Lightyear Wireless Lost Top MLM Leaders Reco & Shanee’ McDaniel

Reco & Shanee’ McDaniel, once the shining stars at Josh Henderson’s Lightyear Wireless, have now left for greener pastures. And it wasn’t for Buzzirk Wireless!

Reco & Shanee' McDaniel

I followed Reco’s rise at Lightyear for the last few years, and was very impressed that a leader of such young age, had such a passionate focus, and realized that “Getting Rich” was not all about money and toys, but was 100% about achieving wholeness in every area of your life!

I was sad to hear that Josh Henderson, Lightyear wireless and the McDaniel’s were now in legal battle litigation over their former business relationship. But, it does prove to me why every distributor should be a member of the DRA (Distributor Right’s Association.)

We will continue to track the McDaniel’s and their new adventure at MonaVie along with watching the court decision on the allegations they have made against Josh Henderson operating Lightyear Wireless as a Pyramid Scheme.

And although we see trust broken more often, than in years past, between top money earners and the companies they helped to grow, I still stand firm on my belief that the Direct Marketing Profession is still the best way for the average person to see their dreams come true.

Troy’s Truth: Remember, it’s not about growing our primary Network Marketing Company, it’s about Developing the Leaders on our Teams.

Case in point is Reco & Shanee’ McDaniel’s vision below:

16 Millionaires

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

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60 thoughts on “Lightyear Wireless Lost Top MLM Leaders Reco & Shanee’ McDaniel”

  1. It's pretty amazing how Lightyear Wireless has survived

    challenges ever since Reco and Shane left the

    company. Since their departure, now changed for the

    better. Great android phones, no contract service and

    What's great about it? You + 3 = FREE!! Ben

    Sturtevant picked up where Reco left off and it's now

    Lightyear's #1 top money earner in lightyear making

    six figures a month. and now, this new guy Eric

    Bechtold just came out of no where to become the #2

    Money Earner with the company.

    This shows proof that Reco and Shane had made a

    bad choice in leaving the company cause they would

    make a killing off of Ben and Eric's downline.

  2. We were disappointed when they left the company. Many people also left the company when we changed our focus to wireless, which is confusing because it provided a much more profitable direction for the company. Anyways, things are looking really good for Lightyear now. The company is growing quickly and has great cell phone plans. We even have three new Android phones coming out next month!

  3. Thank you for posting this! Lightyear reps should be really excited by looking at this info, since it shows their stock has doubled in 4 months, and has been buying out competitors left and right. The stock is growing rapidly and it looks like they are dwarfing all their competitors. Numbers sure don't lie. Too bad you left such a solid company.

  4. I love how people state these "facts" as they think they are. I have seen the back office of a few reps and they are making much much more than $2k/mo. I saw one where the residual was 20x that (and this is a telecom company). So, without even recruiting anyone new the residual would still be huge. Sorry to burst your bubble on that!

  5. Will what I eat make you fat? Why do you think just because someone else is earning a good living in Lightyear or any other company, you will be able to do the same. You can get the earning of the strongest downline builder in America, and I would dare to compare his efforts to your. Why? He wouldn't be looking at others to determine how well he will do. You could also get the earning of one of the weakest downline builders, and you would run circles around him. So your logic in thinking seeing what others have earned to determine the money that's on the table for you is grossly flawed! One other thing. Everyone know Amway is one of the oldest and most well respected network marketing companies. Do you think a person who started 6 months ago would have an income that you would consider substantial? It took Dexter Yeager 4 years to reach an average working stiff's full-time income!

