Linkbait Pieces Are The Foundation Of Social Content Success

Each morning I rush out of bed and head towards the coffee pot. Once the coffee is on, I head into my office to check my daily traffic stats. My goal is to see what Linkbait piece is getting the most Linklove.

What some of you may find interesting, is 9 out of 10 times it is not a piece we have done on a specific company (pro or con), but it is on a training post we have created.

Sure we see spikes in the company posts, but over the long haul, the majority of the link love comes from solid training which has added value to someone’s life.

Before we get too far into this article, let me explain a couple of the terms.

This is a blog content, written or video, which is created to attract links form others sites, based on the usefulness of the content by the masses within a specific niche.

Linklove: The amount of inbound websites, social profiles, forums, and blogs which mention and links to a specific article or category inside the blog.

Here are a few principles you can use when creating your own Linkbait pieces.

1. Linkbait Seeds: yes, this is exactly like it sounds. If you want your blog popularity to grow, you have to plant some seeds. And the best way to seed a Linkbait piece is to submit your Linkbait piece to different social profiles, forums, and niche directories.

2. Linkbait Hooks: Like a fishhook, your Linkbait hooks is the strategy you use to entice the readers into doing more than just linking to your content. Your hooks will create the buzz around your Linkbait piece. The goal is not to just get Linklove, your top goal is to get third party bloggers, and journalists to create the buzz by writing on their sites about your piece. It’s these third party authorities, which will help to promote you as an expert in your niche.

Some examples of Linkbait hooks:

• News Hooks: Breaking news is always hot. If you break a news story on your site, you will see a massive influx of new traffic to your site. This will create a short burst, but once the story is old news, you’ll need to give your new visitors a reason to keep coming back.

• Contrary Hooks: This hook is not for the faint of heart. When your opinion goes against the flow, you can catch some heat. However, if you write from the heart and back up your opinion with facts, you will gain grassroots acceptance as a fair and balanced expert. And, when the facts warrant write updates sharing the new facts.

• Resource Hooks:
These hooks will get you the most traffic, and if you update regularly, your traffic will turn into subscribers and in turn they will continually link to your new and old Linkbait pieces.

• Humor Hooks: If you do your own research, you will find next to news humor is the most watched videos on YouTube. Which goes to show you can use humor as a Linkbait piece if you connect it to your niche. If we go back to the last presidential campaign, we will see that thousands are still viewing blog posts and videos with humor. Yet, try and find videos on the debates and you have to dig deep. Humor Hooks, have must more longevity, than News Hooks.

• Ego Hooks: If you are going to use Ego Hooks, you must make sure you are writing about leaders in your niche who have more fans, than distracters. Over the years, I have written about a handful of leaders inside of network marketing. Each post has brought long tern continue traffic. However, each has also brought raving fans who to this day are subscribers to my blog. And, each Linkbait piece has brought people who were hurt, angry, and jealous.

3. Linkbait Attraction: Linkbait pieces are not like your regular blog content. Take this training article as an example. It is longer than my regular Linkbait piece. If your piece is too long your readers will get board and click away. However, if the Linkbait piece is to short, your readers may not find value. As a rule of thumb, hit three to five bullet points or subtopics and make them strong.

4. Third Party Feedback: If you are just getting started with Linkbait pieces, before you post your first piece, get some good third party feedback. Send it to some people you respect and ask them what they think. And ask them if they would link to the piece. As a professional writer it can be tough to judge your own work. Getting outside critiques will make you a stronger writer.

5. Linkbait Titles: Your Linkbait titles are as important as the content of your piece. You want your title to raise the curiosity of the reader, and compel them to read the content. Do not use titles which have only shock value. If people decide you are doing a bait and switch just to drive traffic to your site, you will quickly find, people are writing about how bad you are, instead of how great your authority is in your niche.

6. Linkbait Timing: If you are going to seed your Linkbait piece on your social profiles, then timing is the key. Statics show us that most social sites have the highest traffic during business hours. So submit your Linkbait piece around 8am PST. Since each niche is different, track the linklove and traffic spikes to your Linkbait piece.

Creating Linkbait pieces is just one of many strategies we use to create solid subscribers to our blogs. Although we one of our goals is to monetize our sites, our main goal is to create a community of subscribers who trust and respect each other enough to communicate openly. Once you have created a community where the subscribers are carrying on the conversation, you will know you have reached the first benchmark towards monetizing your blog.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing the knowledge gained from your epic adventure, Troy! Spending time at the MLM Help Desk is so worth it because your advice always stands the test of time.
    My recent post Up-Sell Management

  2. Kenny,

    Thank you for the kind words. We've been at tis for a long time, and love helping others succeed. Over the next few weeks moving into 2010 we will be posting and sharing more and more info social and internet markeitng in general.

    I'm getting sick of seeing folks pay for old info, when you and I both know internet marketing changes so fast. Since we run so many blogs in different niches, I figured it was time to help the profession we love so much.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  3. Great piece Troy. I knew you were sharp when it comes to the industry but I had no idea you were such the internet guru. Anyone watching and learning on this post…this is hot information and Troy is giving it away for FREE. Thanks for the continued value Troy.

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