MLM Business Strategies Which Promotes Team Growth

We are all looking for MLM business strategies that promotes team grow. Here are a few of my personal philosophies, you may want to meditate on for a while, then implement in your network marketing business.

Team Culture

Your personal values, core principles and life purpose must to be the foundation of your team from the very beginning, so that every new team member fully understands what guides each of your decisions.

Personal Sponsoring

Always focus on personally sponsoring people smarter and more qualified in the areas that are not your strengths. Also look for potential business partners the same qualities you would look for in a spouse: uncompromising character and unquenchable passion.

These two qualities are as important to me as experience and ability. I want to partner with people who have one set of ethics and they never leave them at home.

Pushing Up People

If you have branded your values on the people closest to you, then you can trust them unconditionally. However, most of us grow our MLM organizations like we do our children, and it is difficult for us to let go of every responsibility of leading the team.

You must have a turnkey system in place for training and motivating your team, but never at the expense of your creative leaders. Always make them feel safe to share and try new methods of growing to the team to the next level.

Remember, what is cutting edge today, is antiquated tomorrow.

Creating Team Loyalty

It is never about the company, it is always about the team. If you want to watch your team continually grow, then show them by your actions that you are 100% committed to their success. Treat your team like family, and they will be loyal and give you their all. It is human nature for us to desire recognition for our efforts. So full or part-time give your team members honest and sincere praise and recognition for their efforts.

I firmly believe people will work hard for money, they will die for recognition.

Personal Balance.

You much keep your personal values and principles in balance. For me personally it can be simply stated as My spiritual life first. My family life second. My business life third.

When these get out of balance for every long, I find my team falling apart, my family frustrated with me, and my personal focus off in left field.

Science as proven we must be balanced or we will burn out.

Giving Back To Others

When I took tome to read about the most successful people in the history of the world, I found each of them believed in giving back and not just taking from others.

For me personally it is all about helping children and teens. Sometimes it is supporting social justice causes who help get kids out of the child sex trafficking trade. At other times it is equipping the next generation with the tools and knowledge they need to lead this world in a better direction.

Find your social justice passion and start giving back.

Ponder on these philosophies and see which ones work for you, and come up with your own.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

The Navigator

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