7 thoughts on “MLM Company Review: 21Ten Launches LifeShotz”

  1. Troy,

    I am delighted that you "get" the smart and sophisicated nature of Life Shotz….synergistic sophistcation! I appreciate that you could speak to the multi -faceted workings of this nutritional product. I am new to 21Ten, but I am impressed with their intent on producing only the highest integrity product, best ingredients and concern for sustainability. Thanks again for your review.

    Kate Schlapfer

  2. Hi Troy,

    Great to have you on board with the benefits of 21Ten, and putting them out to the world! Thanks so much for supporting and promoting the product , leadership, and values of this company. Your credibility and backing is terrific and we are grateful for it. So keep on ripping, shaking and living full out with 21Ten and the rest of of this healthy crew who are making a difference in people's lives!

    Thanks again,

    Carolyn Jones

  3. Thank You Troy! I love LifeShotz but you just made me love it even more. It's exciting to have so many people like you champion it & the company.

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  5. Troy, I appreciate your insight, wisdom and information on a regular basis. I'm glad you are on board with the Life Shotz as well! I'm still amazed at just how darn good this stuff is!

  6. Hey Troy!

    Great review! Life Shotz changed my life, that's for sure! Lost 20 pounds and cleared my skin. I don't fall asleep with the kids anymore, and I lost my cravings for sugar.

    Troy, I just found network marketing a few months ago. I am surprised, elated and excited beyond belief at the opportunity that this industry affords. In less than a year, my husband and I have virtually eliminated our mortgage, car-payment and half of our family health insurance bill!!!

    Thank you for this great review – so many think that network marketing is about selling, and in a way it is – you have to be a product of the product – but it's also about selling DREAMS!

  7. Troy,

    All that you said about 21TEN and life shotz is from the heart. You know Richard Brooke would not put his stamp of approval on anything that is not the "Best of the Best". What a value Life Shotz is

    because it gives all the nutrients of all the other Jungle juices combined into one smooth beverage

    We are proud to have you as a network buddy. Well said!

    Dave Buckis

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