  6. Hello All,

    I am currently looking into and researching information about Lightyear, and I have read over the majority of all the comments here. As you all can imagine coming from the prospective of a interested party looking in and all of the questionable information online to just jump into this business at this junction would be a bit pre-mature. I was completely sold on this venture until I came accross this site. My biggest concern is joining a business where the upline and or the leaders that we trust are not honest. I realize that asking for proof in this manner may not be looked upon favorably in this forum, but if there was someone anyone that would be willing to share with me their earnings for the past 3-6 months with Lightyear, maybe a actual page print of their account activities showing downline coming in and pay for that period of time etc…

    Again I am looking for someone that has been in the business just for the past 3-6 months and can show based on their efforts how the company has rewarded you. I would be willing to come in under you if I can see proof of what so many of us are questioning here. I realize everyone's stats and information will show differently depending on their work ethics. I just want to know and see for my own piece of mind moving forward that people are getting paid (or not). I realize this may be offensive for some that I've inquired this, but you can just not reply. If there is nothing to hide I hope to have a response relatively soon as I'm anxious to get started. I'm a hard worker, and I can assure you that would not be sorry for sharing with me if I signed up under you.

    Curious Val

  7. Have you ever built a large MLM business with a telecom MLM company?

    I'm curious because usually it's people who have never done this that say things like "there's no residual in it" or that "all the money is in upfront bonuses." Hate to brake it to you but 70% of my income comes from ongoing monthly residuals from the services my team uses!

    And as far as the price wars go. Let them go on! The more competitive the services get the more people will start to use MORE stuff (voice, text, data), etc. The future of wireless is EXTREMELY bright as we're just getting started in the states! 10 years from now I hope that every rep on my team gets to pay $50 a month for unlimited everything and can take their phone with them anywhere they want in the world (WiMax will be HUGE). I'll take 4% of $50 x tens of thousands of reps' bills over 3% to 4% of $150 juice that people will drop in 30 days!


  8. cont.

    You might say an income opportunity, but to maintain an income, you have to sell a more expensive deal to consumers, never mind focus on distributors, and as I have found in the telecom industry, and the wireless industry, the same pattern is set, smaller margins are all that is left for telecom, and now the same is true for wireless, so why bother, there is no long term success on the horizon for any of these wireless deals, as well as VOIP-COIP deals which are also facing issues.

    With Verizon hooking up with Skype, and Vonage now offering wireless access, how can anyone expect to make a long term buisness out of all these start ups, and without naming them all, most are familiar with all the new start ups over the past year. None will survive in the end, just as was the case with traditional telecom LD deals. No margins, no profits, and the big boys control the industry in wireless just as was the case when ma bell controlled the landline business. Times, they are a changing, so don't waste your time on any of these wireless VOIP-COIP deals is my advice.

    Success to all,

  9. Interesting,

    I research them all, and when I looked at LY, it reminded my of ACN, and like all deals which you earn the majority of your commisisons from coding bonus like commissions plans, they all run out of gas in time, and I am amazed ACN has lasted as long as it has, but that is another story.

    Bottom line, all these deals are about to crash as the gorilla wireless wars are underway between Verizon and AT&T, and both just dropped their prices $30.00 a month on unlimited plans which are now $69.99, so how are any of these wireless reseller deals going to survive in the end even with a slightly lower monthly cost when you have to pay even more to become and maintain you distributor position to earn commissions. When you factor these costs in, forget it, you will be paying more for your service, not less, and without a price advantage, what do any of these companies offer?


  10. Robb,

    Great comment. Lightyear has a great leadership team, excellent infrastructure and a field team who is committed.

  11. Quite Frankly I look at it look at it like this. You make the best of it. Lightyear as a company is very well established and long term. I don't lend or attach my name to anything unless I have done due diligence and gotten significant information from referrals. I have been in and around direct marketing for some 15 years now, some good some bad. this one stands up to it agreements. And who else do you know that offers a $2000 guarantee if you follow their system it will work. It has for me. And I am a professional in a another arena. Keep your eyes open this is going to open up doors and really make a lot of people eat some crow

  12. Signed up with Lightyear last week under Les Rekeweg, leader and top money earner. Having spent 2 months with GV, I feel Lightyear is the real deal comparatively speaking. If you check the comp plan you can earn up to 10% on your own business.
    The percentage is much less on your organization. I was a little disappointed compared to GV, but quickly realize that high residual payout is the elixir that keeps GV associates "hanging" in there month after month. I digress.

