Lightyear Wireless The Next Billion Dollar MLM Telecommunication Company

Lightyear Wireless aka Lightyear Alliance, could very well be on the road to becoming the next Billion Dollar MLM Telecommunication Company

A few months ago I had a very close friend chat me on IM and ask why I have not done anything on Lightyear? I explained to him why I hadn’t and he let it drop.

Then I did a small piece on Rico McDaniel when he left Lightyear to join MonaVie, then left there to launched his own MLM Girdle company, and my friend contacted me again. “Mate why are you not posting about Lightyear?” Again, I explained why I had not posted anything specific, and we went on down the road.

But… Then we started getting comments from MLM wireless reps in other companies and from former McDaniel reps, dogging Lightyear, and putting out false information. I called my friend, and said NOW I WILL WRITE!

As we know there is no perfect MLM company, just like there is not a perfect MLM leader. But when it comes to Lightyear, I can personal say there are great leaders at every level. And if you read this post and are interested in a solid leader you can talk with in Lightyear, I can direct you to a rock solid Servant Leader who just happens to by a Senior V.P with Lightyear. He is someone I would trust to train my kids when it comes to leadership and network marketing.

Ok, Jimmy here is the post you have been waiting for. And for you who don’t like to read, then just watch this videos.

Although, Lightyear Wireless, as we know it today, launched in July of 2008, the foundation of this company is grounded in 16 years of research and development, and specifically since 2006. The Henderson family did not just get a wild hair one day and decide to launch an MLM division to their already multi-million dollar telecommunication company. Instead, they did what all successful business leaders do they put a plan together.

Unlike so many of the “wireless MLM companies” we have seen launch over the last few months, Lightyear Wireless is backed by a parent company with over 100,000 customers, including Applebees Restaurants, Capital One Financial, and, and doing over $80 million a year in revenue.

Lightyear is a fully federally licensed telecommunication company. Now, this is HUGE for the Lightyear distributors. Unlike so many of the newly launched MLM wireless services, Lightyear OWNS their customers. They are not a reseller, or dealer for another telecommunication company.

They buy wholesale space from two of the most respected Teir 1 provider companies in the wireless space, Sprint (for the Lightyear Pr-paid) and Verison (for the post-paid Lightyear cell service.)

In other words, Lightyear, markets, sells, ships, bills, collect, and supports their own customers. Sprint and Verison DO NOT handle any of the Lightyear customers, nor do they have any or their records.

Here is something else Sherm and John Henderson figured out. They studied in great detail the power of the money in the old Excel business model, and realized very quickly, if distributors are paid on each and every wireless customer, plus their own personal services, then the attrition rate will be very low, compared to the direct sell industry standard. So what did they do…

The offered the industry’s first residual income compensation plan, where distributors are rewarded for the wireless volume each and every month. Not just a onetime upfront reward, but a never ending, always growing, “Build It Once” financial legacy.

Now, don’t mistake what I just wrote. I am not denying the fact, Lightyear leadership could screw things up just light Excel leadership screwed things up. BUT…. I doing the research for this article, I personally do not believe that will happen.

The Lightyear Compensation Plan.

Ok, I can say there are a couple things I DO NOT like about the compensation plan. However… The reason I do not like them, has nothing to do with the payout, or the viability of the compensation package. I am conservative in reviewing compensation plans, and do not like anything which could bring the FTC snooping.

There are two specific areas in the compensation plan I think could be corrected. Both of these add money to the distributors pockets, so they are not “gotchas” in that sense of things.

The first is the CAB (Customer Acquisition Bonus) In reviewing the compensation plan, these should really be called DABs (Distributor Acquisition Bonuses.) Yes, each distributor is getting on the service, but this is a bonus for internal consumption and building a team, not acquiring just customers. Lightyear does have have another bonus called the CBB (Customer Bounty Bonus), hey anything with the word bounty in it is great by me, as a former Bounty Hunter. 🙂 This is their true customer acquisition bonus.

The second issue I have with the Lightyear compensation plan, is the fact they pay commissions on the monthly fee charged for the Lightyeardtributor is website package. I feel this is borderline, as the website package is a tool used by distributors.

Outside of those two small personal issues, the compensation plan rewards both the personal producer and the team builder. One of the items I love about the Lightyear compensation plan is the fact they have fast start bonuses for both collecting customers and attracting new team members. And they barrier of entry is just $50 bucks per month.

Although there is NO PERFECT compensation plan, when it comes to comp plans inside of the mini-niche of MLM telecommunication this is by far, the most fair I have seen to date. And, before someone yells, “Troy you said TraVerus had the best compensation plan.” I want to be very clear, I just stated “inside of the MLM telecommunication niche.” I am not referring to hybrid companies.

Lightyear Training

Lightyear is very proud of their training and after being introduced to it myself I’m also proud of it. This is a company which takes away the excuses. Not since my days with Art Williams and Hubert Humphrey have I seen a leadership team put so much focus on training. And this doesn’t even include the team sites I have reviewed from some of the top players in Lightyear.

Here is a list of the training sections at

1. Fast Start Training
2. Advanced Training Videos
3. Co-op Lead Training (including scripts)
4. Lightlyear Forms & Documentation
5. Lightyear Business Presentation
6. Current Lightyear News
7. Marketing Materials
8. Josh’s Blog

Ok, you see what I mean. The list just goes on and on.

