MLM Breaking Wireless News: Chris Greco Caught Live Defrauding MLM Wireless Distributors

Over the last few months we have been watching a trend in the MLM Wireless arena. As we white boarded out the chain of events, we soon realized there was an organization who publicly is lead by Chris Greco president and founder of Activation King Wireless and Unlimited Wizard, which seems to have infiltrated just about every MLM Wireless company to launch since the fourth quarter of 2009. Over this last weekend I made it clear we would be breaking a huge story and here it is…

Now, when you listen to the audios below you will see that now only have MLM Wireless companies been effected, but at least two very strong and powerful MLM Health and Nutrition companies have also been hit with, at the very least disparaging comments and false comments.

When I was sent the original conference call over the weekend

We started watching Greco at Global Verge. Within just days we started putting together a whiteboard diagram which caused us to wonder if Greco and company has a hidden agenda. However, without hard evidence we decided to sit on the investigation and continue to watch what was happening.

Two weeks ago, was the first time we were told Dallin Larsen the CEO of MonaVie had contacted Greco to launch a new MLM Wireless company. Then last week when we heard the above audio I called and emailed Dallin to check and verify the story Greco was telling.

Dallin called me Friday of last week and stated “Troy this is the 3rd time in 24 hours I have heard this guys name. I have NEVER spoken to him period, and we are not interested changing the focus of MonaVie – Period!”

I also called BK Boreyko, and left him a message. I also emailed BK because I know he always has his iPhone with him. BK emailed me the following response…

“He’s lying. I don’t even know who he is. Never talked to him, nor would I go off focus. Let him know that if his comments become widespread and effect my leaders, I’ll come after him to remedy. Make this point really clear. I work too hard to have lame asses mess with my rep.”

I also contacted Randy Jeffers to ask him point blank, if he was causing DNA issues with Sprint, because I had received calls from DNA corporate and emails purportedly from Dan Hesse CEO of Sprint stating Randy had stated George Madiou was raiding the WOW Downline.

Randy, made it clear he had not said anything, he was to busy building his own business. I suggested a conference call with DNA and WOW, he agreed and we scheduled the call last Thursday afternoon. It was very clear by the end of the call, Greco was playing these two companies against each other.

I also talked to Harry Aston Partner in Panther Mobile last week while he was in town. He shed light on why Panther decided not to bring Greco into the company at a corporate level. Here is an interesting situation Greco talks about. This sure seems to be criminal. If I were in Panther’s shoes I would be contacting the FBI’s White Collar fraud unit.

I also contacted David Manning CEO of TraVerus to see if they have decided to re-open negotiations with Greco after he informed me, Rick Thompson an officer at TraVerus had called him, wanting to cut a deal.

David Manning wrote back ” Hi Troy I just got to fla. No we have not gone back to him Sent from my iPhone.”

So, there you have the condensed version!

I learned today and from reporters embedded in Global Pros that Chris Greco is the CEO and part owner in Global Pros. It seems from the very beginning Greco and his partners have been planning one of the biggest grifting jobs in MLM history. Yet listen to Greco explain his connection to Global Pros and what he thinks of their longevity.

The sad thing is great distributors have been hurt. Chris Greco of Activation King Wireless and Unlimited Wizard has defrauded, over 100,000 distributors in Wow Mobile, Panther Mobile, DNA Cellular, and Global Verge, who have trusted Greco and his propaganda, have had their lives played with. Personally, I am not sure I would want to be in Greco and companies shoes if some of these southern boys catch up with him… There is a reason the movies Deliverance and Gator has cult followings.

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  1. Wayne Askew says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    May 11, 2010 at 2:38 pm

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    Think I’ll pass on this $39.99 plan

  2. DNA at it again…… Here is latest offer

    In Celebration Of The DNA 2 Month Anniversary…

    Today is All DNA Affiliates May 11th Order Day…

    We are going to allow ALL AFFILIATES TODAY to be able to:

    #1. Order the $39.99 Unlimited Everything Cellular Plan.

    (This same Sprint Back Bone Plan will go to $69.99)


    Available to Pro Affiliates ONLY!

    This is a Service Plan & Phone Combination Purchase.

    I thought it says all DNA affiliates, but a closer inspection indicates you must be a paying PRO affiliate

    What about the free, free, free, affiliate they always tout. Seems they are left out of the latest deal.

    HERE'S THE SCOOP on the $39.99 plan

    $50 Refundable Deposit*

    *24 Months of Service Required for deposit refund.

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    Think I'll pass on this $39.99 plan

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  4. Boy, you sure have a lot of reading material here. I'm just getting through it (had to reread a lot, I nodded off twice when I ran out of coffee!)

    I wish you had a "New posts since your last visit" button,..or is there one and I'm just too impatient to look for it?

    Some of these threads are 'unruly"! LOL (I mean, in sheer size,..not the comments)

  5. First of all, Phil,

    I am not asking people to send me money AFTER I said it was a free program, and AFTER I said "No selling, no this, and no that".

    I am not the one who concealed my identity and denied I was involved, when I was actually up to my ears in it.

    As far as Trump goes, where did I mention "Trump network"? And, you made my point, right there. He put his name on a veritably UNKNOWN health products company, and suddenly EVERYONE knows it exists, and most would think it PROBABLY has some integrity.

    I don't think Trump would have a problem owning it if he wanted to.

    So, where's the joke? Maybe Trump is laughing,..all the way to the bank!

    Too bad the "Piccolo" network can't get the same respect, huh, Phil?

    Now, Mr. Mickey the Stallion, if I ask you if you are in any way related to Charles Manson (hypothetically because I have done unhappy business with Mr. Manson in the past), and you say "No", and I find out, after I have become financially involved with your business, that you are, in fact, "Charles Manson", then, that would be "doing business under false pretenses" because I have tried to ensure that I am NOT doing business with "Charles Manson", and you LIED.

    Got it?

    Obviously, if I have a jillion emails from you with MyWFL, and a crapload of DNA emails, and a slew of other Piccolo junk, I would guess that we have, at some point in the past, had a run-in.

    What I have done or not done in MLM is immaterial. I am not the one with big talk, billionaire backing, and $100K bets, and a penchant for getting folks to part with their money.

    Thanks for the phone invite, but I've really got no desire to hear you blather on and on about your self.

    Whose names am I dropping? Rod Cook, Ted Nuyten? They have websites with open forums.

    At least I'm not trying to compare myself to Saint Peter. Give me a break! Holy Name-dropping, Batman!

  6. MoneyByDay1,

    Now, let's be honest with folks. Based on your IP Address I can see you have been on the blog for a long time responding under several different names based on the subject at hand.

    I understand your angry and want your money back. But, don't pretend this is the first time you have been here.

  7. WHO ARE YOU: MR: Unanswered Questions aka Baloney Detector says

    You are not a Baloney Detector…

    What do you know of my relationship with Jim Spellacy…

    That is a JOKE as far as Donald Trump since he does not own 1% of the TRUMP NETWORK…

    Have you ever personally done business with me?

    Have you ever done anything in this industry?

    What is your claim to be MR CRITIC…

    And speaking of using your name… WHERE IS YOURS HERE…

    You drop other people's names like you know JACK S%#* about…

    Why don't you call me 954-464-5565…

    If I wish to use the name Mickey The Stallion what is it to you…

    Even Peter denied Christ 3 times because he knew he was dealing with idiots who with no proof what soever just arrested his Master and were going to punish HIM for what…


    DNA has a REAL CEO

    DNA has a REAL VP

    People with so much integrity in business you "especially you" could not shine their shoes…

  8. Sorry I got here late to see this blog! But I’m here now! Hey Phil, Your a Liar man!!!, You’ll always be one at that! Why haven’t I gotten all my money back for the plans I purchased from you at DNA ha?? If you have any integrity give me all my F”” money back you low life! Yes I’m Ergomex ID # 110108750 ! NO one that I know has not YET received any money back from DNA, whats taking so long Phil? Did you spend the money at a strip club like Global Verge did?? Just give us all our money back. I’m going to file a claim with the “Attorney General” there in your state. Your a “FAKE” and a LIAR ! No one wants to do business with you at all ! You don't deserve any of the great members you have in your down line!

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  11. Rich,

    What comments? I have no clue what you are referring. What was your post about?

  12. Welcome To Data Network Affiliates



    Watch your DNA e-mail updates for more details.


    "International Data Entry NOW OPEN!"

    U.S.A. Pro Affiliate = FREE Health Benefits!

  13. Exactly, ask Chris or if that is his real name, when is the last time he has flown anywhere. Won't find that ticket any time soon. Will the real Chris "Alias" Greco please come forward. This guy is getting everything he deserves.

    Real Source

  14. Phil, can you address to everyone on the topic of why you chose to use the name Warren Anthony to the DNA Affiliates? If the public hears directly from you why you chose to make this decision it may shed more light on the subject. If in fact you made this decision or if this information is accurate. Please clarify for us all.

  15. Unanswered Question,

    Now I understand. Boy this week has been nuts. You might want to read my latest post. And make sure you have plenty of coffee of something to drink, there are over 100 pages of documentation.

  16. Eric is just Quoting PAUL, who is in DNA:

    ERIC COLLINS says:

    April 29, 2010 at 11:26 pm

    Just sharing from our blog, found this interesting


    Paul (unregistered) wrote:……………

  17. Hey Phil,

    You are welcome. But just for the record. I was not defending you. I was pointing out the bait and switch Greco was doing. I think both of you have questionable ethics and wouldn't knowingly touch anything either of you are doing.

    I am so very happy to be involved in nwm/mlm with ethical, reliable and supportive people. Too bad the whole industry isn't like this.

    Good luck to both of you.

    Peace out.

  18. Chris Greco… say BYE BYE to the free world as you know it… You are going to a place where they do not allow anyone to use Cell Phones… In fact you can probably count the number of FREE Breaths you have left… We hope Global Pro has a back up… I guess when you are gone they will deal with the tattoo lady you sent to open a DNA Store. The one that has a mouth like a trucker who dropped at least 20 "F" Bombs in the 10 minutes that we met her. I do not wish for you or anyone to serve time but it sure looks like you will. By the way is CHRIS GRECO your REAL NAME… L.O.L.

  19. Troy,

    I was posting that to show that Phil's language (many other places to find it actually,..not just Burtis') can be pretty darned colorful, and sometimes, morbid/sick/or even threateningly descriptive, when he gets going.

    If you look though, Bob didn't say much on that page, it's mostly Phil's rant.

    I wouldn't blame Bob (and many people) if they hate the whole profession given the silliness that goes on.

    The comment that this woman had tattoos and used bad language doesn't really have a point, other than to try to allude that she was,…what,..a lower life-form?

    And this lower life-form is what Greco has some faith in to run a store.

    Guess what? Women, – many many top-level businesswomen have tattoos, AND they swear, too!

    And,'s a wireless store, do tattoos and swearing render one incapable of running a wireless store?

    Denegrating the lady who accompanied Greco to what sounds like it was actually a fairly civilized luncheon, (before the debacle was served) is typical Piccolo.

    He's been hiding his identity for months, but, who cares about that? The woman had tattoos and a bad mouth.

    Next, he'll tell us that he had to pray for her. obviously 'fallen' soul.

  20. Has worldwide scam ever had anything good to say about anyone or any company in MLM? Bob seems to hate the whole profession.

  21. Troy, Eric Collins brings up a great Idea but would you not need to have someone lose money for a class action law suit. Let's see DNA is refunding every penny plus over $50,000 in revenues to the people who did purchase anything cellular. DNA has a 100% refund policy for anyone that came in during the 14 day period of cellular promotion. By the way Troy there is no Eric Collins in DNA… Must be a CHRIS GRECO CRONIE

  22. A tattooed woman who swears !

    Now, that changes everything! What nerve. Tattoos,….and swearing, too.

    Sort of acting like,..a….a MAN?

    What's the world coming to?

    Beats the heck out of hiding one's identity for months. And making it impossible for a regular person to perform due-diligence by changing one's domain information.

    Course, if you wanted to see some colorful language, we could always go read this,…

    Hard to imagine you would be shocked b the 'f' word.

  23. Phil, you hit the nail right on the head. Chris Greco is a low life, scumbag, that is trying to invade the mlm wireless industry and rape anyones downlines he can, to benefit himself. There are good people that have spent years building a business, and this guy wherever he goes it seems to crumble, with the leaders staying behind and picking up the pieces. This guy is being exposed for who he really is. Real Source

  24. John,

    ROFLOL… Jim is the last person I would want to cause any frustration. If anyone has the pocket change to turn his attorneys loose on this issue it is Jim.

    Semper Fi, brother!

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  25. You ask a great question on GV… I'll do an update this afternoon on some info we just ran across from GV.

  26. Sam, your point is well taken. Based on my personal, not business relationship with these two men (who are strong competitors in the same niche) I believe they told me the truth. But you do make a great logical point.

    Based on your above comment, the same rings true. Just because Chris tells you "the pickle" gave him the phone does not make it true!

    As for the recording issue. I stand by my point in a different comment. If you call in late or are brought onto a conference call where more than one person is present, I do not believe anyone has to say "this call is now being recorded… again! If this was the case, then all through conference calls we would hear this recording.

    I am ready for McGuire's anytime… Just for a little R&R from typing and great conversation 🙂

  27. Eric Collins,

    This is a great idea. If a class action suit is filed then ALL parties have to come clean. Plus the class would be MLM Wireless reps, which means EVERY single wireless company who offers a mlm compensation structure will be named in the suit.

    This would take this debate out of the hands of public opinion into a Court of Law. Now this truly may get MLM attorney Kevin Thompson’s attention.

    Just think, of what this might do for distributors?

  28. Sam,

    I understand where you are coming from. The numbers each time when the word "organization" is used ranges in the hundreds to thousands. Maybe that is his company, but the inference made in the emails is "MLM organization."

    I think you know, you have my respect, and you always add value to these public debates. Thank you sir for continuing to provide solid info.

  29. Philip Piccolo Comes Clean

    Let me take a moment here to admit that I have wronged every single person on this planet.

    I admit that I Phil Piccolo is solely responsible for Global Warming.

    I admit that I Phil Piccolo is solely responsible for every single person who has failed in the MLM Industry.

    I admit that I Phil Piccolo is solely responsible for the current Health Care system and the rising cost of living.

    I admit that I Phil Piccolo is solely responsible for the last 3 wars and possibly even the Vietnam war.

    I admit that it is I Phil Piccolo who is solely responsible for every person who has not accepted Christ and for those who did but left HIM when they found out Jesus Loves Phil Piccolo too.

    I admit that it is I Phil Piccolo who is solely responsible for every person who lost their job over the last 20 years and have lost their home.

    It is common knowledge by now so now I need to admit that it is I Phil Piccolo who is solely responsible for every fraudulent mortgage broker during the past 20 years and single handed brought the housing market to it’s knees.

