MLM Company iJango Review Former Excel Legend Steve Smith Launches New MLM Internet Company

MLM Company iJango Review: Former Excel Legend Steve Smith launches new MLM Internet Company called iJango.

OK, let’s take a closer look at things…

There are two positions within the iJango comp plan.

iJango Affiliate:

The affiliate level will cost $50.00 (which has a 100% money back guarantee) and gives you access to basic tools to build your business.

iJango Director:

You pay a one time fee of $149.95 and $19.95 per month.

This is where I see red flags. Yes, there are some additional benefits given to distributors, but my concern is the FTC and Texas AG may see this as a “pay to play” situation.

In order to max the comp plan you have to be a Director on autoship. On the surface this looks normal. However, with most MLM companies the product you are buying is offered at the same price or more to the end user (customer). In this case the end user is the distributor.

Yes, commissions are being paid off of portal traffic and customer purchases. However, I am not sure folks will want to download a tool bar from a company they have never heard of, and give that company the right to monitor where they go and what sites they visit on the internet.

You can review the full compensation plan here.

Overall, I would walk away from this MLM opportunity because I do not believe it has a business model that will work for MLM.

However, this is NOT an MLM Scam!!!!

Never Give Up,


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4 thoughts on “MLM Company iJango Review Former Excel Legend Steve Smith Launches New MLM Internet Company”

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  2. Troy, another good post. Thanks for staying “on the point” and providing good analysis to help folks do their due diligence and reach their own conclusions.

  3. Sank,

    Thanks for posting. OUr first post on iJango was brief, and does not include all the information we will post as we go along.

    Let, clear up one small issue. Although, iJango may fall in the catagory of MLM Scams as we continue to investigate. I do not believe Steve Smith would intentionally create a MLM Scam… Well, unless he has squandered all the money he earned in the old days, which can happen.

    We have uncovered several issues with the MLM compensation plan, that does fall into the Scam catagory and we will be sharing on that this week.

    So, we may not be as far apart on that issue as it seems.

    And, if you have any factual information you can pass alon feel free to send it to

    Never Give Up,


  4. Good information Troy, thanks for posting this. I’m not in agreement with you that this is not a scam, and would suggest that if you think the FTC or Texas AG would not look favorably on this, wouldn’t that define “scam”.. anyway. Your comments on the viability and competitors of this are well founded and well articulated. Excellent stuff.
    I would also throw out there that Cameron Sharpes history is dubious at best in this space and that alone sends up warning flags for me.

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