Meet The Limu Nation Next of GenY Generation Of Leaders These Millennials Are Called 96%ers

Over the last few months Gary Raser and his team over at The Limu Company have introduced me to some of the most amazing young network marketers I have ever met. And on top of that these kids who make up the new generation of the Limu Nation for the most part have never been a part of any MLM company ever before.

Kyle Helm

A Really Different Drummer

It takes all kinds of young people to build LIMU’s Next Generation, and one of the coolest of them all is Kyle Helm from Canyon Lake, California. This musician’s story is certainly unique, but don’t be fooled by his unorthodox look … he’s a rock-solid family man with his life focused on all the right priorities. Here’s his LIMU EXPERIENCE …

Salien Liles

29-Year Old Single Female Goes from 20K to 500K in a Year!

There are lots of great stories in LIMU’s Next Generation but not very many actually go back years and years. That’s years as in how long I’ve known this new 500K, and her story just goes to show there’s power in being teachable, in learning to be bad before you’re good … so you can be good to get to great. This is the story of one of our best and brightest, a LIMU EXPERIENCE Party girl like no one else I know … Salien Liles

Erica and Tyler Phillips


Have you ever avoided someone that just would not stop talking to you about a great opportunity? It’s probably happened to all of us at some point. And for Erica and Tyler Phillips, it was incredibly hard to keep saying no, time after time. So one day they agreed to get together for dinner with a friend. And the rest, as they say, is history … an awesome new history for their lives and those on their team … all because they were teachable. Here’s their LIMU EXPERIENCE …

Whitney Mariano

24-Yr Old New Mother Hits 100K in 3 Months

Here’s an incredibly heart-warming story about Whitney Mariano, a young woman who faced some major life challenges, worrying about her future and wanting so much to be home with her soon-to-be-born baby. Those challenges were coming quickly, too quickly, as she looked at how she could make things really work. But when Whitney was introduced to one of our successful Promoters, she saw her life change in just three short months. And not just a little! Here’s her LIMU EXPERIENCE …

Josh and Neftali Goree

21-Year Old Full-Time College Student Hits 100K Working Part-Time!

Some of our Next Gen stories are almost unbelievable … I mean, these young people can do so much, so quickly, that it’s stunning to see their success. And sometimes, I can’t keep up with their stories even when I start EARLY … I HATE when that happens! Here’s an example … Josh Goree, a young man I first wrote about in May. He’s another 96%er who’s never been in our industry, and I thought I knew his story but there’s so much more to it than I realized just 8 short weeks ago. His LIMU EXPERIENCE is remarkable on lots of different levels, and it’s a truly inspiring story of love and sacrifice that gets me emotional just thinking about it …

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