Although, there is massive money to be earned in building a team in Lightyear, if a person just wanted to market wireless and get paid on the monthly residual, they could create a solid monthly income which would eventually replace their current JOB, in my opinion.

And, for the person who wants to build a team, leverage their time, and also market telecommunication service on a retail basis, then they can build a residual income which will change their lives forever. (If they invest wisely and don’t live above their means.)

Folks, as I said above there is no perfect MLM. If you are not happy where you are, before you decide to move to something else, make sure your attitude and expectations are in order.

Living An Epic Adventure,


Now, based on the new FTC rules regarding endorsements… This is an editorial, and we have not received any form of monetary gratification for this review.

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  1. Just joined Lightyear tonight! Pretty excited about my journey to come. Haven't worked MLM since 1998. Good luck to everyone!

  2. Troy,

    I was with Panther, then I was with Global Pros, then I was with World Wide Wireless, in my opinion all companies going or went nowhere, then I found Lightyear Wireless. I know they are going places bigtime. I went from Senior Manager to Regional Manager in less than 2 weeks. THEY PAY WEEKLY BONUSES, I HAVE RECEIVED CHECKS, when I joined Panther I had 40-50 people signed up in 8 days and I didn't receive one dime from them for any of my downline. I have visited the 80,000 sq ft corporate office of Lightyear and it is awesome, so are their people. I am grateful to have found this opportunity as the timing is great. Take a look at my website to see what Lightyear gives you with your membership

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  4. OK? A ? for a so called seasoned WOW rep, "How can I as a WOW rep push a product, which I thought to be Great (That's why I joined!), when we can't even get the @*^!x** PHONES delivered. I'm at a stand still until I see some equipment show up. I don't care how awesome the program is! No phones makes this a dead in the water deal right now. If LTY is delivering phones then maybe I did make a wrong decision. Like JB said, "Time will tell!" Anyone want to give a little in site help here?

  5. Thanks Troy. That language in the 8K, while plausible, is really just disclaimer language. It's the same thing when ALL MLM'S put in their comp plan and business presentation that "Results may vary, we do not guarantee you will make any money.'" MLM's also have income disclaimers, that actually point out that the majority of reps don't make any money. On a bottle of product from a nutritional company, it always says "This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any disease." Before people go knocking companies for putting together a growth strategy, securing capital to build their business, and YES, do it to help the reps, they might want to get an education, or stop being a troll and throwing around Propoganda. And, let the record show, I have not come on here and bashed ANY MLM or competitor. I'm a Presidential Director with Lightyear, and I'm professional enough to want the best for everyone, and realistic enough to know everyone isn't going to join my program. I challenge others to be the same way.

  6. Hey Matt, how's World Gate doing? Last I heard their financials were in the toilet. Didn't ACN buy Worldgate a couple of years ago? Aren't they the manufacturer of the coveted IRIS 3000 that's supposed to be the future of communications?

    Before you attack Lightyear's growth strategy for the future you might want to take a serious look at WorldGate's financial outlook. It's VERY poor!

  7. Most people do not fully understand how to read financial's of public companies. In the next few days we'll do a new review on LY to clear some of these issues up.

  8. Originally Posted by RVPMatt View Post
    It might be smarter to stop worrying about WOW or ACN and figure an espace strategy from LYA.

    Lightyear has Experienced Net Losses, and May Not Be Profitable in the Future.

    Lightyear’s business has historically incurred significant losses since inception. As of September 30, 2009, Lightyear had an unaudited members’ deficit of approximately $24,000,000.

    While our plan is to reduce our losses in future years, we may continue to incur losses in the current year and possibly thereafter. Such losses would have an adverse effect on our shareholders’ equity and working capital.

    Because of the various risks and uncertainties associated with our business, we are unable to predict the extent of any future losses or when we will become profitable, if at all. Unless we are able to secure financing or start to become profitable, we may be forced to cease operations or to seek insolvency protection.

    Read more:…#ixzz0jB6j…

    Well T.H.A.T. can't be too good for Lightyear. To say that the SEC 8-K Filing by Lightyear on February 19, 2010 would NOT be very encouraging to either its Reps or it's customers would be the absolute understatement of the decade.

    I clicked on the link RVPMatt posted but it didn't point to anything. This link might work a little better:…ANCE-CORP_…

    If anyone is interested, the first sentences in each paragraph from page 9 on down gives a good snapshot. I guess having all that overhead associated with their much touted corporate headquarters building hasn't done much to help things.

    This is a very good example of why Randy Jeffers' business model for Liberty International and now especially for the new sub-division WOW Mobile, is way ahead of the game in terms of keeping expenses under control.

    Lets be clear that Lightyear has not stated in the 8-K SEC Filing that it is going belly up. — It only reported, among other things, its current debt of $24,000,000 and warned its customers and shareholders that unless it turns things around and is able to obtain additional financing, it may be forced to cease operations or seek insolvency protection.

    It has now become woefully obvious why some Lightyear people decided to go on the offensive and attack WOW Mobile. According to Lightyear's own SEC 8-K Filing, Increasing Competition Could Have a Material Adverse Effect on Demand for the Products and Services Offered by the Company.

  9. You see Troy, that's my frustration. History has shown us many things, especially over the last few years in regards to Telecom MLM. Companies that have lacked the infrastructure to pull off what they hype up end up hurting the industry. Do you agreee or disagree with that?

