen since the launch of the Auto Surf Industry a few years ago. is an online money game, with no real viable product. They do offer several so called benefits, when you look at the “fair market value” you soon realize this is nothing more than a method to try and circumvent FTC and local laws on running a legitimate MLM.

Here the video where they share how then plan works.

So, although this may gain some traction, it is not a MLM Opportunity which will be around long.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

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22 thoughts on “MLM Company Review 2Plus7 Not A Legit MLM Opportunity”

  1. And what is everyone's opinion now? Like all these deals fall flat in less than six months, and given all the forums are dead silent, I would think this one has run its course and made the owners a nice little profit, but most who jumped in were lucky to earn more than they burned trying.

    Success to all,

  2. give me $27 and I will show you a link on YOUTUBE for dance instructions, pet training and magic tricks. IRS.GOV has free links to do your taxes at no cost to you, (HR BLOCK and TURBOTAX) all of which will allow you to claim any deductions you have and file to get the most on your return. The CDC or any news site have health links the provide for free. …. but if you feel like throwing your money away I will take your $27…. heck I will take your friends money too, be sure to tell them. no re-registration fees.

  3. 2Plus7 Is a Legal and Legitimate MLM Company.

    However, They did have a couple glitches that they have addressed.

    They are now including a Super Juice Spray with the27.00 subscription, so they have lowered the cycle pay out to 15.00.

    They have also introduced more products on which you cam build a unilevel matrix (Optional) to have yet an additional form of income.

    They are young and continuing to grow and make things better!!

    If you would like to take another look, and perhaps join my team, visit:

    I still think it is the best business out there!

  4. Joyce,

    You are right time will tell. Madoff ran his scam for over two decades. Tell those ladies who's husbands are dead, that it was just a joke… Because so many people made millions.

    Ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law. Now as for the attorney's they hired… Every great scam I have ever seen hired attorney's also.

    It's not about how much it costs to join a company. It only matters if the company is legal.

    Keep us posted.

  5. Joyce,

    Welcome to the community. It is every easy to see you are a spirited young lady.

    Boy, I fully agree with you on companies which charge hundreds of dollars to join. However, I don't know very many of those. Most companies it cost less than $50 bucks and monthly autoship to get paid is about the same. In a few of the really good companies it is free and no autoship to make money.

    By the way, in a court of law there is no such thing as typical. If a company has more than three pay levels they are classified as a company who uses either a multi-level or network marketing compensation structure.

    Now, I don't expect you to know the law, because if you did, you would understand why I "dare to call it a scam."

    People did not think Bernie Madoff and Standford International were scams either, until the truth came out. And they sure were not typical investment companies because they offered guaranteed 10% or higher returns.

  6. Wow , this is right on BLiving!! You know the 2plus7 program well, and let me add to it, we also have Healthy Juices that you don't have to buy $100 a mo. like your traditional MLM co. and it's like another co. in a Co. How clever is that? for only $27!!!!!!!!!! When we're still here yrs, down the road,
    let's see if were still being called a scam! What a joke!

  7. (This is the finish of the previous reply) The owners have spent thousands and thousands of $$ on lawyers opening up over 71 countries!! If you can't think outside of the typical MLM BOX, that has literally broken millions of peoples Dreams, hearts and lives, financially, emotionally and physically bankrupted them, then don't you dare judge this!! This is for the average Joe, that is hanging on by a string, and he WILL get paid and make a profit, by just putting a little effort and a little $$.. And of course there are great Benefits for the Heavy Hitter. Our team is exploding and Making $$, saving on prescriptions, you name it, and we will help you get your 2 people in. We are 30 yr networkers, and can tell you a lot of horror stories of your typical MLM Co.