    LAST BUT LEAST I have just recently found out after a popular survey on ROD COOKS site that I was the reason since 1990 starting with Hurricane Andrew that the state of Florida suffered BILLIONS of Dollars in damages…

    And as far as I know I am 100% responsible for every thing people say I did even from the ones who have never met me nor really know me. Even the ones who have read it from someone who has read it and is 10 times removed from the 1st person who spread the rumor… I probably done it…

    It is funny that people wish to say that I have a lot to do with DNA…

    Are we talking about the same DNA that has paid everyone on time each and every week since their 1st payday…

    Are we talking about the same DNA that has paid out thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars to people who have not parted with a dime and only data entered 20 car tags…

    Are we talking about the same DNA that paid out thousands of dollars to people who only entered DATA and did not build a downline… In fact I believe they paid out hundreds of dollars to people who did not even sponsor 1 single person…

    Are we talking about the DNA that gives people 100% FREE 3 working websites (two still under construction) but will be released soon…

    Are we talking about the DNA that pays out 85% of the gross dollars collected for the DNA Benefits Business Package…

    Are we talking about the DNA that has created a marketing plan whereas if a person just makes a single $29.97 monthly sale to a 3rd party or even chooses to purchase it will qualify them to reach the top pay level in the company…

    Are we talking about the DNA that has a PRESIDENT who is responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars with other companies and who is the only individual with access to any money in any DNA Bank Accounts… A man that hundred million dollar companies trust with A LOT…

    Are we talking about the same DNA that is refunding every dime it took for orders from the Chris Greco lies and false promises and not only are they refunding every dime they are paying people more and giving them collectively over $50,000 in gifted benefits… OH AND THAT WAS WITHOUT 95% OF THEM ASKING FOR A REFUND…

    IN FACT IS THEIR EVEN ONE DNA AFFILIATE… Outside of the Chris Greco crazy stuff that can say that since DNA opened it’s doors on March 11th, 2010 where as the 1st data entry was done… That can prove that DNA has not delivered on every promise…

    WOW… I am so happy that my image is changing in the marketplace since everyone here believes that I am affiliated and in control of a company that is such a force for good…

    Phil Piccolo

  30. CHRIS I challenge you to a RECORDED OPEN DEBATE… YOUR A FAKE AND A LIAR… And I can promise you Corporate America is not finished with you… By the way bring proof that you ever had a $10 or $20 monthly phone deal…

  31. Thank You Sherry

    I was there the 1st day that Mr Chris Greco met with George Madiou and the whole DNA Team and guest what Sherry… I introduced myself as Phil Piccolo right then and there… THE FIRST DAY… so this RA RA hip hip hooray for CHRIS GRECO exposing that Phil Piccolo was involved with DNA is such a JOKE…

    It was only after I helped expose CHRIS TO THE WORLD which was 3 weeks after CHRIS GRECO met with PHIL PICCOLO did he lash out at me. Only after Mr George Madiou said he would have nothing to do with Mr Greco did he SCREAM as loud as he could. "PHIL PICCOLO IS INVOLVED PHIL PICCOLO IS INVOLVED"

    CHRIS GRECO talked to me 3 to 5 times a day because he knew I was the marketing consultant and I was responsible for helping to design the program so that most of the profits would go to the affiliates…

    Mr Greco brought his sister along to my home and spent the whole day with me and my family. Even went to lunch with us and my wife helped his sister get their flat tire fixed and when they visited my home she even noticed a lot of Monavie and she says oh Phil I love Monavie with my VODKA… I gave her a whole case of Monavie…

    Everyone here needs to stop making Chris Greco a hero and recognize him for the FAKE THAT HE IS…

    CHRIS PLEASE SHOW US A $10 MONTHLY PHONE… with Unlimited Talk and Text

    CHRIS PLEASE SHOW US A $20 MONTHLY PHONE… with Unlimited Talk and Text with 20MB Data

    Ladies and gentlemen… there is no such animal on the planet… THE MAN IS A LIAR and when you compare what this man says and does… He make me with my failures and mistakes look like a SAINT… The man is bad news…

    OH BY THE WAY just before he YELLED FOUL… He had the nerve to send his foul mouth girlfriend / wife who use the "F" word more in 5 minutes than I have in 5 years… and why did he send this woman with many tattoos along with GET THIS Ron Williams to meet with PHIL PICCOLO and GEORGE MADIOU… These two individuals made up the total CHRIS GRECO TEAM to open a DNA STORE… LMAO… You gotta be kidding me the so called President or whatever of GLOBAL PRO was coming to Fort Lauderdale to open a DNA Store…

    If Jerry Springer ever needed stand ins for his show… it would be the Chris Greco Cellular Store Team…

    Personally I wish I did own DNA but the truth be known I am just a highly paid consultant and so I should be… I dare anyone on these blogs who are saying what they say to even come close to the success I have had in my 34 year career… starting with Amway in the 70's…

    And yes I have had many strikeouts but when it comes to this Industry I have a lot of home runs…

    Oh did you know when Babe Ruth had the Home Run record it was also said he had the strikeout record…

    The bottom line is that in 34 years even when striking out many times in a row… I will always get up to bat and keep swinging…

    I am a real guy with 5 children, 3 step children, 4 grandchildren with the same problems that many of Americans have… I have gone broke, been divorced, and fell on my face many times…

    Life has it's ups and downs but I am NO QUITER… And as I have said if I have harmed you personally call me… maybe I can make it right…

    Phil Piccolo


  32. Hey Troy, I try to keep it light hearted, usually. Some things get under my skin, but I usually get them out without too much malice. Ok, lastly, I do not have those papers, but there is a difference in "He and his organization" (infers him and others) and "My organization" ( which, could infer him and others, or just his corporation). So just to bring out facts, I am working with Chris in a capacity other than a rep since the beginning of April, and I have only known him since the last half of January. That makes a new organization that is not on an agenda to (I cant find the parent post so I can't quote you) come in and get a companies info, wreck havoc and leave. My job is to make sure that there are checks and balances to protect the reps and company. I am writing the P&P, T&C, Codes of conduct and writing a separate ethics code/ policy. I want you and all on this blog to understand that I am working to insure Global Pros, becomes the example on how to run a ligament network marketing company, that provides a true opportunity for independent Business owners to build a solid business, that they can earn a living based on their efforts and be proud to tell everyone what they do for a, (not J.O.B. but…) LIVING. Hey, I know you will hold me to it.

  33. Just sharing from our blog, found this interesting


    Paul (unregistered) wrote:

    – "how about a class action lawsuit against DNA for fraud?? " –

    It is obvious that DNA cellular affiliates are being stalled out, thats why the date for launch keeps moving and there is not one ounce of information on DNA back offices on what you can promote Cellular wise, how much , when, and why and how…THERE IS NOTHING! I was listening in on a "training call" again tuesday night hoping for some info, not a word. Just Lionel and all the other Honchos on there repeating over & over to each other like a broken record about "how excited they are…" " how big this is"… yet no valuable information or mention of Cellular.

    So they open up the phones for Q & A, and I was going to ask them about all of this as in Why there is no info at all, nothing, but some other guy beat me to the punch and asked all the "RIGHT" questions…

    too bad those hacks didnt have answers. All they said was "those are very good questions" and we will have answers in a few days watch your backoffice".

    IN a few days ???? The phreeking DNA cellular is supposed to Launch in a few days ! You'd think they would want their PRO affiliates like me who are internet marketers already primed and setting up shit to drive a ton of Business to them for Launch day… but NOOO … not a peep.

    I read of a rumour of a class action lawsuit against DNA on a blog a couple of days ago over this… if it isnt true. Maybe we should start one. I do some web marketing for a Legal group of attorneys. If anyone is interested and feels scammed, hit me back here and let me know who among you feel scammed and have lost money on DNA. If they dont refund this week. We should file some kind of legal action due to fraud. Im pissed.

    Is anyone else here pissed too? Oh yeah, one last thing… I feel Chris Greco has shown to be a stand up guy as in he walks it like he talks it.

    I just want to say thanks to Chris for telling it like it is. Thanks Chris Greco.

  34. Man! This blog post has grown long and fast! I'm not sure if I can keep up. I added the privacy issue because I feel it is important. But my point was, that the he said/she said was, there are no facts other that their stories are opposite. You mentioned that they had no reason to not tell you the truth, but that does not present solid Proof. If the Pickle gave Chris the phone than (I am not an attorney) that becomes Chris's property, and all information on it. Reasonable privacy can not be assumed in this case. This is different then having an attorney disclose information subsequent ABA 1.18 and 1.6 vs where there an assumption of privacy or wiretapping. If you call into his number there is a message that states "this call may be recorded for quality assurance" Or something to that effect. I didn't hear the calls, so heck if I know. This site is too long for me to post, read and check for updates. So when we going to McGuires?

  35. Troy,

    We talked to Jim Bellecera the other day and what a joke this Greco Guy is.

    using self promotion and self incrimination at the same time is a disaster. This is

    a guy that helps make scam a key word in MLM mobile phone deals. this is a perfect

    example of a guy I dont want dating my daughter. Great work ob turning a story over

    and Looking for truth. Like your style!

    Former Marine


  36. Troy let me address your question, we have unlimited data and the king of Phones the Blackberry, unlimited everything, 59.95 Period, Include unlimited calls to Mexico and Canada for 10.00 more and also included is free world wide Texting. On the Fastest CDMA network.

    As for the Free phone, Nope , No activation fee at all, Sim card is Free and included, They do pay for their first month of (UNLIMITED TALK and TEXT, International Text and Calling) again only 40.00. As for the 10.00 Talk and Text plan we will sell as many as people buy, I am like most I have to have my Data so I can keep up with and, But on a more serious note, This is just the beginning, Should be interesting to see who can match and or compete.

  37. This is for DWomack Only a very small minded person would even think this is about paying a $39.95 membership to get a certificate. The $39.95 membership is about introducing 3 other members and teaching duplication thru 9 levels and beyond, and then DWomack your membership is now worth $30,000 per mo. Oh yea and I know your mind is very small that is why you probably thought it was $2 but No it is $10 for a $25 certificate. So i'll keep paying my membership and i'll be sure to save my certificates for you. Real Source

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  38. Sam,

    I have dozens of emails from and to CEOs of several wireless companies from Greco, where he states "My organization"

  39. Sam,

    Although we don't agree, I respect your opposite perspective because it does give folks a well balanced view of things. I was laughing at the "pickle" comment, I love your sense of humor.

    I do understand your statement on "value pricing" although, I am not sure how much money from a distributor standpoint will be available in a "value package."

    However, when it comes to my statements, they are not based on personal assumptions. Although, I do make assumptions somethings as we all do, when I am asking questions, and providing a statement it is because I have reviewed published data.

    According to Pew Research Center 55% of cell phone users use data " 55% of American adults connect to the internet wirelessly, either through a WiFi or WiMax connection via their laptops or through their handheld device like a smart phone. This figure did not change in a statistically significant way during 2009."

    According to Harris Interactive teens are looking for smart phones…

    "teens’ wish lists are phones that…

    * Guarantee secured data access to the user only (80%)
    * Provide accessibility to personal health records (66%)
    * Present opportunities to be educated anywhere in the world (66%)
    * Bring users closer to global issues impacting teens’ world (63%)
    * Are shockproof and waterproof (81%)
    * Have endless power (80%)
    * Feature a privacy screen (58%)
    * Are made of flexible material and fold into different shapes and sizes (39%)
    * Have artificial intelligence – ask it questions and it gives answers (38%)"

    ComScore reports…

    "45.4 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones in an average month during the December to February period, up 21 percent from the three months ending November 2009. RIM was the leading mobile smartphone platform in the U.S. with 42.1 percent share of U.S. smartphone subscribers, rising 1.3 percentage points versus the prior period. Apple ranked second with 25.4 percent share followed by Microsoft at 15.1 percent, Google at 9.0 percent (up 5.2 percentage points), and Palm at 5.4 percent. Google’s Android platform continues to see rapid gains in market share as more Android-compatible devices are introduced to the market."

    ComScore also reported…

    "In an average month during the December through February 2010 time period, 64.0 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers used text messaging on their mobile device, up 1.9 percentage points versus three months prior. Browsers were used by 29.4 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers (up 2.4 percentage points), while subscribers who used downloaded applications made up 27.5 percent (up 1.8 percentage points). Access of social networking sites or blogs continued to grow, increasing 2.9 percentage points to 18.0 percent of mobile subscribers."

    Based on this second paragraph, there is no doubt a $10 plan could be very attractive to 64% of the USA, if the plan included unlimited text.

  40. Troy stated in an earlier post… "This isn’t about DNA, Piccolo, or Troy Dooly. It is about the fact an organized group has gone from company to company stating they can provide everything the distributors need to succeed, and telling the owners and officers of the company, they are the answer to their wireless needs. Then right at the time when it is time to launch, after being given access to company data, they leave."

    Can you name that group? I left GV back in Sept before Chris ever came (I guess, I hadn't herd of him till Jan). I joined with Panther Because of Chris (I actually wanted to just do the retail and MLM with unlimited Wizard), and left because they had promised unlimited data, and I became tired of waiting. What Global Pros is about is providing people with an opportunity to earn a living in wireless where the reps will have different carriers with outstanding pre-paid prices. To provide a company that will take care of the reps and not to suck the money and life out of them.

  41. Partners,

    I hate to tell you but I do have room to talk because I have know Chris way before gv. So yes I know alot more than most people do about him. So yes I can pick sides because I been there threw it all with him. As for knowing what happen I know more details than alot of people would like me to know. I do have one of Chris's stores and Yes I have products, plans, etc… and most of all I have plenty of repeating customers every month. As for Panther LOL they are a third of there downline that is a shame. Espically when there customers call me to fix there phones and plans that they are paying for but not recieving. Now with them having all those spots in the matrix I would think they would have the money to take care of these customers instead of me. As for Phil Piccolo becareful on who you try to blackmail. It will come back and hit you in the face. Oh my bad it already have. LOL!!

  42. Unanswered Questions,

    I am truly I missed one of your comments. We have the system set so that if the IP addresses don't change then once a person has registered and posted a specific amount of comments they go live without review.

    I have several of Phil's IP Addresses as well as everyone who has ever made a comment. Part of our security is to capture all IP Addresses.

    As for defensive, if I came across that way please forgive me. When responding to posts there are times I am sure they sound defensive, when in reality it is to pull more information from the other party so we can give more facts from both directions.

    So I am truly I am sorry it came across in that manner.

    As for the "Baloney Detector" alias, that is not a big deal. The crew have been going through today and putting aliases together based on IP Addresses because so many people in the last 24 hours have posted under numerous aliases and we are going through and putting them together to show people use aliases for all kinds of reasons.

  43. Hey Everyone …

    We put alot of thought into what we're about to post. It IS important in the sense it has to do with each and EVERY one of us here @ Troy's MLM Helpdesk and beyond that has anything to do with marketing a business. Alot has been going on this past several months and beyond and the POSITIVES will only happen when EVERYONE looks inside themselves to DISCOVER WHY they're really involved in Networking and Marketing. Looking at these issues from all angles takes alot of time and energy but it's well worth it if just even one person begins to GET IT and begins to understand how these things work.

    Ethics 101 is a biggie with us and we're pretty sure in your military career that you know what we're talking about. Life and business doesn't have to be this difficult if only we all follow a few simple STEPS and take them "one at a time" if necessary until they're right. We've laid out a few of the things that have helped us greatly in our 29+ years in business (including internet since late 80's). We genuinely hope that people will read them and that it helps them if even in a small way.

    In business we ALL have the responsibility to guard our interests, our reputations and credibility. We also have the resonsibility to teach others and help them learn how to deal with difficult people and situations. In addition, we have a responsibility to securely preserve and respect any of the companies we make choices to be a part of when possible.

    – Becoming a part of the rumor mills, gossip about XYZ Company or XYZ person(s)

    only puts YOU in the middle and makes YOU another person for others to point fingers at, draw in and blame for the negatives happening around THEM and not necessarily YOU.

    – UNLESS it has to do with YOU personally or YOUR business – it's NOT productive or professional – stay OUT of it and make ONLY comments that YOU personally would

    want to hear said about yourself.

    – FIRST and foremost DO SOME research BEFORE you make a comment anywhere (blog, forum, chat room etc.) that may or may not implicate YOU as PART of the problem.

    – As long as people MAKE decisions based on "hear-say" and without doing THEIR OWN Due Diligence – the person doing such eventually BECOMES PART of any problems along the way.

    – People who AVOID listening or engaging in negative activities are consistent in being the ones that end up with a positive business, relationships and income.

    – People MINDING OTHER people business are NO BETTER than those creating problems from business to business or person to person and who WILL eventually lose their own credibility and momentum with others.

    – WHAT is NOT Necessary: ADULT individuals engaging in name-calling, competitive rhetoric, hatefulness and judgements of others and the infamous "I'm better than you" type of attitudes. If you can't state something of value – you WILL BECOME every bit AS MUCH a part of the problem as THOSE creating them to begin with.

    – NONE OF US are forced to do anything – we make those decisions about what we want to do and who we want to be involved with all on our own. Same rings true for being dishonest and unethical – get caught …it's on you and NO one else!

    – "BETTER THAN YOU" types of attitudes DO NOT make anyone BETTER than those creating and repeating the attitude. If a person HAS to tell other people how good THEY think they are then – HOW GOOD are THEY really?

    – It's perfectly OKAY to READ and BE INFORMED about the industry news and everyone SHOULD. Keep in mind NOT everything you read is necessarily true and DO your research BEFORE you become a solid believer. There are as MANY OPINIONS as there are people in our world and they ARE all different.

    – DON'T take up gardening in or FOR anyone else's garden. IF YOU ARE the one attempting to "pick out the weeds" or "nurture the flowers on YOUR CHOICE only" – you ARE contributing to the destruction of possibly yourself and others who may be involved along the way.

    – FOLKS – rather than becoming involved in the NEGATIVE's happening – CONCERN YOURSELF with BUILDING YOUR business and YOUR income while HELPING OTHERS to do the same along the way. Life & Business IS a journey – treat it as such and POWER UP the POSITIVES and NOT the negatives!

    – DON'T LOOK for someone else to blame. If somethings NOt going right in your business or life – DO SOMETHING to CHANGE the way YOU do things. If what you're doing isn't working out for you – then GO DO something else, be happy and prosper!

  44. Wow, Troy.

    I try to 'subtly' point out to you, where the PROOF, that the comment you made about Piccolo having signed a contract to stay out of MLM is posted, FROM HIS IP (Is this not what he was threatening you about?), and you're so busy being defensive, you can't even see .

    I was also attempting to commend you.

    And no, I didn't use multiple names to post multiple times in the same thread. I used "Baloney Detector" in ONE thread, for Phil's amusement.

  45. Troy, actually, we usually agree, but on this subject we have different view points and perspectives. Activation King Wireless does have unlimited plans with unlimited data. But there was this overwhelming response when the Pickle group offered it that I found out that while growing in number, the majority of people who are looking for value pricing on phone service, do not have data phones. Just because you use data don't assume that the majority of Americans do. I believe this data trend will keep growing and you will be in the majority.