    While I agree that we don't need to bash or "dog" other companies, I don't feel that's what I'm doing here. I'll admit that my frustration that my great company has been lumped in with the sludge that has transpired over the last 24 months sometimes leads to me being pretty critical whenever I see hype. Absolutely I admit that. But my question is, don't you think that with everything that has happened to the telecom MLM world in the last couple of years that people deserve the right to be a little more critical of the hype being thrown around?

    Call it bashing or dogging, I call it accountability. I don't think companies should go around lying and hyping their opportunity up then when they can't deliver expect people to forget about it. It happened with Global Verge many times, it happened with FDI, and it aslo happened with WOW/Liberty.

    I think Network Marketers MUST hold their upline leadership and companies accountable for their actions. I think it will lead to many more people making better educated decisions.

    Anyway, I will do my best not to come off as dogging but I won't ever stop holding these people accountable for what they are promising to the MLM world!

  10. Jim,

    Sounds like a plan my friend… Just remember when you around my nexk of the woods, it's your turn to buy dinner. 🙂

  11. Troy, I have to say, other than the entertainment factor, I find this whole thread a waste of time 🙂

    The wireless industry, and I do not mean cell phone manufacture, apps, accessories…I mean just monthly usage billing, is approaching $200 Billion a year in the United States alone! This is a HUGE market! My goodness, there is room for so many companies as long as they provide a good service. Why, if a company just captures 1/2 of 1% of that market, that makes them a $1 Billion a year company.

    So bring on FDI, GiConnect, Wow, Lightyear, Tele-Verus, even good old Global Verge, and any other company and let time decide whether they are legitimate or not.

    I am happy to let you sling the mud while I go out and build a business (but it IS fun to read your threads 🙂


  12. Well,

    It seems to me an advocate does more than talk about one niche in the great profession of Direct Sales. It you want to be taken seriously as an advocate, then study the industry, past present and future. Join the associations and do you part as an advocate.

    You have both the talent and the personality. But if all folks see is you dogging other wireless companies under the "I'm an advocate" brand, they will not take you seriously. Advocates have one goal, to share information which can protect others. There is never the goal of just dogging a company to dog a company.

    And, bringing up the same old questions when logical answers have already been give on both sides of the debate is just a waste of valuable time and energy for all parties involved.

    This great world is made up of opinions, facts, truths and law. In this case we have covered each of them… Now only history will shed the full light on things.

  13. Troy,

    As an MLM advocate I feel a responsibility to help protect our industry from the opportunities that lead to the negative reputation MLM receives. This doesn't stem from bitterness, it stems for a love of my profession. It isn't about bashing. It isn't about a pissing contest. It's about helping people make an educated decision.

    Please recall, I NEVER brought Lightyear into the WOW conversation. It was a WOW poster that did that. He assumed I was in Lightyear (based on previous posts elsewhere) and decided to take a shot at Lightyear (a negative bash of the company). I defended it, plain and simple.

    I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on the virtual company thing. To me it does not seem like a secure way to run a business. I try to imagine people building in a virtual MLM nutritional company and I just can't see it. You really think a leader is going to feel secure that the company that controls their livelihood doesn't even have a corporate office???? Why would a service based business be any different? You still need to have A LOT of phones in stock, ready to ship. You still need to have staff on hand that can monitor billing, servicing, support (customer and rep). Your IT department needs to be able to get into a room together and draw out the directional flow of ordering sites.

    To not have all of that under one roof spells insecurity to me. But hey, that's just my opinion.

    I wish WOW the best, for the good of the industry. But just remember, it was the WOW reps that bashed Lightyear, not the other way around. No one ever bashed WOW with negativity. All that was brought up was valid questions about the security of the infrastructure, the integrity of their leadership, and legitimacy of the product. That isn't bashing, that's discussing a company to help bring to light the ENTIRE picture of an opportunity. Isn't that why you have this forum?

  14. The bottom line is that no one knows what will happen with Wow mobile but……….. It's a big risk at a bad time! Global Verge has given another black eye to the mlm industry and I am sick of these vultures hurting a great industry! I will apologize to Randy Jeffers personally in 5 years if he does not let thousands of people down again! Also Many people are hurting financially and are looking to replace their income or their IRA/ 401K money that they thought would allow them to retire. I want them to know what happened in the past and also that what Wow is doing is not that special. If capital is not needed because it is a viral company then 50 other companies will be doing it over the next few years and the people that joined wow will be involved with wow who at that time will be "Just another company" reselling wireless! Anyone can be a "reseller" and jack up the price so that they can give away free service. Eventually the carriers are going to get fed up and look for the MVNO's that have infrastructure because the ones that do not will not be able to handle the growth in my opinion and it will cause many headaches for the big 4. As far as the "4-Hour Work Week" with Tim Farriss, who cares what one guys opinion is! Liberty International has not yet had the "viral approach" tested yet because the wireless industry is a much bigger Tiger to tame then some over priced mlm like Liberty was prior to adding Wow Mobile! Folks, if you are greedy or a gambler then go with Wow! If you are smart and cautious/skeptical then do much research on all of the other companies that are offering cell phones!

  15. As for where I am coming from… Agian our only goal is to provide a wide open view for anyone who is looking at any company! Have you ever noticed, I had the same concerns with Lightyear's compensation plan I did with WOW's, but in both cases I made it clear the jury is still out until the FTC delivers the final review on Burn Lounge.

