MLM Attorney Kevin Grimes: No MLM Cowboys Allowed in Montana!

For years Montana has required that multilevel distribution companies (MLMs) submit an annual filing with the Securities Division of the Montana State Auditor’s office. The filing was a “notice” filing that provided Montana with the information it felt it needed to identify persons and entities operating MLM businesses in Montana, and further gave the state the tools it believed necessary to investigate MLMs that it believed were problematic.

This May Montana revised its filing statute.  It is no longer just a “notice” filing. Rather, Montana law now provides that it is “unlawful” to conduct an MLM business in Montana unless the business files an annual registration. However, there is one very notable exception to the new law; businesses that are members of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) are exempt from registering.

The new statute provides that the Securities Department will provide a form that shall be used for filing. I spoke with Lynn Egan, Montana’s Deputy Commissioner of Securities, and she indicated that they were working on a form that should be available in approximately the middle of June. Once it is available, the state will provide it to those companies that have filed their annual notices. In the meantime, Ms. Egan said MLM companies should continue to use the existing form (Form MLD-1).

All direct selling companies should take this registration requirement to heart. In the past Montana has been serious about its notice filing obligations. The new law has more teeth, so all direct sellers that utilize a multilevel compensation plan should ensure to submit their annual registration to Montana.

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