  46. Troy, I have to defer that question to Chris. My goal is to have the compliance set up and make sure we have a company that protects our reps and our company. It seems Xtreme Mobile has not put a cap on how many $10 talk and text services to sell. As far as the free phone on our website it seems there is no $25 activation fee, no $20 sim card (included). From the website

    "We want to give you a FREE* phone! Obviously, you will want the phone to work. So how does Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text, Unlimited International Text & Limited International Talk for $40/month sound?

    NO contract, NO credit check, NO activation fee, NO additional taxes!

    Just great service at a great price & a FREE* phone!

    If you have any questions about your present wireless service

    and want to save (or make) money, contact us!

    * You must purchase the calling plan and pay a $17.00 shipping and handling fee

    in order to receive the phone. Offer valid until June 30, 2010."

  47. The 50K-100K was for multiple store Troy. I believe I saw the figure of 790K for 100 stores.
    .-= Paul Douglas´s last blog .. This is time sensitive. You need to act fast =-.

  48. Unanswered Questions aka Baloney Detector,

    It is clear you have a beef with Piccolo. You have followed this from the start and based on your IP Address have responded in several places across the web.

    As for my BP… LOL, I don't take any of this personally, with me stimulated conversation allows the readers to see all sided of the conversation.

    So rock things out. My goals not to change your mind, but I am always careful on the words I use when responding to everyone.

    Of all people, I fully understand once you hit send, it is captured and collected.

  49. That answer doesn't make sense, Troy, but, I think maybe you're a little hot under the collar, at the moment.

    1. Where did you write "I know Phil Piccolo is in DNA."?

    You claim 'everybody' knew. Yet, you didn't answer it yourself.

    Everybody didn't know. Rod Cook didn't KNOW. Ted Nuyten didn't KNOW. They reported what they had, and reported their proof, BUT, if you have been following Nuyten's blog, Piccolo himself DENIED being in DNA, and then claimed to sign up under John Nocton (NOT as a 60% holder)

    YOU YOURSELF know that you wrote about his having said he signed a contract (You said 'with the FTC') to STAY OUT of MLM.

    Remember that? That is what started your Piccolo thread – he offered to sue you over it.

    He also called Rod and threatened him over it.

    But, in Ted's blog, if you had read it, you would see where he DID claim to have signed a contract to stay out of MLM, and that he was NOT in DNA.

    So, if Piccolo was denying it, and no one had solid VISUAL proof, (there are emails, there are domain registrations, there are phone numbers and IP addresses – but no one laying an eyeball on him), and no one in the DNA 'upper echelons' saying anything,- how would anyone KNOW?

    Piccolo did NOT use the Warren Anthony name before (Philip Anthony – Yes), until "Warren" suddenly started signing the same-old emails from DNA about 3 weeks ago.

    I don't know where you got that. It's not in the MLMwatchdog list on Phil' alias'.

    Posted on Rod's site,…"His many aliases include: Johnny d'Angelo, Johnny Dangelo, Phillip Angelo P., Johnny D' Arkangelo Joseph Stevens, Don Johnson, and Felix Angelo"
    He used Philip Anthony to sign a letter to a widow during AATCM days, looking for a huge 'investment' from her. But, no "Warren Anthony"

    2.Posting the Piccolo thread in the DNA section doesn't answer the question. It just means it is a question about DNA. Unless I'm missing your point, how does putting it there confirm the suspicions?

    I'm sorry if I'm rubbing you the wrong way, here, Troy. I'm just not understanding how this is now all the readers' fault for not knowing something that was never confirmed as fact, but profusely denied by Piccolo, himself, and by emails from DNA, itself,..(likely written by Piccolo)

    And, if members email DNA support, asking if Piccolo is involved, and they receive an answer saying "No, Phil Piccolo is not involved", when he is, REGARDLESS of his pseudonym, ..that's misrepresentation/false pretenses/fraud.

    It's the same reason that Donald Trump USES his real name on Businesses,…..people will want to get on the "Trump" boat. It's the same reason, DNA TRIED to use Trump and Oprah on their website,…people will follow a trusted name.

    And they wouldn't KNOWINGLY give their money to someone with a chequered past. Why should they? There's tons of MLM's and other opps in the internet world that will be happy to have them, INCLUDING Trump.

    Ask Jim Spellacy what being in business with Piccolo can do for you. Is there any surprise that Greco would refuse to climb aboard ?

    Thank goodness he opened his mouth.

    And, Troy, you usually do a great job,..I commend you for continuing to post the negative stuff,…I'm sure your BP is through the roof.

    I just think you made a slip in judgment here and put your trust in Phil's 'charm' (obviously he has a silver tongue, or he couldn't have gone on like this for so long), and not in facts as posted on the sites you have referenced.

  50. Although Sam and I do not see everything eye to eye, he is 100% correct on the FREE statement. FREE is one of, if not the most powerful word in marketing.

    Sam, I do have a question, and I presented this question to Chris, George and Phil when they called to tell me about the original DNA deal.

    How many $10 calling and texting services are you going to sell? People today need unlimited data, not calling and texting. This might be great for kids, but business people, teens, and parents want data for their internet, social networking and applications.

    Second question… Does free, really mean free, or does the subscriber still need to buy sim cards, and pay for activation before they can turn on the free phone?

  51. Sam,

    You completely missed my point. I must not have been as clear as I thought I was being. My comment on "he said, she said" is the fact, without a recording and now Chris validating the fact my synopsis of his actions are correct, I was able to post my theory as to what he and his organization has been doing since he left Global Verge..

    My comment has nothing to do with the issue of the privacy issue. However, with that said. Now that many folks are publishing comments about Chris showing private information on a phone in his possession owned by Phil Piccolo, and he has publicly played a private recorded message from Phil Piccolo to Greco, on live conference calls, I do wonder what this will do to his legal actions he has purportedly been working on against piccolo. Sure seems like the same old propaganda we have all been hearing for months.

    In reality, it does seem Randy Jeffers and maybe some others have real grounds for legal action, buy who knows.

  52. Real Source:

    To answer you reply: if GV has the activations going on with the phones as of the Orlando event – that's GREAT! We understand TOTALLY about Global Verge – having BEEN one of those that stayed for 9 long months. As for getting one of their phones and activations – sorry, but we already have one of our own and are NO longer involved with Global Verge where we had a large team of people that either went to other companies at that time or got out of the MLM industry all together.

    Bottom Line: in this day and age with a questionable economy – people ARE looking for something to subsidize or increase their income. It's NOW that people really do NEED their research and FIND OUT what's the most comfortable for them in terms of companies, business field / industry and what price they're willing to pay to be a part of something.

    If a person chooses to work a regular J.O.B. in life – THEY LOOK for the BEST company, with the BEST STAT's as far as viability, benefits / provisions and pay. They ALSO LOOK FOR things like how far they need to commute, dress code, how many hours weekly, vacation time etc. – ALL the norm in terms of J.O.B.

    WHY wouldn't someone working from home NOT do the same (exempt commuting), just ALL of the other things??? Personally, we would NOT go to work with or for a company that didn't have high standards, honesty, ethics, integrity, commitment and transparency to it's distributors 1st and foremost, but that's just us and not intended to downgrade or insult the possibilities and viability of any one other person or company.

    WE ARE and have always been all about helping others find that one passion and realize their goals and dreams in life too. Without a sure commitment from a company that they can in fact protect their interests and viability, not many people would want to work with or for them either in a regular J.O.B. or in a home based business.

    We're NOT unlike ANY other people – we're just average people like you and everyone else here. We work from home because we're Disabled Veterans but that doesn't stop us from being able to do the work we do or have success doing it.

    SUCCESS is AVAILABLE to anyone and IS all about being able to COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY, steer clear of company politics, people gossip and rumor; FOCUSING DAILY on what one is doing, LEARNING the industry, CREATING relationships and becoming a leader. LEADERSHIP is INFLUENCE – NO more and NO less!

    Real Source: Thanks for your reply and Good Luck to you and all the other GV Reps!

  53. That is a he said/she said equation where no proof either way is presented. I know who you believe, but the only facts presented here are 1. Chris stated this on a recorded call (that he says he was unaware of being recorded), and 2. the people in question have denied it. That is the reality!

  54. Actually in the US there is a trend where people are expected to get things "free". Many people have "free" housing, "free" food, "free" money to bail out their business, "free" medical care and Insurance. Of course it is not free, tax payers pay for it, but it is free for the person receiving it. So I don't think it is too much of a stretch for people to believe this, and most were required to perform a task that took up their time (our most valuable asset) for compensation. I detest that company and not defending it, just showing that it is not that much of a stretch to believe.

  55. Partners, when I refer to "bad" people, i'm talking the likes of these sleezy people jumping into the mlm wireless industry, the Zero1's and especially this idiot Chris Greco who is just going thru company after company raping downlines, and sucking them into anything he can get. He is poison to our industry. As far as refunds, GV has refunded so many people and at the same time so many people did chargebacks, got refunded and kept the refund check GV had sent to them, so who is bad in that case. Partners the last time I looked in the mirror I saw myself, I'm responsible for my own actions. If I pay $69.95 to join GV, i'm placed in the matrix and I have the ability to sponsor another member and GV will pay me, whether there is a phone or not. I could sponsor 3 members and if that was duplicated 9x I would be making a minimum of $30000 per mo. without one phone being sold. I am my own business owner, whether I got into GV for a phone product or not, no matter any type of hype, I have the choice to work the business, offer any services GV has at the time and I can make money, or I can elect not to pay my $39.95 next mo, and GV will even let me keep my position in the matrix if or when I decide to pay my $39.95 membership. Partners GV is responsible for making suck ass choices in partners, responsible for "it's coming soon" but they are not responsible for someone paying $69.95 to join GV and deciding to pay a membership of $39.95. How about all these great company's that charge thousands of people $500 to join and those people never get 1 customer, never sponsor 1 rep, and say this is a scam, it doesn't work, I want my money back. How many $500's are being refunded. Come on man! Bottom line is you can join GV or any other company and if you work their plan you will make money. Real Source.

  56. Your title says it all, "GV Member". Look, if you are committed to GV then all the power to you. The bottom line is this, the only one to blame for not knowing who the principles are within a company even it there are alias's is the one that is joining the business without doing their OWN due diligence. Maybe it is because I have been in law enforcement for over 15 years and I am more skptical than the average person, maybe? Let me be very clear, any company that will make promises over and over, taking money from reps they have recruited based on lies and hype should be shut down and prosecuted. Yes, I understand there are thousands of people that fall for this and it is sad. I call it like it IS and not as I see it, GV is one of those companies. Now if you have seen my other posts, I have never nor will I ever promote any business on this site. I will tell you though there are several good and ethical companies out here because the owners DO HAVE INTEGRITY. I do wish you the best.

  57. David,

    Sadly, I am sorry you feel that way. First of all I would NEVER call anyone stupid or lazy, and I am NOT a watchdog – PERIOD!

    As for giving the same answer, since the same question keeps getting asked, the same answer will get stated.

    Now, I do have a question, why do you feel I should be the judge, jury and executioner when it comes to Phil Piccolo or anyone else?

    My goals are to present facts and surround those facts with questions and my opinions based on my experiences inside the direct selling industry. My goals are not to be a watchdog, but an advocate working within the MLM profession.

    Our community members are fully aware of our goals, and support our focus here at the Help desk, by adding their own experiences with the companies we review and talk about.

    So, since we are not watchdogs, focused on cutting down the profession like or, or even the site like who uses a critical eye to cover all types of scams and ponzi schemes, and by the way who is an excellent copy writer, we just don't get wrapped up in he said, she said.

    Now, as for the heart ache you refer, exactly where are you seeing or hearing all this heart ache? In reviewing all the main blogs, forums, and social sites, only those here and on niche sites controlled by some of the payers are we seeing anything. Please feel free to send us links you are reviewing.

    ROFLOL… I love the "Watch Pup" comment. Rod Cook is all the time telling me, "Troy you're still a pup, watch how I do it." That was great!

    David, I wish you the best in your future, keep us posted on your success.

  58. If this was to me "David", I HAVE read your posts which is why I say that you should have been shouting from the roof tops…but you didn't. You keep giving this same answer to anyone calling you out like they are stupid or too lazy to look up "your watchdog posts."

    Like I said, you could have prevented a lot of heart ache out there and you didn't. Maybe "watch pup" would be a better word to describe you in this case.

  59. BREAKING NEWS Reall Source: Go there and on most days you can buy the same $25 gift certificate you say is a great value for your 39.95 monthly cost for $2…yes, two dollars! Hmmmm, let's see. Spend 40 bucks a month or two bucks for same benefit. Hmmmmm Gee, which is better? This fifth grade math is killing me.

  60. Sorry, I was talking about the continued promises of Global Verge and the fact that even though they have said "next week we will have phones" for about 30 weeks, just wondering how long it takes some people to wake up and smell the coffee (or kool-aid).

  61. Give me a break ErgoExman,

    Chris's greed is what drove him to jump from company to company, not his care for distributors.

    The Piccolo/DNA connection had already been made.

    You want to go along with the propaganda machine that is Chris, be my guest. I will leave it.

  62. David,

    I can see you have not been a follow of our blog before, or you would know my background. I can also see you have never read any of the past posts on DNA or you would have already known about Piccolo.

    Thanks for posting.

  63. Partners, you are funny, first of all they didn't have 50,000 new members come in June, but let's say they did. You act as if Mark and Ted took that money and left town. Partners they are still here and have paid out commissions every mo to people that work their businesses. It's a fact that most of those people signed up because of the hype of a cell phone that worked on the moon, but each person has the ability to work the business and get paid off the services and the matrix comp plan GV offers, or they could turn off their autoship and not pay their $39.95 that mo. GV has even let those people keep their spot in the matrix til they are ready to turn back on if they choose. There does not have to be a cell phone for you to make money in GV, just the matrix alone if you sponsored 3 people and in turn they sponsored 3 duplicated 9 times, well your check is between $30000 – $114000 per mo, without 1 cell phone purchased. Well guess what GV now has cell phones. Here is the funny thing to me you have those numbers up there that you are stating Mark and Ted took from people, and act like no commissions have been paid, how about all these other company's that charge $500 to get in. Fortune, 5 Lynx, Light Year, ACN good one ACN lets use them as an example, we know they have been around for along time and they don't take anyones money right. Well ACN this month will put in about 20000 reps at $500. I think that's $10,000000 million, they will push all those reps to purchase a website for $30 per mo = $600,000 not to mention for them to purchase 2 video phones each at $225 thats another cool $9 million and Partners the sad thing is 80% of those people will quit, so who is losing more money. I'll keep paying my little membership investment and it will cash in. Real Source

  64. Partners, 9 mos of GV only cost someone $389.55 that is including the $69.95 to get started, half the network marketing company's out here charge $300-$500 just to get in, and they charge another $30-$50 for a replicated website, and we all know 80% of them quit on 3 no's, where as GV's replicated websites are FREE. And if you are someone that actually works the business and sponsors a whole 3 people you qualify for all 9 levels of the matrix, and if you are one who helps your people sponsor 3 then you can actually hit the position of triple diamond. Well Partners the bonus pools alone pay alot more than that $389.55. GV has other products that you are paid commissions on, and let's not forget, out of that big $39.95 per mo membership, I love my $25 certificate that I can frequent a local restaurant once a mo and get my discount. By the way I also save over 25% on my electric bill every mo because of GV's Pow-r-Sav, no that's not the latest and greatest new cell phone. All I know is I have been paid every mo and it is more than my membership fee, how many people in network marketing can actually say they are netting a profit. not counting the tax writeoff of course. You are right about 1 thing it has been 9 mos but it will have been well worth it. GV's new member plan, with their commissions they pay, no one can touch. Retail is next. Real Source

  65. Kevin where have you been lately, Mark and Ted have been traveling to GV events, been on team calls with leaders in the field, and their groups answering any questions that have been thrown their way. The Tues and Thurs corp update call is just that, an update.

  66. Partners, what are you talking about activations and if they have service and work. What don't you understand GV reps have been ordering and using Sprint phones and Sprints service on GV's member only plan since March 30th at the Orlando event when they launched to the triple diamonds, since then they opened it up to the entire GV field on April 17th at the South Carolina event. Any GV member can purchase the selected smart phones in their back office and order the $79.99 unlimited everything talk/text/data plan. The phone is delivered activated, if you would like to port your number you can do that as well. So yes GV has phones, service, and about to release their retail plans for customers. You need to get yourself one. Real Source

  67. Uh, no, no phones yet except to reps. None for retail! STILL NO PHONES AFTER MONTHS of acting like they would be there tomorrow when all they wanted was another $39,95 from all the suckers who are STILL believing them!

