Legal MLMs vs. Illegal Pyramid Schemes

Where’s the line?

Presented by the Association of Network Marketing Professionals (aka DRA)
Featured Trainer: Kevin Grimes, co-founder, Grimes & Reese, PLLC
Interviewed by Len Clements, founder and CEO of MarketWave Inc.

As the number of network marketing companies in the U.S. continues to increase, with most estimates now topping 3,000, the line between legitimate, legal opportunities and illegal pyramid schemes isn’t becoming more blurred – it’s just being crossed far more often! And as more and more companies are being hit with civil lawsuits and FTC, SEC or FDA investigations (or worse – ABC, CBS or NBC investigations) during a period of increasing interest in our profession, it is more imperative than ever that you understand what defines an illegal pyramid! The legal distinctions that delineate legitimate M.L.M. programs from pyramid and ponzi scams are as distinct as ever, but such schemes are finding clever ways to disguise themselves as legal network marketing opportunities. What’s more, many opportunities today are houses of cards built on quicksand and their founders don’t even know it! They, themselves, are as ignorant of the rules as their distributors are.

In fact, several popular, successful and even admired companies are straddling that thin legal line right now, and a few have fallen squarely over it. Are you involved in one of them?
“If you go through your M.L.M. career with blinders on,
sooner or later you’re going to get blindsided”

Please get on this call and let M.L.M. attorney and legal expert Kevin Grimes help you take the blinders off!

The call will begin at 5:30 pm PST (8:30 pm EST), this Thursday, March 4th.

Call 712-432-1000, enter code 569864201#.

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3 thoughts on “Legal MLMs vs. Illegal Pyramid Schemes”

  1. Mick,

    Yes it was recorded, and to my knowledge the recorded version is only available to members of the Distributors Rights Association.

  2. Well Global verge tops the list…and no one has shut them down !!!
    Not to mention Frank Va*on of Global Group going on a national tour…selling nothing…how can the public be protected from people like this…they know full well that what they are peddling is ripping off folks…
    I met Frank in Ft Lauderdale Global Group meeting and he promised to the crowd with great assurance we would have phones October 17th…Yeh right…and now its March.
    Troy if these people try to go into another MLM watch them "real good".
    What happened to a good old A** Whoppin !…any of you guys know what I am talking about ?
    Lets all put in $1 each and hire a tough guy to deal with these criminals.
    You Got $10 from me…

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