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Learn How To Launch A Network Marketing Business At The Direct Selling Edge Business School

by Troy Dooly

Founded By, MLM Attorney, Kevin Thompson of the Thompson Burton Law Firm and Jay Leisner of Sylvina Consulting, the DS Edge Business School has quickly risen to be known as the #1 direct selling/ network marketing educational event available today (at least that’s how I see it!)

DS Edge SPeakers


What Will I Learn?

At the Direct Selling Edge Conference, you’ll learn vital information that will help you to build, launch and grow your network marketing or party plan company. 
You’ll learn…

  • what to do first and why you should do it
  • how direct selling is different from other business models
  • the differences and similarities between network marketing and party plan companies
  • what recent FTC decisions mean for you
  • best practices and step-by-step instructions for creating an ethical and effective presence in the social media landscape
  • eight different ways to fund your business
  • the legal limits for raising capital and the legal rights inherent with stock ownership
  • the differences between different types of compensation plans and how to assess which plan type is best for you
  • the ABC’s of successful recruiting
  • how to teach others how to sell
  • the key behaviors we need to motivate in, and the building blocks of, compensation plans
  • the science behind compensation plan design
  • how Founder Programs work and why have one
  • what distributors are looking for when they join a new company
  • what you should do before you obtain MLM software
  • how to select the right software and what you should do first
  • social media best practices for direct selling companies
  • why you need to have a distributor compliance system for your network marketing or party plan company
  • how to grow your culture from the beginning
  • what you absolutely need to know about merchant accounts, payment gateways, and global payments
  • simple methods to keep your MLM or party plan company safe from federal and state regulators
  • how the options of pilot programs, soft launches and hard launches can be used to ignite your growth
  • common mistakes of startup companies
  • How to create a culture built on Purpose-Inspired Leadership
  • what is your most valuable asset
  • the plan to WIN
  • how to incorporate Purpose into you business
  • all you need is Love
  • creating a Lasting Legacy while striving to become Iconic
  • 20 secrets of successful companies… and more!
At the end of each day, from 5pm until 7pm, you will have an opportunity to meet with conference speakers for 20 minute appointments.



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