    I am beyond happy to offer my clients real telecom products, with real customer support. I feel we have competitive products and rep support that's second to any tier 1 telecom co.

    Quick shout out to troy. thanks for the forum. I believe in network marketing with all my heart. Products r important.


  13. Let's see the latest is the fact Reco launched a girdle (I think I spelled that right, but since I don't wear one I could be wrong) company.

  14. Ben what can we do to build the company up again ???, Is there any new incentives to compete better and increase our downline and pay checks. I am loyal but we are looking for some new energy in the light of more competition…what do you suggest ?

  15. Funny what goes around comes around…
    Now light year is getting it back for all the bashing they do out there.
    Concerned MLMer is the #1 "other" company basher, he is always first to post, like this guy has better things to do ??? (this is light years #1 guy doing this) He starts off with the comparison and ends up bashing saying this was never intended to recruit other company reps yeh right!…total miss representation. Who wants a angry leader ?
    light year is losing its its members to the New kid on the block…I think a mass mutiny is coming.
    I did some research on your post Bobby…your right, the number of Adwords placements by lightyear reps has gone down dramatically, and they post scam headlines to lure web traffic in then say the opposite (check organics and tubes)..very unprofessional not to mention and they are all out bashing the New Kid…

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  17. Steve,

    Thanks for stopping by. Great comments even though I disagree. In a typical MLM you would be correct. However, Lightyear is a federally licensed Telecommunication company, the fact reps leave is not as relevant as other MLMs. So far Lightyear is still growing both in the area of reps and customers. Even with Rico leaving, the majority of reps did not drop their service.

  18. So, my advice would be, whichever way you go, to create a business that you can have some control over. Don't put all your eggs in one basket and don't fall in the trap of only having a company owned website, create an additional one for yourself, that you control. Learn about the product and be able to sell it. Build a business that you can control. VoIP, wireless phone sales and related communications stuff are good sales products, just don't limit yourself, think of how you can add to your mix and make more money and gain more customers. There are sites that help, like and explain about selling voip and are not for or against mlm, they just want to give you the best advice to succeed.

  19. If you are considering lightyear alliance, a mlm organization, then the banter here is typical. These mlm'ers are all generally good people, they just end up having disputes. Mlm typically is designed to sell people more than a product and there-in lies the problem. I'm sure that Rico is an excellent promoter and motivater and his "flock" is aligned with him, and will probably move with him. This is typical mlm, but there are always consquences, especially for the middle and lower end associates. Leaving the "company" in this case Lightyear, is like loosing your franchise, you may as well start a new business. The higher end associates care more about keeping their downline then anything else, because that is where they make their money. And most money comes from recruitement, not sales of stuff.

  20. Reginald,

    I too think emotions played a part. I also think money played a part. He needed a home with a compensation plan where he could jump strat some new cash flow. However, jumping from Wireless to Juice is to different of a product for most team members to make the paradigm shift.

  21. Reginald,

    ROFLOL…. I thought the same thing. I know I don't have the same body tone as I did when I was in the US Marines, but waering a girdle to fake like I do, is not at the top of my list of things to do. Plus, the first time my wife saw me wearing it… Well let's just say… There goes the romance 🙂

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  22. I think this is hilarious and kind of weird to see him selling girdles….LOL I personally don't trust the guy after some of the crap he did to his downline in LY. Anyway, if you want to sell girdles, go with Body Magic Ardyss an more established company. I can't see men selling this unless you are an Reco Mcdaniel groupie….LOL I do wish them the best, but I'd love to see if this one last a year…. This looks like a desperate move to me. I guess time will tell.

