MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson Brings Focus To Self Deception A Cancer Holding The MLM Industry Back

MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson,is someone I have grown to trust both as a friend and as my own attorney. His ability to think things through before he makes any statement is one of the attributes I have come to find makes him a great attorney inside of the network marketing profession.

When I read Kevin’s most current article titled: Self Deception: a cancer holding the MLM industry back

MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson

Several things stood out:

1. He took as much responsibility for this issue as anyone. I too must take responsibility! As a matter of fact anyone who states they love the Direct Selling Industry, and especially the Network Marketing/MLM community should stand up and take responsibility also.

2. He points out that if we, as the MLM aka Network Marketing community do not stop trying to keep the gray areas, then we will give the judicial system no choice but to clear up the gray areas for us.

3. Unlike critics, who just want to gripe and moan about Network Marketing aka MLM being pyramid and ponzi schemes, Kevin Thompson actually offers a solution, a starting place if you will where we can begin the conversation on providing a truly black and white differentiation between a legal direct selling aka Network Marketing aka MLM company and what would truly be defined as a Marketing Scam.

You can read Kevin Thompson’s full MLM Legal Editoral by clicking here, after watching the video below.

I also suggest reading this great ebook by Kevin Thompson “Saving The Network Marketing Industry, By Defining The Gray

Self Deception from Kevin Thompson on Vimeo.

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5 thoughts on “MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson Brings Focus To Self Deception A Cancer Holding The MLM Industry Back”

  1. @Susan,

    If you do not see a review, that does not mean it was not covered in a weekly news report. If we have not covered it at all, that means the company more than likely is not growing very fast.

  2. I don’t see anything on this or other MLM review websites about WebDocsNetwork, whose comp plan is clearly an illegal pyramid scheme. (See page 21 of Kevin Thompson’s ebook referenced above; on scribd .com ; search for 13639323.) Thank you, Troy, for this post, which hopefully will serve as fertilizer for a much-needed solution.

  3. Kevin

    Most truthful analysis I have ever been exposed to in the MLM area. I am not a MLM advocate, but I agree with your video. I think most advocates against MLM do not want the companies to go out of business, but to adhere to the guidelines set forth by the FTC, and for those guidelines to be clearly defined.

    You mentioned, and one of the gray areas, was how much product should be sold to customers. You never made that clear, you mentioned at least some. Well, if you sold one customer, would that be enough. This has always been confusing to me because nothing is ever written in the contracts as to what amount, or how much products would suffice.

  4. @Rick,

    You bring up a valid question. Ambit just released new numbers showing over 750K customers. If their distributor base is not that high, and the majority of those customers were brought in by distributors and not through other acquisition channels, then I think they will be fine.

    However, if it is proven they or other energy companies did not gain their customer base through the distributorship, and high payouts are flowing through internal consumption, this could raise some flags.

  5. Troy,

    I wonder how this ruling is going to affect companies like Ambit which currently has a 1 billion dollar lawsuit against them accusing them of running an illegal pyramid scheme among other charges.

    When I read the ruling it seems like they are also ruling against companies taking sign up fees from reps, then paying out the commissions which are obviously from the fees. This could cause many companies to change their compensation plans and overall structures.

    As you know, I am not a fan of 'pay to play' network marketing programs with their $300 and up fees for reps to join, really if a company can't pay out commissions to their sales teams based on the products they sell, they really need to find a better product.

    Thankfully, I don't believe this ruling will have any effect on our business with North American Power as we do not have a sign up fee and only pay commissions on customer acquisitions and not on fees generated from recruiting new reps.

    Looks like it is time for me to subscribe to Kevin's site so I can stay up to date on this!

    Rick Weston

    Future Energy Multimillionaire

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