Lyoness Sensation 2015 Recap: What I learned About Hubert Freidl & The Lyoness Group

Lyoness Sensation 2015 Recap: What I learned About This International Company
Lyoness_Sensation_Troy_DoolyLast weekend I attended and spoke at the Lyoness Sensation Convention held in Las Vegas. This was the first time this event has been held outside of Europe, and close to 5ooo Lyconet leaders and Lyoness SMEs and Customers were in attendance.

One thing that caught my attention was the detail to the Lyoness SME program and how all the Lyoness leaders from Austria to America made it clear this was the backbone of the Lyconet Network & Lyoness Shopping Community success. Without Small & Midsize Enterprises (entrepreneurs) becoming part of the Lyoness Shopping Community, the company would never move to phase 3 of country growth.

Eric_Worre_LyonessAlso my good friend Eric Worre was the keynote speaker and gave one of the best nuts and bolts coaching lessons I have heard in a while.

He shared where duplication starts and stops, and what each independent professional must do to grow a successful network marketing sales and distribution organization.

Unlike many professional coaches, Worre doesn’t hold back any punches. She shares both his successes and failures and what he learned from both!

Hubert_FreidlThe most intriguing time for me at Sensation was listing the the founder, Hubert Freidl share his passion for launching the company. Although this was not the first time I have heard Freidl speak, it was the first time I had seen his provide such detail into his vision and personal purpose in life.

Of all the direct sales conventions I attend, this might be the first time I have seen more stage time given to the foundations the company supports, than the actual business of the company.

When Hubert Freidl, founder of The Lyoness Group started talking about the Child & Family Foundation as well as the Greenfinity Foundation, you could almost see a peace come over him. Here he was in the middle of a very large event, leading dozens of team members as well as speaking to thousands, and yet as he spoke of all the change these two foundations were making across the world, it was like everything else wasn’t near as important!

Child & Family Foundation - School renovation in Uromi, Nigeria
HFDon’t get me wrong, Hubert Freidl is all business, and surrounds himself with some very competent team members and fully understands that without Lyoness/Lyconet succeeding, neither of the foundations will be able to accomplish their driving purposes.

But when he speaks of the children and family lives that have been changed. When he speaking of the positive environmental impact that has been made, you see what truly drives Hubert Freidl to push so hard.

Here are a few questions, that have been asked of Freidl in the past that also gives a little insight into the founder of The Lyoness Group.

Where do you see your current biggest professional challenge?
This is very clear – it is setting up an international company with the different cultures, traditions and languages that entails and also taking into consideration the incredibly high pace at which the company is growing.

How would you describe the style of leadership you use to manage the global company?
For me the focus is clearly on people. Here I try to recognise the potential of the person I am dealing with so I can put him or her in the right position and thus make the most of this potential.

What do you appreciate in your employees?
Based on the foundation of trust, the decisive characteristics for me are motivation, loyalty and enthusiasm.

Are there any experiences or events which have had a lasting influence on your life?
One experience which really had an impact on me was the very first Lyoness Child & Family Foundation project “Help for orphans – construction of two new orphanages” in Tanzania. This was the first time I noticed the differences in the world first-hand. For me personally the experiences and contact with the local people made me change my way of thinking.

Where are your roots?
I grew up in a down-to-earth environment in the small West Styrian town of Ligist. In this social sphere of a small village community and in my family I discovered the importance of values like determination, friendliness and solidarity. If we consider the change in values today in particular, it can be seen how important these characteristics are for a well-functioning company.

Did you have a career aspiration when you were a child?
I knew at a very early stage that I wanted to work independently in my own company.

Please complete the sentence. I am impressed by …
… open, positive people who go through life purposefully.

Do you have a motto in life?
My motto is “never give up and always think positively”.


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