  23. I think Reco made an emotional decision when he joined MonaVie in the first place. He should have known that going into it. Can't keep dragging your organization all over the place within a couple of months between transitions. How long are his followers going to continue to follow?

  24. I was looking at Lightyear as a way to make money, but all i have read about in the above comments a is he said she said!!!!

  25. dlove,

    Reco, DID JOIN MonaVie, and then started his new company, when he realized the MonaVie culture was not conducive to his passion and the vision he had for his team.

    So, get your facts straight!

  26. For those that aren't informed… Reco did not join another company… He STARTED a company where HE IS CORPORATE… LOL…. He's laughing at everyone because he is truly the CEO… Get your facts right :o)….

  27. Concerned,

    Maybe their talking about

    What other "New Kid" are you talking about? Compete with what? Who has a REAL tangible wireless product to even compete with? Are you speaking of one of many bogus deals that have yet to release ANYTHING that they have promised? These reps from Global Verge, FDI, Televerus, and WOW have been searching for ACN, 5Linx, LY, etc reps on the interet and spamming and cold calling them. About time someone put something up to show people that ALL wireless deals aren't scams, like the other programs boasting about their non-offerings. Besides, who confirmed that the "leaders" are leaving Lightyear? Far from it. There is no more attrition at LY than with any other MLM program. I bet all of those other companies are losing people, much faster. It's only natural when you do NOTHING you say you will do. There are people making big incomes at LY, and they do EVERYTHING they say they'll do, which includes releasing products on time, and making sure they are supported on the back end, unlike any company you are probably talking about.

  28. Bobby,

    I think I know who you're talking about but I have some food for thought for you: If you were a Network Marketer that felt that tens of thousands of people were being lied to and led down a path that could harm them and you believed very strongly in your offer, would you not feel obligated to share it with them? The way I look at it is this: If you feel what you have is so wonderful then be willing to compare it to anything that's out there and let's let people make educated decisions for themselves!

    And from what I see people at Lightyear are doing great. To this day, they are the only MLM company paying real monthly commissions on actual wireless bills! Look at everything they've added in the last year with their product. You don't do that if things aren't working Bobby! I understand you're probably angry that their leader is luring people away from your program, but that doesn't mean Lightyear isn't growing! Might want to get your facts straight eh?

  29. Not a surprise that some big earners have left Lightyear. The reps are seeing the light that their product and comp plan cannot compete with the new kid on the block and I won't mention any names.
    It is apparent that the reps are running scared right now, When I see one of their top reps paying for google adwords to get his lead capture page on search results for the "other" company, then bashing the other company on his page, it is pretty obvous that Lightyear reps see the writing on the wall.
    Very unprofessional, childish and amateur coming from one of the top reps. Made me cross them off my list of potentials.

  30. Existing LY Rep,

    We will be posting on LY in the next few days. You are 100% correct the information we have been shown shows incomes from a few hundred a month, to over six figures a year.

  31. People in Lightyear are making money and lots of it! Our team had 1,200 reps join last month alone! I don't know who this idiot is but you don't had 30,000 reps and 100,000 wireless customers in 14 months and not have people making any money.

  32. I was a rep under Mr. McDaniel and I just want to post my personal experience with Lightyear. LY continued to change the comp plan, they never sent the checks until you called and complained. Typical MLM. As for Reco, he is full of it! He was the only one that didn't work a 9 to 5. He had people join LY, then when they pissed him off, he left and he wanted people to leave with him. They did. Then he left Monavie a short period after. Now he has his own. People have invested money into building their business. He did just like all the rest. He made you think you could profit from MLM. The way I see it is he was in the business to sell information. The only reason people joined him was because of what he had, not who he is. You have people hanging onto this man's every word and he starts bragging about how much he spends on his wifes' shoes…… what goes up, must come down. I cannot say that Reco the man is a bad person, but Reco the MLM leader is full of shit! at the end of the day, as long as his mortgage is paid, he straight. You'll do better saving a $100 a week than joining a MLM.