  68. No, Troy, that is not Chris Greco…it is a guy who actually has the balls to tell you his true name; Wayne Askew. And, he has made some very good points. When you tore off the "scarlet letter" you had previously affixed to DNA, I figured it was because they had finally hooked up with a real force in the wireless industry, ie, Chris Greco.

    Now you say you had your eye on Chris all along. Give us all a break, man. You and Madiou (?) must be kissing cousins the way you both hid the truth about scammer-gate leader Picollo! (and stop hiding behind a few posts you made…you should have started shouting them out even more and louder!) I truly believe that when this all blows over, it won't be Greco's reputation that is unfixable…it may be yours, Troy.

  69. I see Mr. Chris Greco this way,

    Chris is so Excited about this business that he jumps into some things way to fast without thinking!

    He did this with Global Mobile1 and had to pull out because he found a scam there!

    Then he gets into Panther and he pulls put of this one too!

    Then he gets involved with DNA, again because the excitement and his emotions take over him with out thinking about the ramification if any thing goes wrong. Then he finds out about Mr.”Phil Piccolo” acting as Mr. “Warren Anthony” ! Now he notices that he got into some thing bad again! What do you expect him to do? He did what was right, he pulled out regardless of what the consequences are because he uncovers a scam within DNA, finding out that “Warren Anthony” is really “ Phil Piccolo” !! What would YOU do? Think about it?

    For some reason Chris timing is off when he makes thees decisions. But thank GOD he finds thees thing before they do more damage! We should all thank him and not Bash him! He did not defraud anyone, he found a scam and pulled out to save his ass, he did the right thing! He can and will offer the plans he promised all of us and any DNA reps. There is no wrong doings with Chris that I can see.

    Chris really cares about us small people. He also protects us from selfish and greedy companies like DNA! DNA wants to keep all the money for them selfs and screw us distributors! Chris don't like that, he wants US to make the money! DNA did not like this! The big guys with DNA started this crap and hiding Phil Piccolo, they are the ones that Defraud there down line, not Chris!

    A lot of people don't like his ways and the language he uses, but behind closed doors we are all the same, we curse !!

    This is The Chris I see !

    Take It or Leave It!

    You don't have to do business with him if you don't want to!

  70. Cherry –

    Seems the only reason you're reaching out about Panther Mobile is because as you stated prior – you've been burned twice now. That's understandable but not. Why would you think Panther Mobile is doing anything wrong when in fact you have NO information to that fact and certainly NOTHING to the contrary?

    Here's the REAL deal: When any one person is making statements to the contrary and THAT person has become KNOWN in the industry as someone who HOPS from one thing to another always seeking compensation and then leaving abruptly – what does that tell you about THAT person? What do you really and truthfully KNOW about such people other than what YOU yourself happen to believe or that someone else has told you?

    We're not going to or even attempt to take one side or the other. We merely want people to THINK before they comment here or elsewhere about what they THINK they know about one person or another or for that matter another company …period! It's those that HAVE experience and knowledge BOTH in years and success's IN the industry and who ARE well connected that KNOW the truths and untruths.

    Especially THOSE WHO KNOW that NEWER people coming onto a scene wether or not behind the scenes or as principle players STILL MUST do their time in effort and hard work PROVING they CAN in fact be trusted BEFORE being believed! Just because someone is friends with someone else DOES NOT prove THAT person is the RIGHT or greatest person to be doing whatever they're doing or saying. Without ever having seen a person in ACTION and KNOWING how they operate – it's difficult at best to SAY you know them even WHEN you THINK you do!

    Word of Advice: Be careful WHO you believe in the industry. FIND OUT WHO you're working with and WHO is friends with WHOM …BEFORE you go giving the "Grammy" award to ANY one person!

  71. Partners,

    It is amazing how many comments are from people in other companies trying to gain position. It is also amazing how many different assumed names people use, while sending comments in from the same IP Address.

    Thank you for the value you add to this community.

  72. Aieeeyyyeee!

    In Steve's defense – exactly WHICH FLAVOR of Koolaid ARE you still drinking? Let's see:

    – June 2010 – 50,000 New Members to Global Verge @ $69.95 = $3,497,500.00

    – July 2010 (IF 50,000 stayed) $39.99 per month = $1,999,500.000

    And you state that Global Verge, Ted Robbins & Mark Petschel didn't take hundreds of thousands per dollars from the members joining? Not to mention the following 9 months up and until February 2010 and all that's been done since. Hmmm … just something further to think about. Numbers tell a story and numbers almost always tell THE story when nothing is provided for the price of becoming and remaining a member @ Global Verge.

  73. J. Tatum,

    When you get time review the posts we have done on all the companies and players, and read through our comments. Once you are up to speed we can talk. There is not really anything correct in your comment.

  74. Real Source:

    Nothing personal BUT …as of February 2010, 9 LONG MONTH's was a long time to spend WAITING for Global Verge to turn ANY corner! How could ANYONE unless they have TON's of money banked up working from home – even HOPE to come out on TOP of the GV deal and STILL be able to support their daily business let alone themselves and their family on promises and nothing delivered?

    It's pretty plain to see like another commenter said earlier: Koolaid Stocks MUST be rising (please see the humor in that one as it could apply nowadays to a whole other slew of companies). NO ONE deserves to be hassled for their choice in business's however, in this case – it's pretty darned difficult to understand how people can simpy HANG ON with something that to this very day HAS NOT provided all they said they would and then some.


    " any GV active e-associate can order new Sprint phones with Sprints service examples Samsung Moment $274, HTC Hero $274, HTC Touch Pro 2 $419, LG Rumor 2 $138, Blackberry World Tour 9630 $319, Blackberry Curve 8530 $186.50 is the members price, with a unlimited talk/text plan for $49.99 or the unlimited everything talk/text/data for $79.99 flat fee no contract or credit check, with up to $25 going in the product upline commission per phone purchased, and $14 in monthly product upline commission on the $79.99 plan per mo." …???

    What about activations? As phones go these ARE great phones but without service (especially paid for) what good are they? It would be GREAT to see these phones ARE in fact being activated and JUST ONE REAL testimony to the fact THEY ARE WORKING! Without that – there's still alot of ground to cover. NOT saying that this can't happen – only wondering WHEN? It's apparently NOT that difficult with all the legalities and contracts inked and in line for services to be activated. SO …what's the hold up on that, does anyone know?

  76. Oops!

    Correction please: " In fact, MOST who left when the refurbished phones were being billed as UPGRADES and being charged FULL PRICE with NO discount – THEN – those NOT receiving THEIR REFUNDS STILL TODAY are NOT BAD people!

    Thanks Troy and Semper Fi!

  77. Isn't it interesting how many people, when caught with their hand in the cookie jar, will try to deflect the situation by accusing other's of doing wrong?

    What has Phil Piccolo being in DNA or not being in DNA have to do with what Chris Greco has been up to? It looks like a bait and switch to me.

    Stop changing the subject to divert attention away from the original point of this blog post.

    Also the website mlmwireless or whatever it's called is so transparently obvious to be an advertising page for whatever wireless company they will be promoting. Who owns it? It has absolutely no information on who is blogging on it. Who is the "we" quoted on it? Talk about "hiding" information.

    I am so sick of this type of hype, garbage, bashing and greed.

    Check your head.

    Peace out.

  78. Real Source:

    "Weeded out all the bad people that has come thru and are finally now about to explode"???

    NOT all people that WERE affiliated with Global Verge are BAD people. In fact, MOST who left when the refurbished phones were being billed as UPGRADES and being charged FULL PRICE with NO discount – THEN – those NOT receiving THEIR REFUNDS STILL TODAY are BAD people!

    These stories are out there in droves and being told STILL today.

    TROY did NOT allow people to THINK that Global Verge had screwed anyone! He merely stated the facts based on the knowledge he himself had and received from the "powers that be" at the time. You can't fault Troy for that or anyone else. FACT IS that Global Verge KNEW exactly what they were doing and when they were going to do it. Of course MAYBE they didn't know that they would be encumbered by ROGUE personalities that entered into agreements they couldn't and wouldn't be bound by. Whose fault is that?

    It's UP TO THE COMPANIES to have their DUCKS LINED UP BEFORE they DO a Grand Opening, Launch or whatever and put themselves out there as being viable …period! It's also up to ANYONE that joins a business to DO THEIR DUE DILIGENCE BEFORE joining. NO ONE likes to be told their business and company they're working for and with is a bad one BUT …surely when the RED FLAG's are OUT and IN THE OPEN – it's EVERYONE's responsibility to share the facts as they know them and hopefully people WILL be MORE careful the next time around. IF NOT …they only have themselves to blame and SHOULD NOT point fingers at anyone else!

  79. Wow!

    It's long been a KNOWN FACT that *FREE anything is just that and NO more! Who would dare to believe that if you get something for *FREE that you're going to get paid to promote it? This is just ludacracy to BELIEVE ANYTHING *FREE is going to pay you …what value does it have?

    WHERE does the money come from to PAY someone for being a *FREE member of anything?


    Yet a LOT of people flit around hopping from *FREE program to *FREE programs. WHY? BecauseL

    – They don't have the money to pay the upgrade

    – They truly believe they're going to get paid

    – They haven't done their homework

    – They've been to Disneyworld and believe the world is all cartoon?

    DO you RECEIVE something in exchange for ANYTHING you get *FREE? Answer: NO.

    DO you EXPECT to BE PAID for talking about something you got for *FREE? Answer: NO.

    HAVE YOU EVER gotten paid for ANYTHING you've taken for *FREE? Answer: MOST LIKELY NO.

    * Disclaimer: Some sites will offer you a free sample BUT …they require you pay Shipping & Handling. Go ahead and take those *FREE Surveys – at the end you MUST sign up for at least 2 or 3 offers OR …you may NOT WIN the Sony Laptop or TV – Duh!

    Let's STOP with the EXPECTATIONS, PROMISES and NO FAULT Riddles. NO ONE in their right mind is going to the Grocery Store and getting a *FREE SAMPLE and then GET PAID on their way out the door for telling incoming people …"Hey there's a *Free Sample waiting for you in Isle #3. REALLY FOLKS – Let's ALL be real here!

  80. Hey Troy …

    THANK YOU! It's not our place to judge others or what they do or say necessarily. IT IS however, our opinion in all of this to at least attempt to HELP set the playing field straight and balanced or as they say on FOX news – FAIR & BALANCED!

    It's NOT FAIR for ANYONE to point fingers at someone TRYING THEIR PERSONAL BEST to level the playing field in an arena of STRONG ADVERSITY. Especially WHEN the facts are disconfigured, people are stating different stories and almost NO ONE except the people involved TRULY KNOW what's really going on!

    You have a difficult task to sort through everything going on and have chosen THIS to be your contribution in ALL good faith in order to HELP and ASSIST marketers in the industry. For that Troy – YOU SHOULD BE APPLAUDED irregardless of the angry people who feel threatened by competition and who are arrogant enough to suppose they can monopolize the industry and hang everyone else out to dry in order to benefit themselves only.

    It's TRULY a SHAME that ANYONE should go to these lengths and THROW STONES from THEIR OWN glass house in order to FEEL BETTER about all the havock they persoally are wreaking on the industry and it's distributors let alone all the TAG ALONG's that support them in doing such!

  81. Troy – Semper Fi.

    It's pretty obvious that people DO look to you for definitive answers and you DO a great job handling information that changes like the weather – every 15 minutes! All the while, THEY THEMSELVES could've put THEMSELVES into a position of FINDING OUT all ON THEIR OWN and YET – – almost NO ONE ELSE comes forward and STEPS UP to the plate to accept THEIR LACK of personal responsibility in finding out the facts but …YOU DO!

    Isn't it time everyone GO BACK to doing what they love best doing and IF the FIRE IS TOO HOT for THEM personally – MOVE out of the way? For ANY ONE PERSON to point fingers at you or ANY OTHER RELIABLE reporting instead of LOOKING in the mirror and NOT having done THEIR OWN due diligence …is plainly a JUSTIFICATION for their OWN bad habit of trusting people whom they DON'T know that well in the first place and LACK OF any personal responsibility for NOT doing their own research AHEAD of the game. Surely those marketers who have been around for 2 to 3 years HAVE in fact come across articles and / or people that tell them to DO their due diligence.

    FOLKS – STOP looking for someone else to blame. LOOK AT WHAT you're doing, WHO you're doing it with and WHY you're still doing it if you don't like it or have doubts about it. ALWAYS DO your due diligence (research) FIRST BEFORE signing on to any one company / business IF you're NOT sure from day 1. DON'T depend on ANYONE else to know the facts and especially IF you've asked and they DON'T KNOW – GO FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF FIRST — ASK QUESTIONS! You would if it had to do with your family doctor, your kid's school teacher, your car maintenance man, your attorney or most anything else. WHY NOT BUSINESS?

  82. Troy,

    I have never posted on your blog, I have always read the different views of people on your many subjects. Troy, you keep saying its not about Piccolo its about the MLM Wireless Niche. Yes that may be so but don't try to take the focus off of Piccolo and what you may have or may have not reported .

    The recording you posted when you open this topic puts Piccolo right in the middle because its him and Chris talking right? Where did you get it or the info to know where to go and get it? One guess.

    Now where Chris has went to different companies and tried to as stated mislead or discredit those companies for his gain. The way I feel about that is you weep what you sow.

    Now as long as this about Piccolo never came out and it was quite it looks like all was well. Not one time was there a post that you feel that Chris was "Defrauding MLM Wireless Distributors". But as soon as he saw what was going on there at DNA and let the cat out of the bag here comes your post about Chris and using information from the person that was lying to his distributors about or using a name that was not his real name, now thats a red flag.

    I have not seen anywere in your post where you ever posted that Chris was a scammer or watch out and keep your eyes open when it comes to Greco because he is going from company to company trying to mislead those company leaders. But now with what has happen and who possiblely broke the news you now are doing this what is your gain? If it is this way now it was that way then.

    One other thing as I said you keep saying its not about Piccolo this man seem to have been lying to over 100,000+ people in DNA and Chris was talking noise and or lying to Piccolo on a call and he is now the worst person on the earth something is wrong at this picture. Troy, you keep saying other "watchdogs blogs" told about Piccolo and they could had read it there. My question is if people come to your blog and its the only one they know if and they listen to your comments, but you keep saying it was out at different blogs then why didn't you direct people to that information?

    Troy man up you droped the ball on this one and right now you are between covering up for a friend and your followers upset because you was not straight forward with them about Piccolo. Troy, you should had let it be know just as quick as you did here about what Chris suppose to had done. Just my thoughts.

  83. @Global Pros. Thaks for the info. Can you tell us where Unlimited Wizard had it's filings prior to SC? If we are able to post it here, people will be able to see for themselves through the proper government agencies that Chris did in fact aquire the company when we stated and we will be able to finally have some print that matches what he has said. Up to this point it has all been heresay on both sides of the fence. If not, we will all be left with the uncertainty of the situation. There have already been statements made as to the validity of some of the e-mails Chris has forwarded to various people so it would stand in some individuals minds that the documents being provided to the field may also be in question. I'm not saying that Chris has done these things. I'm just reading what I see and trying like everyone else to get some light shed on this whole unfortunate situation.

  84. Partners,

    We have been through a lot together traveling down the MLM wireless road. I want to thank you for both your support, and for the times you have boldly spoken up when you have disagreed.

    If all of us can continue dialog from all directions, then EVERYONE has the facts they need to make heartfelt informed decisions on which company is best for them.

    Together we can keep the profession a place where part-time and full-time distributors can change their lives.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  85. Hey Troy,

    We think it's IMPORTANT for people to KNOW and UNDERSTAND:

    NOT everyone commenting here was a part of DNA, Global Verge, WowMobile or for that matter any one of the other companies. That having been said, NOT everyone received the eMails coming from DNA, Global Verge or WowMobile or any others.

    It's difficult enough when people start slamming other people let alone the ONE person doing the research, reporting the facts as they become available and attempting in good faith to share information IMPORTANT TO aspiring entreprenuers in THIS industry and field.

    FAIR ENOUGH to say: IF you ARE NOT part of DNA, Global Verge, WowMobile or ANY ONE of the others – PLEASE DO NOT ATTACK based on what you THINK you know or have heard elsewhere.

    FOLKS WE CAN ALL BE PROFESSIONAL's if we choose to be and HOPEFULLY MOST of us are. Let's NOT RUSH to CALL a JUDGEMENT on ANYONE or ANY Company UNLESS we truly KNOW ALL the details. WHY are we all out here trying to earn an income and WHY IS IT necessary for people to SLAM others in the process?

    It's perfectly OKAY to TELL THE FACTS when and HOW they happen and WHO is involved if it's something GONE SOUR BUT …to sit here on our computers daily and RUSH TO COMMENT without having found out all we can FIRST and SLAM others WITHOUT knowledge of what happened when, how and who is involved is just PLAIN WRONG no matter what the issue.

  86. Unanswered Question,

    Great comment, now let me ask you a few questions on what you wrote.