    In my book distributor's are King, and I want them to have a fair shake. My goal is not to slam companies… But… I have never said any other company except Lightyear has what is needed already in place to become the first Billion Dollar MLM Wireless Company.

  16. ConcernedMLMer,

    As always I love your thoughts. You seem to be the only one who seems not to see my concerns. I received a call from someone who is in this community, and his first words were "I have watched your videos, read your posts and comments, I can see that although you praise WOW aka Liberty International for some specific accomplishments, you have reservations."

    Why can't you see this?

    You keep bring up issues that have already been covered. And it seems you have not read the first addition or the updated version of "4-Hour Work Week" where Tim Farriss talks about viral companies. It has worked for Liberty International for 10 years. Will it work another ten, the jury is still out.

    The one big difference with WOW from the companies you mentioned is the fact Randy read the article I wrote, read the critics who left comments and picked up the phone. As a matter of fact, it might surprise you just which Wireless founders have called and talked with me about their future… All the the CEOs understand their is more to winning than a good compensation plan, a building or a phone. And they want to have an outside pair of eyes reviewing what they are doing because they can't trust their distributors to be objective.

    But all of this is public record, and distributors get the opportunity to decide for themselves. Not having an office is a red flag, and we have talked about that, but it does not mean a company is a fraud. In this case it has allowed the company to make the distributors KING by paying them higher commissions than any other company. And as you know I have questioned the validity of the high prices of the business packages. Now they have been lowered!

    WOW has never denied they use T-Mobile, flashed with their software. Just like Simple Mobile, or Page Plus with Verizon. This is common practice, for resellers. I think that may be part of the situation here; you keep wanting to compare Lightyear with WOW. They are not even in the same niche. Lightyear is a carrier in and of itself, WOW is just a reseller of wireless for their parent company Liberty International which is a hub company.

    You might not have known about Randy's Destiny Telcomm debacle, and I doubt if you really know now. But those of us who were alive and building businesses during the Destiny/Excel war remember well the bloody mess it caused for everyone in the industry at the time. I'm sure you don't know about every company or leader who has gone through situations.

    You don't see me holding against the Henderson's the bankruptcy of Lightyear a few years ago. So why open yourself up to having people dog Lightyear for everything that happened?

    As great of leader as I know you to be, you seem to have made WOW personal. Feel free to share offline what has happened and I will gladly review it.

    LOL… I have already answered the viral question. But to answer the second part… Is there a company who has been around and become a powerhouse… Dude the industry is 70 years old as we know it today, and the internet is only 15 years old, and it's only been the last 10 that MLM has mastered its use. And in the 10 years the industry has been mastering it, I would say Liberty International is leading the category as the #1 viral MLM company in the world. Just like Lightyear leads as the MLM wireless catagory as being the #1 company at paying reps on monthly service plans.

    Maybe it doesn't matter that there are no other companies in the catagories, but given time we will see.

    The reason "no one" has heard of Liberty International is the same reason folks have not heard of Lightyear Wireless… Neither company PAYS for leaders to join their company!!!

    Seriously, I would wager you only know of a few companies in the industry. I get new ones across my desk from so many sources each day it makes my head spin. Personally, I find it pretty interesting that a company can roll along for 10 years attracting top players who are focused on their team and customers, with reps earning high five figures a month, all the way down to thousands of customers getting their services for free. Not many companies have this focus… Lightyear is the same type of company…

    The sad thing is when a leader in a company wastes to much energy focusing on a competing company… It can appear that the concern has turned into bitterness, and it hurts both companies.

    As for Global Verge… for close to 10 years their owners have been using this same business model to screw distributors out of money. Again, if you have read my reports, researched the documentation you quickly see the difference. Prime example would be this… When you have a solid ten year track record with your merchant account provider, and start to hit critical mass, your merchant account stands beside you. When you do not have a relationship with any merchant account holder, you can't pay commissions.

    There is no other company in the wireless arena in the same class as Global Verge. I do not see one shed of evidence to back up your concerns. But after you have talked with Randy, visited him in his home, talked to his staff, top leaders, talk with brand new leaders, and contract workers. If you have the same concerns you do not, then you will have a leg to stand on.

    As always thought provoking questions my friend.

  17. I'm just so surprised at how much latitude you give to Liberty. I mean look at what's happened with Global Verge, EDT, LPC Global, the first round of Liberty's VOIP/WOW WiFi VOIP. I would think that you'd be more of a skeptic than anyone when it comes to the legitimacy of the WOW/Liberty infrastructure. I understand you've spoken to Randy and you're holding a WOW phone in your hand. But did it ever occur that the phone you're holding is simply a T-Mobile phone that has been cracked with the WOW tethering software?

    Where's their customer service? Where can I go as a leader to see their infrastructure, meet their employees, tour their facility? These are things that any serious builder would do if they're going to invest their time and money into building a long lasting MLM business.

    In the last week I've spoken to 11 WOW marketers who claim to have made "significant income" in other deals. Not one of them even knows what the corporate address is. Not one can tell me how many employees are on hand. Not one even knew about Randy's Destiny Telecom debacle. As an MLM advocate, aren't these fair questions?

    Are you honestly telling me that you buy this "virtual company" concept?

    Troy, you've been in this industry a long time. Can you show me one MLM company that has succeeded (not just been around but become a force in the industry) with no corporate facility, employees, accounting, shipping, tech support, etc?