  33. K Henders,

    I can understand your frustration. And I understand some folks have left LY. However, you make a subjective statement which I would like to dig a little deeper into.

    1. What do you define as "serious money?" If a person is making enough part-time money to pay a house payment, save for the up coming Christmas season or pay off debt, they may see that as serious money. If you are talking about a fulltime income of $50 to 60 grand per year, that can be seen as serious money. If you are talking about the top 10% of MLM making six figures or more, then it doesn't matter. There are hundreds of great MLM companies where NO ONE earns six figures, but "serious money" is earned by thousands based on their own personal definition. So help me to understand what you mean by serious money.

    2. I am not sure LY planned on being a long term player. Having talked to some of the folks who have left and reviewing the history of LY, this could have been a way to build the customer base for the parent company. Time will tell.

    3. I have seen companies where the momentum stops, they regroup and come out stronger. Then there are those companies like Forever Living Products which some say lost their momentum years ago, and still earns $2.5 Billion annually. And are the world's largest grower, manufacture and seller of Aloe Vera Products.

    Now as for the proof of income. I find it rude and very unprofesisonal when a person asks "How much do you make" The FTC sees it an an incitement to join and have strict laws regulating it. Personally I would not care if anyone is earning six figures at LY or any other company. What I would want to know is… Does the comapny have a viable product or service which I know I can market to the public. Then I want to review the compensation plan to see what type of Quick Commissions are available to get people into cash flow, and what type of residual income will be earned from building a large volume base of raving fans.

    We will look into LY and see whats going on.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  34. K Henders, you are incredibly misinformed. Troy is right, one cannot make income claims, it only asks for trouble. However, where is your information coming from? Where is your documented proof? You have none, absolutely none. I know for a 100% fact that you just posted a complete and utter false statement. Any credibility you thought you have here is gone. For whatever reason you are picking on Ben S, and I have seen his checks with my own 2 eyes. They are high 5 figures per WEEK, not to mention per month. As for the "leaders" leaving, who are you talking about? Reco McDaniel? My question to you is, how much money have you made listening to that "leader?" Has any of his followers made at least as much money as they have spent on the tools and training and seminars he pitches? Are you also saying that Mona Vie is dead because Reco left it after a few months? Last I checked, they were growing as fast as any company in the industry. They are rock solid, and have momentum. You might want to really check out who you consider a "leader." And, before you start throwing numbers out there and accusations, you might want to consider backing it up with documentation.

  35. Troy, I am posting substance. No one is in Lightyear is making any serious money. All the leaders have left. They have lost all their momentum. And who is making high five figures a month. No one can show you any proof of that. Its a coding plan. When the momentum stops the checks stop.

  36. What is your email address? I'll send you the PDF of the court documents. It was emailed to me so I don't know where on the web it is.

  37. Just got word that the judge has thrown Reco's case out (dismissed it) and he has ordered Reco to pay the legal fees of Lightyear! I'm sorry, but he brought this on himself. I hope he learns from it.

  38. Reco actually left Mona Vie because it was not an equal opportunity for the average person to succeed in it. After searching for a company that can fit the need of the average person he could not find one. So he decided to start his own company. Thats why he started Elite Profit Network. Understand a person heart before you judge his character. I encourage everyone to look at Elite Profit Network business overview and you will see why he started to company.

  39. K. Henders,

    Not sure what your beef is with LY, but there are folks earning high five figures a month in LY, and the parent company does have a long and solid business history in the telecommunication arena.

    We welcome you to our community, but please comment substance, not just a nasty attitude.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  40. My guess is that Reco talked Mona Vie into giving him a bridge payment (which they’ve done to NUMERIOUS MLM hitters) and when Reco didn’t produce the numbers he was supposed to that they either took it back or didn’t pay him. Reco is an ambitious 27 year old that messed up a really good thing he had in Lightyear. It’s so sad to see so much potential wasted because of greed. Unfortunately Reco has the wrong types of people in his ear – namely Gregg Ammerman (yikes).