    1. Where did I ever write "I did not know" What I wrote was "Great question! George and I have talked several times about Phil Piccolo, and I do have Phil scheduled for Aces Radio Live in August. If we can’t get an answer to your question before August, then we’ll have to ask it on live radio."

    2. Now, if you have followed the blog, and really cared about DNA, or Piccolo, then you would have realized ALL the Piccolo posts are inside DNA.

    But thanks for the past support, and hope you find a new home.

  87. GV Real Product …

    In the 1st place – being a professional @ anything business requires fine tuning and responsibility. Troy has chosen to BE a " mediator" and report the "going on's" in the industry across the board. He's CHOSEN to take the sword and report even WHEN it's not all good news … so that EVERYONE in the industry has knowledge on some level and can MAKE an informed decision – VERY IMPORTANT responsibility!

    WE THANK Troy who IS a professional at what he does! We don't have to agree with everything said or reported on BUT …having ALL the info and facts straight before one reports issues in the industry and / or field is ESSENTIAL and REQUIRED. It's ALSO IMPORTANT that BEFORE people working in this industry SLAM other people or companies …they KNOW and realize the consequences of their actions and the possible loss of all credibility. That's WHAT Ethics 101 IS all about!

    Troy IS at least sharing facts he KNOWS to be true and NOT gossip or rumor. As to WHO is siding with WHO – – WHAT is this …kindergarten all over again? We are ALL adults (or should be) and it's time to start FOCUSING or at least GO BACK to focusing on each of our individual business's. If you like where you're at – GREAT! If you don't OR you have doubts – look elsewhere.

    Nothing personal or offensive toward anyone but really …we personally don't know about anyone else commenting here but, we DO have a business to run that our time and efforts depend on. It's great to see SOMEONE like Troy out here fielding the research, questions and answers so that we don't have to spend alot of precious time attempting to find out such facts elsewhere and CAN FOCUS on our business!

  88. Really? March 5th?

    I've been keeping an insanely close eye on DNA, and NO ONE has been able to verify that Piccolo was in DNA.

    He has denied it repeatedly on TED NUYTEN's site, on MMG, etc.

    But, here, in your words, Troy,

    "Ameruban says:

    April 10, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    I'm just curious, Troy… when they say they aren't "hiding anything", are they hiding Phil Piccolo? Have they been willing to address that issue?



    troydooly says:

    April 10, 2010 at 5:28 pm


    Great question! George and I have talked several times about Phil Piccolo, and I do have Phil scheduled for Aces Radio Live in August. If we can't get an answer to your question before August, then we'll have to ask it on live radio."

    That's April 10th, Troy.

    So, if you 'knew' on March 5th, why didn't you 'know' on April 10th, once your buddy George had taken his position as CEO?

    Where in that statement does it say "Piccolo is in DNA, as everyone knows"., or "As my buddy George just told me,"?

    Where does it say that, Troy?

    What it says is that Troy is going to pretend he doesn't know if Piccolo is in this or not, because it might be disastrous for George.

    I have a feeling it will be disastrous for Troy, too, as a trusted source.

    As far as submitting documents etc., to you, Troy, the minute you took DNA off the scam list was the moment I decided that it was time to let Troy's fingers do the walkin'.

    You are NOW chastising your readers for NOT going to another site for info. I thought this was the "MLMHELPdesk",…but, go somewhere else if you want to know what Troy is talking about. What?

    Why didn't you post it yourself? Why didn't you post Piccolo's name-calling (at you) from Ted's site?

    You're apparently willing to let Ted and Rod take the heat for exposing these shenanigans, but won't do it yourself.

    Why? because George is your friend?

    I believe you've poked yourself in the eye, and now all this deflecting the heat towards Greco is simply putting him in a better light.

    Try as you may, this exposure of Piccolo as Warren Anthony, and the major impetus behind DNA is a far bigger thing than any history of misbehavior on Greco's part.

    These people couldn't care less about Greco , the wireless world, or $10 phones at the moment.

    They've been deceived, plain and simple, and SOMEBODY in a position to inform them, and entrusted to do so, knew it was going on and didn't say a word.

    Kurek, Kessler, Sasso, Madiou, Joe Reid, and all the top distributors, Jeff Long included, KNEW.

    As of April 10th, by your words, Troy, you did NOT know, OR you chose to aid in concealing the information by NOT CONFIRMING what only you knew for sure.

    Now you're going to blame it on your readers for not following well? For not reading other sites?

    You were the one with calls going to George Madiou, and Blechman. You were the one having chats with Piccolo. These readers trusted you.

    They followed perfectly well,…whatever you said,…or didn't,…say.

  89. Steve, You must be another alias for Phil Piccolo, I cant stand Greco being in GV, But I have to admit the boy brought up valid points and Troy is at Fault here, Either Be 100% on one side or the other Troy dont ride the fence

  90. Wayne,

    You have not followed DNA very closely, I can tell. Again, this has been public knowledge since Rod Cook, Ted Nuyten and Patrick Pretty published these facts.

    By the way have you ever wondered why all the Phil Piccolo articles are listed under the DNA category?

    This isn't about DNA, Piccolo, or Troy Dooly. It is about the fact an organized group has gone from company to company stating they can provide everything the distributors need to succeed, and telling the owners and officers of the company, they are the answer to their wireless needs. Then right at the time when it is time to launch, after being given access to company data, they leave.

    This is cool with you? Is this really Chris Greco?

  91. We at Global Pros Interesting, are right on with what you said, So we are launching Multiple products BEFORE our Launch, 15 to be exact, We look forward to providing everyone the Service, So that everyone can see we are for real. Thank you for your Interest,

    Mr.Greco also released that Documents will be given to leaders in the Field to have for display to their Members, Also Prexar the name was assumed and sold in February of this year when Unlimited Wizard Cellular Inc, Came to the Forefront and moved its Corporation into the state of SC, also on February 2nd of this year.

  92. @ Real Source – You say that Mark and Ted have not hid from anyone? Well explain to me why they continue to hold closed update calls where only a handful of "leaders" are on the line constantly talking about how "EXCITED" they are, while providing no real updates? All the while not allowing the field of (autoship paying) reps to ask the questions that they deserve to be allowed to ask.

    Thank You

  93. Concerned MLMer,

    I have a very tight relationship with both Dallin and BK. When I contacted them, it was private. they know they could have said anything to me, and due to my relationship, we would have kept it private.

    However, without hesitation, their response was the same.

    With the contacts MonaVie and Vemma both have, why go to Greco? Logically speaking?

  94. Rich,

    What I saw was a $10K investment in a store. Where did you get your numbers? Seriously, this is not a DNA issue it is MUCH bigger than that. It is about the MLM Wireless Niche.

  95. Using a pseudonym is not against the law, provided one is not using the pseudonym (or several) to relieve others from their money/goods/chattels, who would not, without the use of the pseudonym, otherwise do business with the actual person who is using the pseudonym.

    This isn't Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens.

    We're talking Phil Piccolo/Warren Anthony.

    When a pseudonym or other method is used to conceal facts from another, in order to get money or other goods/services, it is 'obtaining by false pretense'.

    "A false representation can also occur when the wrongdoer says or does nothing. The knowing concealment of facts that the victim should be made aware of, when undertaken with the intent to defraud the victim, is also a false representation. "
    I can hear your gears, already,…"…undertaken with the intent to defraud….". Is there an intent?

    Why use a false name? Why deny involvement? Why pay out in 'virtual funds' if you have so many big contracts? Why the 'bait and switch" from "simply collecting data" for FREE to selling phones, dish, direct, adt, travel, etc., etc.. with the BPP pro package (not free)?

    Nowhere on DNA's website does Piccolo's name appear. We only have "Warren Anthony" suddenly signing emails starting about 3 weeks ago. We have no 'bio' for Warren Anthony on the site, yet as 60% owner, certainly it should be in the forefront, BEFORE Madiou's or Kurek's, in the interest of transparency.


    And, not only nowhere, but,…denials for months FROM HIMSELF that he is involved.

    This isn't a wireless issue. This is Madiou et al leaving themselves open to be left in the lurch as has happened. Greco is perfectly within his rights to refuse to do business with someone who has concealed his true identity. The purpose of that concealment?

    Ask Warren Anthony.

  96. Wayne,

    I knew like everyone else back on March 5th when Rod Cook broke the news along with Ted Nuyten.

  97. Troy still waiting for a real answer. Would DNA have had it's explosive growth if Phil Piccollo's

    name had been used instead of Warren Anthony? And, how many affiliates could you have saved from a $$ Pro upgrade with a full and timely post of what you and George KNEW to be true.

    A sad day for those who trusted your MLM helpdesk.

    Wayne Askew

  98. Troy I see you keep trying to deflect these comments to Chris and what was said but the facts are you and George Madiou HID PHIL PICCOLO, It is really very sad, I mean not that you have given us at Global Verge this pass you gave phil, It looks like you are protecting Phil Piccolo and trying to Discredit Chris in an Attempt to helo your Freind George Madiou,

    I am sorry but you have been called on this subject so many times in this post it is nuts. And you keep Deflecting it, Troy either Come out and say with a post your complete knowledge of the situation with Phil Piccolo or forever be tied to Phil Piccolo and the fact he used you, It step up time Troy, You need to Alert you Distributors of everything that is going on. You sure blast us on Mark and Ted, I dont see sites like www, attached to them, this is a sad day at MLMhelpdesk, I think troy when you tried to smear mr.greco you made him even stronger in this industry.

    I hope you have the gumsion to come forward before this audio that everyone is talking about with you George and Phil laughing about the alias comes out. Troy this really looks bad for you and I am sorry to say this, And I think chris is horrible for this industry, I have to side with him on this one, And thank him for Exposing Phil Piccolo

  99. How are you pushing out $10 plans? Are they Sprint? You have already stated that you have not utilized your MNVO License with Sprint.

  100. Good grief Chris! Enough is enough about Phil Piccolo and DNA. That is old news. And by the way, didn't you just have a brief association with DNA? I thought so. And you even knew that Phil Piccolo was DNA before you did your little business deal with them. So keep throwing the Piccolo crap out there in hopes that it will deflect the attention from you. But trust me, it won't!! By the way, keep up the good work in making me a rich man! I just invested another 100K in Kool-Aid….LOL

  101. Chris, you are an idiot. If you were as good as you think you are, and had everything you say, you wouldn't have to bash every other competitor and spread lies about them. How can you say Sprint cut off GV when our member only plan is coming directly from Sprint. We are on their $79.99 unlimited everything plan. They charge $99.99 plus taxes and fees to the public, but are offering GV reps $79.99 flat fee. I love my Sprint Samsung, hell I was watching TV on it last night. Also if my price of $274 and money in the matrix is $100 to much, then i'm okay with it. Best Buy has the Samsung Moment for $629.99 without a contract. So Chris keep doing what your doing. GV and everyone else will have the last laugh on you.

  102. Troy,

    Thanks. I was pretty wiped out when I made that first post and as always I am very willing to clarify my comments! ;o)

    Best regards,


  103. Has anyone else found anything on any of these companies. I see Unlimited Wizard Cellular Inc. as being filed with south carolina on Feb. 2nd 2010. The only filing the SEC has is on MobilePro and United Systems Access inc. CloseCall America Inc. forfeited their corp filings in sc on 1/8/10 and is a Delaware corporation. They also apparently defaulted on a note from MobilePro to the tune of 900K last year. Prexar is based out of Maryland. Their listed phone number is 888-897-7392 as posted on

    Greco is only listed as a registered agent of Unlimited Wizard Cellular Inc. in sc, no other company has him listed as an agent of the company.

    For the record, I'm not trying to discredit anyone, just trying to get to the bottom of the whole deal like everyone else. Chris, show us where we can find info that has not been published by other commentors or bloggers. Show us filings, transactions, etc. The proof is in the pudding! If you want people to believe in you, show them the proof!

    True leaders that have a solid product and a solid plan don't have to worry about what everyone else is saying or what other companies are doing. They put up their products and let the business model speak for itself. You are not helping your image or your business by slamming people in the same industry. People want a good deal for sure, but more people want to deal with a leader that is solid, strong, and shows a clear path. Bring on the facts, not the hype!

  104. Trust me, I am definately not holding a position in their matrix. I am not a GV Kool-Aid drinker. Let's see, how long have you been with GV? How many times have you been lied to? How much money have you given GV? How much money have you made with GV? Really, you don't even have to answer those questions because like thousands of others I know the answer. I do wish you the best.

  105. Troy, I'm not questioning your postings on Phil Piccollo back in April when it was brought to the attention of mlm helpdesk. We are looking for a response to a timeline of your knowledge concerning Phil Piccollo and Warren Anthony being the same.

    We are looking for an answer from George for the DNA membership why Warren Anthony

    was not presented for who he was, Phil Piccollo. We are looking for an answer from you Troy, as when you knew Phil was Anthony.

    Is it possible DNA would not have had it's explosive growth if the name Phil Piccollo had not been inserted. Is it really possible George was not part of this deception to his affiliates?

    Was George as an owner with Phil ( or Anthony or what ever his name) not aware who he was dealing with? And of course Troy the respect of many MLM helpdesk readers may have been lost on you from your admitted long relationship with George.

    Wayne Askew

  106. Rich,

    Thank you for posting. Respectfully I would like to ask a few questions surrounding your concerns.

    1. This is not a Piccolo/DNA issue this is an MLM Wireless issue. From the very launch of DNA we have posted and connected to the Watchdog sites about Piccolo. Have you read those posts on Piccolo?

    2. We have beem screaming for valid documented evidence on Piccolo, and to date, no ne has presented us anything. Did you read that post?

    3. Have you read any of the posts on DNA/Piccolo?

    4. As for using a pseudonym to do business. This is common knowledge, and has been published by Rod Cook, ted Nuyten and Pratrick Pretty. We linked to all those articles. Although using a pseudonym is not a crime.

    5. The name is Dean, and he has not called us back. The last call we had, he made it clear he just wanted to wash his hands of MLM and DNA. Well you read that post, which is good.

    This issue surrounds the wireless niche, not just one company. We have critical and have published numerous red flags on the whole niche. To find one organization purportedly lead by Greco infiltrating several of the smaller and mid-size MLM Wireless companies with what seems to be (according to Greco) the intent of hurting them so his organization can Dominate in a ruthless manner seems like the main issue to me.

    Not everyone comes down on the same side of an issue, and in this case we may just agree to disagree.

  107. And one more thing, Troy. I don't know Greco from a hole in the wall, but his comments several posts up are spot on. We all expect much more of you, and you chose to hide things, things that cost alot of people alot of money.

    You saw the emails where DNA was wanting associates to fork out in some cases $50-100K for cell phone stores, or franchises. You knew it was just a big con.

    And you said nothing.

    BTW, I do not do any MLM, even DNA. But I signed up for the free DNA back before they got too big. I googled around to do some research, and found this site. I've been following your site now for a couple of months. I chose not to go forward with DNA because YOU warned us against it.

    I just hope nobody actually coughed up 10's of thousands of dollars for a DNA store that you could have warned them about.

    This is very serious, Troy. I hope you are starting to realize this.

  108. Solid points, Troy. Logic does have a tendency to win out in the end every single time if you give it a chance. I am a sound believer in that, which is exactly why I am not slamming the door on the possibility Chris (or his MLM arm) may have been contacted by either or both of these guys.

    Do I think Chris is being completely honest about the number and frequency of calls? Of course not, but logic forces me to keep an open mind about the situation.

    What does NOT follow ANY logic is that either of these guys would publicly admit to the contact, especially in the middle of an public mud-slinging fiasco like we find ourselves in right now.

    No emotions here, just sound, logical thought process and an open mind.

  109. I gotta say, Troy, I think you let everybody down on this one. It sounds like you knew alot more damning info about the Piccolo/Dna situation, and for whatever reason you didn't scream it from the rooftops like you have in the past on DNA matters. Yes, you mentioned Piccolo by name, but didn't say he was behind it all. And to say that nobody has come forward with indisputable proof that Piccolo is bad is a cop-out. Google Phil Piccolo. I'm sure you have. He has THOUSANDS of people who have nothing but bad to say about the guy. The horror stories never end. But you chose to lend a deaf ear and not speak up, only passively passing along some links and a comment section for people to come forward with more horror stories.

    And the kicker for me is when you deceived up to 120,000 DNA reps by taking DNA off the scam list, KNOWING Piccolo was using a fake name.

    About a month ago, maybe 6 weeks, you were gonna catch up with the former CEO of DNA, George Madeau (or whatever his name is) and spill the beans. You did your catching up, but you didn't report back to the MLM community your findings of the deceit and lies that DNA is founded on.

    Thanks for what you have done in the past, Troy, but I expected more straight-forward dealings from a former Marine like yourself.