  8. I totally agree!!! I paid $250 for a simular program called ABG, plus $50 a mo. then they had problems and fell apart. this is only $27, get 2, and your in, and don't have to pay every mo. and you get tons of GREAT Benefits!! Plus, you make $$ . You can't beat it. No it's not your typical MLM, that charges $3-400 to get in, at least $100 plus a mo. to get your cks. And you really can't use all the products, yet to get your commission ck you have to purchase them, plus as you make more $$, your monthly cost to qualify usually goes up, usually to $300 a mo. to get your ck, Now I call that Front loading. And you all know that IS, the typical MLM Industry!! So No this is NOT your typical MLM Co!! This gives the little quy a means to make some $, get all kinds of discounts, even groceries!! This beats anything out there, especially with this Serious Recession!! Anyone can come up with $27 and find 2 people to do the same, and everyone Benefits!! So your right this is not your typical MLM, it's a 1000 times easier and better!!!! How Damn Dare you call this a Scam!!

  9. Julie,

    Thank you for stopping by. If you hang out enough around this community you will fine we love MLM. However, we are very straightforward about what is legal and what is not legal. Since this is America we wish you the very best. However, when the company goes down, feel free to stop back by and look for a solid company with a compensation plan, built on algorithms that will last.

    Julie, if I were you, I would study the great profession of MLM and learn what the laws are. Just because a company looks good, and fast money can be made does not make it ethical.

    Merry Christmas.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  10. BLiving,

    Ted is a good attorney, although, he has not done much lately in the MLM industry. As a matter of fact I believe he just started taking new clients back in September. Although, I am excited to read his new book when I get my copy.

  11. FYI – 2plus7 was "set up" by Ted Lindauer, one of the top MLM attornies in the world. Google him. Although some of the offerings can be found elsewhere on the internet, 2plus7 subscribers receive additional discounts. They have direct access to professionals, such as a nutritionist and medical doctor. Lead mgmt software, tax organization software, restaurant discounts, prescription discounts as high as 50%, and the list goes on.

    Maybe you should spend $27 to get access to the benefits and see for yourself before bashing these Carolina boys.

  12. Art,

    As always you have given us words of wisdom.

    Thank you for making MLM Help Desk a part of your daily routine.

    Never Give Up,


  13. Randy, you have 100% of my respect. If I were in your shoes I might have done the same thing. I love the fact you are taking control of your life and not waiting for a Government handout.

    Now, let’s take a look at your points.

    Let’s set the record straight. Global Verge nor any of their so called Leaders ever had or had access to Billions of dollars. The use the hard earned dollars of their field to launch and scam thousands. I have far more respect for a couple of Southern Boys launching what I refer to as a scam, than what happened at Global Verge.

    Now as for the compensation plan. I don’t care where they went. Programmers can manipulate the mathematical algorithms, and as long as more cash is rolling in, than needs to be paid out the compensation plan will hold. However, the Mathimatical laws which can’t be manipulated prove this compensation plan will not be able to sustain itself. The money used to payout other folks in the plan come from selling more memberships, not off of the sale of services within the company to retail end users.

    The FTC is very clear and year after year the Courts have ruled in their favor. Any company where a person has to pay to play will be seen as a scam.

    If they guys get good counsel, I am sure they will make it. If they continue to attract boys like you THEY WILL SUCCESS.

    never Give Up,


  14. ……… Damn, I don’t know what is wrong with this computer…that it just jumped and sent this post before I had finished it or pushed the button to send it….lol Ok…here goes….let me try this again…lol
    3. The compensation Dean and Dean searched and spoke with a number of writers or programmers of compensation systems here in the good ole ‘China’ USA . None thought it possible to write a linear program such as the one we have now, so they went to India where some of the world’s best programmers are located and had it written. I’m not sure if I have ever seen the program writers listed on any…… whoops… I believe Xensoft (sic) wrote Global Verge’s compensation plan.. The Indian programmer did this in exchange for being made a partner at the top of 2plus7. Do not know the specifics, but can find this out for you, if you so desire.
    4. FTC compliance matter.. Evidentially you feel that the viral benefits are not considered to be a marketable commodity. If that is the case, there sure are a lot of people marketing e-books, etc. on the internet. Now let me list a few of our benefits – (a). We have a former Duke Doctor that keeps us informed and updated on the current issues in medicine. (b). We have a nutritionist and dietary expert to help us follow and lead a better lifestyle. (c). We have a Forex expert that will show you how to invest in foreign currency. (d). We have an animal behavioral specialist. (e) We have a prescription discount card. (f). We have the restaurant discounts I told you about earlier. (g). We have a magician who will and can teach you tricks. (h) A national champion (10 times) to teach you dancing. (i) A homeopathic expert to update you on a healthy lifestyle and many others are coming on board. (j) A software expert by an MLM tax expert that will keep up with all of your expenses where the IRS cannot challenge you and make taxes easier to file at the end of the year. If this is not enough for the one -time fee of $27, we will be adding more.