    The truly sad part is the small few that follow this guy. For years Reco had bashed the juice MLMs (which is why he was in Excel, the FHTM, then Lightyear) and said that services were the only way to build a real residual. Then on a dime he changes his tune, and joins a juice deal. Then on a dime he changes his tune and is pushing men’s and women’s girdles?????? Wow!?!?

  41. Yes, very interesting indeed. Would love to know what happened with Mona Vie. Mona Vie is a pretty established company, many success stories, and lots of people have done well there. After seeing his strong sell to the people who follow him, it seems he really researched that company and was looking to make a home there. What happened? It was only a few months. Was he not able to build anything at all? Obviously if he were making money there, he wouldn’t have left. I wonder if he received an incentive to join them, but couldn’t produce the results? Who knows.

    What happened at Mona Vie? Is he suing them for being a pyramid too? lol

  42. Existing LY Rep,

    Now this is interesting news. I have to agree when leaders become jumpers, then the true level of leadership will start to shine through.

    Never Give Up,


  43. Just so you know these former “leaders” who supposedly left Lightyear for a better deal (Monavie) have now moved on from Monavie (after 2 months) and are now part of Elite Profit Network, pushing some sort of body wrap that makes you look skinny. Hmm. Seems strange to me that a “top leader” would jump so quickly from deal to deal and then end up in something like this. Maybe it’s time to take a step back and question whether or not this guy was really a “leader” or did he just get very lucky when things were given to him? There’s a lot more to Reco’s “success” than people realize.

  44. Cynthia,

    I want to thank you for commenting. I think the world needs to see both sides of what happened, and from what I am seeing come in, the truth is really starting to come out.

    Having distributors come out who were in the McDaniel’s downline and those who were crossline, who are sharing a different story that what was first publicized is a wonderful thing for all parties involved.

    I have talked with people on both sided of the battle, and the one thing they all agree one is the fact the McDaniel’s love this profession and most of all to see the success of those they help.

    Never Give Up,


  45. I have known Mr. McDaniel for a little over 2 years now, my life have truly changed for the better due Mr.& Mrs. McDaniels and some of the other leaders of CODERED Marketing. I remember when I first joined Light Year Alliance and they filmed a DVD featuring Mr. McDaniel doing a business presentation for use to purchase for $5.00, and we did. Then they had a DVD with one of the Marketing Directors doing the presentation. Then guess what Light year did? They took that away and we could no longer purchase those helpful DVD’s.

    See what Mr. McDaniel did was give us what we needed and wanted to help us build our business’s and become successful, because lightyear wouldn’t anymore for what ever reason. Reco knew that everyone could not stand up in front of other people and do a one on one Business Presentation so he provided us with what we needed to grow our businesses.

    He never ever told anyone that had to purchase anything from him. He just had the tools for us to do so if we wanted to purchase them. We purchased items because we wanted to not because we were forced to. I remember when we could not get supply’s anymore from Reco because of the post above this one a lot of reps wanted those tools. I had to tell them no. It really hurt me when this one young lady had tears in her eyes because she could not purchase a DVD. See she had a fear of speaking in front of people so she would just take Reco (the DVD) with her each and every day to do business presentation’s she had gave her last one away and could not get another one. Tears came in my eyes because I was that person also in the beginning and I knew just how she felt so I ask her for her business card and a couple days later I gave her my last DVD of Mr. McDaniel. I feel that if the other leaders would of duplicated him and his system instead of hated on him things would have been a lot better. Lightyear suffered because not because of what Reco done but because of what they done to him.

    I can say one thing and mean it from the heart, I am glad CODERED has moved forward with a different company, it has brought use closer together as a unit and a TEAM we have bonded so much. Our new Venture with MonaVie is so exciting. And for those of you that know about MonaVie its people helping people business. I can not wait to see what Reco comes up with, for us next. Because with MonaVie he can supply his team with the supply’s that we want and also need with now problems. With MonaVie one of his very very important goals will be met, and that’s to create 100 millionaires by 2016.