    Here's why I ask. Liberty International has been an MLM company operating under this "virtual company" concept for 10 years now, right? So, if this is the "future" of the way companies are going to do business, why has no one ever heard of Liberty International? What I'm saying is that it is my opinion that because of their lack of corporate infrastructure that I don't think they've been able to support any kind of sustainable growth. My concern is that now with the attention that wireless is bringing them that we're going to see another Global Verge situation on our hands – waiting months and months for phones, excuses upon excuses, and yet another black eye for the MLM industry.

    I'm just trying to understand where you're coming from here.

  18. ConcernedMLMer,

    I am not an active rep building any company in MLM. I still get a check from INVISUS for what I built before they changed their compensation plan. Outside of that nope. We do ask every company we review to give us access to their full systems while we are doing the review, but that is only for review purposes.

    Right now we are beta testing phones from WOW, GiConnect, Panther, and are waiting for TeleVarus, and a couple of other wireless companies. We are also reviewing Escape International, Life Force International, MoonaVie, Bazi, two coffee companies, Youngevity, NuVita, Evolve, The Trump Network and XanGo.

    But, again as I stated in the first video of 2010… I have officially retired form building any MLM company.

    I will be part of a brand new training programing coming out in the next few weeks, but it is not a network marketing company.

    Why do you ask?

  19. The MLM Truth,

    Not a problem, I just wanted to make sure you had not clicked the wrong link by mistake.

    Again, thank you for sharing, prospects and distributors need to see every side of any company new or old.

  20. ConcernedMLMer,

    I am not an active rep building any company in MLM. I still get a check from INVISUS for what I built before they changed their compensation plan. Outside of that nope. We do ask every company we review to give us access to their full systems while we are doing the review, but that is only for review purposes.

    Right now we are beta testing phones from WOW, GiConnect, Panther, and are waiting for TeleVarus, and a couple of other wireless companies. We are also reviewing Escape International, Life Force International, MoonaVie, Bazi, two coffee companies, Youngevity, NuVita, Evolve, The Trump Network and XanGo.

    But, again as I stated in the first video of 2010… I have officially retired form building any MLM company.

    I will be part of a brand new training programing coming out in the next few weeks, but it is not a network marketing company.

    Why do you ask?

  21. ConcernedMLMer,

    I am not an active rep building any company in MLM. I still get a check from INVISUS for what I built before they changed their compensation plan. Outside of that nope. We do ask every company we review to give us access to their full systems while we are doing the review, but that is only for review purposes.

    Right now we are beta testing phones from WOW, GiConnect, Panther, and are waiting for TeleVarus, and a couple of other wireless companies. We are also reviewing Escape International, Life Force International, MoonaVie, Bazi, two coffee companies, Youngevity, NuVita, Evolve, The Trump Network and XanGo.

    But, again as I stated in the first video of 2010… I have officially retired form building any MLM company.

    I will be part of a brand new training programing coming out in the next few weeks, but it is not a network marketing company.

    Why do you ask?

  22. I wrote so much because there are WOW people that are giving an opinion about WOW on a competitors post and I had one of the worst experiences with the owner of Wow mobiles previous company Destiny. Destiny did not pay back anything to myself or anyone that I know personally so that is being swept under the rug. As far as T- Mobile, do your coverage research, it's the worst period! I have sold cell phones for 10 years and know that for a fact!

  23. The MLM Truth,

    First let me say thank you for stopping by and sharing. Some of your questions have been answered several times, but let me see if I can answer them again, so you do not have to go through all the WOW aka Liberty Posts.

    1. The corporate office is out of Randy's house. As I have said many times, I do question how big a viral company can grow before it has to stop out sourcing and hire staff and buy or lease a building.

    2. I would disagree with the "lack of capital. First because the company is 10 years old and if capital was an issue, it would have missed a commission payment along the way. Second is because Tim Farriss has proven you can run a viral company make millions and sell it for even more millions, and all that is bought is the brand and the formulas.

    3. I would have to disagree with T-Mobile being the worse. As a matter of fact Sprint may be the worst overall, but it is really subjective depending on where a person lives. And off all the carriers AT&T is the only one still using 800 band. And T-Mobile along with AT&T are upgrading their towers this year all across America.

    In closing two personal questions for you.

    1. Why would you write so much about WOW on a Lightyear post?

    2. I have gone through most of the court documents, and I have not found where distributors ever filed a class action lawsuit for any money due. I have also found where Destiny paid back or made good on the calling cards. Can you provide me documentation where you are still owed money?

    Although it has been ten years, I will have my attorney look into things.

  24. Your definition of a "better deal" is no where near what many would consider a "better deal." I don't consider selling a product for $89.99 when someone can get the same thing for $59.99. How is that a "better deal?" So, refer 3 people that pay too much for their service, and we'll give you your overpriced service to you for free? How is that a better deal? That says, screw 3 people over on price, and we won't screw you. How is that a "better deal?" If you are so worried about the public, why not give them the best value to begin with? My customer can be just a customer, doesn't have to pay $25 just to become a customer, and doesn't have to pay another $25 just to port their number (no other provider in America charges to port a number except WOW). Then, my customer will save $360 a year over being your customer. I think that Lightyear has a "better deal."

  25. In WOW you don't get it forever, you get it as long as the 3 customers/reps you recruit don't drop off their service! Remember, it's pre-paid so it's easy for that to happen. If one of those drop out then you are charged again!