  110. Kristen,

    Offended because of some F-words? You have got to be kidding me. Let's see, CHOICE #1- Getting Offended Because of Some F-Words? or CHOICE #2- Having someone scamming me out of my money? Anyone that is a professional business man would never use that type of language publicly anyway! And yes, he does it all the time because he is a rough and tough, tell it like it is type of guy…lol Doesn't that really tell you something about that persons character? Maybe that is why people call him King Kong? By the way, couldn't carry Troy Dooley's gym bag. Let's see, wonder who is behind More to come. Oh, by the way, I am a Christian too. I'm just not a Kool-Aid drinker. 🙂

  111. Wayne,

    I think you and others should go read our posts on Phil Piccolo. This information on Phil has been out since DNA launched.

  112. An interest thought. Who exposed Anthony Warren ( Phil Piccolo) to the mlm helpdesk readers?

    Who should have identified Anthony Warren aka (Phil piccolo) to the readers of mlm helpdesk?

    Who should have identified who's behind mask #1 ( Phil Piccolo) to the DNA Team?

    The answers are quite clear. George & Troy you both, from my view point owe your followers

    an appology for your failings to act in a responsible manner. In Government this is

    known as a cover up.

    Chris , if you can hear me under all those stones cast upon you, thank you from for exposing

    this first to us in the field.

    Wayne Askew

  113. the call was incoming if you look at the conference bridge me and Phil are on the same line

    HMMMMM,,,,,,,,, Whats that mean HMMMMMM…………….. It means I was called and then placed onto an active conference bridge without my knowledge i.e. Illgeal, Plain and simple and Warrens aka Phils number is in my call records as INCOMING! 954-464-5565.

    People are mad Troy that this Phil Piccolo Nonsense was not brought to light, yes Rod said what he said, But it didnt mention Warren Anthony, Knowledge you had, Look Im not saying right or wrong here but people are PIST about this Troy. I have provided all my info to others mlm watchdogs via email and MLMWIRELESSNEWS. I just hope a similar post is done on the facts of DNA not paying commissions and building the entire company on a lie, Want the truth on phil go here.

  114. I am not a lawyer, and I have never played one on tv. However, unless I am mistaken, in order for a call to be legally recorded, all parties must be aware of that. IE, when I call India for tech support, the IVR informs me that the call would be recorded.

    What I found missing from all the above recordings was, “Hey Chris, I want to record this call. Is that OK? Without that understanding, before hand, it is my belief that the recordings would be illegal, and publicizing those recordings would be considered a violation of privacy laws.

    Troy it makes me wonder why you would put your reputation on the line doing that. Is it possible that DNA has hired you as a consultant? Your expose came out about the same time as George sent an email out to the field, explaining why they severed ties with Chris Greco. Looks like a strategic one two punch to knock out a competitor to me.

  115. Ask raymond since he is so honest why GV is activating sprint contracts out of his store, LOL. Also. I know for a 100% fact GV was shut off again, Do a video showing a real time activation then, You cant, Oh and page plus pulled Raymonds codes as well for FRAUD, yup, So do your research, Also why dont you look raymond up with his 9 convictions for cocaine Possession, Hey he fits Right in with Securities Fraud Mark. Two peas in a pod there, Is there anyone at GV without a Criminal Record. ………………. Also the prices for the sprint phones, Yup they are inflated!! by up to 100.00 in some cases, that is sad, But hey you keep believing. Cant wait to see your post as we go to court against GV. I guess the Judge will be wrong then too huh? I guess Global Talk Smart left too because he was a bad guy, And the Watermachine guy, and every other vendor, right? please GV is a Freakin Joke. I heard through the grape vine you have less than 1400 on AUTOSHIP

  116. Troy,

    What I am saying is that when I listened to those calls or read the replies from those individuals, I was really asking myself what is their motivation for saying what they said. Just because someone says something as a whistle blower doesn't make it true, and yes I do apply that to everyone in every situation. People lie about things all the time, little things, white lies… when there are millions of dollars at stake the lies get bigger… such as the owner or CEO lying about whether or not they were going to work with someone or change the focus of their business, because they are fearful of what their business partners or representatives/distributors of their companies might think about such a situation where a company leader was thinking about changing the focus etc.

    The companies you speak of all have millions to lose if they cause any dissent amongst their distributors or business partners. In court they call this situation hearsay…. He says this, they say that. No proof to either accusation. That is the issue with this whole story… CEO of one company says X the other says Y and neither has proof either direction… or maybe it just hasn't come out yet who knows but as for now there isn't any either way on that specific matter. Sure Chris calls some guy a coward in the call… big deal, again calling it as he sees it… (Yes I know who he calls a coward, but out of respect in a general way I'm not going to attach his name in the public domain to that of a coward.) I'm just waiting the computer to computer communications to come out… pdf's, emails, other files, word docs, inter-company faxes etc. etc. Just so Steve knows I'm not drinking the Koolaid, I'm still waiting to see if this all gets pulled off, but I have literally dropped everything else that I am doing to build the Global Pros opportunity at this point full time and I haven't met or spoken to the man, but his actions and message in my experience has been 100% the same from the first time I heard him on a conference call with DNA.

    I was a Theater Major for my first College Degree and if Chris Greco is faking his dedication to his distributors and his company then I have been majorly fooled, which doesn't happen often if at all. Now I am not talking about his ability to perform to bring together a group of people and execute a plan of action and actually succeed. However, I believe that he and the leadership in place will be able to do just that.

    Again, I think that you do a great job with this site and love the mature… from most parties, including yourself debates!

  117. This GV associate in Canada still cannot get SFA as far as phones and phone service from GV, DNA, Panther or any other wireless wannabe.

    Chris Greco has delivered a phone to me. Granted he had a learning curve regarding shipping to Canada. Who else has been able to do that? NO ONE.

    Where others talk, and promise they are working on it, or have no interest in international customers/reps, Chris delivers.

    Is he a loose cannon leaving you wondering what he is going to shoot off from his mouth? Absolutely. Chris is who he is. He makes no apologies for that.

    As far as DNA, I could care less about Phl Piccolo. I have never done business with him. I have only read the propaganda about him on the internet. Like most fables I am sure there is a foundation of truth in there. And like most fables, I am sure it has been embellished over time. However, I choose not to do business with him, if he feels it is necessary to hide behind an alias.

    So I invite all Canadians, who like me have waited patiently for a phone for the last year to explore what Chris can do for you.

  118. Come on steve, scammed hundreds of thousands of dollars, get real. If anyone scammed someone for hundreds of thousands of dollars I don't think they would be travelling around the country hosting meetings and launching their new service. Again steve what don't you get that every rep has the same choice whether to pay their $39.95 membership for the month. I guess your one that maybe paid for 2 mos of membership, but probably is still holding your position in the matrix for when it explodes. Mark and Ted have stayed the course, have not bashed anyone, have not hid from anyone, and now it's all turning around for them. GV has one of the best member plans for their reps on their phones and plans and definitely has one of the highest paying residuals in the mlm industry. So steve time will tell. Real Source

  119. Troy, that site was registered today using a free webiste service. The site is BOGUS. This is all just ridiculous and childish. Grade school was not even this bad.

  120. Chris, you may want to make sure the call was originated from the state of Florida. It sounded as if several people were on the call, and the company ( See Here) is not a Florida company.

  121. Paul, as always great words of wisdom. However, there are only 13 states in the US which all parties have to be notified of the call being recorded. In all other states only one party has to know. Now in this case since the call was recorded on a public conference call line, it should be interesting if a court of law will feel the call was private or not.

    Here is the service where the call is stored for download. This doesn't seem private, and the call had more than one person on it.

    you make some great points for the powers to be to figure out. Since I was not on the call, nor did I record the call, I'll wait to see what a court has to say to the owners.

    However, from a reporting standpoint, we can publish the calls, because we were given the link form the owner. If a Court does find the call violated someones privacy, based on the presented evidence and testimony, then if Chris's attorney's file a motion with the Court, they can ask for all recording to be removed from public sites.

    ROFLOL… Always looking to raise a little dander with your sense of humor. I don;t think there is room at DNA for more than one consultant, and Piccolo has that tied up. Plus if you hav reviewed my fees, they are not cheap.

    If you have watched any of the videos, or read my comments lately, you know I have made it very clear George sends me copies of every email that goes to the field. It was part of our agreement to keep me posted on what is going on. I have the same arrangement with several of the companies we report on. Same thing happens with most public companies. this is why there is a PR department.

    If you watched the video, you also see I arraigned a call late last week between several Wireless CEOs… Now I can tell you I am not on the payroll of any of them.

    Great comment!!!! Thanks for adding some sound thoughts to this craziness.

  122. Oscardee,

    You always share words of wisdom. You are correct GV does have a ways to go, but as you know, we have backed off and are just watching to see what happens. And, if things continue to go in the right direction, I will post about the results.

    Please continue to keep me posted on Global Verge.

  123. Anti-Smear,

    I have never said whether Greco has talked to Dan H or not. As for Dallin and BK, I can say he has not talked with them, because I personally called them. Guess you did not watch the video.

    So sport, get a clue, and listen to the audios and watch the video.

  124. Real Source,

    It has worked out fantastic! Although, I am not sure exactly what you mean by "supported the biggest con artist" Now I did give Chris plenty of room to publicly make his claims, and I'm still confused on why Global Verge has not sued Greco, if he lied about them?

    So, I guess my credibility is fine. As a matter of fact there is not a company out there where Greco has been given inside information that doesn't have plenty of documented evidence of what Chris has said and done.

    And, if you had watched the video, you would have a clue as to why we gave Chris plenty of rope.

    And, although you have written plenty about Global Verge and how great they are, the track record speaks louder than your words.

    But, hey at least you are sold out to Global Verge and that is a great thing. So go build your business.

  125. ROFLOL… Concerned MLMer, consider for a moment why two very successful business owners would want to leave their core competency? Especially BK Boreyko who has just announced a $2 million dollar increase in monthly sales since January of 2010?

    And MonaVie, who if you check out history has been following a similar path as Hearbalife did in the 1980s with huge international expansion which has increased revenues not only at the company, but in the field.

    Again, when you take away all emotions, and apply the rules of logic, things sure look mighty strange.

  126. Thank you again Troy for being the only watchdog

    who is truly watching all the players and reporting

    what's happening on the playing field day by day.




  127. Thank You, Chris Greco! You finally forced the exposure of Phil Piccolo in DNA and forced Madiou to post it!

    This was always a question, not a fact, …no Troy, much as I love what you do, you may have been on calls with Phil and Madiou but you said no one had told you if Piccolo was, in fact, behind DNA.

    Now we know, thanks to Chris.

    As far as Piccolo breaking laws, I don't know about your world, but it's definitely against the law in mine to purposely misrepresent oneself, or to pretend to be someone else for monetary gain.

    Warren Anthony only appeared in the past few weeks (probably because Piccolo knew he was going to have to put something in writing).

    If people do not want to do business with a certain person, because of his reputation, or because they have had bad dealings with him/her in the past, it is their right to know with whom EXACTLY they are dealing.

    If people have asked this person EXPRESSLY if he is doing something, or behind something, or involved in a certain capacity, it is incumbent upon the person to tell the truth. If they don't, it is fraud.

    Piccolo has been asked repeatedly about his involvement in DNA, and he has repeatedly denied it, even though his home phone number was on the original whois record for the domain.

    Madiou waited until he was FORCED to do so, to admit this.

    Many, many reps have emails FROM DNA, claiming that Piccolo was not involved, when, in fact, from the header, the emails came from Piccolo's Valuevaluevalue site.

    The payouts for the licence plate commissions, as you know, were largely in 'virtual' monies, and many reps are stuck now with no commissions – but 'virtual' income. This has nothing to do with Greco. DNA has been pushing back the payout date repeatedly, while PUSHING the reps on the need to upgrade, and to get their downlines to upgrade, in this "FREE" program. What does this say?

    If there wasn't enough REAL money to pay out the commissions, even though they claimed to have BIG CONTRACTS, it looks as though there wasn't enough made in UPGRADES to do the payouts.

    They have a word for that, I think.

    The big talk about 'inking deals' with multi-billionaires has been going on from Day 1 with DNA. Piccolo's wandering around the question of "Where's the product?" has gone all over the place (as is usual for his businesses), but never hits the mark because none of it is TRUE.

    Chris Greco came along at the right time, to provide a 'product' .

    MAYBE, just MAYBE, Chris got to Ft. Lauderdale, realized Warren Anthony was Phil Piccolo, and did what anybody in their right business mind should do,…RUN AWAY!

    I have a list of the top leaders, movers, and shakers at DNA, and now I will never ever join an MLM that has any of these people in any management capacity. Those at the top knew exactly who was running this, and side-stepped the questions, knowing they would not be able to build these downlines with Piccolo's name anywhere near.

    So, they all misled their downlines out of greed.

    They used Kurek and Blechman as fake 'figureheads' when they all knew it was Piccolo?

    Shame on them.

    And, again, thank you Chris.

  128. Troy, consider for a moment if either of these guys had replied 'Yes, I spoke with Chris.' Can you imagine the 'off focus' negative avalanche that would result if THE leader of either one of these organizations admits exploring options?

    I'm not saying these guys are lying or that Chris is lying, but let's just consider who has more to gain or lose here? Chris doesn't NEED that kind of hype if he can produce product, which he is doing, albeit on a small scale at the moment. The wellness mlm industry IS losing numbers at an alarming rate and should be exploring 'out of the box' thinking and options. It is not out of the question to think these guys might have made a call or 2 (or 7?) in confidence only to have Chris' big mouth force them into telling a white lie to protect their business.

    Things that make you go…Hmmmmmm….

  129. We have, Currently are issuing free phones through the company, and are pushing out the 10.00 unlimited talk and text plan. So we are producing now before we even officially launched, And its the cheaper than anything else on the market with a free phone, We dare you to try itr

  130. Troy, you have bashed GV the entire time, and you definitely supported the biggest scam artist in Chris Greco, these last few months. How did that work out for you! As far as GV responding to you, what makes you think you are that important that they would even waste their time on you. How does your credibility stand when you support the likes of a Chris Greco, you were told time will tell on this joker. If you look at my post you will see I didn't say all GV's problems were from Greco,

    I wrote "they have gone thru alot of turmoil with several vendors, but have come thru it all. During this stretch, from the Zero1 debacle to Chris Greco, every e-associate has the right to turn off their autoship and not pay the $39.95 membership fee.

    "Global Verge has allowed every e-associate to remain in their position in the matrix, even if they have not made a membership payment for months" Again I will say GV has gone thru alot, but they have turned the corner and moving in the right direction, with the launch of the member-only plan with Sprint phones and service, and about to release the new retail plans. Time will tell. GV is not going anywhere.They are here to stay. Real Source

  131. Troy:

    How can you possible say that he have never spoken with Dan H. or any other CEO's? Are you with him all day every day? You need to look @ yourself in the mirror. It sounds to me that you are starting to think of yourself as the all high & mighty know it all power.

    How are you any different from any of us? You aren't. You just hear things just like we do.

    People who don't know things, either you or any of these other idiots above, should really take a step back & stop attacking someone when you don't have all the accurate information. Facts are facts. I you don't have 'em then just shut your darn mouth.

  132. Chris, are you for real., how can you even write any more lies, especially after everything you have done to GV and now these other companies. You are an idiot! I thought you were the guru of wireless, if you were you would know that any GV active e-associate can order new Sprint phones with Sprints service examples Samsung Moment $274, HTC Hero $274, HTC Touch Pro 2 $419, LG Rumor 2 $138, Blackberry World Tour 9630 $319, Blackberry Curve 8530 $186.50 is the members price, with a unlimited talk/text plan for $49.99 or the unlimited everything talk/text/data for $79.99 flat fee no contract or credit check, with up to $25 going in the product upline commission per phone purchased, and $14 in monthly product upline commission on the $79.99 plan per mo. So Chris, no GV was not cut off at all, to the contrary e-associates are ordering their phones everyday with Sprints unlimited plan, but GV price is $79.99 not their $99.99 plus taxes/fees and contracts. Far cry from when you were here, promising the world, when in fact you had nothing but a bunch of lies,atleast you are cosistent with one thing, telling owners you have the CEO's on the phone and all these agreements. Chris you are running out of carriers you told GV you had Verizon's CEO on the line and now you switched to Sprint's CEO with DNA when can we expect you to be calling on ATT and TMobile. You are a disgrace to the MLM industry. I can't even believe that you could mention Raymonds name after everything you did to him. That is inexcusable. There is no one more honest than Raymond. So Chris you are the Scum Bag, and like i've been saying time will tell.

    Get real Chris. Real Source

  133. I would love to post on this one. It has been a few months since I posted due to the fact that this particular person was drawing people here that were looking for someone to blame for their troubles. All they wanted was to complain. Now, I agree people have a right to vent, but the way he was leading them was not ethical. "You reap what you sow" Chris. We at GV have phones now while all the people that he has been dragging around appear to have nothing. Or maybe now they are waiting on a dream. Either way, how can anybody believe anything that he says anymore? It is very sad when someone gets away with these things. Especially when other companies get pulled into the mud. I expect a new review of GV from you soon Troy. I understand that they still have a few things to prove to you. That's OK. They never dragged anybody in the mud and got criticized for staying quiet. Phones are out, retail coming online, and it was well worth the wait.