    What I can’t figure out is I have watched how Reco react to negative statements like the one above. And when you guys do this all you do is add fire to gasoline he gets better and better each and every time. That just makes it better for guess who CODERED Marketing… a note to leave you with from one of his trainings, THERE IS NOT A DEVIL BIG ENOUGH TO STOP WHAT GOD HAS ALREADY STARTED.

  46. Thank you for sharing.

    More and more is coming out and before the end we know the truth will be known.

    Never Give Up,


  47. Thank you for sharing. As we all know the more info that comes out the more the truth will shine through.

    Never Give Up,


  48. I stumbled across this website by accident and happen to have read the comment above. Just to set the record straight, I,, too, was in the organization of the McDaniel’s. Mr. McDaniel NEVER charged reps in his downline or Lightyear for coaching. As matter of fact, I offered to pay for coaching and Mr. McDaniels exact words were, “I don’t charge Lightyear reps for coaching. That is for networkers outside of Lightyear.” The person making claims to this is basing claims either on hearsay or jealousy.

    Lightyear had a seminar entitled “RTM” that was the brain-child of Reco and Shanee McDaniel because Lightyear had no system of Personal Development. It’s funny when I see things like this, yet you go to Lightyear’s Top Money Earner’s team website and you see affiliate links, which profits the owner of the website. Yet, Lightyear never had a problem with his site. Hmmm… This same person asked the McDaniels to “recode” their entire organization to his Presidential Director code so that he could reap all of the profits and cut the McDaniels out. Did he recode everyone in his group as they promoted to the top? I seriously doubt it! If this were common practice, what would be the use of building a team?!

    Lightyear did PLENTY of things to help who they wanted to help. Prior to Lightyear Alliance becoming Lightyear wireless, the leadership would go on conference calls of a certain individual and CHANGE THEIR NAMES to appease this person prior to him bringing a large network to the company. As soon as he joined the company and earned 6-figures his first week, he left! Mr. McDaniel stayed around to help Lightyear rebuild…. AGAIN!!!

    The tools that Mr. McDaniel “charged” were presentation DVD’s, which were used to build LIGHTYEAR, not the McDaniel’s. These were sold AT COST ($2). Lightyear made the money because the McDaniel’s put in thousands of reps for Lightyear. As a matter of fact, if it were not for the McDaniels, the wireless arm of Lightyear would not have taken off as it did.

    I can almost guess who made the post, but that’s neither here nor there. It’s funny to me, though, to remember how Josh Henderson was crying on stage thanking the McDaniel’s for keeping Lightyear together when it’s top leader left 2 years ago, stating how they were like brothers, then turn around and drop a frivolous lawsuit on them out of the blue!

    No marketing materials were “force-fed”, as people always have the free-will to do as they please in network marketing. Ben Sturtevant, Lightyear’s top earner NOW, has affiliate links all over his team website, is a member of a company called “Send Out Cards”, which is another MLM company that send greeting cards and charges his team for leads. Hmmm… Lightyear never “disciplined” him.

    The McDaniels provided something to their team far beyond a money-making opportunity. They provided a system of personal development that fostered a spirit of comrederie and encouraged people to gain wealth in every area of their lives, not just financially.

    Lightyear will get what it deserves; you cannot mistreat people and expect to have increase, as you can see in the companies dwindling numbers and leaders jumping ship. That’s why they are “upcoding” everyone who stays. Their days, unfortunately, are numbered, especially with the lack of customer service.

    I wish them the best, but what goes around comes around…

  49. Hello,

    I would like to respond to the above comment.

    My husband found this website when he was trying to find more info on what happened to Mr. McDaniel. I am currently still considered a rep in Lightyear because I am helping my husband.

