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This is our brand new MLM Company News Update post. We will now be providing on at least a monthly basis, some of the best news we can find in the Network Marketing profession.

This does not mean we will not still be providing the hard hitting and sometimes controversial news that sometimes hits our industry. So don’t worry I have not gone politically correct.

Top News Stories


Amway One by One
The 2008 numbers are in:

One by One, we are making a difference for children around the world. Since the program launched in 2003, they have:

– Provided hope and opportunity to more than 6 million children.
– Contributed 1 million employee and business owner volunteer hours.
– Shared more than $70 million worldwide.



Montel Williams, Actor and Emmy Award-Winning Talk Show Host, Signs Network Marketing Distributor Agreement with LifeVantage.



Herbalife’s Distributor Bonus Award Pays over $36 Million to Independent Business People

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mar. 23, 2009– Herbalife Ltd. (NYSE: HLF), a global nutrition and direct selling company, paid out a record $36.4 million in bonuses to independent distributors at its Mark Hughes Bonus Award ceremony in Beverly Hills on Sunday. The independent distributors represented 30 countries and all have built their own businesses and achieved success through direct selling. With 90 checks over $100,000, the top six bonus winners received checks for $1 million or more.



Relìv Kalogris Foundation Provided Free Nutrition to 42,000 Daily in 2008

CHESTERFIELD, Mo., Jan. 26, 2009 – The Reliv Kalogris Foundation raised approximately $980,000 in 2008, R. Scott Montgomery, chairman of the Reliv Foundation, announced today. The Foundation used the funds to supply free nutritional supplements every day to more than 42,000 impoverished people, mostly children, in 10 countries



Dallin Larsen Announces The MonaVie Stimulus Package

– MonaVie Coming to You. Rather than asking you to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on travel, we’re coming to you in 2009 with increased City and Regional Meetings. We’d rather you spend that travel money on your tasting parties!

– Free Enrollment Promotions. We waived the enrollment fee for February and had such success with this promotion that we extended it through March as well.

– Annual Renewal Fee Waived for 2009. The annual renewal fee helps cover real costs, such as operating your Virtual Office, providing tools, and managing your distributorship each year.

– First Order Bonus. We’ve made it easier to earn this bonus. Distributors no longer need to be qualified to be eligible for this bonus; you need only be active.

– Expanding Our Borders. In the first half of this year alone, we will be opening Israel and Mexico to help grow your business internationally. In addition, plans for the latter part of 2009 call for the opening of the UK, Poland, and the Netherlands.

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