    Thanks for YOUR honesty Troy!!

  134. Hey Troy,

    There are just too many people that think the sun rises and sets on Chris Greco. He is a saint, King Kong and the almighty. How many different companies has he been with in the last 12 months? And they were always the problem? He is desperate now and will try anything to try to get some credibility. Oh wait, did I say credibility? I hope he has a dictionary so he can look the meaning of that word up. Keep up the good work Troy!

  135. Wrong Troy do you really think I am that dumb come on, These were Private calls and there being Published Violates the Laws of the state of Florida, as well as several Federal Mandates, I would love to hear the part of "this conference is noow being recorded"

    You dont have it they were private calls, I am stating that now here and Now, and we will enforce that. I am not disputing the content, But it is a Crime in Florida alone to do that. Thanks.'

  136. @ TheCatisOUTofTheBag:

    To get your travel package is very simple and ONLY takes 10 seconds to do. You go to the DNA home page click on BENEFITS and then click on the link below travel package. That link takes you to the travel site and you click join and enter the DNA discount code. and your done. Very simple to do and it was no need to wait 3 weeks. You might want to find out why your sponsor in the business couldn't tell you that.

    @ Cherry: show me you have a $10 plan and I will sign today.

  137. Chris Greco and hot air? No way! He is the King Kong of Wireless… And don't forget, Mr. King Kong had to get nine (9) other partners to launch this next little venture. He doesn't know anything any different than to drag things out promoting his lies and hype. Oh, that's right, maybe he is getting ready to come out with an Unlimited Talk, Text and Data Plan for $5 and throw in a brand new Apple Iphone for free. And if you get 5 people he will give you unlimited trips to Walt Disney World as well as a trip to the Empire State Building in New York (He is King Kong you know). What is really sad is there are still so many people falling for his crap. Kool-Aid stock is on the rise!!

  138. Come on Mr. Real Source,

    Trying to blame Chris Greco for all of Global Verge's fraudulent business practices is like saying Chris Greco is a saint. Let's see, GV scammed hundreds of thousands of dollars from people before Chris Greco ever entered the picture at GV. Wow, I wonder who's fault it really is? Maybe Ted? Maybe Mark? Oh, hell let's blame the Pope. So in the mean time continue to drink the Global Verge Kool-Aid. Maybe that is what you are getting for continuing to pay your autoship, more Kool-Aid. Best wishes my friend.

  139. The Cats Out of the Bag,

    Let me get this straight. You do not have any issues with Chris saying he spoke to specific CEOs of other companies, when in reality he never spoke to them? Not just any CEOs but CEOs of multi-million dollar corporations who take protecting their brand seriously?

  140. Real Source,

    Greco was at Global Verge less than 3 months. Please explain how he was the cause for all that happened with Mark and Ted before the last quarter of 2009? We posted, Global Verge sent us a demand to Cease and Desist, we countered requesting specifically what we have written and published that was wrong, and we received NOTHING at all. So we will not be changing anything on GV.

  141. TROY,

    One COULD (if they wanted to) ponder if you are doing and reporting the right things or if you're simply holding on to information out of some hidden agenda or some loyalty to friends – – silly of course! We think YOU HAVE the experience and knowledge (given your background) to KNOW the difference between WHAT IS and WHAT's NOT. YOU TROY are someone who simply WAITS UNTIL you have the RIGHT information BEFORE reporting WHAT it is and WHO the perpetrator's of such atrocities ARE in THIS industry – – THAT IS the way it should be!


    IS IT to TRAVEL AROUND with the "so called" BIGGIE's – (WHAT BIG Easy's)? IF that's a person's ONLY GOAL in THIS industry is to ATTACH themselves to someone ONLY THEY "perceive" as "BIG" and RIDE the "coat tails" of that person in order to have monies FLOW UP to them – isn't that a bit like BEING TOTALLY LAZY ??? WOW …what a dream AND what INSANITY!!!

    IF IT's to ATTACH oneself to ANY of the NOTABLE people in THIS industry – WHY would ANYONE want to do such if it means THEIR OWN credibility AT ANY COST?

    PLEASE FOLKS: DO YOUR OWN THING!! DO what you set out to do wether it's bringing in MORE money for you and / or your family OR …wether it's to become NOTABLE in THIS industry BUT …DO IT RIGHT! DO IT Honestly – DO IT Ethically and DO IT with SOME SOUND REASON and DUE DILIGENCE! DON'T DEPEND on someone coming along saying THEY have it ALL and THEY can do GREAT THINGS for YOU! DEPEND ON YOURSELF and YOU WILL SUCCEED wether it's a little or a lot and THAT IS ALL THAT SHOULD MATTER!

  142. Real source can you tell me when that money that is off shore is going to come back? Also how are you activating Sprint handsets when you were turned off again? I find this funny, Maybe its because you were activating phones out of the Jacksonville Boost Mobile store, Wow you guy have alot of balls, Your company is in a dead heat for network marketing Scum Bag of the year lets see who wins

  143. I never claimed to be the CEO of sprint, Who is this guy lol, Look DNA didnt get anything else from us cause no money ever changed hands, Check the merchant account you will see DNA or intelligent investments, Not Wizard Inc, thats what shows on our customers cards, And DNA cannot produce any document that says otherwise.

    As for I am pleasantly surprised that it is being exposed that DNA is and was built on a big lie Phil Piccolo used a FAKE IDENTITY, of Which the CEO George Madiou knew about, That is just wrong to present yourself as someone else, Hey as for the 10.00 plan you will see it on the site, And I bet no one else can match that 40.00 Unlimited Talk Text, International text, international calling on T-Mobile With a Free phone and no activation fee, Those are going out now, Why dont you try and order one for yourself.

    I mean unless your worried the company your apart of that cant produce anything will find out.

    Chris Greco

  144. I can tell you first hand that a lot of people are unhappy at DNA right now and the shame of it all, is that they are unhappy with DNA!!! They don't understand the DNA was taken for a ride just the same as they were and Panther was, and the list goes on. I am hanging in there with DNA. They are still going to offer cell service as their OWN MVNO. They are rolling out programs to benefit the affiliates left and right.

    Thank you Troy for bringing this report to the public!

  145. I guess there is just one thing to say:

    Chris and Global Pros, Poop or get off the pot! The proof is in the pudding. Stop dragging things out and postponing after postponing. Launch the company and launch a product.

    Until this all happens, its all hot air and other people's money.


  146. WOW Troy. You are the Man! I've been keeping an eye on all of the posts here and I'm loving it. I had the opportunity to leave DNA to follow Chris and I chose not to. Thank God for THAT! It was hard to believe all of the stuff this guy was saying when you can't find anything on him with a Google search that hasn't been written by DNA Affiliates or Panther Affiliates. Anyone find any corporate filings for Unlimited Wizard Inc.?? I don't think so. Have you looked into any of the validity of Chris partnering with Carlos Slim? It is a real shame that there are people out there that just want to take advantage of people that really are in a bad way. There are people out there losing their homes, filing bankruptcy, having their lives uprooted because of the economy over the past two years, that see DNA as a way out, and there are people that are going to try to rip these people off!?!?!? It is unbelieveabe to me that an individual could be so heartless and CLASSLESS. And on top of this mess, you have a company that is trying to be the best company they can be for the affiliates and now they have to deal with this mess that has been dumped on them.

  147. I hear DNA is having a Super Tuesday Call tonight at 10 for Reps – I can't wait to find out what that'll be about –

  148. After having this QUOTE on Chris’s Unlimitedwizard website for most of the day today:


    “BREAKING NEWS!!!! Unlimited Wizard Cellular Inc, AKW, Is no longer doing ANY BUSINESS WITH DNA CELLULAR, Chris and

    Team Were in Ft.Lauderdale to open the Store, Had a National Distributor for Page Plus Present to Open their Store their was NO


    3 Team Members were also Present for the Store, Opening. AGAIN WE CANNOT DO BUSINESS with someone who portrayed

    themselves as a totally different person, We are not abandoning the DNA REPS, If you are a PRO AFFILIATE, Contact., We will honor it and put you into a real Wireless MLM company. Again Biggest scam in MLM was just exposed.”


    It has now been CHANGED to THIS QUOTE


    “BREAKING NEWS!!!! Phil Piccolo is using a Fake Identity to Run (DNA) this news is being reported by


    There’s a lot being slung back & forth from Chris to DNA & DNA to Chris

    How (and when)is this all going to END??

  149. Again you guys make me laugh I just sold and activation a $10 plan. I do know for a fact that one of the main reasons why DNA did not get that package is because of Phil oweing thousand and thousand of dollars to Sprint. As for Sprint I would not want to work with someone that owes me money too. And shipping from my knowledge is pretty fast because it usually takes 3-5 days for my stuff to arrive.

  150. Troy,

    CloseCall America is a subsidiary of MobilePro Corp (a publicly traded company) and has been since 2004.

    I think it is really funny how everyone is dissecting everything that Chris says or does and are looking to point the finger of blame at him or get offended by his manner of speech… I think it is great… He calls it the way he sees it, if it is BS he calls BS… period. I love how people think that his manner of speaking is somehow indicative of his ability or intelligence as I saw on another site… If that was the case Donald Trump would just be a chump by that reasoning as would all of the other Multi-multi-multi-millionaires I have had the pleasure of being associated with in the past.

    I am in Global Pros and I will tell you this without a doubt in the world that Chris Greco and company are going to pull this off in a big way and there will be more millionaires made from this in the next two years than all the potion, lotion, travel and data collection companies combined that have been formulated in the last 5 or more years.

    I won't even pretend to know what the time lines were and the situations that caused issues between Chris and GV, Panther, DNA etc. but I will say that I came on board DNA as a Pro-Affiliate only because of Chris, let's face it DNA has seriously NOT provided a single product to date that is tangible or worthwhile and their message if you can call it one is so convoluted that it is hard to make heads or tails of what they are trying to accomplish. I don't blame him one bit for dumping DNA if they reneged on the agreed compensation plan structure. Chris's message has been the same, he is there to support the reps to make sure that they make the money by dominating the wireless industry.

    Let's just assume for a moment that DNA and others are giving valid information to the community…. Why wait so long to say anything when Chris broke ties with them? I heard about the DNA break away from Chris on Thursday last week during a conference call… oh and guess what he didn't bad mouth anyone, just stated the facts, took about 30 seconds to do that and moved on. He didn't go into an industry wide smear campaign, he didn't change his name and then join up with Global Pros… He is exactly who he is and personally I hope to become close friends with the man in the future as I believe that I can learn a lot from him.

    Troy, I am not saying that you are initiating a smear campaign, but I listened to the calls you posted and I honestly wasn't offended by any of it, business is war sometimes and sometimes those that are being the whistle blowers really have a hidden agenda and may not be completely forthcoming with all pertinent information as sometimes conversations taken out of context can be really misleading and not knowing the time lines of all parties and their interactions makes it hard to discern what is really going on. I always look at what someones agenda is before making a decision about the information that they are providing.

    I encourage everyone to give Chris a chance to show what can be done with Global Pros and stop pointing fingers when they don't have all the information at hand.

    BTW… I asked for a refund from DNA yesterday for my BBP… Still no response… They advertise among other things that you will be able to get a travel package for $49 after becoming a Pro-Affiliate… I've been one for 3 weeks approximately… still can't buy one, yet they link to the site to do so and it isn't functioning. They keep promising all these great things… nothing has come to fruition yet.

    However, I can go and get a phone activated right now from Chris…

    So who is the crook or scammer?

    Here is DNA's Policy on Charge Backs:

    CHARGE BACKS: we take charge backs very seriously here at DNA. You will note that any purchase is 100% optional and that we have you sign off on several "I AGREES" when making such a purchase. A charge back affects the whole DNA Family. We will legally pursue any unauthorized charge back to the full extent of the law including processing and attorney fees to collect such. (which is up to 10 times the amount of such charge back). Any such funds collected would go into the advertising pool…

    First of all…. very poorly written… Secondly, I am a credit card processing agent and no reputable company issues a statement like this… period, they don't have to. This is a scare tactic to keep the less educated from initiating charge backs. Charge Backs are how banks and our credit card companies protect consumers from fraudulent companies that don't provide products and services. Personally, I am filing a complaint with my AG's office and initiating a Charge Back with my bank if I do not hear back from DNA by tomorrow morning and I encourage EVERYONE that hasn't received a product or service from DNA to do the same….

  151. Miss you need to do better reseach because I know for a fact that he has more than a handful of services if not two. I used them myself, I watched activations be done in front of me and I now have passcodes myself underneath Chris. You need to actually go to an Unlimited Wizard Store or go to the akw website and sign up and you can see the services yourself. I am a mother too I know the feeling but my mind has been set free because of Chris giving me the freedom to sell these products and services myself.

  152. All of this garbage, by all of these companies, aligning themselves with the trash that is Chris Greco, and operating like the typical MLM, morally flexable, people they are…

    There is, and always has been, at least 1 company that has DONE EVERYTHING THEY SAID THEY WOULD DO, PAID EVERYONE, CONTINUES TO PROVIDE THEIR PRODUCT, SHIP THEIR PHONES, and HAS NEVER BEEN SHUT OFF BY THEIR VENDOR OR BEEN TOLD TO STOP ACTIVATING SERVICES. Yet, all of these same people kept saying how they would destroy that 1 COMPANY THAT SET THE STANDARD for wireless MLM, and continues to be the only company still doing it right.

    At some point, folks will come around. Until then, good luck.

  153. Troy, I have posted to you guys, that Chris Greco's day was coming. This guy has poisoned so many people. You continiously let him bash and slander Global Verge. You let people think it was Global Verge that had screwed people when in fact they were victims of this idiot. The facts are Global Verge is not going anywhere, they have gone thru alot of turmoil with several vendors, but have come thru it all. During this stretch, from the Zero1 debacle to Chris Greco, every e-associate has the right to turn off their autoship and not pay the $39.95 membership fee. Normally if you do not pay your membership fee in 60 days you will be terminated from your position in the matrix. Global Verge has allowed every e-associate to remain in their position in the matrix, even if they have not made a membership payment for months. If this Company was out to screw people, 1 they would have bolted right after Zero1, and 2 they wouldn't let these people stay positioned in the matrix without having to pay their membership. Remember Global Verge does have other products and services, Travel site, GV Shopping Mall, Pow-R-Savers, Water Generating Machines, Fathom Video Conferencing, PC Computer Store, etc. granted most people came in for the cell phone product, but if you are an active e-associate and you market any of these services you are paid every month, not to mention if you are building a team you are paid all of the compensation from the matrix. So people have not needed a phone to make money in Global Verge, those people have just made excuses. For all the people that didn't want to work the business unless there was a cell phone involved, Global Verge/ Global Mobile1 now has one of the best members only cell phone deal and plan in the industry. 1 example an e-associate with GV can purchase a Sprint Samsung Moment one of the hottest phones out there for $274 with $25 going into the product upline commission in the matrix, and their monthly plan for unlimited talk, text, and data is $79.99 no contract, no credit check, taxes incl. with $14 going into the product upline commission in the matrix. Global Verge has one of the highest paying residuals out there. These guys have weeded out all the bad people that has come thru and are finally now about to explode. The Member only plan is in full swing and the retail plans about to hit.

    Stay tuned

    Real Source

  154. If you are saying Chris dont have the services you are full of s*** because I see them I use them and I have seen him myself and other AKW members use the services that he provides. So for people that want the services they need to follow through with what they want instead of trying to bad mouth someone else when they fail.

  155. Linda,

    What surprises me is that people are acting as if we did not report on this. Rod Cook, Ted Nuyten and myself have talked about Phil Piccolo being part of DNA, and Rod and Ted confirmed and we linked their posts.

    I put up a post requesting documented evidence Phil Piccolo has scammed people. Not just comment and emails, but the documentation proving folks were in a company, and due to Piccolo's embezzlement or other illegal activity scammed folks.

    You bet other sites like…

    96 Mowat Ave
    Toronto, ON M6K 3M1


    Administrative Contact:,
    96 Mowat Ave
    Toronto, ON M6K 3M1
    Technical Contact:,
    96 Mowat Ave
    Toronto, ON M6K 3M1

    Registration Service Provider:
    Yola, Inc,

    Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
    Record last updated on 27-Apr-2010.
    Record expires on 27-Apr-2011.
    Record created on 27-Apr-2010.

    Which hides who the owners are, will say all kinds of things. It is easy to start rumors, and say just about anything you want when you are afraid of retribution. It is altogether another to run a public site, and be willing to take the heat from all sides.

    Watch our next few posts maybe that will help you out some.

    Living An Epic Advetnure,


  156. OMG, I can't take any more! I am a single mother of 1 and I have spent a ton of money, my last on flyers and a car magnet I can't even use now because of Greco's lying about the products.