    We signed up under someone who was not in Mr. McDaniel’s team and after 2 months, the guy we signed up with quit. We had no help and after hearing Mr. McDaniel speak on a conference call that Lightyear held, we looked him up. Thinking we had to pay for trainings, we began gathering our money, needless to say, once we contacted him, he told us there was no charge for him helping us.

    We even sent some of our friends to the meetings he was having to hear him speak and they signed up. After, speaking to him, he informed us that he was only charging people who were not in the company because people from other companies were asking him for help and tips.

    So to whomever wrote that, must be someone mistaken or do not know their facts. I lived about 1 hour and 30 mins from a meeting he did in NC and drove down to personally see him and yes he had training material there but I was told about the products but was never pressured to buy any of them.

    I did purchase some and my husband took them home and used them and got more calls than he was getting. We were glad we bought them because the printable flyers the company had were not helping us. I even had my husband call the company and ask what things they had we could use to market our business and all we were told was to go in our back office and print out the product and reps wanted flyers.

    There was really no training or marketing materials from the company, a lot of the training we got was from Mr. McDaniel and the calls he would put on. My husband said he also came out with a team website that was mainly for training and when the company started doing wireless, the only way we could get answers really was from his team site. I was on hold for over an hour with the company just to ask a simple question.

    My husband asked if we could use and join his team site even though we were not on his team, he said yes and we joined it for free, just like everyone else did. I was very skeptical about my husband doing this company but after hearing Mr. McDaniel speak and getting on his call that he has on Sundays, that made me want to be more supportive for my husband.

    I attended a conference the first year we joined Lightyear and there had to be over 2000 people there, and at that time it was not Lightyear Wireless, I think it was like Lightyear Alliance or Alliance of Lightyear, something. I also went the next year, and it had to be about 1000 people there. I was not able to make it this year because of a death in my family but my husband went and said there was barely 200 people there this year. Now that seems funny to me.

    When I heard Mr. McDaniel had left, I must be honest and say that I did stop being involved as much with my husband and I am hoping that he soon will stop as well. We’ve had nothing but problems with the company, from the home voip phone to the huge billing problems with our cell phones.

    We have lost friends because of these problems with the services and the ridiculous cell bills and problems. Not to mention the horrible customer service and trust me I know what customer should be like because I work in customer service for a company.

    The only reason why I wanted my husband to stay as long as we have, was because of the FREE trainings that Mr. McDaniel did and how encouraging he was. I even personally called him to ask him what was going on and not one time did he speak ill about anyone in Lightyear, despite what terrible (and untrue) things we have been told. ie. like the above comment.

    So, to end this up because I could go on and on. I hate that Mr. McDaniel had to leave like he did, and being that I am older than him, I still learned a lot from him. Again, I hate that he had to leave this way but I am still wanting and encouraging my husband to go ahead and leave Lightyear alone and anyone else who reads my comments.

  50. Thank you for commenting and giving us an inside look at some of what has taken place.

    I will be watching this close to see what transpires through the courts.

    It is sad when solid companies like Lightyear Wireless is brought into lawsuits of any kind, let alone one that is frivolous.

    Please keep us posted.

    Never Give Up,

    Troy Dooly

  51. Just to let you know, Mr. McDaniel was not dismissed from the company. He was disciplined for breaking numerous Lightyear policies and procedures. I was in his organization, and it took numerous complaints from me and others in my organization, to force Lightyear to take corrective action on Mr. McDaniel.

    The allegations that Mr. McDaniel made in his lawsuit are frivolous. He was the originator of many of those ideas. He had no problem cashing the checks for years from those policies, but when he isn’t allowed to solicit his training programs and charge his reps for coaching and seminars, he’s not happy. Lightyear suffered deeply, and lost many reps, and big leaders, because of his solicitations and force feeding of his marketing materials, as well as actually charging representatives for “coaching.” Lightyear had to take action, or it was going to lose it’s top leaders.

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