    Marines NEVER give up! Semper FI!!

    Randy B

  15. Troy,
    At 61, I wrote my first post and couldn’t believe you took the time to respond. So here goes it again! I will try to answer your concerns with 2plus7 in the order you brought them up.
    1. I joined because of the tuff economy, I’m self-employed in a flooring business, with an x-wife, pardon me , X-Wife as my partner. My budget began to suffer, so I once again looked at networking to supplement my income. The bigger older companies such as Unicity, Youngevity, Isagenix all required me to purchase a certain volumn of produdt in order to start at a decent level. Let’s be real , in this day and time ,name 5 people in MLM that have stuck with one company to leave it to their grandchildren.
    2. What’s wrong with two Carolina Beach boys, that are not as polished as some of the other professional like we saw in Global Verge with Billions, Billions, and Bilions of collateral?

  16. Randy,

    Great comment! You make some great points, and I can tell you truly have gained value from the 2Plus7 business.

    I do understand the fact, unlike other MLM companies you will not be out as much money, if the company doesn’t make it. However, is that why you joined?

    What happened to building a business with a lifetime of residual income? A business you can pass to your kids and grand kids?

    I’m not concerned with them owning another business. My point is the fact, they are not Network Marketing pros, nor do they show anywhere on the site, exactly who they may have hired to design the compensation plan, so we know it’s a respected MLM compensation plan designer.

    And, based on the current FTC rules, I personally do not believe 2Plus7 would fly through an FTC review and investigation.

    Now, based on the fact they are good old Southern boys, I may be persuaded to change my mind. 🙂

    Agian, great comment, and you gave a serious rebuttle to my concerns.

    Never Give Up,


  17. Hi Troy,
    I have been networking for a bout 20 yrs skipping a few in between. I’m in 2plus7, have only put money in ($27.00 one time) and sponsored two people.

    I have had my payment made with the two people,that I sponsored and made a couple hundred dollars in just 2 months.

    I’m like you about the infinity payment, but unlike most other companies I won’t have lost hundreds of dollars, if it doesn’t last.

    The virtual benefits could be found on the Internet if you looked hard enough, if you had the research time. One of my benefits are restaurant coupons you buy at discounted prices. They were $10 for a $25 certificate at , and with the 2plus7 90%discount, I paid $1.00 for the coupon.

    It was a great meal and I saved $24.00. With my $15 discount from the grocery store per week, I feel that I’m getting quite bang for my money.

    I think these Carolina Boys have done a great job putting together this single line product for only $27.

    And as far as them having another business, don’t we all have several businesses going at the same time. Go on the site and call Dean, he would be glad to explain the comp. plan with you at any time.

    I do not believe 2plus 7 belongs in the scam section.

    If you will contact me, I will allow you in the back office to see all of the benefits we are receiving for this one time payment of $27.

    Please consider this before you bash this Carolina Business, remember how we are at sports.

  18. Thanks for that info Troy. I was trying to find out more to see whether I could work with that company since I’m a personal finance coach and that’s one thing that most MLM companies don’t provide.
    However when I tried contacting them through the support webpage that gave an error and most of the other info i can find is simply promoting it and not any serious reviews. I only want to work with genuine companies because reputations can be hard to build but you can quickly lose them

    Thanks again,

  19. Here is an obvious thing I found.. The Payment Structure “You can take this to infinity” How can a any company pay up to Infinity! They will be BROKE! Something to highly think about. Stick with Publicly traded companies or private companies with proven record.
    .-= MLM Pro´s last blog .. Start MLM Business with Nu Skin Enterprises =-.

  20. Thanks for the Insight! You are completely correct! You are the best!
    .-= MLM Pro´s last blog .. Start MLM Business with Nu Skin Enterprises =-.

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