Limu Nation News: Gary Raser May Have Produced Teh Best Origins Video I Have Ever Watched

Gary Raser Founder of The Limu Company

For years I have watched some great videos on the origins of network marketing founders and the MLM companies their launch. But in Raser’s case he not only talks about his rags to riches story, he doesn;t back away from the failure issues that face direct selling companies and network marketing distributors. He also shares what it truly takes to make a direct selling company a viable business model. And most of all… He talks about the part-time to full-time incomes that can be earned without all the over-hyping. This is a must watch video…

“LIMU exists as the extraordinary vision of one man, Gary J. Raser. Born of humble beginnings, he joined the industry over 25 years ago and became one of the most successful distributors in history. But his story only starts there, because his vision is to inspire similar success in all of our Promoters. LIMU is, to this day, his unfinished business … and his way of bringing more and more people to significant accomplishments in our industry.”


Gary Raser and I have invested hours on the phone over the last three years. His passion for raising the standards in direct selling and for providing THE BEST products and income opportunity is second to known.

Gary is a strong-willed Distributor/CEO, meaning every move he makes in his company is made after weighing the question… “will this benefit the field?” As the world’s #1 seller and the category creator of “Limu Extracted Nutritional Juices”, he and his team know what it takes to break the five-year mark in network marketing. And over the last 18 months watching him company grow month and month in double and triple digits, I can confidently say… Gary Raser Is Limu And The Income Opportunity Is Strong!

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