    Lightyear doesn't give it free forever. For every 2 reps you recruit not only do you make $200 in upfront bonuses, but you also earn $100 off your wireless bill (you earn credits that can be applied to your bill or any other customer you want). So if you recruit 4 reps in a month you get $200 off your bill. Recruit 6 and get $300, etc. There's no limit to the amount of free credits you can earn.

    I have not had to pay a cell phone bill out of my own pocket since I became my own customer with Lightyear 19 months ago! In addition to that I'm able to pay the cell phone bill of 7 of my own personal customers (these are not reps, just people using the service, they paid no fee to join the comp plan).

    So let's ask how WOW is able to pay for a free cell phone bill when 3 are activated. It's simple math really. WOW charges the person $25 just to become a user of the service. They also charge $25 to port the number (Lightyear doesn't charge for either of those). Then WOW is charging $89 a month for a service that Lightyear offers for $59. I'm sure if WOW actually does have a wholesale deal with T-Mobile that they're getting the service for at least $60. So with a $30 profit per customer x 3 = $90. There's your free cell phone service.

    The bummer thing is that there will ALWAYS be people paying a bill. It's impossible for everyone to get free service. If you recruit 10 reps personally and they want free service, they need to go recruit 3 each. That's 30 people that aren't getting free service so the 10 can.

    So for you to get yours free you need to recruit 3 people to spend $25 to be a rep, $25 to port their number, $25 to get a SIM Card (or $300+ for a new phone), $89 for the service, etc. I'm sorry, but I don't see a lot of people having success with that.

  26. Just reading all this and the Wow guy has a point…do you get free service "forever" with lightyear after sponsoring two…like no more bills ever.

    This is the point that needs clarification

  27. Hi Troy the unit for the MIFI cost $324,99 and that include the first month of service ($69.99) and the $29.99 activation fee and for the month of February they is a special that gives you 6 month of service free after been a customer for 6 month.

  28. The post was directed to the public to find the "better deal"…sure light year is a good company…there are just better deals out there. there was no slamming in the post.

    Question: if you sponsor two with lightyear, do you get your service free forever, or just a month ?

  29. I have been a Lightyear distributor for about 100 days now. And I have nothing but positive things to say about my experiences! Sure, there are things that need to be fixed. And of course you are going to have people experience differing degrees of success and results. But overall, this has been very positive for me and my team.

  30. 100% agreed Troy! If this person loves WOW so much, then get off the Lightyear article and go sell some more WOW phones. I don't know the first thing about WOW and I don't spend much time on that. If it's a good deal, then congrats to them and best of luck to them. We all know that any REAL networkers in that deal, as in all legitimate deals, have things in perspective and market their businesses with class, and don't come on forums trying to downgrade competitors. This just shows that "WOWMOBILECELLPHONE" isn't making any money, and likely won't until he gets a clue about how to REALLY build a network marketing business. Thanks for your hard work.

  31. At the end of the day, the wireless industry is so huge and lucrative that there is room for MANY companies, whether GSM, CDMA, VOIP or any other technology that comes along.

    What matters is whether a company has ethical management, a viable product that the marketplace wants, and service that really does what is claimed.

    I for one think all these potshots reps from different companies are taking at each other is a waste of time.

    "Time" is the great equalizer. It will either promote you or expose you.

    If you are with a company you believe in, promote it with all your heart without trashing your competition.

    "Father Time" will sort out the rest.


  32. WOWMobileCellPhone,

    I pondered approving this comment because of the unprofesisonal manner in which you are promoting WOW! I can tell you first hand Randy would not approve of you slamming other solid upstanding MLM companies to try and promote WOW!

    WOW Mobile is not in the same sub-niche as LightYear, so to compare them side by side is not the smartest thing to do. And just so you will understand, what I am saying. In LightYear you can sponsor two people and get your service for free.

    To compare companies with different compensation plans, different services and most of all different company structures is just not wise, as you will see as soon as I publish this comment.

    WOW is a rock solid company with a man at the helm who I have come to call my friend. So in the future promote your company in a profesisonal manner and do not slam other companies, or you will soon see and feel the wrath of others.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  33. Wow Mobile is a better deal than lightyear.
    Wow is on the cutting edge, has better marketing plan, pays 100% to unlimited levels, hot new google, Motorola phones with android technology, refer 3 get it free (this means the FREE phone service "and back office fees"). NO BILLS
    Just order a Sim card for your existing phone for $24.95… then refer 3 get it free forever.
    If you are considering mlm wireless, go were all the savvy customers go…"Wow Mobile"

  34. And let's also state the facts that they didn't have an MLM division until October of 2003. Unidial and Lightyear Network Solutions is the parent company that was the telecom company for the first 10 years. Lightyear Alliance is still here, Lightyear Wireless is simply the name of the wireless opportunity within it.

  35. You heard? As in you heard all MLM's were Ponzi schemes but that social security was legitiment? You heard, or did you do research and find that to be the case? You might actually check into how many non-MLM companies under go name transitions throughout the course of their history. And you might also ask someone with Lightyear to answer your Fortune 500 question instead of taking an intended jab. I did and got a satifactory answer. Now do your own homework.

  36. MLM Investigator,

    I find your comment humorous based on the name you choice. It seems you have not done your homework on this company. Let's take a look at the facts, not what you might have heard once upon a time.

