Michael Wiedder Founder of Best In U Launches Shopping Sherlock, S2 Rocket & Buys My Shopping Genie Assets

This last weekend the word spread like wildfire that My Shopping Genie assets had been purchased by someone. I reported on it, Rod Cook the MLM Watchdog reported and did Ted Nuyten over at Business for home. Click here to read my report. I caught up with Michael Wiedder today and you can listen to our interview after the video below.

Shopping Sherlock

Well Michael Wiedder the founder of Best In U founder, bought the assets of My Shopping Genie. He specifically bought the patents, software, and most of all 3000 passionate subscribers/affiliates who know the software works.

But, what is the most exciting is the fact, before the news leaked out, Wiedder’s team had already tweaked the software, and launched Shopping Sherlock!

My Shopping Genie

Here is a little more about Michael Wiedder:

Michael Wiedder was a pioneer on the Internet having founded Online Expo in 1995. He was at the forefront of the Internet explosion and produced the Online Exposition in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York attracting over 10,000 people per event. He helped launch some of the leading Internet technology and media companies at those events and is still very active in the Internet community in Southern California
and The Silicon Valley.

Michael subsequently founded an online advertising agency, specializing in the franchise market.
His clients included Budget Blinds, Super Cuts and Cost Cutters.

He has also been very active in the charity space. He publishes The Fundraising Journal which is a newsletter for non-profit fundraising professionals. The Journal has over 5,000 subscribers worldwide.
In addition, he recently created ActGivity, a platform for activity based fundraisers.

Michael has been involved in various facets of the network marketing industry for many years.
He has provided the initial funding for two network marketing companies and consulted for several other Network Marketing CEO’s. He has developed compensation plans, marketing plans and business plans as well as being involved in day to day operations.

From his experience, Michael understands the importance of servicing distributors and customers.
He understands that they are the lifeblood and backbone of network marketing companies and he is committed to delivering a superior level of service, tools and training.

Michael’s goal is to create the leading worldwide, digital, Company in direct sales. He will provide Best In U representatives with the best products and tools in the market to help ensure their success.
In addition, he aspires to create a Company culture where the success of Best In U, our representatives
and our product partners helps to significantly improve the lives of those in need.

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18 thoughts on “Michael Wiedder Founder of Best In U Launches Shopping Sherlock, S2 Rocket & Buys My Shopping Genie Assets”

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  2. After 20 years in the industry for me it is the simplicity of the programme that appeals. Giving a product away for free that saves your customers significant amounts of time and money whilst you earn commissions, is the most duplicatable concept in the industry, and we all know that duplication built around a happy customer is the magic formula. Riding the wave of evolutionary growth in the internet with the global reach that goes with it and a man of Michael’s experience at the helm is something I want to be part of.

  3. Different technology ShoppingDaisy in is old version Genie 4.0 with limited abilities , Shopping Sherlock creating on the base of Genie Version 5.0 . Difference beet even them as difference between bicycle and Ferrari

  4. @Ken & @Troy

    Wow that MyShoppingDaisy is such old technology! All you have to do is line up the apps side by side to know that! In fact, the Daisy was similar to the Genie 4.0. Since then, they developed a Genie 4.0 Enhanced Version. They the Genie 5.0 (WHICH WORKS ON MACS and other platforms, unlike the Daisy) also it is web based so much faster. Now we have the Shopping Sherlock which has a bigger branding space! The speed of the Sherlock far out performs the old Genie, and knocks the Daisy for 6!

    The technology in the Shopping Sherlock is unbelievable!

    Oh and I almost forgot, us distributors can see, how many installations we have had, how many times they have been used (live time), and what websites they have been on!

    Unbelievable technology. Very proud to be a part of this outstanding company!

  5. A truly inspirational interview. It is up to us all to help Michael achieve his goal of making the Shopping Sherlock "A billion dollar company". The technology is superb the projected developments are amazing, what a future is before us with such inspirational leadership.

  6. Hi Troy

    How is My Shopping Genie(Sherlock) any different from Zeeklers My Shopping Daisy ?? Any Pro's and Cons?

  7. What an amazing interview, with a great leader. The new Shopping Sherlock will really rock the internet world, and bring people who use it, back in control.

    With the overwhelming number of Internet shops in existence today, and all the many millions who will come in the near future, people have no more control over where to find the cheapest prices, Shopping Sherlock gives people that control back. What a great free product.

    Shopping Sherlock, you will be part of my life to come!

  8. I listened this interview several times and can listen much more ! What are exiting times for all of us who believe in technology and just waiting for the right management.

    Now we can take whole the world by storm.

    It is great to say people "Sherlock on your case and will definitely will find the Best deal for you " !

    We are back for the biggest adventure in our life !

  9. What an opportunity! It couldn't be a simpler message for the Shopping Sherlock……give it away for free and while people save money you make money. A true win-win for everyone!

    The interview really shows the vision of the CEO and where this comapny is headed by riding the current tech trends. Exciting stuff!

  10. With the amazing Shopping Sherlock and the excellent leadership both corporate and Field – This is the place to be. Great interview and the future is going to be fantastic with the Sherlock and Michael – Love the Technology and the opportunity is second to non – Great news – its our turn NOW.

  11. This is great news for all those active distributors, it has always been a great app. now it seems as though it has the backing to go with it

  12. Really great news we have been waiting for.

    It is unbelievable how much Michael has done in short period. This is the leadership we have been missing for 2 years.

    The future is FANTASTIC !!!

  13. @Jimmy,

    If you are referring to MSG commissions. Michael did NOT buy the corporation which owes those commissions. He did however buy the assets from the company, so maybe now they can afford to pay those back commissions.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  14. I am really excited with the new brand, but Troy I would like to ask Michael a question. When do we get all the unpaid back dated commissions?. look forward to a reply

  15. Cannot wait for the future of Shopping Sherlock!

    Michael is an amazing guy and is already proving himself to be the best CEO for this business! It is a pleasure and honour to be working with him and to take this company to a level it deserves…

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