  157. Chris, So you didn't defraud thousands of reps by offering a $10 and $19.95 product that did not exist? Then try to blame DNA for not shipping the product. Chris they hired you to do that. Even before this all happened those phones should have been shipped out because you always bragged about getting products out in 3 days. Well that was 2 weeks ago. Why haven't they shipped yet??? Oh yeah that's right, they didn't exist. It was a lie you created while pretending to be the CEO of Sprint. You even went as far as to tell your new company that they will have it too. Are they stuck on stupid? If you had the product you definitely would have offered that to drive in traffic instead of a T-Mobile plan for $40. Wake up people!!! Continue to hang with this guy and you will be in jail too!!

  158. Cherry,

    I have already called Piccolo a scammer and that post is still up.

    By the way, the above conversation was not private. It was held on a live conference call, through a company which announces "This call is being recorded." Just like most conference call lines.

  159. Concerned MLMer,

    I have said I have good friends who are in the field. But the same rings true with all the companies. I have friends who were at Global Verge, DNA, Narc, just about every company I have ever had concerns with. So you be the judge, do you really think friendship enters into right and wrong? It is a great question.

    I also have great friends in just about every MLM company in existence, does this mean I can't be impartial? Since I was not on the audio talking, how can I be impartial. Since I have been willing to let Greco, Piccolo and anyone else post pro or con, how impartial can I be?

    Now, let's talk about And take into account some of the red flags I mention with companies.

    96 Mowat Ave
    Toronto, ON M6K 3M1


    Administrative Contact:,
    96 Mowat Ave
    Toronto, ON M6K 3M1
    Technical Contact:,
    96 Mowat Ave
    Toronto, ON M6K 3M1
    CA +1.4165385457
    Registration Service Provider: Yola, Inc,
    Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
    Record last updated on 27-Apr-2010.
    Record expires on 27-Apr-2011.
    Record created on 27-Apr-2010.

    I'm not real concerned about this website or the people running it.

    But, to answer your question, because it is a good one.

    1. Rod Cook and Ted Nuyten broke the story of Phil aka Warren Anthony being a part of DNA months ago. In our Phil Piccolo post I link to those articles. So what is being hidden? As for me personally, we have asked for valid documented evidence Piccolo has done anything illegal where he has been charged or investigated and reprimanded by any regulatory agency. To date no one has send valid documented evidence… Except for the fact he has filed bankruptcy, and like others in the USA has lost major assets over the last few years. truly not the sign of a successful scammer. Might be the most unlucky MLMer in history.

    So,yep, I knew Piccolo was part of DNA just like others who have published the information.

    2. I had an email come in today which asks the question… "How do we know Chris Greco has experience, relationships, products and services? Is this because Greco states it, or have you personally verified this information their the powers to be? Global Verge told us he had these things, his website states he has these things, he states he knows everyone, but how come each time a company gets ready to launch a product, there isn't any product or service because Greco leaves?"

    It was a great question.

    3. Well, I respect your opinion. Only time will tell! We will be watching and will report.

  160. Troy you still havent addressed my question DO YOU KNOW THAT WARREN ANTHONY is also PHIL PICCOLO, I see you danced around that question, The audio in question has you guys on a call laughing about it. I am asking you for the truth Is WARREN ANTHONY none other than PHIL PICCOLO? Troy the Field Deserves the TRUTH.

    And if Phil was such a stand up guy, then why why why why why is he operating his business under an assumed name and DNA now saying he is a consultant, Troy something is very Fishy here.

    I cant wait for to post the audio, Maybe it will shed some light on the subject.

    As for proof Troy I was involved in the AA battery charger scam, yeah I lost over 1,100 dollars of my hard earned money due to Phils Mis Management.

    Where there is smoke there is Fire, I was on Greco's call this morning, they did a Glance session showing that poison email from another alias of phil's Felix Piccolo and he even says phil in it, He laughs that the company failed so now he dont have to pay commissions, I have to say its rather Damning. So what gives Troy Give us the Truth!

  161. Cherry,

    We have not valid proof Panther has done anything illegal. When we know for sure Panther has done something wrong, then we will post. But outside of it not being normal for companies to take all the top positions, there is no law against it.

    But talk about breakage to the company. I will reach out to Harry and see what we can find out.

  162. Well you want all this proof on Phil before you call him a scammer but where is the proof on chris. All that above is private conversations of him talking trash. But what people are forgetting is in the mlm world that is all people do about each other so what is the problem and where is he a scam.

  163. Why is it that when people came into this forum A LONG time ago and warned people about Activation King/Chris Greco and his relationship with Global Verge that we were called haters and that instead of trying to tear down other companies we should support each other?

    Would it be safe to say that we've been right all along?

    Could it be possible that we were doing our best to protect this industry by hopefully pushing people to pull their heads out of the clouds and think for themselves?

    Well, that was my goal. Unfortunately way to many people chose not to listen and now they are feeling the result of working with people who don't have the means to follow-through with what they say.

    This is a sad time for our industry.

  164. I cant believe this!! Troy have you seen what this other site is implying about you? I have officially cancelled my membership at Data Network Affiliates, I spoke with Brent today and it was confirmed that Warren Anthony and Phil Piccolo are the same person, The corporate team is coming out with some type of excuse but the fact remains I was lied to and this other site is saying that you knew or is implying that you knew about this? Whats the deal Troy? I left Global Verge for this company and again my dreams are crushed again, I donot blame the wireless guy for this, I blame George Madiou for knowing about this and letting this go on, We have been told over and over about George's Integrity, Well I don't See it. I am so frustrated that I put my all into this company only to be burned yet again. Also I did not mention the other site, I saw it here earlier and I am just asking a question.

  165. ROFLOL… It is easy to see you have not watched or read the article based on your questions. But, let's see if we can shed some light.

    1. No we are not retracting anything about Global verge. they hit us with a cease and desist, our attorney asked for specific issues where we got information wrong, they refused to present any. Greco, was at Global Verge for less than three months, and NOT at all during the major issues.

    2. As for DNA supporting my site… That is just plain funny. There are so many other companies which folks could say "support our site" but DNA… Right along side Global Verge, Narc, and a few others.

    3. The story about Piccolo being a mastermind behind DNA is old news. Rod Cook and ted Nuyten broke that story months ago. And we followed up with asking people to provide any shred of evidence Piccolo has been running any criminal organization. If we can connect Piccolo then the Feds would get involved under the RICO Act. However, to date not one documented piece of evidence. If you or others have any send it my way.

    4. Phil, George and I have been on many calls together since the very first call. What's your point?

    5. Again as for scammer… Please provide some shred of evidence, besides what is written on the net. If has been running scams for the last 25 years, then someone somewhere must have proof. However, public records shows Piccolo is in the same boat as most of America right now.

    the rest of it is propaganda… But seriously if you can show some proof that Phil has run professional scams, and taken peoples money and has a felony conviction for fraud, then we will post the whole story.

  166. OK, here I go again and try to make my statement that was not published. I watched the hype made by Mr. Chris Greco and not once did I believe anything that was said. Why, because I worked at a Sprint call center years ago and I know first hand how Sprint operates and sell phones. Mr. Chris Greco, $10. plan is the biggest joke I have ever seen and notice his other plans per cost just escalated to average the normal competition in the wireless industry. Yes, he had dreams but dreams that was not significant nor benefit to the every day Rep trying to build a nice income for there families. I am glad I never upgraded with DNA because DNA is selling the same products all the other MLM companies offer which is cheap membership to HEALTH, PHONES, travel, etc….that is already available to the public. The only difference is you get your cut under a MLM program. I strongly believe in MLM if it is the right program. Now I watch and listen to the Chris Greco fiasco! Where are all the true hearts helping america!

  167. Troy what is this, Your Golden Boy exposed, WOW so are you retracting what you said about Global Verge? Wow Troy, There are alot of people out here supporting dude, I saw on another blog today that DNA was sponsoring your site, and that is was a breaking story about Phil Piccolo, How come you havent broke this story Troy, You Blast our President and Mark Regularly, Now this happens, all you show is chris is an asshole, but everyone knew this, Troy this site is saying that you are possibly protecting the Scam of Phil Piccolo using an assumed name, Is this true, is this a fact, there is an email circulating with an audio clip of you Phil and George on a call, and you asking when he is coming out with the news, Troy please tell us you are not Sticking up for a scammer the likes of Piccolo, And please tell us you have not taken any money from these guys, Wow and the legalities of posting such vulgar language on your site. Unprofessional. Troy even though you dont like my company, the field deserves to know the truth, and if Phil Piccolo is using an assumed name that whole company was built on a lie. Troy the field deserves better, If you blast GV, then just because George is your Freind you have to tell the real truth troy, I never thought I would see the Day Troy Dooly protected a scam artist.

  168. The truth will come out, it always does. A person lied to his REPS, outright LIED ! Now just because some one finds the truth about Piccolo, who is the bad person here?? The truth will come out soon because a lie never last for very long.

  169. Cherry kool-aid apparently doesn't know the law. That is ok though. Troy, you keep doing what you are doing. Maybe eventually the Kool-Aid drinkers will see the light. Maybe? And Troy, things are going to be getting more interesting real soon! 🙂

  170. So when is this post coming out and what about the other scammers like panther mobile on the top 3 layers to me that is a scam but what do I know right!! And as for the definition I typed it into yahoo search engine and thats what popped up. Of all the funny things the only one that is being quite and minding there own business is gv.

  171. Troy,

    I have heard on several video blogs you describing people at Panther as 'good friends' and so I'm wondering just how impartial you are in this situation? Were you or one of your 'close friends' burned when Chris Greco decided to jump ship from Panther?

    Also, states you had knowledge of the Warren Anthony / Phil Piccolo / DNA deception and chose not to bring it to light? What is your response to that situation?

    Maybe Chris' bedside manner isn't great, but the guy has experience, relationships, products and services that make him a force to be reckoned with in the MLM Wireless industry. It appears he has attached himself to some true MLM professionals and through all the craziness and disturbing audio and double speak, the dust will settle and it will be the company that can deliver the products and services that will emerge victorious.

    In my humble opinion, Chris Greco is still the 400lb gorilla in the MLM wireless arena; potty mouth and all.

  172. One of the companies is and further when a company is publicly traded and you are taking it to the private sector the SEC does look at it first, Its all in the Policies and Procedures and anyone can call and ask period

  173. Cherry,

    I am not sure where you get your definition, however here is the Webster dictionary definition.

    Main Entry: de·fraud
    Pronunciation: di-ˈfrȯd, dē-
    Function: transitive verb
    Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French defrauder, from Latin defraudare, from de- + fraudare to cheat, from fraud-, fraus fraud
    Date: 14th century : to deprive of something by deception or fraud
    synonyms see cheat"

    Ok, now let's look at part two of your comment regarding DNA. Watch my next post of DNA.

  174. Chris has taken little from the heart and soul of the reps I know in WOW and DNA. It was his own rep (utation) that he wasted thanks in great part to Troy Dooly. THANKS TROY! I just hope the major carriers will still respect the industry after Chris Crapo muddied the waters. I think Chris will need a jail cell just to feel safe. There are some crazy folks in the world, especially if you screw with their livlihood, deliberately and malliciously. Troy, you really are one fantastic contribution to not only MLM but humanity in general! Bless you soldier!

  175. Troy, just a quick note of Thanks to you for exposing the real Truth about what was happening here. I for one really appreciate all that you do for the MLM industry, and I think you are a special man. Keep up the great work sir! 🙂

  176. Chris,

    The only time the SEC is involved is when the company is a publicly traded company. Is Unlimited Wireless, Inc. traded on one of the stock exchanges?

  177. Unlimited Wizard Cellular Inc an S-Corporation Purchased it in the Third Quarter of 2008 from CloseCall America Inc. Check your SEC filings, Also while your digging you can find My Sprint one as Well in January of 2008 we purchased Prexar Mobile From United Systems Access Telecom, Inc. So if you do your research you will find it, Further I do have to disclose we have never done anything with the Sprint MVNO license, Never had to Already had good products from other companies. So Please Keep Doubting Me I love it!! I cant wait to Push this product out and run everyone else out of MLM WIRELESS. Because once distributors hear that they are getting 100% of airtime pushed into the comp plan, It pays more than any communications MLM company In history. And again I dare any and all Wireless MLM companies to challenge me Price for Price, Product for Product. You want to know why it wont happen, Because they cant compete, Heck right now the only MLM wireless company providing service besides us is Panther. So it is what it is as I say. Everyone have a great day and I hope the powers that be will finally acknowledge that WARREN ANTHONY of DNA is really Phil Piccolo, What a Scam. I hear people blasting me, I am who I am, I havent grabbed an assumed name to start an MLM, its just plain Crazy. Piccolo Defrauded 100,000 DNA REPS

  178. Hey this is very laughable considering the words that you are using "Defrauding" . Here is the definition of defrauding it means to take away or hold back property, rights, etc. from by fraud. Ok so lets see Chris is not holding any propery or rights to any of his products from anyone, it looks like to me that he wants to give services to everyone and be the sole provider for the mlm world. So what if he is talking crap. If you want to see defrauding let me take a wild guess on who you got your infomation from, lets see George and Warren Anothany (a.k.a Phil Piccolo) your good friends at DNA. Yes I said Phil Piccolo yes he lied to all of his reps wouldn't that be defrauding because he is holding back infomation on who he is to his reps and the people that he is suppose to be working with him and by the way those conversations above sound like private conversations with editting did they ask Chris if they can record him on these calls (that would be defrauding). And as for you George what kind of person are you to know this infomation and let that go on in "your" business? Again that is defrauding. Oh by the way Troy did they tell you what really happen before this post came out (there are facts on this mishap I shall say with witness). Ok let me stop there before someone gets mad at me and say im defrauding too. LOL! So as a conclusion people need to find out facts on whats really going on instead of what there "friends" are saying. How does the saying go "If your friends jump off a bridge are you going to do it too." REMEBER THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION. SO IT IS NOT DEFRAUDING. As for you Chris I hope you take over the mlm world and prove to this people who is the man!!

  179. Kristen,

    I am sorry you are offended. However, to edit the audio would change the context. However, what I will publish a WARNING

  180. The leaders at globalpros must be real proud of their CEO> They annouced Chris Greco as a partner and the CEO last night on their call. I hope all of them have had a chance to listen to your post. Because after what I heard I would not do business with anyone that had Chris Greco or any company affilliation with the man. There is a differance bewteen having balls and just being ignorant. CHRIS GREGO is ignorant. And is on record documenting it……

  181. Anyone who ever delt with Gecko is probably shady as well, were there is smoke there is fire…these start up mlm wireless companies are a joke…

    Dist…look for the tried and true established Co's…if it sound to good to be true…its is!

    97% of new mlm companies fail and mlm wireless looks like its a massive start up endeavor…

    I always thought Wow was legit…now this confirms it. I am joining today.

    I agree too much trashing of other companies is going on…please go about your business in a professional manner.

  182. Here's an interesting little tidbit. I was on a conference call where Chris was saying "Mobile Pro" was HIS MVNO. I looked it up and didn't see anything about Greco being affiliated with them. HMMMM…..

  183. Troy,

    You asked me last week to tell you if if knew more specifics. I know more than most people want to give me credit for knowing and maybe that is due to my law enforcement background. I am really delighted to see you getting the truth out there for everyone to see. This is the beginning of the end for a certain individual as well as others that want to associate themselves with him. I have found in my many years of experience of dealing with individuals, the ones that talk the talk are the ones that are only capable of doing just that. I can also tell you that in my many years of experience it usually comes down to three meals. a cot and an 6X8 room with Bubba as their neighbor. The best thing that these individuals can do is to ride off into the sunset, looking over their shoulder of course. I know I wouldn't want to be in their shoes right now!

  184. I am so Offended that you have left that audio with all the F-words up here Troy,

    I have to look at you in a different Light. I saw a post on today as well that concerns me Troy, Can you please address this and let us know if this is true. I just find it offensive as a christian that you would put things like that up on your site.

  185. Look, I think what happened here is guy had too many hands in too many companys, and even though he was trying to help everyone it blew up, I see he has own company now, I think even though he tried to take over mlm, he will prosper becuz of the better product and plans, have u seen his phone prices Troy?

    I am following to Global Pros.

    I feel they have the service to win the wireless war.

    prior companies i belong to

    Global Verge





    Global Pros

    King wireless is only company in mlm I have been able to get good service from

  186. This is huge news and effects A LOT of people. If Chris' plan all along was to discredit potential competitors before launching his own Company, then why would he have signed agreements to sell these same companies products and services?

    It seems clear that Chris exaggerates quite a bit and definitely has played some dirty pool, but if he is a true MVNO, doesn't he have a unique and very strong position in the MLM Wireless arena regardless of his 'bad boy' image and business practices?

    All is fair in love and war…and business…?

  187. He stated that he would "BURY" Dan Hesse. Now, that's laughable. This guy is something else!

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