    1. Here is the history and the public story

    Lightyear Wireless AKA Lightyear Alliance AKA Lightyear Network Solutions AKA Unidial.. Come on, how many more names in less than 10 years??? Also, I heard they were never ranked 19th by Inc 500, google it! It was Unidial in the 90's…

  37. Hi Troy, not all details are 100% released but it looks like it will be $69.99/mo with no credit checks or deposits and will support up to 5 users. There is a 5G limit but since it is pre-paid there can be no accidental overages and huge unexpected bills. The final numbers have not been released for the device, but I have heard $249ish. Since it is pre-paid, you can shut it on and off at will. For instance, if you have a child in college and get it for them, it can be shut down for the months they are home and there will be no bill. I'll post here when we have full details.

  38. Concerned MLMer,

    I had heard they were coming out with the MiFi, I had no idea it would be prepaid… Smart move on their part. Any idea what the unit and service is going to run?

  39. Troy,

    Just a heads up: Lightyear will be launching the only PRE-paid MiFi product in January! Pre-paid wireless internet!

  40. Troy I appreciate your comments and respect them. But to my point you say lightyear wireless is only 1 year old that is not true that is the now highlight and new name they are marketing to reinvent themselves. They are the same company just turning their focus differently which is fine. Similar to Amway calling themselves quickstar for a short time.

    But the owners are the same to say they are a year old is implying they are something new and they are not which makes people think they are some type of a start up which they are not.

    When I was referring to their top money earners Lightyear or whatever they were calling themselves then use to post their top 10 every month now they don't. But all of them from those lists including Reco have left over broken promises, except Edel. Here is a small list of them Reco McDaniel, Renel Coutelien, Hugo Cartagena,Luigi Gonzalez, Mark Shaver, Skip Lewis etc. Ben who came into the scenario later as I said before with special circumstances that are not normal for all reps that join came to the scene later.

    In regards to their customer base I'm saying in comparison to companies that offer services such as 5linx and ACN which by the way i think it is an enhancement for that company to add utilities but to my understanding it's only in Canada.

    Lets not forget that lightyear was pushing an energy drink for about 6 months just over a year ago now that is no longer on their website and they were using their printed tool magazine as a qualifier for bonus's also just over 1 year ago, I'm not sure about that one anymore. As far as bankruptcy I'm just saying if i had a choice to go with a networking company that did or didn't I would choose the one that had not filed for it.

    These are just my thoughts just because a company keeps changing their highlight point doesn't mean they are a great opportunity or better than the other companies that really are much more diversified in home services.

    Thank you for your reply.

  41. Ron,

    Thank you for the kind words and stopping by to comment.

    Although, I am concerned about a couple of items, over the last day or so, folks are sharing more information, and I can see my concerns may be put to rest.

    Again, thank you for coming by.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  42. Troy, thank you so much for the great review on LightYear Wireless! People need to know that LightYear is a place where they can hang their hat! This company like you said, is as solid as they come! We all appreciate your hard work on letting people know about "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!" I have been in the industry for 18 years and our industry is flooded with scammy opportunities! Your web site is a great resource to keep people informed and help them make an informed decision.

    Ron Urban

  43. Jim,

    As a Senior V.P. with Lightyear, I know you are very busy. Thank you for stopping by and sharing this info. I will be doing a follow up next week with all the additional information I left out of the first article.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  44. Hi Troy, just to expand on Michael's point about the website. You need 2 customer points to qualify to get paid. It does not have to be from having the web tools…it just CAN be. And even with attaining higher pins requiring more customer points…the company limits how many can come from you being your OWN customer! Say you buy your cell service, voip, dish network, and all of our other services from yourself…it may total 20 points…that is good and you will get paid on those points…but they do not qualify you. You have to have actual customers OUTSIDE of your internal consumption to qualify for higher payouts.

    That is rare in this industry!

    Lightyear understands REAL time tested business principles. Main Street small town USA cannot have 15 pizza shops. You open a Pizza shop on Main Street and hope everyone on that side of town EATS your pizza. You don't hope every customer who walks in your door opens a pizza shop under you. Once you are profitable, you may have a family member want to open a branch pizza shop on the other side of town. That makes sense.

    One of my mentors, Mike Akins, has preached for years that for any mlm to last long term you have to have about 10 to 15 honest to goodness customers for every person getting a check. What a "novel" thought! Have customers who buy your product, why? Because they want it! How quaint!

    Lightyear not only does not have reps buying thousands of dollars a month in product to be "case qualified", they prohibit it…not through just policies and procedures…but by designing a comp plan that, while allowing and encouraging internal consumption, it limits it for qualification purposes and forces a person to get REAL customers. (will people always find ways around that, yes, but when you are promoting products people already use and will NEVER quit buying, getting and keeping customers is not that challenging).

    Customers, for thousands of years, have been and always will be the backbone of a viable, long term business.


  45. Michael,

    I have had several emails with some great info on things I left out, or said in a way which caused folks to misunderstand. I will be doing a follow up for clarity. Thank you for this comment.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  46. Thanks, Troy for the review. We liked the no-hype feel and appreciated the honesty and up front reality of the work it takes to build a real business. We also like the emphasis on personal development, which we all know we need. It feels good be part of a professional company with fantastic leadership! Not only do Ben, Mike and Jim make rock solid income, but we found them to be solid as servant leaders as well.

  47. I like Lightyear Wireless, solid opportunity. They've been the most consistent among all the others that are coming out and going away.

  48. Troy, thanks for doing a thorough review of our program. Most of us at Lightyear understand there is competition in the industry, and people have choices. That's what makes it so great. The other companies have good things too, but of course we feel we are the best. Concerned MLMer is correct, the website is NOT required to earn commissions. Also, Lightyear Alliance began in October of 2003. I think you said 2006. LYA had already built a distributor base of tens of thousands of reps, on the backbone of the other products and services (VoIP, local, long distance, internet, etc) and all of those products are still available. The Wireless deal with Verizon and Sprint just re-defined the company, and made it what it is today. Thanks again!

  49. Concerned MLMer,

    I do realize this point, which is why it was only a small concern. As I was doing the math of people I personal know who use Sprint or Verison I realized how easy it is for people to build up their monthly residual while building a team.

    Talk about a nice retirement plan.

  50. Concerned MLMer,

    Now see I looked all over for that, but did not see anywhere in writing where it states that. I am glad to hear this. Can you send me something offline to look at?

    I have already figured I will need to do another post on some things which have been brought to my attention.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  51. And remember, with situations like YTB, the ONLY product that was required to be purchased was the $49 a month website. They called that their travel product. That is not the case with Lightyear. The web system makes up a VERY small portion of the overall customer base.

  52. Also, just an FYI Troy, it is NOT necessary for someone to stay on the $49/month web system to be an active rep!

  53. Troy,

    Great job with the research! Lightyear is a very solid company.

    One thing I'd add to your concern with the bonus payout. Keep in mind that the people receiving those bonuses MUST have a certain number of customers to be qualified to get paid. A top Presidential Director must have a minimum of 20 active customer points to be qualified to earn the full bonuses and commissions. Even with the web system payout as part of the comp plan, that web system can only account for 2 of those points. A rep must have customers on actual services to be qualified to get paid.

    Also, a majority of the CAB bonuses are paid out by helping a rep get customers. For instance, when a new rep joins and activates their first 2 customer points that triggers a $100 Fast Start to the enroller. However, if that same rep activates a total of 10 customer points in 30 days that triggers ANOTHER $200 in bonuses to both the enroller and the seller of those services!. That means a NEW rep enroll someone and make $300 in bonuses for helping that person get customers! It is about recruiting, but the company's goal is the loyal customer base – which is why they reward the effort of customer gathering and training others to do that too!

  54. Jimmy,

    You really need to listen or read better. I was very clear Lightyear and not Lightyear Wireless was where the 100K in customer base is located.

    Now if you have documentation of Josh being fired, and it has to do with anything illegal then send it my way. But getting fired from any other MLM is not relevant to their business. As a matter of fact in this profession that is a norm.

    Jimmy, although my facts are different than yours when it comes to high income earners, exactly what does high income earners have do with anything? The known as Lightyear Wireless is a little over a year old, in this stage of the game people come and go all the time. They get a little success, get and ego, or another company comes courting them. What I care about is who is still there and what type of opportunity it is for the average distributor.

    I know of folks who have been there for more than a year, and some who have joined this year and they are making average and above averge full-time incomes.

    Your on "as long as they have been around their customer base is smaller than other MLm service companies." Are you talking about Lightyear wireless? Or the parent company?

    Sure they field for Bankruptcy, so what? Look at how many companies file for bankruptcy to restructure. Except for Southwestern Airlines there is not a major airline which has not filed at least once. GM, Chrysler, and the list goes on.

    We reviewed all of those facts, and looking at where they are today, I think it was a smart business move. I use to take control of companies and the first thing we did was throw them into bankruptcy to give us time to regroup. I would rather be a rep for a company who has come out of bankruptcy, than one who brows smoke up my butt, then closes their doors or plays a bait and switch on me, like a few other companies have been doing in the wireless niche.

    Now I will say, unlike "other service" companies Lightyear is staying focused on their core competency… telecommunication. Only a couple other companies are doing that ACN, wait, thats wrong they are going into energy. That leaves 5Link, unless they have spun off into travel or something.

    I am somewhat confused on one issue, the statement of "all the high earners have left." I looked allover the websites and did not see anywhere, that Lightyear publishes the earning of their reps. Probably because its illegal. So where does this fact come from?

    Great post, and I want to thank you for taking time to share. It is always great for folks to see two sides of a story.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  55. Hi Troy, thanks for such a balanced overview of Lightyear. I can add two more plus notes:

    1. Lightyear pays weekly. Finish Monday night and they cut and mail checks Tuesday morning.

    2. They have a $1000 minimum earnings GUARANTEE that is rock solid!

    Thanks for all the research you did Troy.


  56. Lightyear seriously Josh Henderson and Sherm Henderson? Josh has been fired from to different networking companies before getting the job with his dad Sherman both those companies are now out of business. Light year in fairness is not a 100,000 customer company that is from their traditional side of business that does commercial through agents and advertising. My wireless rep is the networking side. Troy every person that was in the top earners has left except Edel Valdes. Ben Sturtvent is there but more than half of his group was moved under his highest payline when Reco was terminated no other reps get those benefits a little unfair to the rest of the rep base. The truth is as long as Light year has been around their customer base is small in comparison to other mlm services companies. Lets not forget their bankruptcy they filed in 2004 thats always reassuring for rep to know that this company may not even be around when they finish building their team. These are the facts in addition to your comments above.

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